AhalosniperWho are we? Heroes? Monsters? Cowards?
Greet'ns. I'm sure you know by now, but I still gotta remind you to put a Writer template on your work, even if it's multi-user. For that, you can add another vertical line and the next person's username. If all four of you in the Altiverse want your names on this page, the Writer template can still handle four names.

Also, you know I gotta get on you about Spartan tags here? Maybe your friends haven't all made up their minds about Company and such, but if they're S-IIIs, they really do have to chose between Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, and their pages should be renamed to reflect the choice. I'm guessing you'll go for an all-Beta group? Roy and Victor wouldn't be unknown to the others if they'd been Betas, even if the two were removed for Headhunter training, since they'd have at least started training together. They didn't necessarily need to know each other well among four hundred candidates, but on their pages, I wouldn't say it's unknown where their training came from.

Their training isn't completely unknown, and not all of them knew eachother before Wolf Team. They are basically yet to be revealed. And I'm also considering to start over with the members so.. Nicktc 09:58, September 16, 2015 (UTC)

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