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Team Kilo
Unit Background
Unit size


Current Commander

Bodark-B076 (2537-2541) Jericho-B257(2541-2545)

Current Status





Jericho-B257 was the leader of Team Kilo from 2541 onward after Bodark had voluntarily relinquished her leadership. A calm and soft spoken leader, Jericho cared a great deal about his team, his levelheadedness and his generally calming demeanor made him a good friend to those in the team and an ideal pick for Team Leader. While his skill in Strategic Thinking and Strategy paired with his exceptional capabilities in Cyber Warfare set him clearly as the Planner and Technological Expert of them team.


Jamie-B295 or as she was sometimes called, J, was the resident Marksmen/Sniper of Kilo Team as well as their Recon and Information Gathering Specialist. Military through and through Jamie always followed orders to a T and never backed down from a challenge. However over the years in Kilo she would form a tight-knit relationship with her team and would begin to let down her rigid demeanor around them, her fiery attitude making her a good friend of Bodark and Jericho in particular.

Jamie was reassigned after Operation: CARTWHEEL to Deep Reconnaissance elsewhere and survived the War, Active as of 2558


Arlo-B135 was the Demolitions and Heavy Weapons expert of the team and at times served as spotter to Jamie. While not the overly aggressive type Arlo did initially exhibit issues with Bodark's command, in particular during an altercation in 2541 which was resolved by Jericho and several instructors. Since then however he has shown to be a more friendly person than he let on initially however his tendency to speak his mind and openly criticism had more than once landed the team in several extra instances of extra PT. While in the team it led to his continued tenuous at best relationship with Bodark.


Bodark-B076 served as the teams Vehicle Warfare Specialist as well as their CQC specialist. Former Team Leader, she had stepped down after an altercation between her, Arlo and Jericho in 2541. Her previously very Rigid, Anger fueled and uncompromising leadership which had resulted in her alienating herself from her team seemed to die away, at least within the team, in the wake of the incident where she began to make genuine attempts to socialize with the team, joining in conversations and even making jokes, much to her teammates surprise and later teasing.

Bodark was selected for the Cat-2 Program after Operation: CARTWHEEL and survived the War, Active as of 2558



Operation: CARTWHEEL

Operation: TORPEDO

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