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"I've given you the Syndicate's offer. For your family's sake, I hope you won't refuse. It costs you nothing to cooperate with us and everything to oppose us."
―Helen Powell

Of all the clandestine organizations to rise from the ashes of the Great War, none commanded the sheer level of fear and respect as the criminal empire known simply as the Syndicate. Originally little more than a network of smugglers and black market vendors operating from the colony of Iskander, the Syndicate surged to prominence during the war’s final years. Through a relentless combination of street violence, corporate takeovers, blackmail, and even backroom deals with the Office of Naval Intelligence the Syndicate forged itself into a shadowy leviathan that dominated the criminal underworld from Earth to the Outer Colonies and out across the galactic frontier. Built upon a foundation of immense wealth, information control, and simple human greed, the Syndicate’s name came to embody the cold reality of organized crime in the human-dominated galactic order that emerged after the Covenant Empire’s collapse.

The Syndicate thrived through manipulating galactic affairs. A network of spies, agents, and assassins kept its name feared throughout the gilded boardrooms and mansions of colonial high society while an army of merciless enforcers spread its reach across the frontier. Through its stranglehold on black market arms trading the Syndicate even co-opted the resurgent Insurrection into its own private army. But the Syndicate’s true strength lay in its alliance with the mysterious AI collective known as the Assembly—an alliance that slowly warped the Syndicate’s goals from criminal profiteering into something far more ambitious.

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