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SinoViet Heavy Machinery
SinoViet Logo
Headquarters Fangchenggang, China, Earth
  • Planetside vehicle manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Orbital infrastructure development
  • Personal equipment manufacturing
Ledby Chief Executive Officer
Affiliation(s) UEG
"SinoViet is eternal. We will always have consumers, and we shall always be the biggest juggernaut on the block. If an alien invasion couldn't stop us, nothing can."
CFO Jiles Ranch

SinoViet Heavy Machinery is a major human shipbuilding firm which is closely affiliated with the United Earth Government. Headquartered near the border of the Asian countries of China and Vietnam, the company is best known for being responsible for the construction of UNSC frigates and destroyers; in reality, however, SinoViet has a hand within nearly every classification of military starships. In addition to this, SinoViet offers a wide variety of civilian vehicles, military equipment, and some orbital infrastructure development.


Naoto Technologies

Closely associated with SinoViet's shipbuilding division, although they do not operate exclusively with them, Naoto Technologies is a large manufacturing company that specialises in the production of starship components. Founded in 2381 to dissuade a reliance on more established production corporations such as the PassiGear Manufacturing Company, Naoto Technologies is most well-known for the sale of hybrid Deuterium fusion drives/reactors such as the V-series used by military craft.



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