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Team Hadron
Unit Background
  • Espionage
  • Assassination
Unit Motto
  • Composuerunt in Occulto (2560-Present)
  • None (2552-2560)
Unit size

5 members

Current Commander


Current Status



Team Hadron is a team of five Spartan-IIIs from Delta Company.


Oliver-D227 (Team Leader)

Oliver-D227 is the team leader of Hadron. He is loyal, a quick thinker, and extremely resourceful, making him an important asset to the team. He thinks decisions through, but does not overthink things like Ray does. His closest friend is Justin.

Rachel-D329 (Sniper)

Rachel-D329 is the sniper of the team, and is the least social of the team. She rarely has conversations with more than one other person. To avoid confusion over radio communications, she goes by Chell, but prefers to be called by her real name in person.

Justin-D009 (Grenadier)

Justin-D009 is the grenadier of the team, and is also the team's explosives expert. He is arguably the most reckless member of the team, with Liv in close second. He is Oliver's closest friend, and leads the other half of the team in case they must split up.

Liv-D124 (CQC)

Olivia-D124, or Liv, is the team's close quarters expert. She is almost as careless as Justin, and is always ready to pull the trigger if a hostile appears out of nowhere.

Ray-D038 (Scout)

Ray-D038 is the team's scout, and the most serious of the team. He commonly comments on the recklessness of Justin and Liv. He tends to overthink and over complicate things, but rarely argues with Oliver's decisions.

Service History



Guns for Hire

Ray-D038: "That's high security. We may not be able to get close enough."
Justin-D009: "Nonsense! You'll just need to cover the cost of the damages."
Ray-D038: "We are not blowing up the fucking capital!"
Justin-D009: "Not all of it. Just one or two buildings."
―Ray and Justin, as they get an assassination contract.



  • Their motto, Composuerunt in Occulto, is actually the motto of Delta Company as a whole. Hadron adopted the motto when they defected from ONI, as it reminds them of who they defended when they left.
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