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Sons of the Preserving Blade
Political information
Type of government

Sangheili militia group

Societal information
Historical information
Formed from

Several hundred Sangheili

Date of establishment

November 4th, 2557

Date of dissolution

December 20th, 2560

"For the preservation of our people's millennia of tradition, we will challenge the usurpers in the government to the last warrior. We must continue to fight, in the name of honor, for this world that we all hold so dear!"
―Hij 'Saka, founder of the Sons and first of the Four Preserving Blades

The Sons of the Preserving Blade were an irregular militia formed by several hundred young Sangheili warriors who felt drawn to the cause of the Fallen separatist movement several years after the end of the Human-Covenant War. Their ranks mostly consisted of warriors who had been undergoing private training and education at clan keeps on Sanghelios and were moved by the Fallen movement to prevent the post-war government from allowing the human race to influence Sangheili affairs. Though they had no distinct leader, the group eventually solidified around four particularly skilled young warriors who became known as the Four Preserving Swords. In spite of the relative youth of most of their members, the Sons of the Preserving Blade proved to be a dedicated and effective fighting force and became infamous for their damaging ambushes against Sangheili military patrols.



Battles and Ambushes


"You killed them. You killed them all. We're all dead..."
Shinsu 'Refum, last surviving Son at the Battle of Nisa