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Tertia Optio is an Expanded Universe project created by ThePeteFiles.

Throughout the Insurrection and Human-Covenant War, the Office of Naval Intelligence was the notorious group for conducting covert operations to secure safety for the United Nations Space Command and Unified Earth Government. ORION operators, SPARTAN operators, and ONI officers rolled the dice on securing the way of life they vowed to protect. But what they did was not enough for the enemy to keep pushing at the crumbling walls.

Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, many Covenant remnants have splintered off to create their own rule and faction among the many species they fought alongside. The UNSC is struggling to rebuild since the decimating war, and many colonies are left unguarded. Diplomacy is in the works to build relationships with new allies and what is left of the military is spread across UNSC Controlled Space.

The Office of Naval Intelligence continues to conduct covert wars against Insurrectionist groups, Covenant remnants, and anything that continue to pose a threat against the UNSC and its allies. Using their hidden hand, ONI can keep the enemy at bay and away from colonies that the UNSC wishes to resettle. ONI continues to buy time for the UNSC as they continue to rebuild, creating the iron curtain to ensure there will not be a significant threat against the UNSC in the future.

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