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USR Special Warfare Group, Special Unconventional Warfare Operations
Unit Background
  • Surprise Raiding
  • Shock Troopers
Unit Motto

"Striking from the dark"

Current Commander

Field Master Savero 'Kadai

Current Status



The members of the Special Unconventional Warfare Operations, better known as Commandos, are a specialised raiding force, based upon pre-contact special forces. The Commandos specialise as shock troopers, launching sledgehammer blows against enemy positions, as infiltrators, infiltrating enemy lines and sowing discord and chaos, and as quick reaction troopers, bolstering their brothers in arms wherever the Republic Army is in danger of being over run. To this effect, they have lightened combat armour, allowing them to infiltrate and move faster, with ease.

The Commandos have a strict training regimen, and not all cut it. Those that do are known to be valorous warriors in battle, whose deeds go down in Legend. They make up the core of the Republic's Special Warfare Group, with multiple units attached to Legions across the breadth of Sangheili space. They also surmise the majority of support units who provide back up for other special units.

Commandos are equipped with Commando Harnesses, with a variety of armour enhancements. They are usually equipped with a wide gamut of weapons, crossing all fields of combat, allowing them to fight the enemy at close, medium and long range, even taking the fight to enemy armour and aircraft. Commandos often take to the field of battle with close air support and light armour, for the purpose of rapid transit and close support.

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