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"The Sangheili have only themselves to blame for their stupidity. Why we should feel shame from their mistakes is beyond me. The Covenant had been troubled since the Jiralhanae had joined us. They have ambition, but they lacked brains and were too nearsighted to bring it out. Which is why we should never ally with the humans. We are making the same mistake twice, and this time, I will ensure we do not fall into it."
―Atsu 'Hidal, the first leader of the Fallen

The Fallen
Fallen chancellor.png
Political Information


Urei 'Cazal (last leader)

Historical Information

Formed From

Covenant separatists, various rebel factions

Date of Establishment

December 15, 2553

Date of Reorganization

April 12, 2555

Date of Dissolution

February 28, 2569


Interspecies Union Conflicts



The Fallen are formed around the idea that the Sangheili owe humanity nothing. They are currently attempting to divide the UNSC and the Sangheili by the kidnapping of Sangheili newborns.


For being vehement supporters of Sangheili culture and lifestyles, the Fallen use tactics that Sangheili have never used before. There is no open warfare, no posing before the other. Ironically, they seem to have taken a page out of human insurrectionists, using espionage and sabotage to great effect.


The armor of the Fallen stands in stark contrast with regular Sangheili armor. Theirs are designed more with function in mind, being made of overlapping plates that cover most of their bodies, and few protrusions are to be seen. The helmet retains some similarity to old armor, but instead of the front of the helmet, the Fallen have a mask that covers the front of their head, extending down eight centimeters below the jaw. The color of the eyepieces is the same as the rest of the armor.



Main article: Vadam Legacies: The Fallen

The Fallen was established at the end of 2553, and was one of many factions that objected to the alliance to humanity. However, as they had grown more powerful, the other groups began to join them. At the time, they had referred to themselves as a different name, and strongly believed in the motto "Honour above all else". However, the Sangheili thought that there was no honour in their actions, and christened them "the Fallen". The name was spread throughout Sanghelios, and eventually they called themselves by that name.


Main article: Vadam Legacies: The Rift

Under the command of Isto 'Vadum, the Fallen kidnapped hundreds of Sangheili newborns in 2559, including Autel 'Vadam's own children. The Sangheili had at one point wrongly accused the Spartans of the UNSC of treachery, after it was discovered the younglings were taken to Earth. However, the case was cleared soon enough, and the Sangheili accompanied them to the humans' home planet to find the Fallen.

The crisis spanned less than two months, ending with Rtas 'Vadum beheading Isto on the bridge of a Covenant Stealth Corvette. However, it showed that the tactics used by the Fallen could change unpredictably according to their leader. While Atsu 'Hidal operated in secrecy, he managed to avoid open war against the Sangheili and remained honourable in his motives. In contrast, Isto 'Vadum was one of their most treacherous leaders and resorted to any ideals to achieve his goals.


Main article: Eternal Enemies

In 2564, the Fallen had decided to place the status of leadership under not one but five Sangheili. This had assured that they would not be vulnerable if one was killed as it had occurred in 2559.


Main article: Vadam Legacies: Light of the Abyss

Urei 'Cazal had located a powerful Forerunner artifact known as the Light of the Abyss that would have turned the tide of the Sangheili conflict against them. However, the artifact was found first by Taszar 'Vadam, who also at the same time crippled the Fallen's resources with the secrets he discovered. In addition, he had discovered their key hideout, which would be destroyed by SPARTAN-III Phoenix Team several months later.


Main article: Flight of the Phoenix

On February 28th, 2569, the Fallen were dealt a killing blow by Phoenix Team. Using a proton emitter, the Spartans caused a massive chain reaction in a uranium mine, destroying the entire mountain and the one next to it, killing more than 2 million Fallen as well as taking out the entire leadership. The explosion covered a sixty kilometer radius, and Phoenix Team was barely able to get out alive.

The few remaining stragglers were quickly taken care of, and the Fallen were no more.


As in the Covenant, the color of a warrior's armor corresponds to his rank. Unlike Covenant Sangheili armor, however, the Fallen always use silver-white armor with color trimming corresponding to the rank. They are shown in descending order, with the highest rank at the bottom.

Fallen minor.png Minor Domo
Fallen major.png Major Domo
Fallen ultra.png Ultra
Fallen specialforces.png Special Forces
Fallen specialforcesleader.png Special Forces Leader
Fallen fieldmaster.png Field Master
Fallen shipmaster.png Ship Master
Fallen fleetmaster.png Fleet Master
Fallen chancellor.png Chancellor/Leader

Known Leaders