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USR Special Warfare Group, Special Operations
Unit Background
  • Special Operations
  • Intelligence collection in the deep battlespace
  • Battlespace preparation by sabotage and offensive raids in the medium and deep battlespace
  • Internal Counter-terrorism
  • External counter Terrorism
  • Training soldiers of other races and training guerillas in unconventional warfare
  • Counter Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) activities in support of USR and AUR
  • Protection of senior USR and AUR dignitaries and VIPs
Unit size

1200 personel

Current Commander

Field Master Avala 'Kasreni

Current Status



"Out of the darkness, these blades will light our way."
―Sangheili Special Operations' mantra

The Special Operations division of the Special Warfare Group, also known as the Blades, are the face of the Republic's special forces division, and its most well known unit. They are plucked from the best that the Invaders and Commandos have to offer, trained extensively in the ways of combat and stealth. They are known to undertake some of the most dangerous and important missions, that threaten the very structure of the Republic, both internally and externally. In the days of the Great War, they undertook missions of great daring, such as seizing vital intelligence on the humans, infiltrating their most important and secure bases, and quelling heresy from within. During the schism, they fought at the forefront, in an effort to save their brothers from both the Flood and Jiralhanae, and contain both of them, while in the after war, their blades in the night managed to put down many aspiring warlords.

The Blades are equipped with only the finest weapons, and the finest armour. They are fitted with the Special Operations Harness, which has enhanced armour, enhanced stealth features, additional sensors and an advanced HUD, allowing them to seek and destroy their enemy in all conditions. They are armed with a variety of weapons, which ever one is required for them by their mission and often take light support vehicles, or even heavy armour, when the situation demands it. They are fitted with active camouflage to hide from view, and are often expected to silence any witnesses.

The training regimen of the Blades is brutal, and they are expected to continue their drills and training when they become full blades. They are trained in many weapon disciplines, though some Blades choose to focus in and excel in a single area, and they are also expected to be capable of any combat insertion, including aerial insertion, dropship insertion, drop pod insertion, cover ground insertion and even false flags insertion. Blades are expected to be exemplars of the way of the shadow, disciplined, skilled, valorous and fighting to the end, when they cannot fight their way out. They are expected to operate against hostile militarise in a variety of roles and against internal strife, operating both in and out of armour to bring down traitors.

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