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Team Osage
Chronological information


August 9 2557 to Present

Command information


United Nations Space Command



  • Office of Naval Intelligence

Command Structure

Section Three

  • Beta-5 Division

Special Activities Division

Other information


LT Oriana-A058


Post-Covenant War conflicts

"They adapt to whatever situation they are sent into. There is no mission that the team cannot accomplish. The weapon the UNSC needs in these dire times."
―Aniela on Team Osage and its capabilities.

Team Osage is a SPARTAN Reconnaissance Team that conducts operations for the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence. Created in 2557, it served as a direct action/special reconnaissance team with a focus on covert and clandestine operations against Covenant remnants. Throughout the Post-Covenant War conflicts, Team Osage proved to be an effective and dangerous asset for the UNSC Navy.

The team remains under the direct command of Vilda Stenbeck, a trailblazer Asymmetrical Action Group officer, to eliminate threats of the UEG and UNSC. The current team leader is Lieutenant Oriana-A058.

Role and Operation

The team focuses its primary specialties on Advance Force Operations, Special RECCE, Long-Range Target Interdiction, Personnel Search and Rescue, Direct Action, Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Proliferation, and High-Value Target Apprehension. Osage is capable of serving in Task Forces, Expeditionary Targeting Forces, and conducting Operational Preparation of the Battlefield. The nature of each mission that is conducted by Osage remains heavily classified outside of Section Three. The team is to operate with a clandestine and covert manner, depending on the mission.


Team Roster

Current Members

  • CDR Vilda Stenbeck - Team Commander
  • LCDR Aniela Kasowska - Team Operations Officer
  • LT Oriana-A058 - Team Leader
  • PO1 Samuel-B256 - Assistant Team Leader
  • PO2 Darrick-G274 - Team Member
  • PO2 Leviticus-G030 - Team Member
  • PO2 Isidora-G159 - Team Member
  • PO2 Kei-G019 - Team Member

Former Members

  • PO2 Noble-G301 - MISSING IN ACTION

Operational History

  • Mission to Erebus VII
  • Requiem Campaign



  • ONI Into Darkness - 2557 to Present


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