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The Fall of Sera


Human-Covenant War






Covenant Victory, Colony Glassed



Covenant Empire


General Bardry Solomon

Field Marshall Uzil Ra'amee

  • Zealot Kantumee
  • General K'arnee

5 Divisions 88,000 Troops UNSC Army

  • 6th Division
    • 2nd Battalion Engineers
    • 26th Infantry Battalion
    • 5th Tank Regiment The Fusiliers of Andius
    • 12th Artillery Battalion
    • 25th Sherrith Calvary Tank Regiment
    • 26th Special Forces Group
  • 4th Division
    • 4th Light Infantry Regiment
  • 9th Division
    • The Dukes of Tollen Regiment
  • 81st Special Forces Division
  • 1st Pesanga Rifle Division
    • 5th Grenadiers

UNSC Marines

  • 26th Marine Division The Onxy Guard

UNSC Maritime Navy

Fleet of Just Annihilation

Ground Forces Oracles Host Over 140,000 troops


Civilian casualties



The Fall of Sera was the 17 day invasion and glassing of the Human Inner Colony world of Sera. It saw a large scale Covenant Fleet assault the relatively defenseless planet as no orbital assets were in system. The densely populated world of 300,000,000 located near the edge of the inner colonies saw its fleet assets taken away to build up the system fleet to protect other more valuable worlds. The defense and evacuations were set entirely on the UNSC Army and Marine ground forces who fought to the very end despite overwhelming odds.

1200px-Particular Justice

Fleet of Just Annihilation

A Planet of War

Sera is an Inner colony established early on in humanities expansion into the stars. The Ocean world was found to be temperate and ideal for human colonization on its few but massive continents surrounding the two oceans. The large planet with 26 hour days and circled by twin moons quickly grew into a hub of activity. Metropolis' and large manufacturing cities with sparse suburbs and farmland spread all across the continents. While the CMA was the central government there were several independent nations that controlled different parts of the continents. It was not long that inter-national wars broke out. As the wars raged, the government focused efforts on improving their military. Funds were spent to construct forts and military installations on the surface. Defense from the stars was never a thought. These international wars raged on and off until the arrival of the covenant in 2525.

When news of Harvest fell, the forces of Sera called a ceasefire and raised and trained their military forces in preparation for the coming war. UNSC officials informed the world leaders that the UNSC would be drafting units from the planets defense forces to bolster frontline units. When the outer colonies fell, the inner colonies defenses were bolstered. A naval fleet was positioned in orbit for some time, however as the Covenant fleets advanced further and further into the Inner colonies, this fleet was once more redeployed to bolster a fleet elsewhere. It was only two months later that the Covenant found Sera.


At 0200 Hours on August 29th, the Covenant Fleet of Just Annihilation entered high orbit of Sera. The fleet arrived unopposed and unannounced and wasted no time in prosecuting the extermination of the humans on Sera. Under the command of Field Marshall Uzil Raamee the Covenant entered in atmosphere and launched numerous simultaneous attacks on the cities of the world. The Field Marshall informed his sub commanders that the fleet's oracles detected numerous forerunner relics hidden on the planet. The orders for the covenant was to clear out the human cities, search for the relics, then burn the city to glass when they were finished. Raamee divided his fleet of 160 ships up across the entire planet and began the assault. As the covenant fleet closed in, they targeted the several orbital elevator platforms cutting off any hope of escape.

The first signs for the citizens of Sera that something was amiss was the sudden meteor shower as debris from the space elevators burned through the atmosphere. Some pieces slammed into the surface causing catastrophic damage. The explosive impacts waking people all around scores of kilometers away. Those that awoke in the early hours of 0330 to see the meteor shower suddenly found a second, much larger storm searing through the sky. These meteors slammed down directly into the city centers. Smashing through buildings and homes, the hundreds of impacts quickly woke everyone in up in the predawn hours.

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