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"That things gotta be the jugular of Sydney."
―Then-Captain John Chase during the fall of Earth, 2564.

The Sydney Transport Station was at one point the largest shuttle station on Earth. Due to the city's high importance and the fact that its location away from Earth's equator physically disallowed for space elevators to be built in the city, the station was built to provide for transport of passengers, military personnel, and cargo to be transferred to and from space via shuttle. At its height in the early 2520's, nearly 130 shuttles would make dozens of round trips daily. In late 2552, the Battle of Sydney, which occured during the Second Battle of Earth, tattered much of the city though the STS remained operable. However, the events of the fight for Earth during the Splinter War led to the station along with much of the rest of Sydney's destruction by a five megaton warhead in 2564.


The transport station wasn't the sole asset of its parent company, Endeavour Solutions; they also operated an interplanetary shuttle system. Despite both of these utilizing shuttles, they each had their own custom designed shuttles in use. For example, all of the transport station's shuttles lacked Slipspace travel capabilities while the sole purpose of their other operation is to use Slipspace travel to get from one colony to the next. Furthermore, the STS operates three different shuttles; the first is a small shuttle that is designed to hold up to twenty passengers and their baggage. A second performs a similar role save for the fact that it can hold seventy five passengers; a third model is designed with transporting various goods to and from the surface.