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Spartan Group Epsilon
Unit Background




Unit size

5 Spartan:

  • Robert 059
  • Annie 038
  • Charle 058
  • Steven 057
  • Francis 001
Current Commander

Spartan Francis 001

Current Status




Under the direct commande of Francis 001 this special unit of spartan is stationed on the UNSC Road Runner. This new unit is composed of 2 Spartan of the third generation (Annie and Charle) and 3 Spartans of the second generation (Francis, Robert and Steven). This unit was formed right after the battle of Reach.


All spartans in this unit are close friend. During the tranning, the entrainnor as focussed on the friendship du to the fact that this unit was small unit and that they work in the behind the enemies line.


Active since the begginig of the spartanIII project, was part of the force of spartan stationned on 14th Nomad fleet. They are considered as on the best spartan unit. There leader is spartan that fight in more than 200 engagements. For the squad, it thake arms in 75 batles. The most know engagement was earth.

A new home lost