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The Dusk 2.png
Title screen (2011)
The Dusk

Serial drama
Philosophical fiction
Military science fiction
Space opera

Developed by

Ronald D. Moore and David Eick


see below

Opening theme

Uphill, Both Ways by Martin O'Donnell

Country of origin

United States and Canada

# of Seasons

1 (as of 2011)

# of Episodes

10 (2 miniseries ep. and numerous webisodes)


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Washington, United States
Oregon, United States
California, United States

Running time

approximately 45 minutes

Original channel(s)



1080i (HDTV)

Original run

November 15th, 2010 — Present

"A trillion miles across the void could not stop them. The Human empire could not hope to defeat them. A Great Journey would dominate them. Only one obstacle remains — Earth."
―Miniseries prologue for The Dusk

The Dusk (also called TDU or Dusk) is a military science fiction serial drama television series set within the Halo universe. The show was created as an adaptation of a fan-fiction novella written, later developed as a television series by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. It's cinematic and writing style purposefully imitates Moore and Eick's previous project, Battlestar Galactica, with a gritty "documentary" feeling to the narrative. The Dusk began as a two-part miniseries event airing on the channel SyFy on November 15th and November 16th of 2010, commemorating the ninth anniversary of the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved. Following critical acclaim, The Dusk was picked up for a 10-episode season shortly after, with a tentative premiere date of November 2011.

The story arc of Dusk is set throughout the known Milky Way galaxy, where a futuristic Human society known as the United Earth Government is fighting a war against the xenophobic and genocidal Covenant Empire in the 26th century. This series picks up during the final two years of the Great War, when a rookie former bridge officer is transferred to the Dusk, a Prowler-type warship in service of the Human Navy, when its original commander was severely injured during a fierce battle. Thrust into the role of the ship captain of the Dusk, Commander Lash tries to gain the trust and loyalty of a battle-hardened and tired crew while trying to find any means necessary to disrupt the impending large scale attack on the heavily populated Human colonies.

It was adapted from a side-story from the popular and best selling Ghosts of Onyx novel and it's sequel released in 2006 and 2010, respectively. While taking place in a somewhat alternative storyline to the canon Halo universe, the series still receives direct oversight from 343 Industries, though Dusk and it's writing staff are known for it's artistic freedom. The Dusk was primarily filmed at the Vancouver Film Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia and in the surrounding areas, other well known filming locations include many locations along the Pacific cost of the United States in Washington, Oregon, and California. It's produced by R&D TV for NBC Universal, and it's television production arm, Universal Media Studios.

Cast and characters

Main article: List of cast and characters of The Dusk
 Portrait   Character   Portrayed by 
CDR Richard Lash (Season One promotional portrait) Commander
Richard Lash
Tahmoh Penikett
LT Ai Cho (Season One promotional portrait) Lieutenant
Ai Cho
Stephanie Jacobsen
ENS Leighton Meester (Season One promotional portrait) Ensign
Danielle Stanford
Leighton Meester
LCDR Julian Waters (Season One promotional portrait) Lieutenant Commander
Julian Waters
Sam Worthington
LT Joe Yang (Season One promotional portrait) Lieutenant
Joe Yang
Terry Chen
LT Beth Durruno (Season One promotional portrait) Lieutenant
Beth Durruno
Eliza Dushku
VADM Samuel Murdock (Season One promotional portrait) Vice Admiral
Samuel Murdock
John Slattery

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