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TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Thursday, 24 September 2020
Seeing that he's a SPARTAN-III and judging by the year of his birth, the letter of his tag should be B. There is no "Tau Company" of SPARTAN-IIIs. Similarly, his Elliot's tag should also have the B, assuming that the two are from the same Company as they trained together. Lastly, all SPARTANs, at least before the existence of the Spartan branch, are in the Navy, so he could not possibly be Lt. Colonel. The Navy equivalent is Commander, but it is almost impossible for a SPARTAN to reach that high of a rank. I suppose Lieutenant Commander is acceptable.

I have to say I was still testing a little with that. Even though thanks.

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TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Thursday, September 24 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
Greet'ns. Just wanted to note a few things, for example, since Nick was born in 2531 and would've been part of Beta Company, he was not one of the first S-IIIs. The whole of Alpha Company came before him, and since they were all brought to Onyx as a group, it's kind of impossible to be one of the "first" S-IIIs. If you want to make him a part of Alpha Company, it might actually fit better since their teams were named after animals, although there's already a Team Wolf Pack in canon. HZ's point on needing -B before the tag, as in Nick-B102, still stands, and also pertaining to him, you're using his infobox on your 10 Ridiculous Occurrence page, and should at least ask him if it's alright to use (also needs the writer template on it). Regards, That Damn Sniper.

With all due respect, the B was a writing error I couldn't be bothered with fixing within the first few minutes of creating the page. And, on the template it didn't say anything about giving credit so I didn't figure doing so or asking permission would be necessary.

Nicktc 21:42, June 21, 2014 (UTC)

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TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Thursday 16:52 2020
It's always worth asking permission before using anything that is someone else's. Just common curtsy, also helps avoid plagiarism

Will do in advance. Thanks for the message.

Nicktc 21:45, June 21, 2014 (UTC)

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