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Team Sierra
Unit Background
Unit Motto

"In The Light And The Shadows."

Unit size

4 members

Current Commander

Bryanna-B226 (2542–2545)
Veronika-B008 (2538–2542)

Current Status


"In The Light And The Shadows."
―The motto of Team Sierra



"Stop. Breaking. My. Toys!"
―Bryanna-B226 stabbing an elite to death after the latter stepped on and crushed her downed drone.

Bryanna-B226, also known as Bree, was the team leader of Sierra after 2542, when Veronika stepped down to give her the position. Bryanna was always fascinated with how things worked, whether electronic or biological, making her an excellent electronics and medical expert.


"I can probably make that shot, just be ready to use the SPNKr if things go south."
―Kyle to Veronika, while the former prepares to eliminate the driver of a Type-48 Revenant.

Kyle-B115 acted as the team's scout-sniper, recon specialist, and sometimes the explosive ordinance expert, although Veronika usually took the latter role.

He was the team's only living member after Operation: TORPEDO.


"Something need doing?"
―A common phrase from Delroy.

Delroy-B327, sometimes simply Roy, was never assigned one specific role on the team, instead switching between multiple roles depending on where he was needed most.


"Stop lagging behind!"
―Veronika to Kyle and Delroy during Operation: TORPEDO.

Veronika-B008 was the original leader of Sierra, before stepping down to allow Bryanna to take the position. She was known for her near-Kelly levels of agility, which made it easy for her to close the gap between her and her opponent rather quickly. Like Bryanna, Veronika had a natural talent for electronics, making her ideal for explosive ordinance usage and disposal.

Service History


Operation: CARTWHEEL

Operation: TORPEDO



  • The team was first mentioned in Halo: Survivor's Oath, a short story by Spartan-D042. This means that the name (Sierra) as well as most of the members statuses (KIA) was originally established by D042.