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|semimajor axis=
|semiminor axis=
|mean radius=
|orbital circumference=
|sidereal period=
|synodic period=
|sidereal month=
|synodic month=
|anomalistic month=
|draconic month=
|tropical month=
|average speed=
|max speed=
|min speed=
|mean anomaly=
|ascending node=
|long periastron=
|time periastron=
|arg periastron=
|arg periapsis=
|satellite of=
|mean radius=
|equatorial radius=
|polar radius=
|aspect ratio=
|equatorial circumference=
|meridional circumference=
|mean circumference=
|surface area=
|land area=
|water area=
|surface gravity=
|escape velocity=
|sidereal day=
|rotational velocity=
|axial tilt=
|right ascension=
|pole latitude=
|pole longitude=
|average temp=
|max temp=
|min temp=
|spectral type=
|angular size=
|surface pressure=
|atmosphere density=
|atmosphere composition=

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