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"The archive is intact?! Then our makers' plan -- (Cut off)"
―343 Guilty Spark, Terminal 3 Data-log, Installation-00 (The Ark)

The Archive, also known as Installation-0-1, was a very crucial Forerunner installation whose purpose was to produce Sentinels en masse, as well as store all of the Forerunners' history and achievements in record. The 7 Chronicles were needed to access the most important information.


The purpose of The Archive was to act as a massive library of the Forerunners' knowledge, including information on the species they discovered, their military information, their technological data, Installation schematics, as well as a record of their history. It had a secondary purpose of acting as a massive Sentinel factory however, able to construct billions of Sentinels in a matter of hours, to be sent to other Installations. As a failsafe however, the seven Chronicles were required to access the most important information.


The Archive, in essence, was simply a large spacial platform, with no geographical features but machinery, although it had a breathable atmosphere. Since its construction it had fallen into a massive state of disrepair, largely contributed to its Monitor's electro-gravitational stasis, and its Sentinels were mostly uncontrolled due to the absence of an acting Monitor.

Current Status

Due to the uncontrollable outbreak of Flood on the Installation during its discovery by the UNSC and Covenant, the Archive was drained of available information. The Forerunner Monitor 117649 Annihilative Repentance subsequently activated the Installation's self-destruct system, destroying all Flood within a relatively large radius.

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