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USR Special Warfare Group, Special Aviation Aggressive Reconnaissance and Assault
Unit Background
  • Aviation supports of special forces
Unit Motto

"Death from above"

Unit size

250 aircraft

Current Commander

Air Master Tal'Era 'Vanou

Current Status



The SAARA, also known as the Avengers, are a aerial support unit for the Special Warfare Group, providing dropship support with Spooks and Phantoms for other special warfare units. They were developed during the end of the Human-Covenant war for support operations of Commando units and with help from the UNSC developed into a new force ready for the Remnant War.

They are equipped with the Pilot Harness, allowing them to interface with their vehicles, and operate within them for extended periods of time. As for air craft, they usually pilot craft such as Type-68 Spooky Gunships, Type-52B Phantom Troop Transport, Type-53 Phantom Gunship and Type-54 Phantom Assault Ship, or even enemy dropships for specialised infiltration. In the event they are downed, they are often armed with their own rifles to continue the fight.

Avengers are taken from the best of the pilots and crew that the army has to offer. These crews are trained by and alongside special forces, so they can provide support, such as insertion, exfiltration, close fire support and reconnaissance.

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