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This is quite honestly one of, if not the most, beautiful weapons on the entirety of Halo Fanon.

Also, I was wondering if I could use this weapon for the Marine contingent aboard the ship heavily featured in The Dusk. Though I know it's supposed to be a "marksman" rifle of sorts, it reminds me too much of the rifle that the Marines from Battlestar Galactica use and i'd love to have something similar. If it's not to much trouble for you, would you mind making me a "special" version just for the TV Show? If not, i'll understand, but if you do want to, here's what i'd like:

[[File:M45A CRWS.png|450px|center]]

This version would be cool, though would it be possible for you to remove the suppressor, and keep the outer barrel the same length, though make the width (or height) of the barrel a bit more thinner. And instead of the suppressor, use a flash hider similar to this one HERE. Again, thank you if you do decide to do it! Have a good one!

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I'd love to. It'd be great to help add to the awesomeness of Dusk, it looks really interesting. I'll get right on it. Oh, and such praise from a gun expert, I nearly fainted :)

GrizzleiYou Are What You Dare
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Thanks bro! And as a fellow BSG fan, your welcome to add to The Dusk and related stuff anytime you'd like!

I love it! Quite simply, its amazing. Nice job making the picture, too! Good job. Only one problem: M45 designation is already taken. By the Halo Reach era shotgun, M45 Tactical Shotgun. Anyway, good job. If they came to hear me beg.png Lt. AgreonTalk 22:37, December 17, 2010 (UTC)

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I hate to burst your bubble, but the designation "M45" is not taken.

The Reach-era shotgon is the M45 Tactical Shotgun, while Matt's article is the M45A sniper rifle - two completely different entities with a similar designations.

That is to say the "M1" designation is taken: which is not, as proven now:

  • M1 Abrams, a tank
  • M1 bayonet, as fitted to the M1 Garand
  • M1 carbine
  • M1 chemical mine
  • M1 Combat Car, an early tank
  • M1 Garand, a battle rifle
  • M1 Helmet
  • M1 mortar
  • M1 rocket launcher, a bazooka variant
  • M1 Thompson carbine
  • M1 Thompson submachine gun
  • Mk 1 Underwater Defense Gun, an underwater pistol
  • 120 mm M1 gun, an anti-aircraft gun
  • The M1 flamethrower

But, yeah. As per above. =)

Great job!!! I would like to know how you got the picture for the gun though. Did you draw it? Or use some internet app? I'd like to learn how to make some cool weapon pics too! Unsigned comment by Halofanatic0u812 (talk • contribs). Please sign your talk page posts with '~~~~'.

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Greet'ns. This article's lost a few of its images in the recent wiki clean-up, and for the moment doesn't fit GA standards. You should find some new images to take the place of the old ones, or its status as a Good Article might be affected.

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