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UNSC Marine Corps Special Aviation Attack and Reconnaissance Unit
Unit Background
  • Provide aviation support to UNSC Special Forces
Unit Motto

"Victory By Wings"

Unit size

400 aircraft (2 Regiment)

Current Commander

Colonel Henry 'Sonny' Cavelli

Current Status



"The reg'lar pilots are always pissed when we come cruising into the bar in our g-suits. We don't crap ourselves at the first sign of a triple-A so we don't need baggies to hold it in!"
―Staff Sergeant Alfred Molina


The SAARU specialise in aviation operations within planet atmospheres. They fly medium and light dropships and gunships variants, Gunships and inter system transports like the Auk and Tern. They are expected to operate in support of special operations unit, evacuating and bringing them into hot combat zones and giving them air cover. Their operators are fully trained for aerial combat and support, along with operations on the ground, for quick support and incase of emergancies. Equipped in pressure suits overlaid with full Marine ballistic and energy shield armour and oxygen masks and armed themselves with light rifles and defensive weapons, they in themselves are soldiers to be reckoned with. They are expected to provide low altitude, high speed, stealthy, short notice raids, pick ups and drops.

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