"Dear Sarge: kicking ass in outer space, wish you were here!"


This article, Humour, is a work of humour, and is not in any way intended by the author to be taken seriously. If you feel that this article is not an appropriate use of the humour template, please be sure to find information regarding the use of the Humour Template by visiting this page before making such a claim.

Rules of using the Humour template

Due to an amount of complaints made by the Halo Fanon Community, the Administration Team has laid out a set of rules regarding the use of the Humour Template.

  1. It should be related to the Halo Universe.
  2. It can be God-Modded, Unrealistic, or NCF so long as its intent is to be humorous and not serious.
  3. It should have proper grammar, spelling and/or pronounciation. That said, internet memes such as LOL or ROFL are strongly discouraged.
  4. Idiocy for idiocy's sake is not what the Humour Template is for.
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