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"We gotta name for these things. Hotel Charlie, sorta short for 'HAND CANNON'"
―Corporal Mack 'Bonanza' Jericho

Production information
Technical specifications
  • Barrel
    • 920 mm
  • Weight
    • 15.4 kilograms (unloaded), 17.9 kilograms (loaded)
  • Length
    • 1768 mm
Magazine Size

1 shell

Fire Mode
  • Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Type

70 mm Shell




2400-2890 metres


3320-3760 metres


Necros War




The SRS40A-O Anti Material/Anti Vehicle Rifle is a large, powerful rifle designed for engaging tanks and armoured vehicles. The weapon fires a caseless 70mm shell, breech loaded into the gun. The nitrocellulose mold combusts, leaving nothing behind. The weapon is made of a titanium alloy with microproccesor driven anti recoil systems, shock absorbing bipod, shock absorbing stock and smooth bore barrel. The weapon also features a AUGUR Fire Control Scope. The gun can fire a number of munitions, including sabot-discarded, high explosive, self guiding and HESH warheads.


The weapon is primarily used as a anti tank weapon, punching holes in armoured vehicles, with the APFSDS shell capable of even damaging main battle tanks. Due to the small flash of the weapon, high speed of the projectile and the lack of any homing packages it can sneak under most counter missile and protection systems. While not always capable of piercing frontal tank armour it can pierce flank, rear and upper armour with ease. It is also used as both an anti-materiel rifle, for destroying enemy munitions and supplies and as a high profile sniper rifle, apt for engaging well armoured and well defended personnel, such as Mgaelekgolo.


The weapon is a breech loaded smoothbore rifle with a rotating locking bolt. The weapon has a Misriah rail with a AUGUR FCS on it's receiver, although it also comes with recessed, fully adjustable, yet removable day/night iron sights. The round is breech loaded by opening the motorised cover and inserting the round into the breech and closing it. The barrel is made of carbonized metal, reducing thermal distortion to allow maximum accuracy and is rested in a bed of thermoplastic to increase stability during firing. Once fired, the entire barrel recoils, to mitigate some of the recoil produced. It can also fire specially made APSDFS munitions, utilising stabilisation to cancel out the spin induced by the rifled barrel.

UNSC Comments

"After Linna we found the Necros Compound tanks used some kinda detection system that picked up RADAR pings and lasers aimed at it, alerting it to laser designators, laser targeters, RADAR guided weapons, missile and rocket flashes and shit. This thing doesn't set off ANY of them! Heh!"

"We say it, a Golem crawling outta the wreckage of the subway access building. Those charges and the dozen tons of concrete shoulda killed it but it was still moving! He nailed it with a armour piercing explosive round just at the base of its skull, blew off its bloody head!"

"Thing isn't as useful as it sounds. The M899 and the M41 can strike exactly where it needs to hit while the SRS40 hits where ever it damn well feels like hitting."

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