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"War" to Aerotech R-25 Naginata
Aesk 'Thorak to Ares Facility Archives
Ares IV to Battle of Durisdeer
Battle of Earth to Bloodmating
Bloody Symmetry to Chiron TL-34 (Labyrinth)
Chosen Blades of Kalmaras to Custodian-class Frigate
Cut Throats to Dmitri Zaitsev
Dmitry Emmanuel to Expeditionary Strike Group 7
Expeditious-class cruiser to Flood Deciever
Flood Revival War to Glo-Stik
Global Defense Initiative to Halo: In Death's Grey Land
Halo: In the Dark to Halo Spotlight: Those Who Fight Monsters
Halo Spotlight: Traitor to Impediments of the Path
Impending Justice to Jerome Smithson
Jerome Valentis to Kioto-B217
Kirren Webster to Log Archive/Leonidan Logs
Log Archive/Transmission 99346 to M73 machine gun
M754 Light Armored Vehicle to Mark Dillinger
Mark Edward to NOBLE Team (Exiles)
NOBLE Team (Phalanx Actual) to Odd One Out: The Animated Series
Odds Against Us: Flood to Paladins (Labyrinth)
Palamok to Prophetess of Promiscuity
Prophetess of Reluctance to Retractable Gauntlet-Knife
Retribution to SPARTAN-A012
SPARTAN-A035 (Spartan-035) to Schönheit Rebellion
Scias Drunkaro to Siren-class Destroyer
Siren-class Rapid Mobility Vehicle to Steve Daniel Huang, Senior
Steven-A231 to Team Claymore
Team Cloidem to The Jovian Moons Campaign
The Joyl system Ambushes to Titus-Class Light Cruiser
To-Ggae-Bi Type 4 Exoskeleton to Type-67 Pummeler Assault Vehicle Engineers
Type-67 Spook Troop Transport to UNSC Battlegroup Athens
UNSC Battlegroup Canada to UNSC Invictus
UNSC Invincible (War of Vengeance) to UNSC Restless (FFG-3061)
UNSC Resurgence (FFG-3014) to United Nations Space Command Defence Force
United Nations Space Command Defense Force to Vigil-057
Vigil-057/Image Gallery to Yanme'e Hives
Yanme'e Hives (War of Vengeance) to “It’s your fault.”
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