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Private First Class Andrew Mcartin is a certified Engineering Technician for Bravo Lethe, currently standing 5'2 (Yes Hes A Bit Short) Mcartin tends to, I should say give people extremely long name like Hospital Corpsman Third Class Randy "Paintbrush" Menson for example he gave Randy the name of Thea Richard Dawson Williams Jackson Del Porto Tridente Rosevelt Mcwumpus, and Randy is far more familiar with this name. Andrew started in the suburbs of Earth in Russia hes adapted to cold weather and currently is at the age of 23 he has straight A's for Math History and Science but F's on Social Studies and English even with these grades he was able to get into Engineering school at the age of 19 for 2 years and enlisted into the UNSCMC at the age of 21 for an unreasonable fact Mcartin has had to go through 189 helmets and counting for the amount of times he deals with an explosion. Andrew has no enemies unlike his friend Sergeant Mark Edward who apparently is enemies with practically every female in the FOB, hes labeled "Snitch". Andrew has a mental problem in his head for he has to repair the front gate of the FOB EVERY SINGLE TIME it breaks which is very often most of the time he would fix the gate then it would break again.

History with Mark

Andrew was 22 when he met Mark and they grew a bond figuring that Mark was an Engineering Technician as well


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