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This is an infobox for spacecraft classes only. The fields are relevant to starships, space stations, and most other spacefaring constructs.

For individual examples of a known class, do not use this template. Use Individual Ship Infobox instead.

For use on a ground vehicle, do not use this template. Use Vehicle Infobox instead.


Cut and paste the following code into your article, then put the relevant specifications after the "=" signs.

{{Ship Class Infobox
|class before=
|class after=
|built range=
|in commission range=
|total ships building=
|total ships planned=
|total ships completed=
|total ships cancelled=
|total ships active=
|total ships laid up= 
|total ships lost=
|total ships retired=
|total ships scrapped=
|total ships preserved=
|max accel=
|max speed space=
|max speed air=
|slipspace drive=
|slipspace speed=
|shield gen=

Display parameters

  • hidep (hides class overview section header)
  • hidet (hides general characteristics section header)
  • hideu (hides additional information section header)

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