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Class overview

Sun Tzu-class Heavy Destroyer


Reyes-Mclees Shipyards


UNSC Naval Branch

Preceded by

Hillsborough-class Light Destroyer

General characteristics

Heavy Destroyer

Additional information

"No matter the name. No matter the conflict. No matter the legacy. These ships and their crews exemplify Man's unrelenting resolve for victory."
―Captain Weisheng Jo, Commander of the UNSC Alexander's March.

The Sun Tzu-class Heavy Destroyer (hull classification symbol: DDH/DD) is a family of next-generation naval destroyers developed and deployed at the tail end of the Human-Covenant War. Equipped with new technologies and developed with new military doctrines in mind, the Sun Tzu and its sister vessels were reminiscent and yet starkly different from their Great War counterparts. The Sun Tzu-class takes their name from famous and revolutionary figures of military history, hence the naming of the lead ship after the Chinese general and philospher, Sun Tzu who famously wrote the Art of War. The Sun Tzu, overall, is a complete overhaul of previous naval destroyers built for service with the United Nations Space Command; one of the most prolific changes include a size upgrade from the typical frigate-tonnage and length to measurements akin to a light cruiser which provide greater storage for weapons, personnel, and cargo.


  • External Runway for landing fighter vessels.
  • RFEAs attached on mission requisition.
  • Retractable Bridge Cover.
  • Potential for Winter-class Prowlers, Sabre Fighters. Need to add cargo ships such as Heron, Albatross, or Darters.
  • Identify total HEV pods.
  • Rotary Wing Squadron.
  • Three-Vessel Wolfpack.
  • Warthogs & Mongooses are considered obsolete, mostly. Minimize as much as possible.
  • Consider adding in more Mastodon, Kodiak, and Wolverine-sized vehicles.
  • Full Marine Expeditionary Unit between three destroyers. 800 Marines, 400 support personnel.
  • Fighter Wing may need more diversification. Increase number of drones.
  • Explore Halo Wars 2 viable vehicle inventory.
  • Modify Task Force Foxhound to match MEU-sized unit.
  • Create amphibious warships to utilize RFEA bodies.
  • Need new drawings to fill existing needs.
  • Ships of the Line: UNSC Sun Tzu. UNSC Dean Drake. UNSC Duke Of Wellington. UNSC Alexander's Advance. UNSC Napoleon. UNSC George Washington. UNSC Caesar's Legion. UNSC Clausewitz. UNSC Elmo Zumwalt. UNSC Zheng He. UNSC Dwight D. Eisenhower. UNSC Winston Churchill. UNSC Jacob Keyes. UNSC Hannibal of Carthage. UNSC Saladin. UNSC Genghis Khan. UNSC George S. Patton. UNSC Sherman's March. UNSC Remember Reach. UNSC Cole's Stand. UNSC Stanforth.


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