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Specialist Melee Weapon-II
Production information
Technical specifications

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Specialist Melee Weapon-II is a melee weapon made by the Vorenus Imperium.


A regular metal blade with a form-fitting handle and a vibrating edge, it is the trademark weapon of the Vanguards, as it is used solely by them. Each one is crafted by the user, with only the basic design given, making each one unique. Additionally, many of the newest models are equipped with a slight plasma edge, an upgrade that came about due to the Vorenus' contact with the USR

UNSC Remarks

"I saw one of those Vanguards use that thing to hack straight through some of the Necros foot soldiers in only a few seconds. It was amazing how quickly and how well he did it; I'd love to have one, but I get the feeling that they make using one look easy"

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