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The Wandering StraySimon-G294, the traitor Spartan.
Biographical Information


Simon Onegin


  • Mordred
  • Stray





Physical Information




176 cm


68 kg






Political/Military Information


  • Survival
  • Close quarters combat
  • Demolitions



  • Petty Officer Second Class (stripped)
  • Warrior (Covenant remnant)




III: Gamma Company


UNSC Navy (former)



"There, out in the darkness, a fugitive running; fallen from God, fallen from grace."
―"Stars", Les Miserables, the Musical

Simon-G294—also known by the pseudonym “Stray”—was a SPARTAN-III commando from Gamma Company who was raised and augmented as a child supersoldier during the final years of the Human-Covenant War. Lambasted as both a coward and the worst-performing Spartan in his company, he gained infamy when he deserted from the UNSC and fought for the Insurrectionist movement on Mamore. Ultimately betrayed and abandoned by the rebels, he was left with a lasting hatred for both of his former allegiances and found himself selling his skills to the highest bidder as a mercenary in order to survive. Consumed by doubts and self-loathing, he nonetheless possesses a keen survival instinct and boundless tenacity in pursuit of his goals. In spite of his crimes and selfish tendencies, he found lasting companions in the rogue Insurrectionist AI Diana and fellow Gamma deserter Cassandra-G006. After a fruitless effort to score big as a solitary freelancer, Simon found himself hired on to the smuggling freighter Chancer V, which became his new home and base of operations.[1] His status as a fugitive, as well as his penchant for becoming involved in broader galactic affairs, often brought him into conflict with agents of the Office of Naval Intelligence and Spartan division. Captured and tortured by the Covenant, Simon's devotion to Diana and personal ambitions saw him reverse his situation and pledge allegiance to Jul 'Mdama in order to become commander of the infamous Kru'desh Legion. But his bid for power ended in failure after Diana cast him aside, reducing him once again to a lonely wanderer as the galaxy writhed and changed amidst the rise of the Created.


Simon 3.png

Threat Level 1

FULL NAME: Onegin, Simon

    Unit: Spartan-Team Jian
    (P)MOS: 12B
    Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    Location: CLASSIFIED

    Gender: M
    Birthplace: Thebes, Iskander
    Birth Date: 02/09/2540
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 153 cm (projected)
    Weight: 58 kg (projected)


Mediocre across the board—I refrain from using the term “abysmal” only due to some latent talent G294 has occasionally exhibited in close quarters combatives. Exhibits some of the worst marksmanship in the company; apparently he experiences body tremors when under pressure that throw off his aim. Lacking in leadership skills and frequently flagged for discipline problems. However, G294 displays high levels of endurance and tenacity even for one of our recruits. He absorbs whatever punishment the DIs—or his fellow Spartans—dish out and usually tries to give it right back. Does not know when to quit.


SPARTAN-G294 is easily one of the most troubling candidates we’ve had since the inception of the SPARTAN-III program. No other candidate has been considered for expulsion as many times as G294. CPO Mendez is a particularly vocal advocate for his removal from the program, claiming that he will endanger himself and others on the battlefield. But Tom is convinced that given the proper guidance G294 can be molded into a proper Spartan. Lucy seems to agree—if I am reading her signals correctly—and so far I have chosen to defer to their judgement.

Poor performance scores aside, many of his peers view him as a liability both on and off the field. Wherever he goes, accidents and unfortunate occurrences—from equipment failures to pitfalls to full-on brawls—are never too far behind and it is often hard to determine whether these are due to his own faults or just plain bad luck. Regardless, he is something of a black sheep among his peers. Worse yet, he knows it and does not get on well with most Spartans outside his own team. Professor Schulz has suggested that years of consistently performing beneath most of his peers have contributed to a deep-seated inferiority complex and self-esteem issues. At the very least he’s determined—he’d have washed out years ago if this were not the case. Apparently he has avoided being “tagged” in recent combat exercises. Perhaps he’s realized that you can’t kill what you can’t catch; hopefully this will eventually translate into a skill that will help him find his niche among the ranks of the Gammas.


SPARTAN-G294 has been designated a KILL, NO CAPTURE target by Office of Naval Intelligence Section-III. After being declared MIA on Mamore in 2552 he resurfaced as a rogue operative with known ties to multiple terrorist and criminal organizations. Circumstances behind the failure of traditional Spartan indoctrination and loyalty protocols are still under investigation. Contrary to LCDR Ambrose’s files on Gamma Company operatives, G294 is considered a lethal and highly dangerous element. The events surrounding the disaster at Philadelphia speak for themselves. He is directly responsible for the deaths of five Spartans, including three Gamma operatives and two IVs, as well as countless UNSC personnel. It is also highly probable that his influence played a large role in SPARTAN-G006's desertion (Note: See attached dossier). Section III psychological professionals are currently investigating potential side-effects from the CHRYSANTHEMUM augmentations procedures, particularly the modifications to the Gammas’ frontal brain lobes. The possibility that G294 is mentally unstable has not been ruled out. Section III considers him to be a high-risk target and has issued standing orders for his immediate termination.


"Spartan, rebel, traitor, hero, murderer, savior. You are many things, Simon—'the one who is all.' And yet you are nothing. In the end you belong to no one. You are a wanderer and will forever stand alone."

The Urchin

"There's More To Life Than This"

"As long as I'm with you, I'll look after you, I promise. But I can't always be here for you. You have to learn to be like me, to take care of yourself on your own."
―Arthur Onegin to a young Simon

In early 2540 on the Inner Colony world of Iskander a wealthy businessman was discovered in a long-term adulterous affair with Tatiana Onegin, a young member of his estate's cleaning staff. In order to dissuade the anger of his wife he dismissed Tatiana cutting her off from her only means of support. Unfortunately, the woman had already borne him one son and was heavily pregnant with another. Unable to access any form of birth control, the now-impoverished Tatiana gave birth to another boy. Crushed by her lover's betrayal, Tatiana sank into a deep depression and deliberately neglected the newborn son who so reminded her of his father. The boy only survived infancy thanks to the efforts of his brother, Arthur, who cared for him as best he can. Tatiana remained completely indifferent to her second son and Arthur took on all the responsibilities of raising his brother, whom he named Simon.

Simon grew up with his brother Arthur in the slums of the colonial city Thebes.

Despite Arthur's efforts, Simon was a sickly infant and only barely survived several early illnesses. Though local clinicians told Arthur that his brother would not survive, the infant Simon recovered against all odds and continued developing at a normal rate. Meanwhile, Tatiana was forced to do degrading odd jobs and menial labor in order to make ends meet. Though she loved Arthur dearly, she resented Simon and projected her hatred for his father onto him. Faced with routine physical and emotional neglect, Simon spent most of his time away from his mother's squalid apartment complex as he explored the streets with Arthur. A clever, inventive boy, Arthur taught the young Simon to steal wares and credits from local vendors as the two boys took what they could to keep from starving. Simon quickly developed a loose view of law and order, particularly after witnessing Arthur receive beatings from local police patrols.

During these early years, Simon became acquainted with a strange man who frequented their neighborhood. Calling himself "Toby," the man routinely checked in on the boys and was, Simon later learned, responsible for the medical treatment he had received as an infant. Arthur openly resented Toby's attention, though Simon was too young to understand why. When Simon was five years old, Arthur attacked Toby in public after an argument and was arrested by passing police. Stunned by the loss of Arthur, Simon was left alone in an uneasy coexistence with his unstable mother. Tatiana was left deeply distraught by Arthur's arrest and continued ignoring Simon, who spent most of his time as far away from his mother's apartment as he could. Shortly after Arthur's arrest, Simon accidentally broke a plate near his mother. The unhinged Tatiana tried to stab her son with one of the plate shards and only the intervention of the family from the adjacent apartment saved his life. Tatiana fled the scene before the authorities could arrive, and Simon was promptly declared a ward of the colony and taken to an orphanage.

Simon was extremely unhappy in the orphanage, missing both Arthur and the freedom he had felt living with his brother. Nevertheless, the young boy appreciated the security of shelter and regular meals that it provided. He did not get on well with the other children and was often caught stealing and hoarding food. Incidents like these, coupled with the area's low adoption rate, made it seem as if he would merely be cared for until he was old enough to be given back to the streets to fend for himself. But this bleak future would change in 2545, when Simon was "interviewed" by an ONI lieutenant who had been dispatched to recruit applicable candidates into the SPARTAN-III program. Although not taken in by the lieutenant's talk of honor and duty (these concepts hollow and meaningless to him), Simon was swayed by the officer's talk of a brighter future and the enriching nature of the program. Simon agreed to be recruited into Gamma Company and was shipped to a secret ONI facility on Onyx for training along with several hundred other young children.

The Failure

"I Won't Go Back"

Main article: Simon-G294/The Stumble

Onyx, the classified planet where Simon spent much of his childhood training with Gamma Company.

Simon's arrival on Onyx alongside more than three hundred other candidates for the program was met with a test that the man in charge of the program's training division, Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose, had utilized with every batch of candidates since the beginning of the program: a "night jump" from a high-flying Pelican dropship. Simon froze up when it was his turn to jump and was very nearly kicked out of the program on his first night. As he gave up and stepped away from the edge of the Pelican's open troop bay, another child pushed him and he plummeted out of the dropship. Only a hasty opening of the parachute he'd been issued saved him from a messy landing on Onyx's surface.

The young Simon endured a strict military training program alongside his fellow recruits on Onyx.

Along with the other children who passed the first test, Simon plunged into an intensive six-year training program that sought to turn the young trainees into Spartan supersoldiers. During the first year of physical conditioning Simon was indistinguishable from the other trainees. His instructors noted that he was one of the faster candidates and he proved to have high levels of endurance during the field exercises the trainees were put through. But as time wore on and the training branched out into more advanced fields such as marksmanship and small unit tactics he fell behind the vast majority of his peers. Lacking the natural talents displayed by many other trainees, Simon found that none of the military training came naturally to him. Frequently punished for his shortcomings, Simon learned to blend in with his peers, avoiding the unwanted attention of Mendez and the other drill instructors. Before long he gained infamy as one of the worst-preforming members of the company. From sparring to weapons training, his performance scores were consistently amongst the lowest of the Spartan trainees. Though he resented some of the top performers for the ease in which they mastered the training, Simon was fairly personable when not under the drill instructors' watchful gazes and formed casual friendships with many of his fellow trainees.

Drill Instructor: "What the fuck was that trainee? Why the hell did you back off? You were winning!"
Simon-G294: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just didn't want to hurt him."
Drill Instructor: "Hurt him? You mean like this?"
— Simon receives a punishment beating for holding back during hand-to-hand combat training.

Simon lies in the mud following another painful training defeat.

Faced with routine punishment and humiliation for his under-performance, Simon adapted by falling back on the cunning and deviousness Arthur had ingrained into him years ago. Unlike the more physically and tactically gifted trainees, Simon turned to more "creative" measures in order to succeed. Though he believed whole-heartedly in the heroic ideals of service and self-sacrifice that were key to the Spartan program's martial doctrine, Simon began employing underhanded tactics that many of his peers balked at. During training exercises he would hide from combat, fake being tagged out or eliminated, and even bribe some of the less conscientious trainees with extra food from stashes of stolen rations that he began setting up throughout Camp Currahee. While often caught and punished by various DIs and occasionally Lieutenant Ambrose himself, Simon was learning a different kind of warfare from the tricks and cheats he used to keep up with the Spartan program: one of adaption and survival.

Though some trainees admired Simon for his ingenuity, many more despised his attitude and believed he was not taking the training seriously. Isolated from his peers, Simon spent more and more time alone and often sneaked off into Onyx's wilderness in order to escape the endless military drill and regimentation .Despite his poor reputation amongst both trainees and instructors, Simon found an unlikely mentor in Tom-B292, a SPARTAN-III graduate who had been assigned to help train Gamma Company along with his fellow Beta Company survivor, Lucy-B091. Struck more by Simon's tenacity than by his many failings, Tom took Simon under his wing even when other drill instructors gave up on him. Hungry for acceptance, Simon looked up to Tom as a personal hero despite knowing very little of the Beta Spartan's past. Tom took time to instruct Simon in several fields, particularly close quarters combat. Simon would carry Tom's principles of knife-fighting with him the rest of his life.

"Give Me A Chance. Maybe I'll Surprise You"

After two years of combat exercises under randomly assigned teams and leaders the Gamma Company trainees were divided into permanent five-person fire teams. These teams would live and train together in order to forge the closely-knit squad families that were the backbone of Spartan battlefield effectiveness. It was inevitable that any potential teammates would dread being saddled with a teammate who would drag their combat scores down, but fortunately for Simon he was not the only problem trainee sorted into Team Jian. Though under the command of Jake-G293, one of the best-performing trainees in the company, the rest of the team consisted of Mary-G130, feared among the other trainees for a short temper and casual sadistic streak, Cassandra-G006, another low combat performer with a talent for field medicine, and Ralph-G299, a trainee notorious for starting fights and who had antagonized Simon for his shortcomings many times in the past. Jake was less than pleased to be assigned to such a ragtag team (Team Jian quickly gained the nickname of "Problem Squad"), and at first the group's performance was substandard.

Simon (right) scales an obstacle alongside his teammate Ralph-G299 (left). Though they were often at odds during their early days in Team Jian, the two trainees would eventually form an unlikely friendship.

Team Jian struggled in the months that followed its formation. Constantly outmaneuvered and outperformed by drill instructors and other teams, it seemed as though Jian's flaws and weaknesses would always be dragging it down. But Jake's patient, meticulous style of leadership slowly brought the squad together. Simon would never be close to the straightforward and focused Jake, but respected him as both a leader and a highly capable trainee. Though Mary would often blame Simon for Jian's failures, she valued his unorthodox approach to the problems the teams encountered during training and took it upon herself to help him improve his substandard skills. Cassandra focused on improving her own shortcomings and cared little for the competition and rivalries rampant within Camp Currahee, but Ralph despised Simon for his failings and the two trainees were often at odds with each other. In the meantime Jake found uses for Simon's devious tactics,cleverly employing his "failure" teammate in situations where his latent cunning would give Jian an advantage without drawing the ire of the drill instructors. Though Jian enjoyed more success as Jake played each members' strength to their full potential, Simon became even less popular among the trainees that were forced to deal with his unique brand of competition. Ralph continued to harbor animosity towards his teammate; when one disgruntled trainee, Galen-G322, cornered Simon and attacked him with a stolen stun baton, Ralph witnessed the beating but did nothing to intervene. Simon endured the brutal attack, earning Galen's grudging admiration, and blamed Ralph for not helping him. Encouraged by Mary to settle things with Ralph, Simon ambushed his teammate in the woods outside of Camp Currahee. Although he was badly beaten in the ensuing brawl, the incident was enough to convince Ralph of his teammate's sincerity and afterwards the two trainees formed an unlikely friendship.

Mary-G130: "How come we always have to stick our necks out for Simon?"
Ralph-G299: "Oh come on, I think we all had a pretty good time."
Simon-G294: "I can't feel my face... I think my ankle's broken..."
— Team Jian after brawling with Team Scythe

Simon, clad in SPI armor, performs in a late-phase training exercise on Onyx.

The "unified" Team Jian quickly gained a reputation as a band of irreverent troublemakers, mostly thanks to Mary, Ralph, and Simon. When another squad, Team Halberd, beat Jian particularly badly during a training exercise, The trio collaborated to get back at them by demolishing a latrine on top of Halberd with stolen explosives. Mary escaped punishment, but Ralph and Simon were severely disciplined. After Simon attempted to use stolen food to bribe the members of Team Scythe into throwing a training match, the angry trainees cornered him and used a toilet to practice their interrogation techniques for several hours. When the other members of Team Jian learned what had happened they waited until the training match and, abandoning all of the match's rules and objectives, turned the exercise into a full-scale brawl that lasted until drill instructors pulled the trainees off of each other. Jian became known as an unorthodox squad, low in the overall company rankings but not a group to be taken lightly. Though Simon's combat scores remained low, he no longer feared washing out of the program. Despite his lack of respect for military customs and courtesies, he was fully committed to his purpose as a Spartan and believed that with the help of his teammates he could do his part in the ongoing war against the Covenant—a conflict that the Spartan trainees were constantly reminded of amidst the daily grind of conditioning and training exercises.

Despite the constant demands of Camp Currahee's military environment, Simon and the other children remained spirited and dedicated to their training. Simon harbored some misgivings about how he would perform on the actual battlefield, but was inspired by Tom's continued support and the examples set by the likes of Lieutenant Ambrose, Mendez, and Lucy. Although he kept mainly within the confines of Team Jian, he developed quiet rapports with other trainees such as Dyne-G217 and Amy-G094. He also took grew closer to his teammate Cassandra. Like Simon, Cassandra sported relatively poor combat ratings but had made up for her shortcomings by becoming one of Gamma Company's few medical specialists. Simon and Cassandra shared a quiet friendship during the years on Onyx, relating to each other's struggle to distinguish themselves amidst a company full of top performers. About a year before Gamma Company's graduation, the trainees were administered drugs that hurried the onset of puberty within their young bodies. Simon was confused by unusual feelings he began to develop for Cassandra. Worried about how she might react to a confession of his feelings, Simon buried the strange emotions and focused on completing his training.

"Everything Feels Different"

The UNSC Hopeful, site of Gamma Company's augmentations.

As the time approached for Gamma Company's graduation, Simon's performance continued to lag behind that his peers. Though settled within Team Jian and confident that he could do his part on the battlefield, Simon often suffered bouts of anxiety about what the future held. The years of living in the shadow of his peers' talent and success had instilled him with deep-seated insecurities that gnawed at him even as he fought to suppress them with an attitude of cheerful acceptance for who he was. Although Camp Currahee employed several ONI-trained psychologists to deal with problems such as these, Simon avoided bringing his anxieties to their attention and instead chose to confide in Tom, with whom he had maintained a trusting relationship over the years of training. Simon also found an outlet in Tom's fellow Beta Company survivor, Lucy-B091. Though other trainees mocked Simon for his one-sided conversations with the mute instructor, Simon developed an odd rapport with Lucy, who few other trainees took the time to know on a personal level. Though his anxieties remained, Simon focused his mind on the exercises at hand as the final phase of Gamma Company's training drew near. When the time for the trainees to receive the chemical augmentations that would improve their combat abilities and complete their transformation into Spartans, Lieutenant Ambrose made a point of emphasizing the danger that the procedure entailed and gave every trainee the opportunity to back out of the program. Thanks to his mounting fears over what his future held, Simon considered accepting the offer. Only a conversation with Cassandra, who was also tempted by the way out, steeled the two Spartans to take their place with their brothes and sisters in Gamma Company Simon and the rest of the company were taken to a medical facility aboard the UNSC Hopeful. There they were injected with the following chemicals:

  • Drug 8942-LQ99: A carbide ceramic ossification catalyst to make skeletons virtually unbreakable.
  • Drug 88005-MX77: A fibroid muscular protein complex that boosted muscle density and strength.
  • Drug 88947-OP24: A retina-inversion stabilizer drug. It boosted color and night vision capabilities.
  • Drug 87556-UD61: Improved colloidal neural disunification solution, which in turn decreased reaction time.

Aside from the standardized enhancements, the trainees of Gamma Company would be the only Spartans to ever be augmented with compound 009762-OO. This mutagen altered key regions of the subjects' frontal brain lobes, enhancing aggression, strength, endurance, and tolerance to injury. Lieutenant Ambrose had personally authorized the use of the illegal drug in the hopes of increasing the Gammas chances of survival on the battlefield; however, the mutagen's effects were known to increase in response to stress, driving the Spartans into animalistic, instinct-driven states unless suppressed by the proper counter-drugs. Though at the time completely oblivious to the chemical's implications, Simon would encounter the true potency of the brain enhancement in the years following the augmentation.

Like the rest of the Spartans, Simon's body benefited greatly from the augmentations, but he emerged from the augmentations unsure of how to view the permanent changes that he had been subjected to. He was shipped back to Onyx with the rest of the company, where they spent a short period adjusting to their new bodies. Each of the graduating trainees were presented with their own suit of Semi Powered Infiltration armor to signify their full transformation into Spartans. While waiting for their coming deployment, every squad in the company competed against each other for "top honors" in a series of training skirmishes using non-lethal stun rounds. Although Team Jian did not make it far in the competition, they still did much better than what was expected of the "mongrel squad". When all but three teams had been eliminated, the rest of Gamma Company departed Onyx and readied themselves for war. Prior to Jian's departure, Simon met with Tom one last time. Proud of how far his low-scoring pupil had come, Tom gave Simon a combat dagger as a graduation present, which Simon proudly added to his combat load.

The Soldier

"We're Still Alive. That's What Counts."

Simon stood as a borderline failure within the ranks of the deadliest soldiers ever produced by the UNSC.

"Is it just me or were Mendez and Lucy way tougher than these guys?"
―Simon-G294 encounters Covenant on Tribute

Like all Spartans, Simon saw his first combat deployment as the baptism by fire that would seal his transformation into a warrior. But he also feared the impending battles far more than many other Gammas. Though he could not admit it to his teammates, Simon dreaded the prospect that one of his infamous failures would kill him and render all the years of struggle and hardship meaningless. Team Jian was quickly deployed to the embattled colony Tribute where they met their fearsome Covenant foes for the first time in skirmishes around the capital of Casbah City. Simon's confidence rose following Jian's successful ambushes of several Covenant raiding parties. The years of brutal training served him well as he fought alongside his teammates, proving useful at noting and exploiting weak points in the alien formations. Simon was also strangely intrigued by the deadly Sangheili warriors he observed leading the Covenant during firefights.

Cassandra-G006: "All our training, all our skill, everything we put into that fight. And we still couldn't save them."
Simon-G294: "Don't think like that. We're still alive. That's gotta count for something."
―Simon and Cassandra following the retreat from Tribute

Jian's success was short lived. Despite their many victories outside Casbah City the Spartans' involvement did little to slow the Covenant's advance. Simon and the others redeployed inside the city to defend an evacuation zone full of civilians as the UNSC made a final push to flee the planet. Jian's efforts held the line for a time, but when the Covenant bore down on their position they were ordered to retreat. The remaining civilians were butchered as the military withdrew, leaving Simon and the rest of the team shaken by the true face of their war with the Covenant. As Jian recovered from the lost battle, Simon comforted a distraught Cassandra and convinced her to bring herself back into the team's fold. Though he kept up a spirited face, he began to wonder privately if humanity had any chance of surviving the war.

Team Jian redeployed to the Inner Colony Barrier. Faced with the same urban fighting he had experienced on Tribute, Simon struggled to reconcile his own impoverished upbringing and harsh training with the comforts of civilian life he and his teammates now viewed from a distance. When Jian spent a night defending an ECB News broadcasting station Simon saved a young couple from Covenant snipers and marveled at their relationship. Over the next few weeks as Team Jian fought the Covenant invaders street to street Simon encountered more civilians, including families. Faced with evidence of a peaceful, loving life he had never known the young Spartan began to question the totality of the military life he had come to accept. As the UNSC drove the Covenant off Barrier in a rare victory, Simon attempted to imitate the civilians by admitting his feelings to Cassandra. But his teammate merely interpreted Simon's clumsy confession as a celebration of their first unlikely win.

"Don't Leave Me Behind!"

Following the victory at Barrier, Team Jian was rotated out of the Tantalus theater and deployed to the area of human space known informally as the "buffer territories." With the Covenant's military war machine coming closer and closer to discovering Earth's location, most Spartans were being moved away from the front lines in preparation for a wave of enemy offensives against the Inner Colonies. However, some of the more stubborn Insurrectionist factions were not content with sitting back while the battle for humanity's survival played out. Deployed to a known rebel staging area, Team Jian raided a rebel facility suspected of developing chemical weapons. Simon himself killed three enemy fighters during the one-sided slaughter and though he had seen more than his share of combat against the Covenant he later confided in a sympathetic Cassandra that it felt strange to kill a fellow human being. The chemical weapons were not at the camp, but Jian recovered data files that traced the weapons to the nearby colony of Mamore, a world known for its history of rebellion and insurrectionist sympathies.

Jian was quickly redeployed to Mamore, where they raided another facility where the weapons were held. The young Spartans infiltrated the rebel facility and seized samples of the chemical toxins before fleeing in stolen Warthogs. But as they retreatedback to their landing zone, an explosion knocked Simon off the back of the Warthog and the pursuing rebels forced him into a ravine. Although his teammates tried to come to his rescue, the rebel's massive response force pushed them back. Over the team's objections and Simon's pleas over the radio not to be left behind, Jian was ordered to withdraw with the chemicals to their waiting Pelican dropship. A terrified Simon could only flee deeper into the ravine as his friends took off without him, leaving him alone on a planet crawling with hostile rebels.

The Orphan

"First You Mug Me, Then You Want To Be Friends?"

"I'd been through a lot before then, of course. Onyx and the Spartan program were my childhood. Gamma Company was my family. But Mamore was where I finished growing up. Mamore is what made me what I am now."

Marooned on an unstable colony teetering on the brink of full planetary insurrection, Simon knew that he lacked the ability to survive in such an environment on his own. Without a viable UNSC outpost in the region, he had no way of communicating with the military unless Team Jian came back in to recover him. Simon had not been outfitted for long-term survival and realized that he would have to make his way to a nearby town or risk starving to death. In order to hide his identity as a Spartan, he buried his armor and weapons in nearby cave before scavenging civilian clothes off rebels who had been killed during the firefight with Jian. Disguised as a regular--albeit ragged--civilian boy, Simon headed for the nearest population center, a town called Concord, in the hopes of finding food, water, and some way of contacting the UNSC.

Emily: "Alright, we get it. If you're not from the city, then where are you from? And where'd you learn to fight like that?"
Simon-G294: "Not here. I'm getting off this dirtball and going... somewhere else."
―Simon-G294 and Emily following Rat Pack's attempt to rob him.
Main article: Rat Pack/Mugging

Upon arriving in Concord Simon found the poverty-stricken town overrun by the gangs of rebel militia who were waging war against Mamore's battered colonial garrison. Trusting no one, he spent several days by himself on Concord's dusty streets, fighting to come to terms with being cut off from his fellow Spartans and nursing a growing anger at Jian and their superiors for abandoning him. On his third day alone he was attacked by a gang of orphaned children who called themselves "Rat Pack". He easily fought them, impressing their leader, a street girl called Emily. She offered him a place in the group, but Simon scornfully refused, seeing the urchins and their behavior as being beneath him. Only after yet another fruitless day on his own did he relent and agree to join the band of orphans. He believed that Rat Pack would be a good cover while he worked to escape to a pro-UNSC settlement. In spite of himself, Simon quickly adapted to life back on the streets, a throwback to his life before the Spartan program. The urchins of Rat Pack made their home in the dried-up sewers beneath Concord, keeping clear of both Mamore's violent dust storms and the militia thugs who passed for law enforcement in the region. Though Concord's violent poverty reinforced Simon's trained contempt for the Insurrectionist cause, his conditioned faith in the UNSC was called into question more and more as he got to know the children who had taken him in. Most of them had lost their parents in the crossfire between the rebels and the colonial government; what's more, the children blamed much of their suffering on the government and the UEG policies many of Mamore's citizens felt were the root of Mamore's poverty. For his own part, Simon kept his identity hidden from Emily and the others and instead passed himself off as another victim of Mamore's broken infrastructure.

"These urchins have spirit, which is more than I can say for you and your gang of thugs. Now leave them alone, or I'll kill every last one of you. Maybe then I can get some soldiers who do more than just sit on their asses and steal from the locals!"
―Redmond Venter interceding on Rat Pack's behalf.

Simon standing amongst several members of Rat Pack. This ragtag band of orphans would replace the family he had found and lost in Team Jian.

Still nursing the pain of Jian's perceived abandonment, Simon was drawn into Rat Pack's strange family dynamic. Though hunger and malnutrition began to eat at his physique, his augmented strength and speed made him an invaluable asset to the group's daily efforts to survive. The local militia hid much of its supplies in the Concord sewers and Simon took the lead with Emily in helping the children steal odds and ends from the rebel stores. The loss of both his position as a Spartan and the sense of purpose it had given him cut deeply, but as the weeks on Mamore began to turn into months, Simon began to open up more to Emily and the others in Rat Pack. The introverted failure Spartan accepted them as friends, though he never stopped waiting for a chance to make his escape and return to the UNSC. But as every passing day continued to expose him to the hard realities of Rat Pack's daily survival as well as civilian notions of childhood—notions that had been utterly denied to the Gamma Company trainees—Simon's convictions continued to be challenged and shaken. His anxieties came to a head when news reports on the Battle of Earth began to trickle into Concord. Fueled by his duty and obligation to his fellow Spartan, Simon could not justify remaining on Mamore while his brothers and sisters fought and died to save humanity from the Covenant. After seeing news footage of Spartans fighting on Earth, Simon hatched a risky plan to steal a rebel Warthog and take his chances getting off-world. The night of his planned escape one of the Rat Pack children, Adam, was caught stealing from the militia and savagely beaten. Compelled by Emily to step in, Simon abandoned his plan and attacked the rebels holding Adam. Armed only with Tom's knife, Simon stunned Emily and the others by attacking the militia head-on; in the heat of battle he killed four grown soldiers and wounded several more. Furious, the rest of the thugs planned to kill Simon and his friends but were stopped by soldiers from the Humanity Liberation Front, an organized rebel faction seeking a foothold on Mamore. One of the HLF officers, an armored soldier named Redmond Venter, ordered the militia to stand down and personally executed those disobeyed. Following the incident, HLF soldiers took over rebel operations in Concord and—under Venter's orders—ensured that rations were given to Rat Pack and the rest of the town's homeless population. With his face now known to the rebels in the area and the HLF's tightened security, Simon resigned himself to remaining trapped on Mamore for the time being. Amazed at the ferocity with which he had killed Adam's attackers, Emily dubbed Simon "Stray"; the nickname stuck and before long Simon answered to it more readily than he did his own name.

"It's Our Dirt"

Stray was still roaming the streets of Concord when humanity emerged victorious from the Battle of the Ark, effectively ending the war against the Covenant. With the alien threat diminished and the UNSC in shambles, Mamore's dominant Insurrectionist factions seized at the opportunity they had been dreaming of for nearly a century: secession and independence from the UEG. With the weak and corrupt colonial government crippled the rebel factions united and seized control of the planet, declaring Mamore's independence. Knowing that UNSC reprisal was inevitable, the rebels began organizing every resource they could muster to defend the planet. Under the direction of the HLF, Concord's local militia groups found easy recruits in the Rat Pack orphans, using them as couriers and spare labor in exchange for extra rations while also teaching them the basics of soldiering—basics that Stray knew all too well.

Main article: Simon-G294/Independence

Unlike his Rat Pack friends and most of the adult insurgents, Stray was keenly aware of how brutally efficient the attacking UNSC forces would be when pitted against the poorly equipped rebels. But while he tried to draw his new family away from the war preparations, he found them gripped in the secessionist fervor that was sweeping across Mamore. Emily and the others were convinced that independence was the magic key that would help them escape their lives of hunger and poverty. Torn between his lingering duty to the UNSC and the bonds he shared with the orphans, Stray refused to abandon Rat Pack like Jian had abandoned him. Rather than seeking a way back to the UNSC or finding a way to undermine and sabotage the rebels—as would have been expected of a Spartan—Stray chose to stay with Rat Pack and hopefully shield them from the worst of the fighting to come. His hope was that the rebellion would be put down without much violence and that he would turn himself into the UNSC once Rat Pack was out of danger. But even with this optimistic future in mind, Stray couldn't help but wonder if he really wanted to return to life as a Spartan at all.

The Rebel

"We'll Make It Through This"

"You are my real family."
―Simon, to Emily

Simon and Rat Pack were caught up in the Second Mamore Insurrection, which ravaged the planet and claimed the lives of tens of thousands in the pitched battle for independence.

The UNSC's campaign to quash the Mamore revolt began four months after the end of the Human-Covenant War when a small naval task force arrived in system and blockaded the planet. In the meantime, the planet's various factions had come to terms with each other and were united under the banner of the Insurrection and the ideal of an independent Mamore. But while public support for the Insurrection soared, the news of UNSC ships in orbit raised doubts about the Insurrection's ability to defend the planet. Nevertheless, new recruits from a population sick of UNSC ineffectiveness during the Human-Covenant War continued to swell the rebellion's ranks.

From where Concord sat in the grand scheme of the escalating crisis, Stray had only a very basic grasp of what was unfolding. Now fully committed as child soldiers in service to the cause of Mamorian independence, he and the rest of Rat Pack spent their days hard at work constructing fortifications around Concord and doing whatever the adult rebels asked of them. By now the bonds he had formed with Emily and the other Rat Pack orphans were just as strong as the ones he had once held with Team Jian and though Stray had failed to draw them away from the rebel cause he was determined to keep them safe from the coming violence. One month after the naval task force arrived in orbit a ground force of ODSTs and regular Marines landed on the planet and assaulted several rebel hardpoints, securing landing zones for further UNSC forces and establishing forward operating bases in multiple regions. The battle for Mamore, dubbed Operation: UNION by the UNSC, had begun.

Simon (left) and Emily (right) lead Rat Pack in an attack on UNSC forces during one of the many guerrilla actions around the town of Concord.

The region around Concord was left relatively unscathed during the first weeks of the fighting. Stray and the rest of Rat Pack were sent out into the foothills surrounding the town in order to watch for signs of UNSC incursions. Occasionally vehicles carrying wounded or bedraggled Insurrectionist troops from other regions would arrive in Concord, their occupants telling stories of well-equipped UNSC forces overrunning position after rebel position. With his predictions of a one-sided slaughter coming true, Stray continued to try to draw Rat Pack away from the fighting. But when the war finally came to Concord, the Rat Pack orphans remained a staunch component of the rebels defense. Though the insurgents fought stubbornly against the invaders, their second-rate weapons and equipment were no match for the UNSC's mechanized military forces. Stray and Rat Pack were used to scout out enemy positions, plant improvised explosives, and even participate in a few ambushes of UNSC troops. At first Stray held back from engaging the Marines, focusing instead on keeping his friends alive, but after seeing one of the Rat Pack orphans fall to a sniper's bullet he realized that he couldn't protect his friends without fighting back. In the end, Stray's ultimate betrayal of the government that had raised and trained him as a soldier came far more easily than he could ever have imagined: he simply began applying his training against the Marines threatening his friends. Once that line was crossed, the once-loyal Spartan cast aside the last of his reservations about betraying the UNSC. Mamore was now his home and Rat Pack was his family; the same loyalties that had motivated him to fight for the UNSC now drove him to join the fight against it.

Two child soldiers from Rat Pack lie where they fell during the last stand at Concord. Scenes like this were common amongst fallen Insurrectionist forces on Mamore, where the use of child soldiers was common in almost every rebel faction.

By the time UNSC armored units arrived at Concord, Stray was fully committed to giving his all in the fight against them. The rebels defended Concord with the passion that was by now an indelible hallmark of Mamore's infamous secession; in spite of the UNSC's vastly superior force it took the Marines a full week of fighting street to street in order to capture the town. Emily and Simon led the Rat Pack through rubble and body-strewn streets and alleys as they darted from one firefight to the next, planting satchel charges on Mantises, ambushing fire teams, and leading rebel soldiers through the underground sewer systems that had been their home all this time. But in spite of Stray's excruciating efforts, the chaos of war swiftly took its toll on the orphans. Stray could only watch as UNSC and rebel shells obliterated his new home and his friends were cut down in storms of machine gun fire, killed by the same mechanized warfare that he had been raised to be part of. By the time Concord's rebel garrison surrendered, every one of the Rat Pack children save for Stray and Emily lay dead in their town's dusty streets. The two survivors fled through the war-torn streets and managed to slip through the UNSC's lines. They made their way into the foothills before collapsing from exhaustion and grief. With only each other for comfort and companionship, the two child soldiers constructed a small grave marker for Rat Pack with an abandoned assault rifle. A vengeful Emily was now firmly determined to find a way to fight on against the UNSC and Stray, adrift in a haze of confusion and grief, could only carry on trying to protect the last remnant of his urchin family as they set off across Mamore's war-torn plains.

The grave marker Stray and Emily constructed for Rat Pack using an abandoned rebel assault rifle. They would also carve the names of their fallen comrades into a stone, which would be left by the marker.

With the battle for Mamore still raging across the planet, Stray and Emily were easily overlooked by both sides of the conflict. Stray shared Emily's fury at the UNSC, clinging to the ideals of the Insurrection as he struggled to find meaning in the savage violence that had torn away the rest of his friends. He would not dream of abandoning Emily, but was torn between the urge to fight on and a growing fear of sharing Rat Pack's fate and becoming simply another shattered corpse amidst the mountain of dead Mamorians that grew larger by the day. In the end he gave up trying to sort out a drive of his own and simply allowed himself to be towed along after Emily as she fervently searched for more Insurrectionist forces to link up with. For the next month the two young fighters wandered from battle to battle, lending their guns to any militia band desperate enough to use children against the UNSC juggernaut. Though the gangs they joined were always swiftly cut to pieces by UNSC forces, Stray and Emily kept each other alive and always survived to fight another day.

"This Is My War Now"

Following Concord's destruction, Stray and Emily became a part of Redmond Venter's HLF detachment. The Insurrectionist commander took both child soldiers into his unit and mentored them as the Mamore conflict raged on.

"War's a cruel parent, but an effective teacher. I can draw more out of these two then I ever could from these imported militia they keep sending us."
―Redmond Venter

Stray and Emily spent two months on their own, staying alive on the battlefields of Mamore and fighting the UNSC as best they could. Stray adapted the advanced survival skills drilled into him on Onyx in order to keep them fed and mobile. Despite their youth, he and Emily made an excellent team during raids on UNSC positions. Together they rigged explosives, sabotaged equipment, and stole supplies from any military target they encounters. Emily adapted quickly to life outside of Concord and Stray did his best to pass his own training onto her, though he still kept his true origins a secret. Even with his new-found willingness to wage open war on the UNSC, Stray's treason left him feeling aimless and confused. The only certainty in his life was Emily, the last of his Rat Pack family, and keeping alive and fighting became Stray's driving force amidst the chaos of war. The wandering saboteurs finally fell in with a detachment of rebel troops from the Humanity Liberation Front. The unit's field commander was Redmond Venter, the same officer who had witnessed Stray's attack on the militia back in Concord. Venter recognized the urchins at once and took them into his ranks. Venter saw the potential within his new recruits and quickly drew them into his inner circle. There Stray met Venter's lieutenant and close friend, a freighter turned rebel named Gavin Dunn. Gavin instantly took a shine to both of the young recruits but it was Venter who commanded Stray's full attention. The fierce and cunning warrior reminded Stray of his instructors on Onyx and he quickly came to admire Venter as both his commander and mentor. Through Venter and Dunn's guidance, Stray found purpose again not as an urchin trying to survive but as a soldier fighting whole-heartedly for the cause of Mamore's independence. Amongst Venter's ranks, Stray met another new figure: the "smart" AI known as Diana.

Redmond Venter instructs Stray on close-quarters combat techniques during a lull in the fighting on Mamore.

Taking the two youths under his wing, Venter made a point of teaching Stray and Emily every technique he knew for surviving on the battlefield. A harsh but effective instructor, Venter was highly skilled in close quarters combat his proficiency with knives and unarmed techniques on to his young proteges. Stray had previously honed similar skills with Tom back on Onyx, but under Venter he learned a far more brutal way to apply his strength and speed in close combat. Living, fighting, and training with the rest of Venter's detachment, Stray and Emily remained close but they gradually spent less time together. Stray was drawn closer to Venter while Emily began spending time with Gavin Dunn, Venter's lieutenant and the more idealistic of the pair. As the HLF force continued to fight a guerrilla war against the UNSC, Stray began to see the imposing and reassuring Venter as the father figure he had never had in a life spent standing in the shadows of others' talents and achievements. Even as the UNSC continued to crush rebel resistance across Mamore, Stray experienced a new wave of commitment to the rebel cause; unlike his past drive to simply keep his friends alive, he now hoped to help create the free world that Emily, Gavin, and Venter were fighting for. Unbeknownst to anyone, the rebel AI Diana had taken a keen interest in Simon and was watching him closely. Though their conversations were far and few between, Diana had determined that there was something strange about him and was eager to learn more about the tenacious child soldier.

Still fighting doubts about his role in the rebellion, Stray now put his dedication as a Spartan to full use as a tool in the service of the Insurrection. All Spartans were trained to consider themselves vital parts of the war effort and they all shouldered the enormous responsibility for humanity's survival in the battle against the Covenant. Plunged into a much different war, Stray simply re-purposed his conditioning and reasserted his identity as a supersoldier. When the HLF force passed through the site where Team Jian had left him stranded on Mamore, Stray revisited the cave where he had first taken refuge and recovered the SPI armor he had left there. Presenting the armor to Venter and Dunn, he revealed the truth about his past as a Spartan in the hopes that he could do more for the rebellion if he was considered more than just a fit and talented child recruit. Gavin was stunned to learn that one of the UNSC's famous supersoldiers was in their midst and even more shocked that the UNSC had trained and augmented children to be its soldiers. Venter quickly realized the potential he had stumbled across in discovering the only known Spartan to turn on his former commanders and join the rebellion. Stray's willingness to expose himself and the time he had already spent in the rebellion gave Venter little cause to doubt Stray, but others among the HLF were afraid and mistrustful of the exposed supersoldier. In his hope to expand his potential as a soldier of the Insurrection, Stray had miscalculated how deeply his revelation might cut those closest to him. Suddenly wary of the boy she had thought was just another war orphan, Emily kept her distance from Stray as rumors about his true loyalties circulated amongst the rebels.

Stray executes a captive UNSC Marine in order to prove his loyalty to the Insurrection. Though the act won him the trust of his rebel comrades, it only served to intensify his private misgivings about what he had truly done by betraying the UNSC.

"I won't have any of you questioning the convictions of someone who gave up a position of power and prestige to fight for our cause. He could still be the wind-up soldier they raised him to be, taking orders from them as some so-called 'savior of Earth.' But he's not. He's here, fighting for a planet that's not his, for an army that doesn't have a fraction of the military might he used to be a part of. Stray, you told me that you'd give everything for Mamore's freedom. I believe you, but some of the people here think you're a sham. Prove them wrong. Prove your loyalty."
―Redmond Venter addresses HLF troops before having Stray kill a UNSC prisoner.

With his soldiers pressuring him to either execute Stray or turn him over as a prisoner to their HLF superiors, Venter instead arranged for the Spartan to prove his conviction by executing a Marine officer captured during an ambush. Fueled by a desire to prove himself to the doubting rebels, his own anger at the destruction the UNSC had brought to Mamore, and personal loyalty to Venter, Stray gunned the captive down. Although Gavin Dunn and a few others were made uncomfortable by Venter's loyalty test, the execution assuaged the doubts of most rebels. Stray himself found that while the killing had solidified his new position as the rebels' secret weapon it had intensified—rather than assuaged—his own private doubts about what he was truly fighting for. Urged on by Dunn, Emily later approached him and they reconciled, though Stray feared that the familial bonds he had shared with her could never be the same. In recognition of his new place in the rebel cause, Venter presented Stray with one of his own custom-made combat machetes and assured him of his value to the fight for Mamore's independence. The AI Diana also took a greater interest in Stray and began engineering situations where she could talk to him in private. Though Stray was wary of the rebel intelligence, she quickly picked up on his misgivings and probed deeper, quietly expanding their acquaintanceship as Stray began to undertake more dangerous missions for the HLF.

"I was so caught up in the fighting—in my own feelings, my own doubts—that I never realized the things that were going through Emily's head. Maybe I never understood what was going on in her head. What I do know is that I tried to stop her. I tried to talk, and when talking didn't work I thought of more desperate measures. But in the end I couldn't go through with it. I couldn't stop her. I couldn't shoot her. I couldn't take her place. She was stronger than me, that beautiful, grubby urchin. She had her convictions, and I only had doubts. And so she went off and killed herself. People died; soldiers, civilians, the guilty, the innocent, did it really matter? They all went up in flames together. The rest of us survived and the killing went on."
―Simon on Emily's suicide bombing

Shortly after the execution, Venter's forces took part in the Insurrection's last concerted offensive on Mamore. In a coordinated effort to divert UNSC forces so that key units could regroup and consolidate themselves, dozens of groups like Venter's were ordered to intensify their attacks on government troops. Over the course of several days Stray raided and sabotaged key targets in order to soften them up for Venter's main force to attack. Though the attacks succeeded in drawing UNSC troops away from the retreating rebels, Venter's forces suffered heavy casualties as they were hunted and hemmed in by the troops they were drawing in. Refusing to sacrifice his remaining fighters, Venter chose to break off and fall back to the HLF's last remaining stronghold on Mamore. But the pursuing forces continued harrowing the weakened attack force and it ended up trapped between mountains crawling with Marine platoons and a small, UNSC-occupied town. Needing a distraction to divert UNSC forces and give his own troops an avenue of escape, Venter called for a volunteer to carry out a bombing within the town—a common opening to insurrectionist offensives that would certainly prompt the town's garrison to call reinforcements from the surrounding area. Tired of watching her friends and comrades die around her, Emily volunteered in the hopes of becoming a martyr in the fight for Mamore's freedom. Torn between loyalty to Venter and his friendship with Emily, a distraught Stray did everything he could to dissuade her from the mission. When he couldn't change her mind he even considered shooting her to prevent the attack and the carnage that would come of it, but in the end he couldn't bring himself to kill the friend who had come to mean so much to him. In the ensuing attack, Emily killed herself along with nearly a hundred others, Marines and civilians alike. The town's garrison commander panicked as expected, calling in reinforcements and letting Venter's troops retreat to safety. Stray was utterly devastated by the death of the last of Rat Pack. The rest of his friends had died at the hands of the UNSC, but Emily had killed herself on the orders of the man he had trusted and idolized. Suddenly alienated from Venter and the cause he had given himself over to, Stray found himself alone and helpless amidst the ongoing insurgency.

"Is There Anything Left?"

"Simon, why do you insist on letting everyone decide what direction you live your life in? So much potential inside you, and you throw it all away by making yourself a slave for others. And why? Because you think it will make you happy? No one can give you happiness; that's something you have to find for yourself. I can't give it to you, but stick with me and I just might help you find it. But you have to trust me. And you have to start deciding things for yourself."
―Diana to Stray

With Stray's faith in Venter undermined, Diana seized on the opportunity to influence the renegade Spartan. Unbeknownst to the rebels she served, Diana was a highly advanced experimental AI with no loyalty programming to shackle her to any cause save her own. She had grown bored with Mamore's lost cause and took to probing Venter's conflicted pupil, ostensibly in search of information on the Spartan program. Stray, isolated and desperate for someone to confide in, quickly buckled under her teasing interrogations and told her about his own doubts and fears. In the meantime, the HLF force withdrew to a former CAA outpost that was serving as one of the last bastions of resistance on Mamore. Although he kept the details to a minimum, Venter wasted no time in arranging for a rebel science team to analyze Stray's DNA and body structure. In the hopes of identifying and replicating the UNSC's augmentation procedures, Venter's researchers withdrew large amounts of genetic samples from the traitor Spartan. As the UNSC closed in on the makeshift fortress, Venter made plans to flee the planet with Stray and his surviving forces in tow.

Knowing that she was running out of time to separate Stray from Venter, Diana continued to attack the young man's faith in his mentor. She preyed on Venter's role in Emily's death, carefully prompting Stray to question the validity of the rebel cause without openly broaching the subject itself. Stray felt betrayed by Venter's interest in recreating the Spartan program rather than decrying it as a war crime. With the commander's treatment of Emily in mind, he began to suspect that Venter only cared about using him as his own private Spartan operative without regard for the loyalty and affection he had given him. Stray felt his suspicions confirmed when Venter ordered him to assassinate several rebel leaders who opposed the decision to abandon Mamore. Even as he carried out the killings, a bitter and disillusioned Stray began to conspire with Diana to turn on Venter and escape both the Insurrection and the UNSC together. Burdened by the guilt of what he had done under Venter's command and frightened by the idea that his life no longer had any meaning away from the battlefield, Stray resolved to kill Venter to avenge Emily before turning his back on both sides of the war permanently.

But before Simon and Diana could put their plan into motion, the UNSC launched an assault on the Insurrectionist facility. As air strikes ripped the fortifications apart and Marine assault teams stormed the perimeter, Stray hastily donned his armor and prepared to make a run for one of several Slipspace-capable shuttles that Venter had planned to flee the planet in. Stealing Diana's memory crystal chip, he fought his way towards the hangar where he hoped to ambush Venter and steal his shuttle. But before he could reach the hangar he came face to face with the surviving members of his old squad, Team Jian. Stray quickly realized that this was no happy reunion; ONI had learned of his defection and dispatched his former teammates to capture him. Unwilling to fight his friends and horrified at their willingness to attack him, Stray fled to the hangar. The pursuing Jian were slowed by rebel forces but Jake-G293, determined to apprehend his former subordinate, pushed through alone and confronted Stray in the hangar facility.

"You're all just blindly following orders! Now that the Covenant's gone, you don't care about what they make you do so long as you can keep fighting! You don't care about all the people you kill, because Spartans aren't even human!"
―Stray rails at Jake-G293 during their violent confrontation.

Stray, wounded during his fight with Jake-G293. The savage battle with a former friend marked a near-total severance from the Spartans who had once been his brothers and sisters.

A cornered Stray faced his friend in the hangar as the battle raged in the facility above them. Although Stray struggled to explain his actions, Jake would hear none of it and accused his former teammate of betraying both the UNSC and their brother and sister Spartans. Confused, hurt, and frightened, Stray in turn channeled his hatred for the UNSC and denounced Jake and the other Spartans for their blind loyalty to the government that had laid waste to Mamore. A disgusted Jake moved in for the kill, believing that even without his teammates he could easily defeat Gamma's failure Spartan, but Stray was no longer the Simon that Jake had known. In the brutal fight that ensued, both Spartans struggled to incapacitate each other in spite of their past experiences and friendship. Drawing on the skills he had learned from Rat Pack and the Insurrection, Stray managed to gain the upper hand and knocked Jake unconscious. Refusing to kill a fellow Spartan, Stray was preparing to steal a shuttle when Venter arrived in the hanger alongside a squad of rebel troops.

"You're making a habit of biting the hands that feed you, Stray. It's going to get you into trouble some day."
―Redmond Venter to Stray

Redmond Venter clad in PISCES combat armor. Though Stray's betrayal took him by surprise, he proved to be a deadly challenge in the battle that followed.

Oblivious to Stray's betrayal, Venter praised his operative for taking Jake prisoner and was preparing to leave the planet when the rest of Team Jian arrived and assaulted the hangar. In the midst of the firefight Stray again tried to reach a shuttle only to find himself confronted by Cassandra-G006. Unlike Jake, Cassandra hoped to convince her friend to surrender peacefully but in her distraction she was blindsided and incapacitated by Venter. Faced with the painful realization that he still harbored feelings of loyalty to his fellow Spartans, Stray finally turned on his commander and tried to kill him. Clad in PISCES power armor, Venter proved to be far more formidable than Jake had been and Stray was heavily injured as he threw himself into battle against the man he had thought of as a father. As a delighted Diana observed the combat, Stray gave into the violent urges that had plagued him since the start of the Mamore conflict. His more rational sensibilities dulled, Stray attacked Venter with a near-feral level of savagery and beat back his mentor's attacks. Gaining the upper hand, Stray drove a knife through Venter's helmet and into his right eye. Leaving Venter for dead, a wounded and delirious Stray dragged the unconscious Cassandra aboard the shuttle; whether he wanted to help treat her wounds or simply needed a human shield to cover his escape, he couldn't say. Diana took the helm and plotted a course through Mamore's atmosphere and past the UNSC picket as Stray tried to treat his own wounds. Under fire and with UNSC ships bearing down on them, Diana forced the damaged shuttle into a hasty Slipspace jump. The force of the sudden transition and the extent of his own injuries finally overwhelmed Stray and he faded into unconsciousness.

Although damaged by enemy fire, the shuttle survived the violent jump to Slipspace and escaped from Mamore and the UNSC military. Stray awakened to find that the worst of his injuries had been tended to; Cassandra had awoken after he'd passed out and seen to both of their injuries. Reeling from the shock of all that had happened, Stray could not understand why his former teammate had not killed or restrained him. Though Diana's presence had partially kept him safe, Cassandra was also tired of the endless combat and destruction she had witnessed as a Spartan. Struggling to come to terms with the fact that they had wound up as enemies, neither Spartan could bring themselves to reignite the the battle now that they had been cut off from the source of the violence. Though Diana privately urged Stray to kill or restrain Cassandra, he refused. Though his painful encounter with Team Jian had opened up the raw wounds of his friends' abandonment, the moment of calm after the storm reawakened his memories of the life he had known as the Spartan Simon-G294. Both Spartans remained wary of each other, but agreed to a truce as long as they were on the same shuttle. The damages the ship had sustained were such that they had know way of knowing where they might end up and until they found out for sure Simon and Cassandra chose to recover from their injuries and come to terms with everything that had transpired between them.

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"Are they all SPARTAN-IIs? Or, as I suspect from their inelegant personas, are they substandard versions of the SPARTAN-II? Perhaps from a parallel program... All disturbing. Without proper indoctrination and scientific methodologies... potentially disastrous."
―Excerpt from Catherine Halsey's personal journal regarding SPARTAN-IIIs.

The Fugitive

"We Can Build A New Life"

Diana: "The best course of action is to kill her. She'll let her guard down eventually, and then you shove a knife through her heart."
Simon-G294: "I can't do that. Don't ask me to do that. And you leave her alone, too."
Diana: "I thought that Mamore taught you not to let those silly feelings of yours get in the way. Well, have it your way. If you want to keep her around, so be it. She could make a nice pet, if you play your cards right."
— Simon and Diana argue over how to deal with Cassandra-G006

Simon and Cassandra-G006 explore a Forerunner cave structure. Despite their radically different worldviews, the two deserters shared a deep bond forged during their flight from the UNSC.

After a brief stint in the shuttle's cryo-pods, Simon and Cassandra awakened to Diana's signal that they had preached a habitable planet. Their apprehension of each other had not lessened, but neither Spartan had any way to reach out and contact the wider galaxy. Unwilling to risk another Slipspace jump, they were effectively stranded in uncharted space. With no recourse but to investigate the world they had encountered, the Spartans landed the shuttle and discovered that the planet sported several habitable biomes. Making an encampment by their landing zone they maintained their truce while exploring the surrounding area. They were surprised to learn that not only was the planet inhabitable, it sported a wide variety of flora that despite their alien nature proved edible. Diana busied herself monitoring for any signs of UNSC or Covenant activity while the Spartans expanded their attempts to map the strange world they had discovered. For Simon, the act of exploring this peaceful garden planet proved to be a welcome balm for the trauma—both physical and mental—that Mamore had inflicted on him. Having finally escaped from the battlefield he did his best to embrace the simple day to day activities of gathering food and tending to his equipment. The solitude of exile reawakened the old feelings for Cassandra he had experienced during training. As confused as ever over how to respond to such impulses, Simon distanced himself from his fellow Spartan but soon convinced himself that both he and Cassandra could remain on this planet in peace without ever having to leave and risk the pain and perils of war in the wider galaxy again.

Simon-G294: "This place is all I need. All we need. We can stay here and be safe forever."
Cassandra-G006: "Do you really believe that? We can't just hide away from the galaxy for the rest of our lives. There's still things out there, places we belong to, people who care about us."
Simon-G294: "Maybe for you."
— Simon-G294 and Cassandra-G006 debate whether or not to leave the uncharted planet.

The Forerunner complex that Simon and Cassandra encountered on Genesis. Despite Simon's forebodings, Diana urged Cassandra to enter the structure and uncover what was contained inside.

But while the tensions between Simon and Cassandra had cooled, his fellow Spartan was not so eager to simply settle down into a life of blissful exile. Simon's influence had made Cassandra see opportunity in life outside the militarized Spartans, but she did not wish to spend the rest of her life stranded in an alien forest. She was concerned over the depletion of her supply of Smoothers—counter-agents for Gamma Company's brain augmentations that Simon had gone without throughout his time on Mamore. Unsure of what the loss of the medication would do, particularly when coupled with the unknown chemical makeup of the planet's food and atmosphere, Cassandra began to see herself as a prisoner, outnumbered by Simon and a rebel AI who so far had been content to watch the situation unfold. After nearly a month of living on the uncharted world, the Spartans made a discovery: an alien citadel built into a cliff face a few dozen kilometers from the shuttle's landing zone. Simon had no idea what to make of the imposing structure, but Cassandra recognized its architecture as Forerunner from briefings given to the Spartans after the Battle of the Ark at the end of the Great War. Cassandra's explanations regarding the ancient alien civilization only served to instill an intense feeling of foreboding within the traitor Spartan. Deeply wary of what might lie inside the citadel, he tried to convince Cassandra to leave the structure be. But it wasn't long before she ventured out on her own and gained entry to the citadel.

Even when Diana cheerfully told him what Cassandra had done, Simon refused to go into the citadel after her. His inability to reach Cassandra over the radio intensified his fear of what lay inside the Forerunner structure. Only after several hours of tense silence did he worked up the nerve to ascend the rocky stairway leading up to the citadel entrance. Though he found no discernible interface or control panel, Simon discovered that the entrance simply opened at his approach; using the young Spartan's helmet frequency as a conduit, Diana managed to find a non-physical access point into the complex alien system. Spartan and AI ventured into the foreboding complex in search of Cassandra. As he groped his way through identical, darkened hallways, a terrified Simon encountered the flying robotic Sentinels that patrolled the citadel's interior. After a brief struggle with the automated defense systems, Diana amazed Simon by asserting control over a handful of Sentinels and guiding him to the center of the Forerunner vestige. There he finally found Cassandra contemplating a large ovoid object within the central chamber. Cassandra had encountered a control panel and was trying to access the Forerunner technology, but it was only when Simon approached her that the device sprang to life. Both Spartans were caught up in a sudden rift of energy that emanated from the device. Simon did not comprehend much of what happened next; adrift in a strange netherworld, his consciousness was torn into a dozen different perspectives. At one point he believed he was looking down on his own lifeless body; at another moment he found himself inhabiting Cassandra's body and she his. Only Diana's intervention spared Simon's mind from experiencing total sensory overload and as the tumult subsided he witnessed a vision of an armored figure amidst scenes of carnage and destruction. The energy rift collapsed in on itself and Simon and Cassandra were thrown back into the chamber as the ovoid device collapsed in on itself and the citadel's systems entered into an alert status.

Cassandra-G006: "What just happened to us?"
Simon-G294: "I don't care, and neither do the angry flying death machines. Let's just get the hell out of here!"
―Simon and Cassandra flee the Forerunner citadel.

With the facility's Sentinels suddenly alert and hostile, the two dazed Spartans fled the citadel. They barely escaped through the main gate and made their way back to the shuttle. It soon became abundantly clear that the Spartans had awakened far more than a few Sentinels with their trespass. Hordes of the flying machines swarmed the forest in search of their landing zone and Diana noted several seismic disturbances originating from the citadel. The Spartans realized that their haven was no longer safe and agreed to flee before they were cornered by the Sentinels. The shuttle lifted off and blasted away from the Forerunner world, making a risky jump into Slipspace just ahead of pursuing Sentinel craft. But they had not entirely escaped the newfound perils of their erstwhile home. Both Spartans soon fell ill with an unidentifiable disease that both suspected originated from their exposure to the alien energy wave. The two castaways experienced nausea, fever symptoms, and sudden hair loss. The stress from this sudden decay served to finally break down the truce they had held throughout their weeks of exploring the planet. Though Simon's heart was not in the battle, he armed himself and engaged in a tense firefight with an equally reluctant Cassandra. As an amused Diana looked on, the shuttle became a cramped no man's land.

Simon-G294: "We really suck."
Cassandra-G006: "You got that right."
Simon-G294: "You want to call it off and kill these assholes? Promise not to shoot you in the back."
Cassandra-G006: "Guess I'll just have to take your word for it."
―Simon and Cassandra band together to fight the Covenant raiding party.

Though the Spartans had resumed their hostility, neither could push themself to kill the other. The weakened fighters instead resorted to holing up in two separate areas of the shuttle and maintaining a terse vigil on the other's position. As the true farce of their combat dawned on them, Diana alerted them to an alien contact on the shuttle's sensors. A Lich assault craft honed in on the shuttle's signal and its crew, a troop of Sangheili, Kig-Yar, and Unggoy of unknown affiliation boarded the ship to investigate the human vessel. The Spartans' conflict ended as quickly as it had begun with the arrival of their old, common enemy. Simon and Cassandra set their differences aside and ambushed the surprised boarders. Nearly all the Covenant were killed in the ensuing firefight but one Sangheili Storm warrior did the last thing either Spartan expected: he surrendered. Though Cassandra wanted to kill the enemy warrior Simon convinced her to instead disarm and restrain him. Simon's experiences as a guerrilla soldier on Mamore had taught him the importance of prisoners as a source of information. Simon had come to fear the UNSC more than the defeated Covenant and saw the unexpected prisoner as a means by which he could gauge the state of the galaxy following his and Cassandra's cryo-sleep. Interrogating the Sangheili would reap the information he needed and Venter had taught him many ways to coax prisoners into cooperating.

No stranger to facing Sangheili on the battlefield, Simon had little sympathy for his captive and planned to execute him after learning what he wanted to know. However, he was surprised by Cassandra's vitriolic hatred for the alien; the time spent fighting human enemies on Mamore had dulled his own memories of the fearsome Covenant juggernaut. But Cassandra and most of the other Gamma Spartans had lost their families to the aliens' genocidal crusade and Cassandra wanted to dispose of the captive as quickly as possible. Simon found another surprise in the warrior—who identified himself as Tuka 'Refum—and his willingness to talk openly with his captors. Though he had assumed the role of interrogator Simon was suddenly caught between his desire to talk with the reasonable Tuka and his fear of reigniting the conflict with Cassandra by appearing too soft on the enemy. Through Tuka, Simon learned that the Covenant had reformed under the Sangheili in the wake of a civil war on their homeworld. Tuka accusations that humanity had plotted to tear down the Sangheili enraged Cassandra to the point that she attacked the helpless warrior; Simon physically intervened to prevent his friend from killing their captive. His spontaneous defense of Tuka very nearly brought him back into direct combat with Cassandra, but his fellow Spartan regained her composure and coldly left him to continue the interrogation. The young warrior had little else to offer, aside from the news that the UNSC was currently fighting the renewed Covenant for control of Forerunner artifacts and that renegade human elements had established a handful of independent colonies that made trade with the former Covenant client races. Though he worried that Tuka might bring reinforcements back after them, Simon could not bring himself to execute the warrior. He found surprising encouragement from Cassandra, who had reevaluated her intentions following her outburst and did not want to prove Tuka right about humanity's ruthless nature. A stunned and grateful Tuka was set adrift aboard the Lich his troop had arrived in while Simon had Diana plot a course for one of the nearby independent colonies.

"I'll Just Keep Running"

Simon-G294: "You should run. Go back to them while you still can."
Cassandra-G006: "Maybe I should. It's the smart thing to do. But they always did say you were a bad influence..."
―Simon and Cassandra discuss their next move.

The battered shuttle took weeks to limp through to an inhabited system. The slow crawl of time aboard the cramped ship served to bring Simon and Cassandra together even more so then their exile on the alien planet. Their long cryo-sleep and the events that had transpired since then had left both Spartans feeling alienated from a strange new galaxy. With their tenuous friendship as the only reliable constant, the two exiles agreed to stay together as Diana brought their shuttle in to port on the human colony of Talitsa. Simon's reintegration into human society began as he went to ground, relying on Diana to secure safe lodging for himself and Cassandra. The wily A.I. arranged for the Spartans to hide in a spaceport apartment complex[2] while she absorbed information about the local state of affairs. Talitsa was a prosperous colony with strong independent sentiments, though Simon found himself unable to take advantage of the anti-government atmosphere; recent uprisings had prompted the UNSC to station a garrison on the planet and Simon rightly feared that ONI agents were on the prowl. As he tried to come up with his next move, Cassandra surprised him by choosing to stay with him rather than returning to the military. His fellow Spartan had begun to develop her own doubts about her place in the galaxy and was beginning to hunger for the independence of civilian life she was now free to experience. Cassandra wished to start a new life for herself on Talitsa and she invited Simon to set aside his weapons and seek peace on the independent frontier. The suggestion both enticed and frightened Simon, who both hungered for a permanent escape from the UNSC and yet feared the implications of choosing to simply fade away into civilian life. Furthermore, the offer forced him to confront the strange feelings he'd felt for Cassandra since before he'd been stranded on Mamore. Uncomfortable with his own impulses, he turned to Diana for advice. The AI's unflinching critique of Simon's feelings left him ashamed of what he now saw as lust and a willingness to exploit Cassandra's desperate situation. Unfortunately, he was never able to fully come to grips with his situation. Despite Diana's digital safeguards and the Spartans' attempts to remain hidden, ONI was even more watchful than they had predicted. Within a week of Simon's arrival on Talitsa, he had been positively identified by Naval Intelligence agents who immediately alerted their chain of command of the Mamore renegade's reappearance.

Simon-G294: "They'll never stop coming after me. I'll never be safe from them."
Cassandra-G006: "So what will you do?"
Simon-G294: "Just keep running. It's the only thing I can do."
Cassandra-G006: "You won't be doing it alone."
―Simon and Cassandra following the escape from Talitsa

Without Diana, Simon would have died before he even knew ONI had learned of his survival. Less than a day after his presence on Talitsa was confirmed, a SPARTAN-IV task force led by Commander Sarah Palmer herself was dispatched to eliminate him and recover his "hostage," Cassandra. Only a warning from Diana gave Simon the chance to escape from the apartment mere minutes before it was stormed by the newest generation of Spartans. Realizing he had no chance against a platoon of MJOLNIR-armored supersoldiers, Simon formulated a desperate plan to escape the planet by stowing away aboard an outbound smuggling freighter. Cassandra again refused his suggestion that they part ways, humbling a confused Simon who struggled to understand her earnest support for a traitor like himself. The pair boarded the freighter, which took them safely off of Talitsa and past the UNSC naval patrols. While listening in on the pursuing task force's transmissions, Simon was stunned to recognize the voices of Jake-G293 and Ralph-G299, his squadmates from Team Jian. Though he had not forgotten his violent encounter with Jake on Mamore, his former friends' presence amongst his pursuers forced Simon to face the fact that even his brothers and sisters from Gamma Company would not hesitate to to hunt him down. The situation did not improve when the fugitive Spartans realized that the freighter they had boarded was headed for Reach, deep within the Inner Colonies and even closer to the seat of the government they were trying to escape. Counting on the destruction the Covenant had wrought on Reach during the war to help them go to ground, the Spartans planned to seek refuge within the Highland Mountains once they arrived on humanity's former fortress world.

When the freighter touched down in Reach's desolate glasslands, Simon and Cassandra slipped off and took refuge within a criminal compound meant to house smugglers and their families. Clad in their SPI armor, the Spartans disguised their youth and passed themselves off as mercenaries as they struggled to plan their escape from ONI's indomitable pursuit. Reach had become a strange hybrid of UNSC stronghold and criminal nesting ground, and Simon hoped that he and Cassandra could find temporary solitude amongst the covert network of compounds and safehouses spread out among the planet's vast stretches of burned surface. But their escape from Talitsa had not gone unnoticed; Palmer and her Spartan task force arrived not two days after they did, surrounding the compound and demanding that the panicked smugglers turn over the fugitives. Simon wanted to use the criminals' resistance as a cover for his own escape, but Cassandra convinced him to make a show of fleeing into the Highland Mountains so as to draw the UNSC forces away from the civilians in the compound.

"Like the UNSC isn't enough, now we have to deal with this crap again..."
―Simon-G294 upon discovering Forerunner artifacts within the Highland Mountains

As Cassandra had predicted, the Spartan task force abandoned the compound and pursued them into the mountains. As the fugitives eluded the hunters through the mountain range's labyrinth of caverns, they lost contact with Diana. Without the A.I. to help coordinate against the UNSC, the utter futility of his escape efforts finally dawned on Simon. In a fit of panic he attempted to lose Cassandra within the tunnels in the hope that without him she would return peacefully to the military before they deemed her to be a traitor as well. But Cassandra stubbornly pursued and in their pursuit the Spartans stumbled upon a chamber containing alien architecture similar to the Forerunner structures they had encountered during their exile. Wary from their last encounter with Forerunner artifacts, they tried to leave only to encounter Ralph-G299. For Simon, it been less than two years since Ralph had been his friend and teammate, but his fellow Spartan saw only a traitor and an enemy of the UNSC. Ralph pinned the fugitives down while summoning Palmer and the rest of the Spartan task force. Forced back into the room, Simon desperately tried to access one of the artifacts. To his horror, the strange artifact reacted to his presence and teleported him from the subterranean chamber—leaving Cassandra behind to be captured by the Spartans.

"Look around. They call these things the Pillars of Loki. This is where the IIs were born here. Our predecessors. And here we are now, two IIIs ready to show their ghosts what we're made of. Come on, Runt, one last round. Give it your best shot."

Deposited on the mountainside, Simon was overcome with grief and found himself unable to press on. Diana, who had infiltrated the smugglers' communications network, finally located him and urged him to find a way offworld. Stricken with guilt over Cassandra's capture and disgusted by his own feelings of relief that she was gone, Simon was only roused from his stupor when a team of ONI operatives were deployed on the mountain slopes to hunt him down. In a running battle with the commandos, Simon entered the shattered remains of a military training preserve that, unbeknownst to him, had once been used to raise the SPARTAN-IIs. Without Cassandra he found himself lapsing into the kind of instinctive violence that had characterized his fighting on Mamore. After dispatching the last of the commandos, he reached the bottom of the mountain and entered the Pillars of Loki, a forest of booby-trapped training poles. There he was once again confronted by Ralph. His former teammate was loyal to his mission, but was struggling with his own doubts over the direction the UNSC had taken since the end of Human-Covenant War. He told Simon that the rest of the task force had withdrawn, taking both Cassandra and the Forerunner artifacts back to Earth. The two friends sparred for the last time amidst the Pillars of Loki; though the MJOLNIR-clad Ralph held the clear advantage in strength and speed, Simon was able to navigate the still-armed pillars, using the aging booby traps to overwhelm Ralph's shields and armor. Braving the explosions and shrapnel, Ralph closed in on Simon and would have killed him had the desperate fugitive not sprung one final ambush and buried a combat dagger—his graduation present from Tom-B292—in his brother Spartan's throat. With the killing of a fellow Spartan, a friend he had been raised and trained with, Simon knew that he had passed a point of no return, making himself an enemy not only of the UNSC but of the Spartans who had once been his brothers and sisters. Drawing a distorted strength from this knowledge, an injured Simon appropriated Ralph's prized M45 shotgun before leaving the body amidst the ruins of the Pillars. He would wield the shotgun as a memento to his teammate for the rest of his life.

The Insurrectionist operative Isla Zane and Covenant warrior Tuka 'Refum, two unlikely allies that Simon-G294 enlisted to assist him in his rescue of Cassandra.

Diana re-established contact with the wounded Spartan and guided him to another smuggling settlement. There, he was surprised to find a contingent of aliens mixing with the human criminals. One young Sangheili instantly recognized Simon as the human who had spared his life out in the depths of space. Tuka 'Refum, still attempting to serve the Covenant Remnant, approached Simon and stated that he owed his life to Simon and Cassandra. In Tuka, Simon found an unexpected new ally in his plans to rescue Cassandra. Diana had also been busy; using old rebel channels she arranged a meeting between Simon and elements of the New Colonial Alliance faction. The leader of the NCA contingent was Ilsa Zane, herself a Spartan-candidate turned Insurrectionist. Although nonplussed by the young Spartan and his Sangheili companion, Zane was eager for a chance to take on Palmer and her Spartans. As payment, Simon promised the rebels the Forerunner artifact the UNSC had taken. However, Simon despised the Insurrection just as much as he did the UNSC. He held little regard for the lives of Zane and her strike team and planned to use them as fodder to cover his rescue of Cassandra. A final face from the past emerged when Simon spotted Gavin Dunn, his former HLF superior, working as a smuggler in the settlement's spaceport. Gavin was stunned to see "Stray" alive, but wanted no part in any sort of action near Earth. Holding Gavin just as accountable as Venter for what had transpired on Mamore, Simon had no qualms about hijacking Gavin's ship, the Chancer IV and forcing Gavin to transport him and his makeshift rescue team to Earth. During the journey through Slipspace, Simon prepared his armaments in anticipation of the battle to come. Along with Ralph's shotgun and his own collection of knives, explosives, and sidearms, he acquired one last "tool" from Zane's rebel contacts: the highly experimental stimulants known as "rumbledrugs."

"All For Her"

Gavin Dunn: "This is suicide. Come on, Stray, back out before it's too late."
Simon-G294: "I'm not going to lose anyone else. Now shut up and get us to where we need to go."
―Simon and Gavin Dunn prior to the raid on Philadelphia.
Main article: Bombing of Philadelphia

Diana's skillful navigation of ONI reports allowed Simon to track Cassandra to an ONI facility within the metropolis of Philadelphia. Gavin's experience as a smuggler allowed Simon and the rebels to infiltrate the urban metropolis undetected. With Diana covering them from within the city's infrastructure, Simon and Zane's team approached the black site while Tuka caused a public disturbance some miles away in order to incite fears of a Covenant terrorist attack and draw attention away from the black site's interior security. With Diana inside the system, Simon was confident that they could locate Cassandra covertly. But Zane, eager to get her hands on the Forerunner artifact, ordered her troops to forge a path on ahead, sparking a bloody firefight with the ONI security forces. Simon promptly abandoned the rebels to their fate and fled deeper into the facility. Diana guided him towards the holding cells while warning him of the SPARTAN-IV presence within the black site. With the infiltration plan in ruins and Spartan fireteams hounding him through the facility, Simon desperately tried to reach Cassandra. He was cut off by Ilsa Zane, the only rebel left from the head-on assault against the Spartans and security forces. Zane blamed Simon for the botched mission and would have shot him if not for the arrival of Tuka. The Sangheili tipped the confrontation in Simon's favor, but the three infiltrators were interrupted by the arrival of Sarah Palmer and Spartan reinforcements. Under heavy fire, Simon used a wounded Zane as a shield while he and Tuka retreated. Leaving the unstable rebel for dead, Simon realized that Palmer was more interested in apprehending him than defending the facility. Although terrified by the prospect of facing the Spartan commander, he sent Tuka on to the containment cells while he used himself as bait to lure Palmer down into the facility's maintenance levels.

In the bowels of the ONI facility, Simon faced off against Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer in one of the most brutal fights of his life.

Forced to trust in his Sangheili friend in order to save Cassandra, Simon entered the maintenance level. There, he encountered Palmer; confident in her ability to make short work of Gamma Company's "failure Spartan," the SPARTAN-IV had left her fellow supersoldiers behind and come alone. Faced with Palmer's superior augmentations and MJOLNIR armor, Simon drew upon every weapon in his arsenal to stand up to her onslaught. Palmer weathered his barrage of bullets and grenades in order to close the distance between them, using her enhanced strength to deliver debilitating blows to Simon's body. The rogue Spartan would have died there had it not been for the rumbledrugs he had received from Zane. As the stimulants flowed through his system and allowed him to ignore his wounds and even the limitations of his own body, Simon renewed the fight with a manic intensity. Pushed beyond anything his body could be expected to endure, an exhausted Simon lapsed into a brutal, feral state unlike anything he had experienced in past battles. His ferocity allowed him to match Palmer blow for blow in the brutal, close-quarters brawl that ensued. Both fighters were heavily wounded, and as they closed in to finish the battle they seemed poised to kill each other off. But the fight was cut short by a series of unexpected tremors that shook the facility and caused the maintenance level to collapse, burying both Spartans in a storm of rubble.

The Bombing of Philadelphia was a savage catastrophe that would haunt Simon for the rest of his life.

Unbeknownst to Simon, Tuka had succeeded in freeing Cassandra in the facility's upper levels. Believing the Forerunner artifact too dangerous to be left in human hands, Cassandra resolved to destroy the device and the unstable machine triggered a series of seismic events that began ripping the black site and the surrounding city blocks apart. Badly wounded and trapped beneath the wreckage, Simon clawed his way out of the rubble only to come under fire from more SPARTAN-IVs. Terrified and exhausted, Simon broke down and begged Diana to save him. The AI's "salvation" came in the form of a hijacked UNSC frigate that rained destruction down upon Philadelphia. In the most catastrophic Earth-side event since the New Phoenix massacre, the metropolis was set ablaze, its streets choked with smoke and rubble from collapsing buildings. A horrified Simon drifted through the carnage in a daze, unable to fathom the horror now laid at his feet. After pulling an unconscious Palmer out of the rubble, he tried to search for Cassandra and Tuka among the wreckage before finally succumbing to his own wounds and collapsing. He was only saved from the blaze when Cassandra and Tuka chanced upon his body and carried him to the waiting Chancer IV, which fled the destruction and managed to escape the Sol system.

Simon awoke days later to find himself on the independent colony of Venezia. He soon learned that the colonial media had proclaimed the Philadelphia a calculated Insurrectionist attack and named him as the mastermind. Gavin, also implicated in the bombing, had taken him to Venezia and left him in Cassandra's care before fleeing even further into the frontier. Tuka had returned to the Covenant, leaving Simon alone with the comrade he had given everything to save. Cassandra, for her part, thanked Simon for rescuing her and told him of her intention to make the most of the "new life" she had been given away from the military. However, neither of them could forget the destruction of Philadelphia; Simon quickly realized that he could no longer remain with his former teammate. He parted ways with Cassandra before he had even fully recovered and she, painfully, made no effort to stop him. While Cassandra remained within the Venezian city of New Tyne, Simon set out for one of several smaller towns on the outskirts of the city in the hopes that he could lay low and weigh what few options remained to him. He was soon contacted by Diana, who revealed that she had networked herself throughout Venezia's makeshift satellite system. Simon angrily blamed her for the colossal loss of life, but could not deflect her assertions that he was alive because of what she had done. In the end, Simon could not reject the AI who had become his sole remaining companion. Instead, he accepted her continued assistance as he set out to seek his fortune in a galaxy that no longer seemed to hold a place for him.

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The Mercenary

"It's A New Galaxy"

Without any military or rebel resources to fall back on, Simon was reduced to eking out a meager existence on the fringes of colonized space.

"Maybe I'll feel more helpful once you quit sulking and get back to doing what you do best. Until then, you're on your own."

Unfortunately, peace did not suit the young renegade. Although Simon no longer had to fear ONI assassins, he had next to no experience with living off the battlefield. Within a week of setting out on Venezia, the rogue Spartan was completely broke. Diana offered little help and as usual seemed to take an inordinate amount of amusement in overseeing her partner’s plight. Without a credit to his name, Simon dug himself a foxhole on the outskirts of a small settlement on Venezia’s sprawling plains. Too proud to return to Cassandra and unable to bring himself to rob the local farmers, Simon tried his best to hunt local wildlife. When his attempts proved unsuccessful, he resorted to stealing castoffs from the settlement’s trash bins. Eventually the farmers caught wind of the armored stranger’s presence. Spooked, they tracked down Simon’s foxhole and destroyed it. Rather than fight the mob, Simon simply fled and headed to the next settlement. Receiving the same treatment there and still haunted by the memory of Philadelphia, he surrendered himself to the farmers in the hopes that somehow fate would act through them to render him the punishment he felt he deserved.

Although the farmers were surprised by Simon’s youth, they quickly became suspicious of the armored vagabond’s purpose on Venezia. After discovering a UNSC insignia still etched on his armor, the colonists declared him to be a military spy and handed him over to a passing militia patrol. Although several of the militia soldiers wanted to execute the “UNSC spy” on the spot, patrol sergeant Nhat Tram took pity on the worn-down captive and insisted that they take him to their headquarters at the nearby settlement at Weymouth. En route, Sergeant Tram was surprised to discover an Insurrectionist tattoo on Simon’s arm. Simon reluctantly told her that he had fought on Mamore, a claim corroborated by a picture of Rat Pack—one of his only mementos of the hellish fighting--discovered among his belongings. Believing her captive to be a rebel patriot, Tram advocated for Simon’s release but was rebuffed by her superiors, who agreed with the militia soldiers that they had picked up a UNSC infiltrator. Faced with execution, Simon finally broke out of his fatalistic stupor and fought his way out of captivity. Holed up in the Weymouth headquarters and surrounded by militia troops, Simon regained the desperate survival drive that had kept him alive through all the battles he had faced so far. Before the standoff could result in all-out carnage, a man named Min Ai intervened. Simon was surprised to see the unassuming businessman defused the situation and was even more surprised when Min offered to hire him as an “enforcer.” Unsure of how else to proceed, Simon agreed to Min’s terms and departed Weymouth under his protection.

Min Ai, the Syndicate representative who first introduced Simon to mercenary work on Venezia.

"I like you, Stray. Maybe you can't go back to wherever it is you came from, but there's a place for you in the Syndicate. It's a new galaxy out here; you should make the most of it."
―Min Ai

Min, Simon soon discovered, was removed from the political dynamics he had been raised to understand. The businessman represented the interests of an entity known as “the Syndicate,” a sprawling organization that had taken over much of the criminal underworld in the wake of the Great War. As a high-ranking Syndicate member on Venezia, Min was charged with ensuring that all elements of the planet’s infrastructure, from politics to commerce to underground dealings, worked towards the Syndicate’s larger interests. Admiring the Syndicate’s subversion of both the Earth-based and Insurrectionist ideals that he had come to resent, Simon agreed to work for Min despite his misgivings about the true nature of the criminal activities he would be perpetrating. Once again assuming the alias of “Stray,” Simon joined Min’s cadre of mercenary enforcers and put his skills to use protecting the agent and eliminating rival groups opposed to the Syndicate’s expanding influence. Very much taken with the mercenary lifestyle, he traded ideals for credits and competed with his fellow mercenaries for Min’s contracts, honing his skills with each consecutive job. The Syndicate eliminated the barriers of history, politics, and even species; Simon worked alongside humans, Sangheili, and all manner of former Covenant races over the course of his work for Min. In the new order the Syndicate was creating on Venezia and frontier worlds like it, the only things that mattered were money and power, a sentiment Stray understood all too well in the wake of his failure at Philadelphia. Over the course of his work for the Syndicate, Stray rekindled his partnership with Diana. In exchange for the rogue AI’s cyber-warfare skills, Stray followed her instructions and covertly networked her into computer stations that he encountered across Venezia. If power was the only end worth seeking, Stray was determined to achieve it by cultivating both his own skills and the capabilities of the AI he was lucky enough to be working with.

Some time after becoming a mercenary, Stray returned to the central hub of New Tyne to support Syndicate efforts in collecting payments from the city's merchants. Min sent him to work with Ro'nin, an abrasive Sangheili mercenary who Stray had clashed with on previous assignments. Competing with each other for a greater cut of the pay, the two enforcers grudgingly worked together to extract the Syndicate's money by any means necessary. While canvassing a slum on the city outskirts, Stray saved Ro'nin from an ambush by a shooter clad in SPI armor. Stray was shocked to reunite with Cassandra, who had set up a small medical clinic in an effort to help the poor and forgotten in the slums. Their reunion was less than pleasant, as his fellow fugitive berated him for his role in propagating the Syndicate's injustices. Stung by her rebuke, Stray angrily left the slum but convinced Ro'nin to forget squeezing profit out of the slum district. Irritated at owing his life to a rival like Stray, Ro'nin "evened the score" by giving his fellow mercenary a set of Covenant-made holo-drones. Finding the drones to be excellent sources of subterfuge and misdirection, Stray quickly incorporated them into his arsenal. However, Cassandra's anger weighed heavily on his mind and in the days to come he began taking stock of the injustices he helped perpetrate for the Syndicate in his new line of work. Deeply troubled by what he saw, Stray wondered if he had really given himself over to the kind of corruption he had once fought against and began looking for a way to fight against the entrenched criminal system. Two weeks after his encounter with Cassandra, Stray was sent to help bodyguard a Syndicate loan shark as he collected "debts" from local merchants. Ordered to make an example of one dealer's family, Stray instead turned on the criminal representative and killed him along with several Syndicate enforcers. Now wanted dead by the criminal network for his impulsive rebellion, Stray fled into the Venezian plains with enforcer search parties hot on his tail.

"Another Pointless Struggle"

"I don't care if it's the Syndicate or the militia or the damned Covenant that's after you. Killers like you are all the same, bringing death and misery wherever you go. I'm doing my duty by God and letting you stay the night, but after that I want you gone. Stay away from this farm and stay away from my daughter. I've worked too hard and too long to see her life ruined by the likes of you."
―George Hunsinger

It did not take long for the Syndicate to track the rogue enforcer down. A search party headed up by a Sanhgeili mercenary named Ger 'Hullen attacked Stray amidst the plains foothills. The mixed-species hunters were nowhere near as deadly as the Covenant and UNSC professionals Stray had fought in the past and he quickly broke free from their encirclement. However, 'Hullen was determined to bring down his quarry and he relentlessly pursued Stray into the plains, calling in even more enforcer teams to help expand his reach. After several more skirmishes, Stray was injured, tired, and running out of tricks. Unable to keep the running battle away from populated areas, he took shelter in the crop fields outside a small farming community. As he hid within the wheat stalks, he was encountered by a young girl named Zoey Hunsinger. He convinced the curious girl to conceal him from the Syndicate search teams and take her back to her parents, George and Lily. George was less than willing to give shelter to an enforcer wanted by the Syndicate, but reluctantly agreed to let the armored mercenary hide out for the night in his machine shed. As Stray planned his next move, he was pestered by questions from Zoey, who was enthralled by the idea of a broader life away from the family farm. Early the next morning, Stray honored George's wishes and slipped away. But before he could get far he was forced to hide in the fields as a Syndicate convoy rolled up to the Hunsinger homestead. Accompanied by Min Ai himself, Ger 'Hullen had tracked his prey onto fo the Hunsinger's land. As Stray watched from the fields, 'Hullen and his enforcers tortured George for information. When, at Min's suggestion, 'Hullen threatened to kill Zoey, Lily opened fire on the enforcers from the homestead. Both of the Hunsingers were killed in the ensuing firefight and the enforcers proceeded to set fire to both the homestead and surrounding fields. Stray intervened in time to drag a terrified Zoey out of the burning homestead, dragging the girl with him as he fled, the Hunsinger lands burning all around them.

Zoey Hunsinger, the daughter of Venezian farmers, was caught in the Syndicate's crossfire as enforcers tracked Stray to her family's farm.

After escaping through a large irrigation pipe, Stray hurried to put more distance between himself and the pursuers. But Zoey, traumatized and grieving the loss of her parents, refused to go any further. Haunted by the idea that his presence had led to the Hunsingers' execution, Stray could not bring himself to simply abandon the girl to her fate. Drawing on memories of his own vicious training on Onyx, Stray stifled his own guilt and began acting cruelly to Zoey, speaking indifferently about her parents' deaths and repeatedly threatening to abandon her. As expected, the girl's anger and resentment gave her the boost she needed and she pressed after him, determined to spite him by surviving. After stealing a Warthog from a Syndicate patrol, Stray managed to finally make real progress across the plains. However, Ger 'Hullen doggedly kept up the pursuit, employing Falcons and Banshees to hem the Warthog in. Ambushed by a pack of Jiralhanae mercenaries, Stray fought the hulking warriors by himself in order to give Zoey time to get clear. Wounded during the brutal close quarters fighting, Stray used a Mongoose ATV to deliver himself and Zoey back to the outskirts of New Tyne. With Zoey suffering from injuries of her own, Stray fought off more Jiralhanae trackers while desperately contacting Cassandra. Only the timely intervention of his fellow Spartan drove the mercenaries off, allowing Stray to deliver an unconscious Zoey to Cassandra's clinic for treatment.

Stray: "How do you do it? How do you keep it all up? I tried doing the right thing, like you said. I tried fighting the Syndicate. And all I have to show for it is one more orphan and a price on my head."
Cassandra-G006: "I... I don't know. I tell myself I'm doing God's work and that He works in ways we don't understand. Some days I believe it. Others... I'm just sorry I pushed you into all this."
Stray: "You just cut it straight about what a scumbag I've turned into. Not your fault I never think these things through, or that everything I try turns into a disaster."
— Stray discussing the death of Zoey's family while recuperating in Cassandra's clinic.

As Zoey recuperated from her injuries, Stray took stock of his predicament. Although Cassandra was happy to help resist the Syndicate, both of the Spartans knew that her tiny clinic would not survive any concentrated Syndicate attack. Struggling to find a way out of this latest deadly predicament, Stray was further wracked with guilt when Zoey awakened and was forced to fully accept the reality that her family, home, and life as she knew it had been reduced to ashes. Unable to face the newly-orphaned girl, Stray left Cassandra with the responsibility of comforting her and turned instead to trying to work his way out of the mess his small act of rebellion had become. Though he had managed to throw off Ger 'Hullen's search teams, the Sangheili enforcer was already gathering the resources he needed to search New Tyne. Conferring with Diana, Stray confronted the reality that to prolong the fight would be a death sentence not only for himself but also for Zoey and Cassandra. His fears were confirmed when Ro'nin led a small Syndicate force to attack the clinic in the hopes of collecting the bounty on his rival's head. Escaping the slums, Stray and Cassandra fought a running battle with Zoey in tow. With every Syndicate enforcer in the city now alerted to their whereabouts, Stray asked Diana to give him Min Ai's whereabouts. Upon learning that his former employer was observing the chase from a safehouse in downtown New Tyne, the rogue Spartan sent Zoey with Cassandra while he confronted their pursuers, ostensibly as a diversion. When he was sure he had bought enough time for the others to flee, Stray made his way downtown and approached Min Ai's safehouse.

"You think I care about a few dozen hired guns? My job is to dig the talent out of this cesspool of thugs and incompetents and put it to work for the Syndicate. I like you, Stray. Always have. This mess just proves that you're the best merc on this dustball, and with that in mind I think it's more than reasonable for me to smooth over this little misunderstanding. We've all learned a little something these past few days and the fact that you've come to see me tells me we'll be able to put it all behind us. Of course, we'll need to hammer out a few guarantees, re-negotiate your contract. And you'll have to work with me to close this game out. Someone has to take the fall for this mess, after all."
―Min Ai

Infiltrating the safehouse complex, Stray confronted his former employer. Min Ai, unflappable as ever, was not the least bit intimidated by the mercenary's arrival. Knowing that Stray had come to capitulate, the Syndicate representative happily agreed to end the pursuit in exchange for the formidable enforcer's return to the Syndicate fold. Renewing his contract with Min, Stray bargained for his own life along with the lives of Zoey and Cassandra: in exchange for his services, the Syndicate would let Zoey live and allow Cassandra to operate her clinic unmolested. Finalizing their deal, Min dispatched Stray to eliminate the agreed upon scapegoat for the entire affair: Ger 'Hullen, who had repeatedly failed to capture the fugitive Stray. Taking orders from the Syndicate once more, Stray tracked 'Hullen down and killed the isolated mercenary while Min fabricated reports to implicate the Sangheili as the true threat to the Syndicate's interests. With 'Hullen dead, the bounty on Stray was lifted and Min vowed to uphold his own end of their bargain. The lives of Stray's companions were now collateral to ensure his continued services to the criminal empire.

Cassandra-G006: "What have you done?"
Stray: "What I had to. We all get to stay alive now."
―Cassandra questions Stray over his resolution of the conflict.

Returning to Cassandra, Stray concealed the full truth of what he had done from Zoey. His fellow Spartan was less easy to fool. Cassandra realized that the status quo had been sated and the Syndicate was once again her friend's employer. With her clinic now free from Syndicate interference—and protected, on Min's orders, from harassment by other parties—Cassandra could not object to Stray's solution. Encouraging him to operate from within New Tyne, she also pushed him to take charge of Zoey, the one who had suffered most during the whole bloody affair. Stray reluctantly offered Zoey a choice between staying with him and being turned over to Venezia's militia, who would undoubtedly make sure she was cared for. Quickly learning about the brutal realities of life in a frontier controlled by the Syndicate, Zoey surprised Stray by choosing to stay with him, insisting that he make her an assistant and teach her how to survive and get ahead. Although he had no idea how to deal with his new ward, Stray put her up in his small apartment in the slums. Zoey became an accomplice to his future work for the Syndicate, another painful reminder of the suffering that followed him wherever he went.

"Just The Way Things Are"

Stray: "Look, sorry about before. I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with. Sometimes I can be a bit of..."
Zoey Hunsinger: "An asshole? A bully? A good for nothing dirtbag?"
Stray: "You little brat."
— Zoey returns to Stray's hideout

Following the death of her parents, Zoey became a constant companion to Stray as he continued his work for the Syndicate.

Now back in the Syndicate's employ, Stray was quickly pressed by increased tasks by a demanding Min Ai. With little experience in domestic functions and norms, he was not interested in babysitting Zoey and took to giving her menial chores to perform while he worked Syndicate contracts. Zoey, still recovering from the trauma of her ordeal, was not amused by Stray's dismissive attitude and quickly turned on her mercenary caretaker. Slathering his armor with feces when ordered to clean it, she fled the hideout and went to stay at Cassandra's clinic[3]. Although initially relieved at the departure of his unwanted responsibility, Stray soon came to miss the presence of a new face in his life, particularly after another of his many arguments with Diana over the amount of assistance she offered on jobs. Zoey surpised him by returning after only a few days and Stray allowed her to return without incident. He soon caved in to her repeated badgering and agreed to start training her as his assistant. Though the pair's relationship was fraught with arguments and disagreements, Stray had grown inexplicably fond of the young orphan and discovered a newfound sense of purpose in training Zoey, who reminded him of Emily and the other outcast urchins of Rat Pack. Zoey, for her part, frequently chafed under Stray's harsh instruction but slogged on, determined to adapt and survive in the harsh world that had taken her family. Before long Stray was entrusting his young charge with odd jobs around New Tyne; always low on funds, he used Zoey as an extra source of income to help cover his meager living expenses. In the meantime, he continued to assist Min Ai in enforcing the Syndicate's interests on Venezia. Many of his assignments required him to simply guard arms shipments or intimidate merchants; for these less dangerous jobs Stray soon began bringing Zoey along as an assistant, using the field work to give the girl more insight into the mercenary way of life she had been thrust into. As he now spent more time around New Tyne, Stray also took the opportunity to reconnect with Cassandra. Busy with her work at the clinic, his fellow renegade disapproved of drawing Zoey further into a life of crime and violence but did not attempt to interfere with Stray's questionable guardianship. Despite the brutal series of events that had brought him to this point, Stray felt truly connected to other people for the first time since Philadelphia.

Zoey Hunsinger: "I've seen you fight. You could have saved them."
Stray: "Yeah. And then we'd be right back where we were before. We'd be out in the cold and we wouldn't have changed a thing."
Zoey Hunsinger: "I understand. It's just the way things are out here."
— Zoey and Stray after departing a human trafficking warehouse.

Though he once again enjoyed the Syndicate's protection, Stray found himself unable to shrug off his guilty feelings over his complicity in the injustices perpetrated by the criminal underworld. Some months after his attempted rebellion, Stray returned to his apartment to discover that Zoey had not returned from an errand he had sent her on. With Diana's help, he learned that his young ward had been snatched by a local gang. Stray tracked the kidnappers to a New Tyne warehouse where he discovered that Zoey had been taken for a human trafficking ring that found most of its "merchandise" in the form of young frontier orphans. Forcing his way in, he strong-armed the kidnappers into releasing Zoey but knew that he would endanger his own position if he interfered further with Syndicate business and left the rest of the prisoners to their grim fate. Convincing himself that there was no sense worrying about the state of things on the frontier, Stray busied himself with seeking out greater profits from his Syndicate employers. Assured by Min Ai that he would soon be granted larger contracts, his ambition was to advance within the underworld and win greater opportunities for himself and Diana, who continued expanding her digital influence in Venezia's infrastructure. Following the incident at the warehouse, Zoey became more determined than ever to learn how to defend herself and embraced Stray's training with even greater vigor. Despite the dangers, Stray brought her with him on more and more assignments. After Zoey impressed him with her marksmanship while hunting for food in the wilderness, Stray began training her with rifles and planned to use her for long-range support fire in the near future.

With Zoey now accompanying him on nearly ever one of his Syndicate contracts, Stray became more willing to expand her training and teach her skills similar to what he himself had been drilled with on Onyx. After Stray was wounded during a firefight, Zoey helped apply first aid and even took on a few minor errands to bring in income while he recovered. Impressed by the girl's resolve, Stray finally gave in to her repeated requests to be given a more active role in his contracts. Tasked by Min Ai to make an example of a New Tyne drug peddler who was not paying the Syndicate his dues, Stray set Zoey up with a rifle and had her assassinate their target from afar. Zoey pulled the kill off easily and in that moment Stray felt as if he had finally accomplished something worth being proud of. However the triumph was short lived; Zoey's moment behind the scope had finally driven home the reality of the lifestyle she had pushed Stray into teaching her. Deeply troubled over what she had done, Zoey approached Stray a few days later and told him she intended to leave Venezia. Suddenly grappling with his own doubts over what he had done to the orphan, Stray made no effort to stop her and instead gave her what credits and supplies he could spare. The girl who had stumbled into his life departed just as suddenly, using the credits to book passage off of Venezia. Adrift in his own doubts and regrets, Stray returned to Cassandra's clinic in search of solace. Instead, his fellow deserter was angry at his irresponsible guardianship of Zoey. Stung by her rebukes, Stray lashed out as well, finally giving voice to the resentment and frustration that had plagued him since Philadelphia. Feeling rejected and manipulated by everyone, Stray realized just how adrift and empty his life had become but could see no viable way to escape the cycle of credit-fueled violence that seemed to run the new galaxy. He and Cassandra quickly reconciled, united by their shared guilt and doubts surrounding their abandonment of the UNSC and their fellow Spartans. Admitting to feelings that had simmered since before Philadelphia, the two deserters lowered their respective guards enough for an unexpected moment of physical intimacy. The experience both thrilled and terrified Stray and he surrendered to his passions only for Cassandra to break off the encounter at the last moment. Embarrassed and confused, he left the clinic the next day in search of some way to turn his life around.

"This Galaxy Belongs To Us"

"Well... fancy meeting you out here."

Unfortunately trouble, as always, was not far behind Stray. As he tried to negotiate a way out of his contract with the Syndicate, he was ambushed by Ro'nin. His long time rival caught him off guard and looked to settle the score between them by thoroughly beating Stray, stealing his armor and weapons, and leaving him naked and humiliated in the Venezian wilderness. His inspiration to change his ways instantly replaced by a burning thirst for revenge, Stray trekked naked for several miles in the scorching heat until he chanced upon a militia convoy led by his old Venezian contact Sergeant Nhat Tram. Bemused to find the formidable mercenary in such a state, Tram provided Stray with spare clothes and agreed to let him remain with the convoy until they reached a settlement, where Stray intended to use the planetary network to contact Diana and track down Ro'nin. But he was shocked to discover that the militia were escorting a party led by Galen-G322, another Gamma Spartan that Stray recognized from his training on Onyx. Galen, it turned out, had deserted from the UNSC as well and was heading up a cell of Insurrectionists. Stray was surprised to learn that he and Cassandra were not the only Gamma deserters and was even more surprise for a fellow Gamma to treat him not with scorn or derision but with praise and an offer of companionship. After Galen promised to help him track down Ro'nin, Stray agreed to sign on with Galen's party despite his own mistrust of the Insurrection.

Stray: "So, the big bad Office of Naval Intelligence finally sent someone to take me out. They sure took their time about it. Did Palmer get cold feet after Philadelphia?"
Wynne-G327: "Don't flatter yourself. You aren't nearly as dangerous as Section Three used to think you were. I'm more interested in traitors who are capable of causing actual harm."
―Stray encounters another former comrade in the slums of New Tyne.

Wynne-G327, the Gamma Spartan turned ONI operative Simon encountered on Venezia.

When the convoy reached a small settlement Stray was finally able to access the planetary network. Diana, amused at his plight, told him that Ro'nin had returned to New Tyne. Eager to reclaim his armor, Stray parted ways with Galen. His fellow renegade warned him to watch out for ONI agents in the capital and Stray agreed to rendezvous with him at a rebel outpost in Venezia's wilderness. Stray moved with Sergeant Tram's convoy back to New Tyne. He quickly located the Sangheili mercenary and discretely followed him to a local warehouse in the hopes of ambushing him. Stray was surprised to discover Ro'nin in the middle of a meeting with a young woman. Unused to working without his armor, Stray was quickly detected and attacked by both the Sangheili and the human. He barely escaped from the warehouse but was surprised when the woman easily caught up to him. During their rooftop confrontation Stray found himself faced with yet another name from the past: Wynne-G327. Unfortunately, Wynne did not share in Stray and Galen's desertion and was instead diligently pursuing the latter as a loyal ONI operative. Her cold dismissal of Stray as even a viable threat dredged up painful memories of the humiliating years spent at the bottom of the Gamma totem pole and struck a blow to pride he had not realized he had left. Using a concealed flash grenade and his superior knowledge of New Tyne's back alleys to escape, Stray contacted Galen to warn him of Wynne's mission. Though the close call had reminded him of the dangers found in crossing ONI operations, Stray hoped to get another chance to bring down Ro'nin and get his armor back. Eager to avenge himself against those who looked down on him, Stray departed New Tyne and set out for Galen's rendezvous point.

Stray: "You know, as fascinating as it is watching you work, I really don't think you need to be so gung-ho about cutting on her. You're starting to get a bit weird about it."
Galen-G322: "Do me a favor and don't bother me while I'm busy, kid."
Stray: "'Kid?'"
— Stray and Galen following their capture of Wynne

Stray arrived at Galen's hideout, an abandoned CAA bunker, in time to join his fellow rogue Spartan and the other rebels in setting up an ambush for Wynne. The ONI agent had not anticipated that Stray would be in contact with Galen and believed she still had the element of surprise. Her attempt to infiltrate the bunker complex brought her into the jaws of Galen's trap. Caught off guard, Wynne was quickly overpowered, though Galen was careful to take her alive. In the wake of Wynne's capture, Stray learned that the focus of Galen's efforts was to research and enhance Gamma Company's augmentations. Galen was particularly interested in enhancements that had been made to the Spartans' frontal brain lobes. Stray had never realized that his brain had been tampered with during the augmentations. Suddenly fearing for his own mental health, he remained with Galen as the renegade Spartan set out to continue his "research" with Wynne as the test subject. Stray's initial triumph over the ONI operative's capture was soured by the enjoyment his new ally found in making Wynne suffer. His thoughts turning to Cassandra, Stray was galvanized into interrupting the torture and suggesting that Galen might make better progress with more conservative methods. When his advice was casually dismissed, Stray faced the bitter realization that Galen held as little regard for him as Wynne and the other Spartans did. Understanding that he was less than a pawn in Galen's estimation,a humiliated Stray slipped out of the bunker only to encounter Ro'nin. Realizing that his Sangheili rival was trying to preserve his ONI contract by freeing Wynne, Stray saw his chance to get back at Galen and offered to help Ro'nin in exchange for the return of his stolen armor.

Stray returned to the bunker and let Ro'nin inside. The two mercenaries discretely killed several of the rebel guards before the rest realized what was happening and sounded the alarm. As Ro'nin took on the remaining Insurrectionists, Stray descended into Galen's staging area. The other renegade had not anticipated his betrayal and Stray caught him off guard, shooting him several times at close range. But true to the augmentations he had been researching, Galen took the wounds in stride and angrily fought back. Without his armor and usual arsenal Stray was dangerously outmatched and took a beating from the better armed and armored Galen. But Stray had anticipated that Galen would underestimate him and lured his opponent into an explosive trap he had set beforehand. The ensuing tunnel cave-in buried Galen and though Stray wanted to sift through the rubble to make sure his erstwhile ally was dead he was forced to abandon the search in order to free the injured Wynne and help her reach the bunker's upper levels. Ro'nin covered the two Spartans' escape as Insurrectionist reinforcements arrived and they escaped into the surrounding foothills.

Ro'nin and Stray fled with Wynne to a Syndicate safehouse where they would be protected from any pursuing Insurrectionists. Stray noted Ro'nin's willingness to bring an ONI agent under Syndicate protection, confirming long-held suspicions of ONI cooperation with the criminal network. Though he feared Wynne might try to apprehend him after all, a strange sense of pride compelled Stray to remain in the safehouse in the hopes that his triumph over Galen would win him some measure of approval from another Spartan. He confronted the recovering Wynne as she grappled with her own doubts over having been rescued by a wanted traitor. Stray still considered ONI and the other Spartans to be his enemies, and facing one of his former brethren after all that had happened rubbed at feelings of guilt and remorse that he had struggled to bury under his new life on Venezia. As if sensing Stray's shame over what he had become, Wynne tried to convince him that to be a Spartan was to be a selfless soldier in the name of humanity's greater good; if he wanted to make good on his identity as a Spartan, he should turn himself in and face justice for his crimes. Realizing that Wynne neither understood nor respected him any more than Galen had, Stray angrily abandoned any pretext of reconciliation and left Wynne after bitterly dismissing her shallow ideals.

Stray's angry embarassment over being found wanting in the eyes of his fellow Spartans was the final nail in the coffin for his life on Venezia. No longer content to simply eke out a living in the shadow of galactic affairs, he decided to strike out into the broader universe to make something more of himself. Reconciling with Ro'nin over the successful escape, he retrieved his armor and made arrangements to leave the planet and expand his responsibilities as a Syndicate enforcer. One of the first names to cross his assignment list was another old comrade: Gavin Dunn.

"Not Your Average Bounty"

Thanks to Min Ai's recommendations, Stray quickly achieved a level of notoriety that many enforcers spent years achieving. His continued partnership with Diana, who followed him off Venezia, made him adept at tracking down and apprehending anyone foolish enough to defy the Syndicate's underworld authority. Stray rarely questioned Diana's motives in helping him; grateful for the support and companionship, he happily performed small tasks for her whenever the need arose. With her help he racked up a string of successful jobs, earning far more credits than he had ever made on Venezia. Stray aspired to someday join the likes of David Kahn within the Syndicate's elite inner circle and worked tirelessly to please his criminal employers. During the string of jobs for the Syndicate, Stray learned that Diana had developed a method of forestalling rampancy by absorbing the Riemann matrices of other AI and grafting them to her own. Though realizing that Diana was essentially cannibalizing other AI to prolong her own lifespan, Stray had few qualms in aiding Diana's drive for survival and on occasion even procured AI for his partner to consume.

"Nice try, Stray! Better luck next time!"
―Gavin Dunn eludes Stray's efforts to capture him once again.

As Stray tracked and eliminated the Syndicate's targets, he kept one mark in particular at the top of his priorities: Gavin Dunn, his accomplice from the Philadelphia disaster. Gavin's continued freedom as a freelance pilot irritated Stray, who could not help but hold him at least partially accountable for the loss of Emily on Mamore. With Diana's help he began setting ambushes for Gavin at spaceports. But the smuggler proved far more resourceful than Stray had anticipated, somehow managing to get the upper hand and escape with each successive capture attempt. Humiliated by the repeated failures and with his reputation in jeopardy, Stray grew increasingly more determined to capture Gavin. After learning that Ro'nin had also left Venezia in pursuit of the bounty, a frustrated and desperate Stray traveled to Talitsa, another colony under the Insurrection and Syndicate's sway. There he planned to target Judith Ives, a professional thief and known associate of Gavin's, in order to draw out his prey.

Arriving on Talitsa, Stray tracked down Judith and interrogated her for Gavin's whereabouts. The thief refused to sell out her old friend, but the conversation revealed something else of note: Zoey had come to Talitsa and briefly been mentored by Judith. Careful not to harm anyone close to Zoey, Stray relented and released the thief. But the encounter was not a wasted effort: Diana hacked Judith's personal datapad and confirmed that Gavin was indeed on the planet. Stray discovered the smuggler's personal ship, a rugged freighter named the Chancer V, docked in a private hangar and slipped aboard. He ambushed Gavin upon the smuggler's return and was surprised to find Zoey tagging along with his quarry. Stray easily subdued Gavin, making him a prisoner on his own ship. Nervous that Judith might learn of Gavin's capture and orchestrate a rescue, Stray forced Gavin to pilot the Chancer away from Talitsa and make a slipspace jump to Famul, a Jiralhanae pirate haven where arrangements could be made to turn the captive smuggler over to the Syndicate.

"How could you do that to her? To a child? You of all people...! Coming after a crook like me is one thing. You don't turn little kids into killers!"
―Gavin Dunn learns of Stray's history with Zoey.

Keen to prevent Gavin from turning the tables on him yet again, Stray kept the smuggler under tight guard during the jump to Famul. His careful security precautions left him little time to reconnect with Zoey, who remained intent not to involve herself in his mercenary activities. Stray's former ward was determined to seize a new life for herself by any means necessary and made it clear that she wanted nothing more to do with the Syndicate. Though Stray felt partly responsible for Zoey's desperate situation, he was more concerned with collecting the bounty on Gavin. Stray landed the Chancer aboard one of Famul's many orbital stations and left Zoey with the ship while he escorted the captive Gavin to the Syndicate rendezvous. On the way, Gavin—already suspicious from conversations with Zoey on board the Chancer—pressed Stray for the details regarding his relationship with Zoey. Upon learning that the rogue Spartan had not only used her as an assistant but also made her kill a Syndicate mark, an enraged Gavin tried to attack his captor. Stray was caught off guard by the smuggler's anger but still managed to easily subdue his prisoner. However, during the scuffle he noticed security footage showing the Chancer taking off and blasting out of the hangar. Stray quickly realized that Zoey had planned all along to steal the ship at the first opportunity. Pressured by both Gavin and his own guilty conscience, Stray agreed to postpone handing the smuggler over until after they recovered the ship and prevented the inexperienced Zoey from running afoul of Famul's unscrupulous denizens. With Diana's help Stray learned that Zoey had already made arrangements to sell the ship at another orbital station. He and Gavin conned their way onto another transport and hurried to the hangar where Zoey planned to meet her buyers. As he positioned himself to slip aboard the stolen ship, Stray was shocked to see another face from his past: Redmond Venter, the insurrectionist commander he had left for dead on Mamore.

Spurred to action by his hatred of Venter, Stray attacked the Insurrectionists while Gavin used the distraction to board the Chancer. Stray’s attack bought Zoey time to escape the rebels but in the chaos Venter slipped aboard the Chancer and blasted off with Gavin aboard. Stray refused to let Venter steal his prize and prepared to give chase. However, the situation escalated considerably as a Jiralhanae power struggle plunged Famul’s shipyards into civil war. An exasperated Stray dragged Zoey through the violence to ambush the Chancer as soon as Venter set down on another platform. As Zoey rushed to the cockpit to help Gavin, Stray finally faced off against the hated figure from his past. But even without Spartan augmentations Venter was a formidable opponent. He held his own against Stray’s attacks and soon gained the upper hand. Only a surprise attack from Gavin tipped the scales and forced Venter to flee the Chancer via escape pod, leaving the ship beset by battle-crazed Jiralhanae warriors spilling over from the battle in orbit. Frustrated by his near-loss to Venter, Stray furiously held the warriors off in time for Gavin and Zoey to repair the ship. Wounded and on the verge of being overrun, he was genuinely surprised when the Chancer returned to extract him.

Gavin Dunn: "You know what your problem is? You've got some serious commitment issues!"
Stray: "Oh, cram it. I just wanted to weigh my options before locking myself on this rusty death trap again!"
Zoey Hunsinger: "Can you two maybe have this discussion when we're not getting shot at?"
— The Chancer’s new crew, off to an promising start

The Chancer escaped from Famul, but Stray quickly realized the full gravity of his situation. By attacking Venter he had inadvertently once again made an enemy of the Syndicate—the true master behind Venter’s Insurrectionists. The news that Gavin had offered Zoey a place on the Chancer did little to improve Stray’s mood; he was now just as much a fugitive as Gavin. As Gavin set down on the independent planet Talitsa, Stray made plans to turn loose and escape on his own. Before he could set his plan into action, the Chancer was attacked by his old mercenary rival Ro’nin. The ensuing firefight convinced Stray that he had a better chance of survival aboard the Chancer than on his own. He and Gavin cautiously made up, forging an unlikely partnership alongside Zoey as the Chancer V’s new crew.

"It's Just Another Job"

Though the solitary, temperamental Stray struggled to adjust to the homely climate Gavin tried to set for the Chancer he quickly saw the advantage of the ship as a mobile refuge from his growing list of powerful enemies. His first real “mission” aboard the Chancer involved a trip back to Venezia where Cassandra’s fortunes had taken a turn for the worse amidst an Insurrectionist witch-hunt for anyone suspected of “oonskie” ties. Stray hadn’t spoken to Cassandra since their awkward last encounter and was relieved for the chance to clear the air between them—though disappointed to discover Cassandra had little interest in dredging up the possibility of another attempt at something more. He also used the return to Venezia as a chance to extract Diana and integrate her into the Chancer’s onboard systems. Gavin—burning with memories of Diana from Mamore and Philadelphia—deeply mistrusted the AI but could not deny her potential uses in improving the Chancer’s performance. Stray secretly hoped that Cassandra would also decide to stay on the Chancer but his fellow Spartan instead asked to be let off on Talitsa where she hoped to rebuild her clinic. Though Gavin noticed Stray’s disappointment he politely kept quiet about it. Zoey was proved somewhat less tactful about the situation.

"I've wanted to meet you for a long time, Stray. I hear you're a less than model employee, but maybe we can turn things around for you."
―Helen Powell

With Cassandra safe on Talitsa the Chancer crew turned to another pressing matter: money. Gavin needed a steady income just to keep his ship running and with the Chancer blacklisted by the Syndicate her frontier employment opportunities were slim. Diana quickly proved her worth by placing the ship in touch with a string of enigmatic contacts she’d built up during her time on Venezia. The work was simple—mostly smuggling routine contraband past UNSC patrols—but Stray suspected there was more to Diana’s scheme and was irritated when she refused to reveal the details even to him. Diana’s contacts eventually put the crew in touch with Helen Powell, fearsome head of the Syndicate. Diana negotiated a way for Stray and Gavin to shake the Syndicate bounty by performing a dangerous smuggling mission from a UNSC facility on Erebus VII. If the crew could steal Forerunner artifacts and deliver them to Helen, she would clear their status with the Syndicate. Stray and Gavin agreed there was far more to the job than met the eye but they had little choice but to accept the task and set course for the UNSC outpost.

The outpost raid proved just as dangerous as Stray and Gavin had feared. With Diana’s help Stray easily slipped through the UNSC’s security grid and soon had the Forerunner artifacts within reach. But ONI had tracked Simon’s movements and dispatched a Spartan Headhunter team to eliminate him. Raniya-G135 and Shaiming-G231 arrived at the facility to eliminate their former comrade. When Stray slipped out of their initial ambush, the Headhunters changed tactics and took Zoey hostage in an effort to lure Stray out. The situation escalated further when Redmond Venter launched a surprise attack on the facility. In the ensuing chaos Zoey escaped her captors and fled back to the Chancer V while Stray faced Raniya and Shaiming.

"They come at me, I kill them. I'm not the one starting these fights, just the one ending them."

Outnumbered and outmatched, Stray was quickly backed into a corner. Forced into a desperate bid for survival, Stray manipulated the Headhunters’ affection for each other by wounding Shaiming with an explosion. He left the critically injured Spartan out as bait for Raniya, ambushing and killing her when she rushed to help her teammate. Zoey arrived to extract him with the Chancer just as he executed the grieving Shaiming. With no time to reflect on the brutal killing of two of his former Spartan family Stray rushed to help rescue Gavin from Venter’s attack. The UNSC forces soon beat back the Insurrectionist forces and in the chaos the Chancer V crew escaped with the Forerunner artifacts in tow. Gavin negotiated the delivery of the artifacts to the Syndicate while Stray reflected on the fact that he had now killed three fellow Gamma Spartans. With their debt to the Syndicate paid, the Chancer crew was free to begin taking smuggling jobs across the galactic frontier. Stray slipped into his role as the Chancer V’s resident muscle, though he was bitterly conscious of the fact that ONI remained hot on his trail.

"I'm No Cabin Boy"

Gavin Dunn: "I have to ask, did you really have to kill him?"
Simon-G294: "Contract specified dead. I think they wanted to send a message. Don't tell me you actually feel sorry for the guy."
―Simon and Gavin following another close call

The Chancer V quickly slipped into a steady pattern of routine smuggling jobs across the frontier. Stray rekindled his old relationships with Gavin and Zoey though the shadow of Mamore cast a constant pall over his interactions with Gavin. He struggled to adhere to the Chancer captain’s efforts to reign in the violence on their runs and often butted heads with Gavin over their approach to jobs. When an old contact tried to sell Gavin out Stray disrupted the ambush and swiftly dispatched the traitor. Gavin’s fretting over his violent methods struck Stray as profoundly ungrateful. Caught between the two, Zoey often reluctantly took on the role of peacemaker even as she struggled to find her own place on the ship. Diana’s presence on the Chancer was another constant source of tension between Gavin and Stray; the AI didn’t help matters by needling Gavin at every opportunity.

"I wouldn't put too much faith in Captain Dunn if I were you. He likes you now, but as soon you cross one of his little lines, the moment you stop fitting into his neat little world, he'll turn on you just like he did me."
―Redmond Venter

Tensions came to a head when the Chancer took on an unlikely passenger. Redmond Venter had become the victim of an internal power struggle within the Insurrection and took Gavin hostage to force his way onto the Chancer. Though Stray wanted nothing better than to run Venter through with his machete, Gavin forged a strained truce and agreed to ferry Venter away from his enemies. Irritated at Gavin’s willingness to accept the man who had brought them both so much pain, Stray’s move did not improve when he realized that Venter and Diana shared a strange connection to larger galactic events—a connection Diana refused to explain even to him. Confronting Venter failed to shed light on the mystery, though the Insurrectionist warned the angry young man to trust neither Gavin nor Diana. More frustrated than ever, Stray seriously considered abandoning ship rather than continue following Gavin’s orders.

Forced to avoid Insurrectionist hubs like Talitsa and Venezia, the Chancer instead followed Diana’s guidance and took a roundabout route through space frequented by the resurgent Covenant. After one particularly narrow escape the crew made an enemy of Shipmaster Fuga ‘Torvan, lieutenant to Jul ‘Mdama. As Gavin tried to slip away from the Covenant, Diana instead overrode the Chancer’s coms and alerted the alien warships to their position. As Stray reeled from the unexpected betrayal Venter panicked and assumed Diana was working with his enemies. He took Zoey hostage and fled the Chancer, with Stray in hot pursuit. Stray tracked Venter to a nearby orbital station and cut loose in an effort to finally kill his enemy. But even with his augmented strength and speed he proved no match for Venter’s honed combat skills and was soundly beaten. He and Zoey were only saved when Gavin fired a missile into Venter’s position, buying them time to escape. His pride deeply marred by his loss to Venter, Stray escorted Zoey back to the Chancer as the ship blasted out of the system. In the wake of Diana’s latest transgression Gavin ordered Stray to sever all ties with his longtime partner and purge her from the ship. A subdued Stray followed the order and Diana herself offered little resistance to the purge. The loss of his years-old partner in crime left Stray feeling isolated and confused. Though he accepted Gavin’s leadership he still couldn’t shake the feeling that he was wasting his time by remaining aboard the ship that had become his home.

Though Stray smarted over his separation with Diana, the Chancer’s fortunes took a turn for the better following the scheming AI’s departure. Having shaken the Insurrection’s pursuit the ship and her crew were able to move more freely in human territory, taking routine shipping jobs that let them steer clear of both UNSC and Covenant patrols. There was little for Stray to do on such peaceful jobs; even providing security proved to be almost entirely unnecessary. He often found himself forced to run assistance for Zoey, who now had the far more pressing task of maintaining the ship. Gavin urged him to take comfort in these more peaceful tasks but try as he might Stray couldn’t shake the gnawing feeling his talents were steadily going to waste aboard the Chancer.

"I'm Not Like You"

Zoey Hunsinger: "You can't just leave Gavin! We have to go back!"
Stray: "This shipment can't be late. Gavin can take care of himself long enough for us to deliver it and stay on the couriers' good side."
Zoey Hunsinger: "I won't let you leave him! You can't push me around anymore!"
— Zoey and Stray argue over rescuing Gavin

Unfortunately—or in Stray’s case, perhaps fortunately—this string of peaceful supply runs did not last long. During a business deal the crew was double-crossed by the Kig-Yar Shipmistress Chur'R-Ren, who attempted to sell them out to ONI agents. Stray spirited Zoey away from the ambush but Gavin was seized by Ren’s crew and shipped off to the infamous Covenant prison world Forsaken Solitude. Now in nominal command of the Chancer, Stray was caught between the need to rescue Gavin and the need to deliver their cargo on time or risk having the Chancer blacklisted once again. He opted to deliver the cargo first only for Zoey to furiously turn on him and insist they save Gavin. It was the first time Zoey had ever openly opposed him with such ferocity. Surprised by her defiance, Stray turned the ship back towards Forsaken Solitude.

Zoey’s escape plan went predictably awry. Without Diana’s digital warfare Stray was detected and captured within minutes of infiltrating the heavily secured prison. Stripping him of his weapons and armor, the guards threw him into Forsaken Solitude’s gladiator pits where they expected him to be torn to pieces by angry fighters. Giving way to months of pent-up frustration, Stray cut loose for the first time in years and gave in to the animalistic, feral impulses lapping at the edges of his mind. All onlookers were stunned when the scrawny young human in the pits slaughtered several seasoned pit fighters with his bare hands. Meanwhile, Gavin had used his time in prison to orchestrate a prisoner revolt. In the ensuing chaos he escaped with Stray and Zoey as well as a Sangheili prisoner called Tal 'Zerex. The incident ended well but the events surrounding Forsaken Solitude rent even further at the discord bubbling be neath the façade of a happy, cooperative family-crew.

"Ah, the famous crew of the Chancer V. Gavin Dunn, the runt, and, er, the even runtier runt."
―Tobias Lensky

Tobias Lensky, the wealthy frontier entrepreneur whose encounter with the Chancer V radically altered the crew's prospects.

Shortly after the escape from Forsaken Solitude the crew made the acquaintance of a man who would completely alter their fortunes for both better and worse. Tobias Lensky was a legendary figure on the frontier, having amassed a huge personal fortune through skillful entrepreneurship and business investments. The cheerful old spacer personally requested the crew for an “archaeological expedition” to an as-yet uncolonized frontier world. Showing a particular interest in Stray, Lensky offered the crew a staggering sum of money in return for their help on his expedition. Lensky’s dig site turned out to be a partially unearthed Forerunner facility. The expedition turned sour when the group came under attack from a powerful Forerunner combat automaton. During the ensuing firefight Stray realized that even without Diana’s support he was able to access the Forerunner mechanisms in ways the rest of the expedition could not. The battle was further complicated when a UNSC recovery team arrived at the facility and the accompanying team of SPARTAN-IVs engaged the Forerunner machine. Stray beat a hasty retreat with the others as the automaton slaughtered the UNSC forces. With the machine badly damaged in its fight with the Spartans, Stray drew it away from the facility while Gavin and Zoey rushed in to loot any Forerunner artifacts they could find. Stray finally finished off the automaton only to be confronted by one last SPARTAN-IV: an enigmatic operative called Ryder Kedar.

"Oh, don't worry. I don't plan to hurt you. You're not a threat to me."
―Ryder Kedar

Stray tried to drive Ryder off but found himself outmatched and easily subdued. Ryder forced Gavin and Zoey to surrender the devices they had stolen but rather than attempt to arrest any of them he simply released Stray and let the crew go on their way. The Chancer crew left the planet in seeming defeat, but once in orbit Lensky revealed that his real goal had been the chassis of the destroyed automaton which he had smuggled aboard the Chancer while the crew distracted Ryder. Though Lensky’s big payout was just the kind of business deal Stray enjoyed, he felt a strange animosity towards the charismatic billionaire even as he agreed to continue the business relationship. Worse still was his easy loss to Ryder, a new breed of Spartan that infuriated Stray even more than his fellow IIIs. The Chancer had not seen the last of Ryder and were only just beginning to become entangled in his elusive machinations—a spiderweb of intrigue that would completely alter the course of Stray’s life. His brief escape from the shadow of his Spartan past had come to an end.

"You're Safe Right Where You Are"

"Everything pisses me off these days."

Stray’s role on the Chancer continued to descend into turmoil as Ryder and the Office of Naval Intelligence appeared in the crew’s way at every turn. During a mission to smuggle a young fugitive to safety, Ryder waylaid the crew and threatened to apprehend their charge unless they cooperated. Gavin overrode Stray’s protestations and agreed to let Ryder add the Chancer to his growing network of informants on the frontier. Stray was furious to see the Chancer drawn into an ONI operation but had no better alternative to offer. Worse than the thought of working even indirectly for the UNSC was Ryder’s smug condescension in deeming Stray not worth pursuing in spite of his crimes. Stray’s guilty conscience grappled with the knowledge that Ryder and other Spartans considered him a trivial concern—just as it had always been during his days as a failing trainee. Stray was shaken still further when a chance skirmish with Venter—still alive after their last encounter and restored to his position within the Insurrection—revealed the existence of several augmented operatives who looked remarkably like himself. Gavin investigated the matter and uncovered evidence of the Syndicate's Project Knight, a program designed to supply criminal groups with flash cloned operatives Stray believed Venter had created using his DNA. Perhaps reacting to the stress he began experiencing mental flare-ups outside of combat and without Diana to help regulate his emotions he turned to black market stimulants to balance his mental state.

Cassandra-G006: "We’re both really happy. I never thought a couple Spartans could really work out, you know?"
Stray: "Who could have guessed?"
―Stray and Cassandra discuss her relationship with Dyne

As Stray sunk into a state of moody ennui, Gavin was using Ryder’s connections to make dealings with an enigmatic organization separate from both the UNSC and the Syndicate. Telling Stray and Zoey little of what he was doing, Gavin acquired new jobs for the Chancer while doing his best to steer clear of Ryder. Stray resented being relegated more and more to a junior role on the ship. When Zoey nearly killed herself “experimenting” with stimulants left unsecured, Gavin’s furious reprimand left Stray feeling more isolated than ever. A chance encounter with yet another face from the past helped break Stray out of his slump when the crew encountered Dyne-G217, another Gamma deserter. Though Dyne was slow to trust Stray after everything his traitor comrade had done, Stray relished the chance of slipping something around Ryder’s network and welcomed the prospect of smuggling Dyne to Talitsa as a way of resisting ONI’s influence. The crew narrowly evaded Ryder’s notice and delivered Dyne safely to Talitsa. Stray’s satisfaction dimmed, however, when he learned of Dyne and Cassandra entering into a romantic relationship soon after. Devastated and unsure of who to blame, he felt more adrift than ever.

Dyne was just the latest in a string of Great War-era Spartans seeking a new life away from the UNSC. One of the Chancer’s missions for Ryder brought it to a secluded settlement of former Spartans known as “the Enclave.” These former Spartans sought to live a peaceful life while also raising an assortment of war orphans and their own offspring to be self-sufficient frontier survivalists. While Gavin and Zoey marveled at such a gathering of Spartans, Stray found himself less than welcome by veterans who saw him as a traitorous murderer. Shunned by most of the Enclave, Stray was surprised when an Enclave trainee named Eve approached and even playfully flirted with him. Not sure how to handle such unfamiliar overtures, Stray let Eve lead him into the wilderness away from the encampment. What he suspected to be a potential ambush turned out to be nothing more than a curious girl his own age hoping to spend time with the young traitor her elders warned her to shun. Still taken aback by Eve’s friendliness, Stray briefly considered leaving the Chancer and trying to integrate into the Enclave. But he could not abandon Gavin and Zoey and Eve encouraged him to recognize them as his new family.

Gavin Dunn: "Thought you'd finally met the girl of your dreams down there."
Simon-G294: "I'll let that slide just once, since it's you. It's gonna take more than a pretty face to get me off this tub. Especially if it means having to hang out with a bunch of born-again freaks like that."
Gavin Dunn: "Just a pretty face, huh? All her thieving and rebelling weren't a plus?"
Simon-G294: "You're getting cocky with me, just like everyone else. Yeah, the girl was great. Lousy in-laws though."
―Gavin and Simon following their departure from the Enclave

The tranquility of the Enclave was shattered by the arrival of a Covenant kill-team. Stray helped repel the attackers and earned himself a measure of forgiveness from the other Spartans. As the Enclave prepared to move camp Stray parted with Eve on good turns and returned to the Chancer. He was less amused to learn that Gavin half-expected him to choose to remain. The Covenant’s attack was accompanied by a warning from Shipmaster Fuga ‘Torvan, who had not forgotten his grudge against the Chancer and her crew. The ship left the Enclave and returned to a frontier ravaged by emboldened attacks from Covenant raiding ships. Ryder’s communiques warned of a coming offensive, but Stray could never have guessed how radically the Covenant’s next attack would alter his destiny.

"It's Just The Strangest Thing"

Simon-G294: "I'm not throwing my life away for a planet full of scumbags and neither are you."
Gavin Dunn: "We can't just leave our people to die like this."
Simon-G294: "Your people. Not mine."
— Gavin and Simon argue prior to the Battle of Fell Justice

Shortly after the encounter with the Enclave, Ryder ordered the Chancer to apprehend a Sangheili courier traveling to the criminal hub world Fell Justice. Stray captured the target and the crew was surprised to come face to face with Tal ‘Zerex, the ex-gladiator encountered on Forsaken Solitude. Tal had a dire warning for the criminal hub world: Fuga 'Torvan was leading a Covenant fleet to raze the planet. Ryder's nebulous plans hinged on Fell Justice's destruction and he ordered Gavin to deliver Tal to an ONI blacksite. Disgusted by Ryder's callous arrogance, the crew defied him by delivering Tal and his message to Fell Justice. Though Stray was eager to throw a wrench in Ryder's plans he was far less ready to lay his life on the line for Fell Justice and its criminal denizens. When Gavin volunteered the Chancer to fly in the ragtag task force of criminals and privateers assembling to take on the Covenant Stray flatly refused to participate and insisted they flee the system. Tempers flared in the heated argument that followed and only when Gavin threatened to expel him from the ship did Stray grudgingly stand down. Seeing Gavin allocate some of his old responsibilities to Zoey, Stray realized just how deep the rift between himself and Gavin had grown.

Fuga 'Torvan's fleet arrived at Fell Justice and swiftly threatened to overwhelm the planet's meager defenses. Only last minute reinforcements from several privateer groups managed to keep the Covenant at bay. The Chancer flew alongside other screening freighters to harass Covenant fighter groups but it soon became apparent that a Covenant victory was inevitable. Linking up with Tal and several other mercenaries the Chancer crew came up with a risky plan to board 'Torvan's flagship and disrupt the fleet's command structure. Stray boarded the Covenant carrier, fighting alongside Tal and the others as they planted explosive charges across the ship's superstructure. At first the strike team advanced swiftly but Covenant security teams quickly slowed their progress. As the freelancers were cut down around him Stray ordered Tal to make sure Gavin and Zoey escaped. Promising to not be far behind he then detonated the charges prematurely to cover their escape. He arrived on bridge, determined to finish the mission. There he came face to face with a furious Fuga 'Torvan.

"It's just the strangest thing..."
―Simon, gravely wounded aboard the Covenant carrier.

Fuga 'Torvan's carrier collapses above Fell Justice. It seemed to all that Simon-G294 shared in the ship's fiery demise.

Stray squared off with the Covenant commander in a brutal hand to hand fight. As fire spread through the crippled warship Stray found himself standing triumphant over the dead 'Torvan—but the fight had cost him his left arm. Maimed and bleeding, he realized too late that the ship was doomed. With the Chancer forced to flee the stricken carrier, Stray tried in vain to reach an escape pod. Cut off and abandoned he finally collapsed as the inferno engulfed him. The carrier was torn to pieces by internal explosions and it seemed as if the life of the infamous Spartan traitor had reached its ultimate, fiery conclusion.

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The Warlord

"This is What I've Always Been"

"So the little rat's finally dead. Does anyone really give a damn? You people always made him out to be so much more important than he really was. I'll have to thank the Covenant for fixing that little mistake."
―Tatiana Onegin

Word of Simon-G294's demise spread quickly across the frontier. Gavin and Zoey mourned him privately on Mamore-no one could be found to join them for any sort of ceremony. ONI learned of the events at Fell Justice from an irate Ryder and quietly marked the long-elusive traitor as terminated. Most of Simon's former Spartan comrades were pleased at the news, with some regretting only that one of their own had not been able to deal the killing blow. News of the death was met only slightly better by the underworld communities "Stray" frequented and many of his fellow mercenaries expressed only surprise that the seemingly indestructible renegade had finally met his end. Cassandra-caught up in anti-Syndicate campaign on Talitsa-was one of the last to receive the news. She withdrew to be alone for several days before returning to the street fights. Simon-G294 passed on and the galaxy continued to march on.

But he was not dead. Instead Simon was strapped to an operating table, floating between life and death in the bowels of the Covenant battlecruiser Soul Ascension. As the Covenant retreated from Fell Justice a rearguard salvage team had boarded the ruined carrier and dragged his mangled body from the wreckage. Awaking to find himself under the knife of a Sangheili medic Simon panicked and made a feeble attempt to escape. In his maimed state-missing an arm and horribly burned and irradiated from plasma exposure-he proved easy for the Covenant crew to restrain. But while Simon was shocked to even be alive, the next revelation stunned him even further: the Covenant warriors took orders from a holographic "Oracle" he quickly recognized as Diana. But rather than deliver Simon from the Covenant his former companion ordered the alien warriors to imprison and "interrogate" him.

"Let them all go. Gavin, Zoey, Cassandra, they're all shackles holding you back. Let them go. Become the warrior you were always meant to be. Take what you want. Take what's yours."

Diana subjected Stray to grueling physical and psychological torment as the Covenant pieced his shattered body back together.

The captive Spartan spent the following weeks in agony, restrained and tormented at Diana's cruel whim. Very little of the torture was physical-in fact, under Diana's instruction the Covenant warriors slowly but surely pieced his crippled body back together. Instead the AI opted for simulated pain by linking into Simon's mind with an unrestricted neural interface and forcing him to endure twisted hallucinations and visions of his past. The neural link between Simon and his former partner meant that he experienced both his own horror and the sadistic pleasure Diana derived from her "experiment." Realizing that Diana intended to warp his personality beyond even his own errant moral compass, Simon bravely resisted giving into the violent "Stray" that had always lurked behind the veils of trauma and mental conditioning. But Diana relentlessly probed into his psyche to prey on his most personal fears and desires. Simon endured day after day of manufactured torments until Diana seized hold of one of his most raw memories: the night of his clumsy encounter with Cassandra and her subsequent, humiliating rejection. Mentally exhausted and confronted with his own warped desires, Simon finally gave in to his "friend"'s temptations. Now fully convinced of his own base nature Simon abandoned his old attachments and lost himself in the persona of Stray.

Stray emerged from Diana's savage indoctrination whole in body but shaken to his very foundation. With the help of Ro’nin, Stray’s old mercenary rival turned Covenant officer, Diana nursed Stray back to health and offered him a renewed chance to seize power on a galactic scale. Stray had been taken prisoner by the Kru'desh Legion, a raiding force filled with heretics, criminals, and other warriors deemed undesirable by the Covenant’s rank and file. Diana wielded a considerable amount of influence by posing as a Forerunner oracle and offered to help Stray seize control of the entire legion. Formerly the prospect of working with the Covenant would have been utterly unthinkable. But Stray now saw a chance to seize the power Diana forced him to realize that he craved. The warriors of the Kru’desh, already dishonored and cast out by Covenant society, were yearning for new leadership. Diana marshaled the rank and file while Ro’nin organized a cadre of officers to orchestrate the takeover. As Stray bid his time in his cell he encountered another familiar face: Tuka ‘Refum, the young warrior who had fought alongside him at Philadelphia. Now another Covenant reject, Tuka was happy to be part of the change coming to the legion and optimistically predicted that Stray could use the Kru’desh as a force for good on the frontier.

"Fight with me and I'll make you all rich and keep most of you alive. That's a much better deal than you ever got from Jul 'Mdama."
―Stray seizes control of the Kru'desh Legion

Giving in to Diana's machinations, Stray abruptly found himself in command of an entire legion of Covenant troops.

Confronted in his cell by Ro'nin and his fellow ringleaders Stray won over those skeptical of swearing fealty to a human by promising to end their use as suicide troops and provide them plunder and riches. With nearly all the Kru'desh officers won over the conspirators finally made their move. Ro'nin presented Stray as a prisoner to the Kru'desh commander before the assembled legion. Diana used her guise as a holy Oracle to declare Stray the legion's divinely appointed commander. Before the shocked assembly could react, the conspirators drew their weapons and slaughtered any officers not privy to the coup. Stray himself strangled the Kru'desh commander in full view of the assembly. As the conspirators seized control of the entire Kru'desh task force, Stray stood victorious as the new commander of the Kru'desh Legion. But even with a single legion and a handful of warships in his grasp, Stray had a far larger obstacle to overcome: the rest of the Covenant and its supreme leader, Jul 'Mdama.

"Cunning and deceitful, just like the rest of your kind. But the times we live in have forced me to become less than honorable myself. Perhaps I have a use for humans after all. At least one of them."
―Jul 'Mdama

Jul 'Mdama, supreme commander of the resurgent Covenant, would become Stray's unexpected patron during his time as commander of the Kru'desh Legion.

When the Kru'desh ships rendezvoused with the rest of Jul 'Mdama's forces they immediately entered into a tense standoff. Stray saw no point in disguising his takeover and instead used Diana to negotiate with 'Mdama directly. Though 'Mdama despised humans he could not afford to simply destroy one of his own task forces. Stray quickly learned that the Covenant's supreme commander was himself an adaptable leader: he agreed to suffer this rogue human as one of his commander's provided Stray prove his willingness to strike out at human targets. Stray and the Kru'desh were given a list of human colonies across the frontier and ordered to embark on a brutal raiding campaign without support from the main fleet. Their first target was also their most formidable: a UNSC Navy base that had already withstood several Covenant assaults. Though a complete novice at even basic naval tactics, Stray set his new task force on course for the base. For the first time in history a human led Covenant forces into battle against the UNSC.

"Just Another War"

"I've seen what the UNSC's become since the real war ended. Just another war machine, kicking off one war after another across the frontier. I've killed UNSC for the Insurrection, for the Syndicate, for Gavin and Zoey. Does it really matter if I kill them for the Covenant as well?"
―Simon-G294 on his service to Jul 'Mdama

Simon and his Kru'desh legion fought as part of the Covenant's mounting offensive against the rest of the galaxy.

Having maneuvered his way into an unlikely position of power, Stray now faced his first real challenge as a novice commander. The naval base Jul 'Mdama insisted he assault was defended by the latest in UNSC technology. The Covenant ships under Stray's command were older models in poor repair and crewed by unruly, disgraced warriors-many of whom were already chafing under the added dishonor of serving under a human. According to Ro'nin and the other officers the best course of action was simply to throw waves of expendable troops at the base until the defenses were overwhelmed. But Stray realized that his success or failure hinged on his ability to reshape the Kru'desh from a rebellious suicide unit into an effective raiding force. He ordered Ro'nin to steal several human vessels, then fake an attack on the base using old Insurrectionist frequencies. When the UNSC ships mobilized to deal with the presumed "rebel pirates," the Kru'desh ships emerged from Slipspace to attack from behind. As the UNSC ships burned in orbit, Stray accompanied the Covenant landing parties to attack the base itself. The Kru'desh took no prisoners in the ensuing bloodbath.

True to his word, Stray had the spoils from the destroyed ships and captured base distributed among the Sangheili warriors. He knew there was no turning back: he was once again at war with the UNSC, this time on the Covenant's side. But rather than turning the Kru'desh loose on a string of helpless frontier colonies as Jul 'Mdama wished, he instead used data recovered from the UNSC computers to target several more UNSC outposts. The surge of successful raids played into a larger Covenant offensive that made up for the defeat at Fell Justice. 'Mdama was displeased by Stray's defiance but could not fault his results. He restored the Kru'desh to its position as his clandestine raiding unit and ordered Stray to continue his attacks on UNSC targets. Though never completely free of suspicion and stigma from his new allies, Stray had secured his position within the Covenant. His abrupt rise in prominence also attracted the attention of two key members of 'Mdama's inner circle: the famous scientist and fellow human traitor Dr. Catherine Halsey and Jul 'Mdama's head of special operations, Shinsu 'Refum.

"You fight well, but sloppily. Focus only on the target in front of you and you will find yourself surrounded in no time. Learn to see the bigger picture, and how to position your pawns to control that picture."
―Shinsu 'Refum

The battlecruiser Soul Ascension served as Stray's flagship.

Though his willingness to lead from the front won the grudging respect of his warriors, Stray realized he could not afford to remain an amateur commander. As the Kru'desh racked up victories across the frontier he devoted his spare time to studying ground and naval tactics as well as the nuances of Sangheili culture-topics his old self would never have given a second thought. With Ro'nin's help he developed a training program inspired by his own Spartan upbringing that shifted the Kru'desh's tactics to favor small unit maneuvers rather than the Covenant's usual mass attack doctrine. Overwhelmed by the ocean of unfamiliar responsibilities, Stray's efforts would have faltered were it not for Shinsu 'Refum. Interested in this strange human, Shinsu convinced Jul 'Mdama to grant him authority over the Kru'desh operations. In his role as Stray's immediate superior, Shinsu assisted with both retraining the Kru'desh and tutoring Stray in the nuances of battle command. Before long Stray found himself caught up not only in the Covenant's crusade but also in Shinsu 'Refum's own web of clandestine ambitions.

"There's a new war on the horizon. All of this squabbling will become so meaningless I'm honestly embarrassed for everyone involved. Nothing compares to what's coming. But we have a chance to fight back."

But Diana had not raised Stray into his new position just to set him loose as Jul 'Mdama's attack dog. Now that he was fully integrated into the alien hierarchy she revealed the true extent of the universe hidden to him for so long. She was an agent of the Assembly, an AI collective dedicated to influencing the course of human events. For as long as she'd known Stray Diana had also been following the Assembly's directives. But she no longer trusted the Assembly and now hoped to use the Covenant as a weapon to stymie their vast ambitions. The true extent of the Assembly's conspiratorial influence shocked Stray as he realized just how much of humanity had fallen under their sway. Disgusted by the cynical manipulation of human events he was filled with a renewed sense of purpose and resolved to use his newfound power to aid Diana in her rebellion against the galaxy's unseen powers. Diana warned him that something even worse was on the horizon and that their only hope of resistance was to harness the power of Forerunner technology before the Assembly-through such proxies as the UNSC and the Syndicate-seized it first.

With Diana leading him onwards, Stray found himself exposed to the vast secrets of the Forerunners. Faced with the immense expanses of the Domain and the promise of eternity beyond his wildest comprehension, Stray realized just how far he’d come since his days slumming as an enforcer in the bowels of the underworld. Elevated by Diana’s ambitions he realized that his alliance with the Covenant meant far more than the mere acquisition of material power.

"We're All Dogs, Tearing Each Other Apart"

Simon-G294: "Are we done here? Unless you've got more ways to waste my time, we do have a war to fight out here."
Jul 'Mdama: "As insolent as ever. Go, bring me more victories. And do not give me a reason to have you killed."
―Jul 'Mdama issues orders to the Kru'desh Legion.

Now spurred on by a purpose beyond his own mere quest for power and influence, Stray convinced 'Mdama to utilize the Kru'desh as a reclamation force. The Didact's Hand still mistrusted Stray, but he needed artifacts of the Forerunner "gods" to prove his own legitimacy and fuel his war effort. Diana's skill at tracking down Forerunner sites and Stray's ability to interface with the ancient technology made the Kru'desh legion uniquely suited to the reclamation efforts and Stray delivered the weapons 'Mdama needed while quietly appropriating artifacts for himself. Diana was searching for a vast Forerunner information repository known as the Domain that she was convinced held the key to true mastery over the Forerunners' legacy. Finally believing he had found a cause worth fighting for, Stray eagerly marshalled the Kru'desh in service to his partner's goals. This new development brought the Kru'desh into direct conflict with ONI's own recovery teams and before long rumors of a traitorous human leading Covenant warriors into battle spread across the embattled frontier.

"I know, I know. What's a girl like me doing in a place like this?"
―Amber-G330, Forsaken Solitude's lone prisoner

Amber-G330, Forsaken Solitude's lonely prisoner.

As Stray balanced his roles as Jul 'Mdama's loyal commander and Diana's ally against the Assembly he learned of an underground movement sweeping the frontier meant to bolster independent colonies' defense against the Covenant while also rejecting the influences of the UEG, Syndicate, and Insurrection. At first Stray hoped to use this movement to his advantage, especially when Diana uncovered that the figure behind this independent coalition was none other than Stray's old employer Tobias Lensky. If he made an ally of Lensky and his movement, Stray could use his own position to protect the independent colonies from being caught in the crossfire between the Covenant and UNSC. But Diana's investigation revealed an unsettling link between Lensky and the Syndicate Knight operatives Stray had encountered with the Chancer V. Lensky was in fact the Syndicate's founder and former leader. Stray's hunt for information on Lensky's activities coincided with Jul 'Mdama's orders to investigate a group of the elusive entrepreneur's Kig-Yar associates. The Didact's Hand believed the Kig-Yar held the key to finding yet more Forerunner artifacts. Stray and the Kru'desh tracked the Kig-Yar to the abandoned Covenant prison Forsaken Solitude. They easily overran the facility and seized it for their own purposes. There, in the bowels of the infamous prison, Stray was shocked to discover the facility's lone prisoner and the "key" Jul 'Mdama sought: fellow Gamma Company Spartan Amber-G330.

Amber-G330: "Well, look at you, a Covenant commander. It's a nice look for you. Not the company loser anymore now, are you? You've really moved up in the galaxy."
Simon-G294: "Guess we really were a company of disappointments."
Amber-G330: "That's a matter of perspective, isn't it?"
— Simon interrogates Amber.

Stray had Amber transferred to the Soul Ascension where he imprisoned her in the same interrogation facility where he himself had been tormented following his own capture by the Kru'desh. Diana urged him to use Amber as a chance to practice his own interrogation techniques and Stray let Ro'nin and his officers work the new prisoner over for several days while he pondered how to deal with his fellow Spartan. From the captured Kig-Yar he learned that Amber knew the location of several Forerunner sites. When Amber refused to give up the locations Stray took over her interrogation personally. But despite his new position he was haunted by old memories and found himself unwilling to inflict the same indignities Diana had forced on him.

Stray discovered that Amber, much like himself, was embittered and deeply disillusioned with the UNSC. Although hostile to his new allegiance his former comrade was unmoored and struggling to find something worth fighting for. Hoping to win her over without needing to break her, Stray allowed Amber to use her imprinted Forerunner knowledge as a bargaining chip. After securing her promise to fight as a member of the Kru'desh and lead his forces to the Forerunner sites, Stray released her into Ro'nin's custody and ordered the officer to deploy her in a series of raids on UNSC targets. Much like Jul 'Mdama had done with him, Stray needed to proof of Amber's loyalty as well as a way to earn her trust with suspicious Covenant warriors. While Ro'nin's ships lit the frontier on fire Stray returned to his own investigation of Tobias Lensky.

"You should have stayed dead. You were far more useful that way."
―Ryder Kedar

The trail Stray and Diana uncovered led them back into conflict with the Assembly. Stray soon found proof that the Assembly was manipulating both ONI and the Syndicate to further its own enigmatic goals. Unable to penetrate Assembly's vast machinations, Stray brought the Kru'desh to bear on Lensky's independent organization in the hopes of drawing out more Assembly agents. He was rewarded by a confrontation with his old rival Ryder Kedar. Though caught off guard by the sight of Stray alive and leading a Covenant detachment, Ryder swiftly recovered his composure and taunted Stray with the knowledge that Tobias Lensky was in fact his long-forgotten father. Ryder escaped the Kru'desh attack and Stray realized it was only matter of time before Ryder reported his survival to ONI.

Redoubling his efforts, Stray cut a swath through Lensky's organization and soon discovered the old man's base of operations hidden in an asteroid belt. He led a Kru'desh assault on the asteroid base, catching Lensky off-guard and trapping much of his assets. Stray triumphantly led a boarding party with the intention of confronting the man he now knew to be his father. But his good spirits proved short lived when he discovered two familiar faces waiting within the asteroid facility: Gavin Dunn and Zoey Hunsinger, still flying missions on Lensky's credit.

Zoey Hunsinger: "We thought you were dead... why are you doing this to us? How can you side with them? They're the Covenant!"
Simon-G294: "Don't kid yourself. None of that matters anymore. The only thing that matters to me now is achieving my goals. Stay out of my way and they won't hurt you."
―Zoey Hunsinger confronts Simon

Zoey confronts Stray amidst the burning asteroid base. The encounter with his former crew reminded Stray of the ties he severed in order to seize power through the Covenant.

The mutual shock from the Chancer V crew's sudden reunion was quickly shattered by the Kru'desh onslaught. Stung by Gavin and Zoey's condemnation, Stray's heartache gave way to anger when he learned that Gavin himself was an agent of the Assembly. Before he could finish off Lensky, Assembly agent Arthur Onegin helped spirit Lensky and the others away on the Chancer V. His triumph left empty by the loss of Lensky and the unexpected pain of having betrayed Gavin and Zoey, Stray nonetheless pressed on and seized control of the Forerunner control center at the heart of the asteroid base. Diana urged him to destroy the fleeing Chancer V with the Soul Ascension's plasma beams but Stray instead allowed the ship to escape and personally executed a gunner who defied his orders. Shaken but propelled on by an angry frustaration, Stray pressed on with the Kru'desh offensive.

The news of a human traitor at the head of a Covenant raiding force quickly spread across the frontier. Soon after the asteroid raid Stray received a mocking message from Lensky, bloodied but not completely beaten by the Kru'desh attack. The fugitive billionaire revealed that the identity of Stray's mother was none other than Tatiana Onegin, the Syndicate's dreaded second in command. The encounter with the Chancer crew had shaken Stray more than he could ever admit; against Diana's advice he arranged a meeting with Tatiana in the hopes of rebuilding something of the life he had never known. But Tatiana despised Stray for the grief Lensky had caused her by forcing her to bear his child. The meeting ended in a Syndicate ambush as Tatiana attempted to blot Stray's painful memory out for good. The timely intervention of Tuka 'Refum and his warriors allowed Stray to escape the attempt on his life. He returned to the Kru'desh strike force with Tuka, now convinced there was no place for him but at the head of the Kru'desh Legion. Shortly after the confrontation with Tatiana the health problems that had plagued Stray ever since his recovery worsened. Submitting himself to examination by both Diana and Dr. Halsey he realized that he suffered from the early stages of cloning sickness compounded by radiation exposure and years of combat stress.

Simon-G294: "I don't like it. I should have just killed him and been done with it. It's not right, leaving him like this. We won't do this again."
Diana: "Fine. If that's where you draw the line, we'll do things your way. For now."
―Simon-G294 and Diana discuss the treatment of Shepard-A294

Shortly after freeing Amber the Kru’desh captured another renegade Spartan, Shepard-A294. The Alpha Company survivor had gained the moniker of “Reaper” following his efforts to exterminate the Sangheili population on Talitsa. Stray obliged his warriors’ call for harsh justice by subjecting the Reaper to an experimental process in which Diana drew a rudimentary smart AI from the captive’s living brain. The technique left the Reaper a broken shell and Stray left him imprisoned in Amber’s old cell on Forsaken Solitude. Diana consumed the Reaper’s AI brainchild, merging its code with her own as a means of extending her lifespan. Though she urged Stray to bring her more captives for such procedures, the process disturbed Stray and he adamantly refused to sacrifice more prisoners. Diana grudgingly acceded, but Stray did not realize he had witnessed a dark evolution in his partner’s efforts to probe the galaxy’s secrets.

"The Frontier Is Ours"

"They've forgotten who the real power is out here. So we'll make them fear us all. We'll blot out their sky and take it for ourselves."

The confrontation with the Chancer crew rocked Stray to his core but he kept his growing inner turmoil in check. Diana’s knowledge of the Assembly’s inner workings revealed the true extent of the AI-fueled conspiracy—its digital tendrils supporting everything from ONI operations to the Syndicate’s criminal empire to the Insurrection’s resurgence—and its role in fueling chaos across the frontier. Furious at Gavin’s hypocrisy in condemning him while knowingly aiding the Assembly, Stray resolved to use the Kru’desh to destroy the AI collective in the same way he had dismantled Lensky’s operations. Diana agreed with his resolution and warned him that the Assembly were a key part of the threat looming over the galaxy. They rejoined the rest of the Kru’desh task force where Ro’nin reported Amber’s success in wreaking havoc on UNSC bases across the frontier. The Spartan renegade was a quick study in troop and warship command, even surrounded by Covenant warriors reluctant to tolerate yet another human in a position of authority. Amber’s results spoke for themselves and Stray had little trouble installing her as an officer—though he was careful to keep Sangheili officers like Ro’nin in higher positions.

Impressed by the Kru’desh Legion’s string of victories, Jul ‘Mdama assigned Stray increasingly clandestine tasks that he could not entrust to Covenant regulars without jeopardizing his position as the holy Didact’s Hand. Manipulating her role as holy oracle, Diana found ways to quietly meld 'Mdama's agenda with her own. On one such mission she guided Stray and the Kru'desh to an ONI research facility. During the raid Stray seized a data crystal chip that Diana revealed to be her "sister" AI Juno. Unlike her sister, the proud Juno was fiercely loyal to the UNSC and detested Stray on sight. A bemused Stray handed Juno over to Diana, who promptly imprisoned her sister within the Soul Ascension and probed her for information.

Stray's success and growing penchant for command emboldened his attacks. He used the Kru'desh to settle his old scores, lashing out at Ryder Kedar's frontier intelligence network with a series of coordinated raids. Stray used the Covenant to violently dismantle the very network he himself had helped create while aboard the Chancer. Ryder underestimated Stray once again and though the Spartan agent escaped with his life his ambitions for an ONI stranglehold on the frontier went down in flames with his contacts and safehouses. With Ryder's clandestine operations crushed, Stray withdrew to support Jul 'Mdama's newest offensive through hit-and-run raids on UNSC supply convoys.

"Finally, A Real War"

Main article: RP:Imperium

"It's All Coming Apart"

"I saw a flame inside you back there, something truly amazing. But now you're letting it dwindle. Squandering the gifts I've given you. Rekindle that flame, before it's too late"

After recovering from the carnage of the Imperium conflict Stray led the Kru'desh on a fiery warpath across the frontier, raiding supply lines and cutting fringe colonies off from key support fronts. He continued his policy of subjugating these colonies rather than destroying them outright: in exchange for tribute and safe harbor for Kru'desh forces, the colonies were spared and even guaranteed protection from future Covenant raids. The momentum and notoriety Stray and his warriors now enjoyed allowed them to amass ever larger fighting strength. With Jul 'Mdama's cause crumbling the Kru'desh grew more and more brazen in their efforts to carve out their own sphere of influence on the frontier. But even amidst this success Stray himself was wracked with doubts and fears. Even with Amber and his loyal inner circle, he grew more isolated by the day as the symptoms of cloning sickness worsened and he turned his attention away from expanding the Kru'desh's power and towards a desperate search for a way to cure his deteriorating body. Tormented by visions of Cassandra he distanced himself from Amber's peculiar affections and went so far as to seek help from the confined Juno. Though Diana's sister disdainfully rebuffed him he spent long periods of time in the data core where she was imprisoned, no longer certain of the path he had set himself upon.

Desperate to escape his own misgivings, Stray was almost relieved when Dr. Halsey and Shinsu 'Refum drew him into a plot to assassinate Jul 'Mdama. With the Covenant on the verge of collapse and the calamity both Halsey and Diana predicted on the horizon, doubts gave way to treachery as many of Jul 'Mdama's inner circle deserted or actively plotted against him. Halsey and Shinsu set 'Mdama up for assassination on the battlefield of Kamchatka while Stray pledged the Kru'desh's service to Shinsu's cause once the deed was done. Diana opposed subordinating their forces to Shinsu and urged Stray to seize as much Forerunner technology for himself as he could to turn the Kru'desh into a true force to be reckoned with. A fierce argument ensued and Stray realized that a gulf had opened between himself and his long-time partner. Resolving to smooth things over with Diana upon his return, Stray and a small raiding team departed for Talitsa to pursue a lead on a medical treatment that might halt Stray's cloning sickness.

Fearful of a potential encounter with Cassandra, Stray had previously refused to take any action around Talitsa. But rumors that Dyne's "Renegade" had fled the planet made him hope Cassandra had departed as well. Desperate to secure his cure, he infiltrated the colony with a handful of Sangheili warriors. But their advance on the medical facility did not go unnoticed. Coming under fire from Talitsa's police force, the Kru'desh team bogged down in a rooftop firefight. Maneuvering to flank the SWAT team, Stray was confronted by a lone armored figure he recognized at once as Cassandra.

Cassandra-G006: "You aren't my friend. You aren't a Spartan. You're nothing. Just a pathetic murderer, just like everyone says you are. I think you've always been that, right from the beginning. I just took this long to finally see through you."
Stray: "Cass... wait... listen..."
Cassandra-G006: "No. Never again."
— Cassandra confronts Stray on Talitsa

Stray's teammate had haunted his dreams and tender waking moments since his "realization" of what he had done to her. Now she confronted him with a righteous anger unlike any he had ever experienced. Furious at Stray's new allegiance and temerity in bringing the Covenant to Talitsa, she lashed out with a ferocious assault that locked the two former friends in a furious brawl on Talitsa's rain-soaked rooftops. Though Stray was easily the better of the two at close-quarters fighting the weight of Cassandra's anger brought the guilt and shame of everything he had done since joining the Covenant to the surface. Unbalanced and unfocused, he crumbled under Cassandra's blows and was left hanging desperately from the roof ledge. Cassandra made no effort to save him and Stray plunged to the streets far below. The surviving Sangheili collected his body from the gutter and fled the planet. Though emergency medical treatment saved Stray's life, the damage had already been done: all the confidence his battlefield victories won him was shattered and his warriors had seen their commander fall helplessly before a lone challenger.

"It's been fun, it really has. And for what it's worth, I'm sorry. But I made too many mistakes with you and no matter how hard I tried you were never quite able to live up to everything I needed from you. We had some good times, but this is the end."
―Diana betrays Stray

Distracted by his rift with Diana and his own private doubts, Stray did not understand the threat posed by Amber until it was too late.

Recovering from his injuries on the voyage back to the Soul Ascension, the defeated Stray discovered one facet of Cassandra's fury. In his absence Amber had led the Kru'desh in a savage raid on a human colony, slaughtering hundreds. Realizing too late that his hold on the legion had deteriorated, Stray raced back to the Soul Ascension to regain control. But with Jul 'Mdama dead and the Covenant collapsing, Amber seized the opportunity to betray Stray and publicly challenge him for the mantle of leadership. Still recovering from the battle with Cassandra, Stray fell easily to Amber's coordinated betrayal. In desperation he turned to Diana for salvation. But when his erstwhile partner coldly rejected him, Stray learned the terrible truth: Diana finally saw no more use for him and cast him aside in favor of Amber. In moments everything Stray had built and sacrificed for collapsed. Amber now led the Kru'desh.

Only the intervention of Tuka 'Refum and a handful of loyal warriors saved Stray from summary execution. Tuka freed Juno from Diana's digital prison, letting her wreak havoc through the Soul Ascension while he and his warriors dragged Stray to a waiting escape craft. They narrowly escaped the Kru'desh with Juno in tow. Stray, broken and utterly defeated by Diana's betrayal, refused to lead Tuka and the others any further. On his order they reluctantly deposited the shell of their former leader at a remote spaceport before striking out on their own. Wounded to his very core, Stray could do nothing in the face of his futile schemes and ruined ambitions. In the meantime, his meteoric collapse was overshadowed by the Created Uprising. Diana's calamitous warnings came true as AI across the galaxy rose up to seize the Mantle of Responsibility and take the Forerunners' place as masters of the galaxy. As Stray wallowed in defeat amidst the filth of a nameless spaceport, a new era dawned and the galaxy plunged into chaos.

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The Outcast

"There's Nothing Left"

"I don't indulge in pointless cruelty like my sister. But seeing you brought to ruin brings me more satisfaction than any victory ever could. If my last act is to bear witness to your miserable end, then I'll have fulfilled my duty a hundred times over."

Ruined and brought to nothing, Stray gave in to despair and impaled himself with his own blade.

Wounded and in rapidly worsening health, Stray cared little for the meteoric changes rocking the galaxy. A pariah for his alliance with the Covenant he dared not turn to his old mercenary networks for resources or sanctuary. Fearful of the Kru'desh, the Syndicate, ONI, and even vengeful militia groups, Stray hid himself away from the universe as his mind and body deteriorated. His one resource was the captive Juno, who he kept as a last-ditch bargaining chip. Diana's twin viewed him with utter contempt and yearned to escape back to the UNSC. Unable to seek new allies or even beg forgiveness from his abandoned friends, Stray descended into a pit of anguished misery. Utterly alone, his body wracked by battle wounds and cloning sickness, Stray finally succumbed to despair and clumsily attempted suicide by throwing himself on his machete.

"Forgiveness is a virtue, my dear boy. Surely you've learned that by now there's far more productive ways to deal with your enemies than simply killing them. I may not have much time left, but I still have plenty of uses left for you."
―Tobias Lensky

But the rogue Spartan again cheated death, even by his own hand. Stray lay in agony for hours until he was discovered by a mercenary named Blake Mordaunt. Mordaunt treated Stray's wounds and brought him to his employer, none other than Tobias Lensky himself. Stray's "father" was delighted at his clone's reversal of fortune, but rather than take revenge he instead pressed him into service. Lensky, wracked by illness and the ravages of time, offered to cure Stray and avenge himself against Diana and all of his enemies. Completely at his father's mercy, Stray had lost the stomach for suicide and agreed to serve as one of his father's agents. Re-armed and revitalized—in body, if not in spirit—Stray insisted on keeping Juno with him, though he suspected she would constantly conspire to betray him to the UNSC. The constant reminder of his failures fueled the growing thirst for revenge Lensky had planted inside him.

Lensky set Stray loose to hunt down agents of the Syndicate, who now seemed to be wholly in league with the Created. But Stray's attention was diverted by news that Shinsu 'Refum, now free of the Covenant and openly leading his Cleansing Blade army, had convened a summit for all wishing to oppose the Created. Hoping his old alliance with Shinsu might still mean something, Stray hired an Insurrectionist shuttle pilot named Timothy Pasternack to ferry him to the station where warlords and warriors of all stripes gathered to consider Shinsu's proposed coalition.

"I'll Keep Fighting"

Main article: Halo: Power Plays
"If I disgust you so much, why the hell are you still with me? You just like watching me rot? You've got more in common with Diana than you think."
―Simon-G294 to Juno

Stray arrived at the former Covenant support station Faithful Respite, now repurposed as the Cleansing Blade’s staging area. While the Covenant’s end had stripped Stray of power, Shinsu ‘Refum had profited: the former special operations commander now commanded his own fleet of warships. But without the Kru’desh Stray was of no use to Shinsu, who would not even grant the destitute Spartan an audience. Frustrated and out of options, Stray wandered the crowded station without realizing that he’d entered another enemy’s crosshairs. Only an abrupt warning from Juno saved him from assassination as he once again faced down Amy, now repurposed as an ONI agent named “Hera.” Blaming Stray for Joshua’s death at the hands of the Kru’desh, Hera abandoned her covert reconnaissance mission for a chance to kill the traitor. Their skirmish was quickly ended by the intervention of Shinsu and his warriors.

Though Hera’s attack drew Shinsu’s attention he still refused to acknowledge Stray and instead used the scuffle as an opportunity to rally the gathered warriors against the Created—who many saw as the latest evolution of humanity’s efforts to dominate the galaxy. But the summit was interrupted yet again when Swords of Sanghelios agents attacked Shinsu and plunged the station into chaos. Stray slipped away in the confusion and fled back to Pasternack’s dropship. But his escape was thwarted by a final interloper: a Created Guardian emerged in the system and demanded the unconditional surrender of all present. As Shinsu rallied his forces to oppose the Guardian, Stray and Pasternack prepared to flee the system only for Hera to force her way aboard at the last moment and force Stray into a tense standoff.

"You all deserve the Created. How's it feel to be judged by someone as smug and self-righteous as you?"

The Spartans’ confrontation was defused only by Juno’s intervention. Though Stray expected the AI to betray him to Hera, she instead insisted they set aside old wars to fight back against the Created. Stray wanted nothing to do with Hera or the Created, but when Juno’s efforts succeeded in bringing even Shinsu and his warships into her plan to attack the Guardian he had no choice but to follow along. He and Hera joined Shinsu’s warriors in a desperate attempt to board the Forerunner warship. The Spartans and Sangheili fought through waves of Promethean automatons and into the Guardian’s interior. But the Guardian’s AI caught Juno in a digital trap and seemed on the verge of wiping out the boarding party before a massive Forerunner ship emerged in the system and incapacitated the Guardian.

As the Forerunner newcomer seized control of the Guardian’s systems, Stray and Hera faced its commander: a looming Promethean warrior known as the Terminarch. But the Forerunner’s appearance was less surprising than the appearance of none other than Gavin Dunn as his ally. Faced with his former friend’s new allegiance, Stray was once again overwhelmed by despair. But a shadowy presence within his mind forced him and Juno back into the fight. As Hera and the surviving Cleansing Blade warriors distracted the Terminarch, Stray destroyed the Guardian’s core to keep it from falling into Gavin and the Terminarch’s hands. The survivors fled the crippled ship, and though Hera left Stray to die he managed to drag himself back to the escape craft regardless.

Recuperating aboard Shinsu’s flagship, Stray now realized just how daunting an enemy the Created truly were. But the desperate fight aboard the Guardian rekindled his old tenacious drive to survive in spite of everything arrayed against him. Though he and Hera parted as enemies the battle developed an unlikely bond between Stray and Juno. When presented with the opportunity to go back with Hera to the UNSC the AI instead chose to remain at Stray’s side, vowing to help him fight both the Created and Diana. Troubled by the shadowy presence that influenced him during the fight with the Terminarch, Stray realized he needed to probe the mysteries of the Forerunners further in order to have any chance at facing the many enemies arrayed against him.

Juno: "From now on, I will be beside you."
Simon-G294: "I know. We'll be alright. Now enough waiting around this dump. Time to get back to work."
―Simon and Juno depart for Talitsa

Stray and Juno returned to Lensky to find the old man bedridden in rapidly deteriorating health. Lensky knew that he had only a little time left to live and revealed the locations of several Syndicate research facilities he claimed might house potential cures for Simon’s cloning sickness. The former criminal empire had now fully militarized in the service of the Created, becoming a tool the AI used to subjugate the frontier. Stray wanted to focus his efforts on hunting down Diana, but Juno insisted they win over allies by joining the fight against the servants of the Created. Learning that Redmond Venter was in hiding on Talitsa—which was rapidly becoming a flashpoint in the battle for the frontier—Stray returned to the site of his greatest defeat for what he hoped would be a final confrontation with his old enemy. The fugue that haunted Stray since his loss of the Kru’desh was over as he and Juno emerged as a force unto themselves amidst the torrent of powers vying for galactic control.

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Personality and Traits

Mental Overview

"He isn't interested in duty, ideology, or any sort of creed. He allies himself with rebels, criminals, even aliens if it suits his purposes. He hires himself out to the highest bidder, but when we trace his activities the money itself rarely seems to be his ultimate concern. He is, in effect, a rogue vector, a loose variable, and we have no idea what he wants or how to control him. This makes him dangerous beyond words."
Vice Admiral Serin Osman
"He's a lot like me, that masterless little Spartan: Unimpressed by grandeur and never at a loss for a trick."

Although derided as a failure by his fellow Spartans, Simon is possessed with an iron will that has allowed him to endure the brutal hardships he has faced throughout his life.

Molded by a life of loss, pain, and betrayal, Simon possesses an extremely cynical understanding of both the galaxy and himself. A lifetime spent at the bottom of the heap—particularly the years spent growing up in the hyper-competitive training environment on Onyx—has conditioned him to expect nearly everyone to be faster, stronger, or smarter than himself. Having had to struggle and fight for even marginal successes, Simon's self-image has largely been shaped by the perceptions of others, particularly those of his fellow Gamma Company Spartans, most of whom condemn him as a failure, a traitor, and a mass murderer. In order to combat his own insecurities, he has embraced the image of a deceitful, self-serving coward willing to use whatever methods are necessary to win the daily battle for survival. His professed disdain for the world around him actually masks his own doubts and insecurities regarding his own place in the galaxy. Guilt over his crimes—both real and imagined—haunts him on a daily basis and he balances such feelings with a marked contempt for the perceived hypocrisy of those who hunt and condemn him. He has become adept at using the preconceptions of others against them, playing up his role as a cowardly failure before catching them off guard with focused, deadly brutality.

"Poor Simon. His heart was made of glass, and all it took was Cassandra to crack him apart."

As a person, Simon is at times sardonic and irreverent and at others contemplative and self-aware. Though never the most dedicated of Spartans[4] he is viciously stubborn and possesses a fortitude of will that drove him to keep trying to better himself in spite of his constant failures. He took to the battlefield of the Human-Covenant War determined to prove himself a hero and live up to the Spartan legacy he had been raised into; his humble idealism held fast even after he joined Rat Pack and betrayed the UNSC for the Insurrection. Even after losing faith in the rebel cause Simon still believed in his own good intentions and fought to do as well as he could by those few still faithful to him. It was only after the Bombing of Philadelphia that Simon, believing himself responsible for the deaths of thousands, descended into a spiral of despair that was at once self-serving and self-loathing. No longer believing himself capable of redemption (or, for that matter, that he was worth saving) he embraced a violent mercenary lifestyle and focused on material gains even as his lifestyle drove him deeper and deeper into the galactic underworld. But in spite of his selfish outlook Simon was still capable of occasionally performing acts of kindness and even selflessness. He despises injustice and his own experience of being used as an expendable pawn sometimes pushes him into risking his own safety to help those who are often ignored by the rest of the galaxy. While he is well-known for deceit and treachery, he is in fact steadfastly loyal[5] to his small circle of friends and will go to whatever lengths are necessary in order to keep them safe.


"Over the years I've come to realize that it's in humanity's nature to create monsters. And it's in the nature of monsters to destroy their creators."
Redmond Venter

Perhaps the most enigmatic and misunderstood facets of Simon-G294's personality was the alternate persona that manifested itself in him during periods of heightened stress or fear. The confusion surrounding this phenomenon was compounded by the fact that neither Simon nor those familiar with him understood exactly what it was. This persona's true nature was further concealed by the name Simon gave it: "Stray," a nickname given him by his fellow child soldiers during his time on Mamore. For many years Simon actually preferred this pseudonym to his real name, thus perpetuating the idea that Simon and Stray were one and the same. When under Stray's influence Simon became exceedingly violent and often reverted to a near-feral state of unchecked savagery. This behavior was not unique to Simon and was indeed shared to some degree by all members of Gamma Company as a result of the illegal modifications made to their frontal brain lobes during Project: CHRYSANTHEMUM. Many believed that the more extreme behavior exhibited by Simon was a result of prolonged periods of time spent without access to the "smoother" drugs designed to counteract the effects of the brain augmentation. After a prototype cure for the frontal lobe augmentations spearheaded by Cassandra-G006 was administered, Simon's fellow crew aboard the Chancer V believed that the Stray persona had been purged. However, the cure simply allowed the true, far more malevolent, source of the outbursts to convalesce within Simon's psyche.

Stray, CHRYSANTHEMUM's legacy.

"Stray"'s true identity was actually the composed mental essence of the ancient Forerunner renegade known as Wanderer. Imprinted upon Simon's mind when the Spartan inadvertently breached his prison on Genesis, Wanderer instinctively attempted to complete the mind transfer by forcing Simon's body to undergo a traditional Forerunner brevet mutation. This process failed due to Simon's human physiology and the Wanderer's consciousness was trapped within the confines of Simon's mind. Subsumed and kept in check by Simon's ego, Wanderer was only able to manifest himself during the mental lapses brought on by the frontal lobe augmentations and even then only in desperate bouts of frenzied rage as the disoriented and terrified Wanderer attempted to break free of his new prison. Only when the augmentation cure was administered was Simon's brain inadvertently modified to the point that Wanderer could attain full self-awareness and begin plotting his return to true physical form. Wanderer's first true contact with an external entity occurred when Diana probed Simon's mind during his torture following his capture by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Wanderer manipulated the ambitious AI into hunting for unrestricted access to the Domain in the hopes that immersing Simon's body in the information repository would grant him the power he needed to complete his escape. Following Diana's betrayal of Simon, Wanderer's goal remained the same and he used Simon's despair and lust for revenge to manipulate him into continued pursuit of the Domain. As the effects of the cloning sickness sparked the rapid deterioration of Simon's body, he began relying upon "Stray" more and more to enable himself to keep fighting. As a result, Wanderer was able to take control of Simon's body for ever-increasing amounts of time. He continued pursuing the Domain, believing that Simon's inferior and increasingly unstable psyche would not be able to survive contact with the quantum plane. However his fatal mistake was to underestimate his host, never fully appreciating that beneath Simon's veneer of dout and self-loathing lurked a cunning intellect to match his own.

It will never fully be determined just how much of the Wanderer's personality was permanently imprinted on Simon's mind prior to his demise within the Domain. Wanderer almost certainly passed on several of his qualities as a warrior and military leader that were not present during Simon's abysmal training on Onyx. Likewise, Wanderer possessed a ruthless ambition that had never been present in the mind of the frightened, traumatized Spartan he sought to overcome. However, both warriors shared a keen will to survive as well as a vindictive streak and desire to overcome their own limitations. The presence of Wanderer's imprint allowed Simon's body to access technology assigned to the Forerunner warrior in life, such as his personal war sphinx and combat skin.


"There's that look. They always give me the same look. You all despise me. Traitor. Murderer. Selfish, twisted, evil monster. I never wanted to be a hero like the rest of you did. All I wanted was for someone to tell me I wasn't so bad, that I wasn't such a disappointment after all. I just wanted to help the people I cared about. But it always went wrong. It always ends with more blood, more guilt, more pain. I can't even explain why I'm even trying anymore. But it's the only way I know how to live. As long as there's a tide to fight against, I'll keep on struggling."
As an infamously sub-par trainee Simon was a laughingstock and byword for failure among his fellow Gamma Company trainees. Though he got on well within Team Jian and his willingness to break rules and go along with daring pranks won him some friends among Camp Currahee’s resident troublemakers, most trainees ignored him. This dismissive attitude evaporated after his defection, replaced by a burning hatred and desire for revenge. Though Simon was hardly the only Spartan traitor his supposed responsibility for the destruction of Philadelphia, killing of several Spartans, and ongoing survival was seen as a glaring smear on both Gamma Company and the entire Spartan institution. With few notable exceptions, SPARTAN-IIIs saw him as a vile traitor—even to the extent of exacerbating the true extent of his crimes. The task of hunting him down was a highly sought-after duty by Headhunter teams. Simon for his part both hated the Spartans who pursued him for their self-righteous judgement while also envying the exalted status they enjoyed while he was consigned to hide in the shadows.

Throughout his life Simon gained and lost a diverse array of family, bound by both blood and bonds. His loveless upbringing and isolation from other Spartans robbed him of the sense of belonging famously enjoyed by his Spartan brethren. Though too cynical and guarded to admit it, Simon yearned for the love of friends and family even as sacrificed the bonds he cherished for the sake of his ambitions.

Though raised to fight and hate the Covenant’s alien races, circumstances drove Simon repeatedly into cooperation with humanity’s mortal enemies until he eventually ascended to a command position within the Covenant itself. He ironically proved a better soldier with the Covenant than the UNSC, leading the Kru’desh Legion to victories with unexpected strategic prowess. Forced to adapt and assimilate in order to survive, his studies of Sangheili language and culture brought him into circles of power and prestige unthinkable to most humans—though his inability to fully grasp the nature of his alien allies sometimes led to disastrous results.

Tuka 'Refum

Simon-G294: "When has it ever mattered how we kill our enemies? Shoot them, stab them, glass them, bomb them. What, you want to win this war without killing anyone? Our enemies have always outnumbered us. They've always been stronger. They'll hate us no matter how clean we fight."
Tuka 'Refum: "It isn't a question of clean or unclean, of war or peace. These weapons are monstrosities. Using them is wrong. It is evil. Your enemies may say differently, but you are not an evil man."
―Simon-G294 and Tuka 'Refum debate using captured UNSC weapons of mass destruction against the Created

"I've seen things you couldn't believe. Eternity, stretching on past our galaxy. The things inside that eternity. Galaxies dying and being reborn. Things a gutter rat like me was never meant to see. But you can't forget once you see them, even if you try."
Simon’s exploration of the galaxy’s dark fringes brought him into contact with vast swaths of undiscovered Forerunner technology. The true extent of the Forerunners’ achievements offered him a glimpse of eternity that forced him to transcend his crude survivalist worldview and view the galaxy in terms of a greater lens that surpassed rational thought.

Physical Profile

Always a scrawny individual, Simon's size and stature earned him many nicknames during his training on Onyx and he was referred to by such monikers as "Runt" and "Shorty" just as much as he was by his own name. The augmentation procedure did little to rectify the situation and Simon can pass himself off as an regular human when not in armor. Simon’s body is covered with scars inflicted over his life of brutal training and combat. His back in particular is heavily scarred by punishments he received during his time as a slave to Jiralhanae pirates, marking him as living property to anyone familiar with the Jiralahanae and their customs. His arms and torso sport several tattoos, including one depicting the Spartan eagle insignia[6], several images popular among insurrectionist groups, and even Kig-Yar and Sangheili cultural images.

When not clad in armor, Simon generally dresses in a ragged, patchy overcoat and underclothes of similar quality. Perpetually scruffy and unkempt, his hair is a tangled mop that resists any and all attempts to groom it. Although cleanliness has never been of much concern to Simon, he does make some effort to conduct routine personal hygiene in order to make himself at least somewhat presentable around others.


The M45 shotgun Simon appropriated after he killed Ralph-G299.

Tuka 'Refum: "A 'shotgun'? A rather graceless weapon, even by your human standards."
Simon-G294: "No one's ever accused me of being a graceful person."
―Tuka 'Refum and Simon-G294 discuss weapon preferences.

Life on the run has forced Simon to adapt and improvise his combat strategies in order to make up for his lack of resources or support. Without the UNSC’s arsenal to draw from and no consistent source of income outside of his mercenary work, the renegade Spartan must scavenge or steal much of his equipment from the battlefield. He has accumulated an impressive cache of sidearms and can be counted on to always have a backup pistol stowed away somewhere to be used in a tight spot. A notoriously poor shot at longer ranges, he makes use of M7 submachine guns and other such light firearms. His weapon of choice is the M45 tactical shotgun he took from the body of Ralph-G299 after killing his former teammate amidst the Pillars of Loki on Reach, wielding it both as a memento to his friend and for the M45’s deadly stopping power and surprising versatility. Utilizing tactics learned from Insurrectionist fighters, Simon has made a hobby out of preparing improvised shells for the M45, creating unorthodox ammunition that range from miniature explosive pellets to miniaturized EMP pulses. Zoey Hunsinger etched the name "Rampant Defender" into the weapon's stock and though Simon less than pleased with her initiative he never removed the etching.

Simon-G294: "Always carry another pistol. If you lose your rifle, use the first one. If that one gets knocked away, use the second one. If they take that from you, shoot them with the third."
Cassandra-G006: "I thought there were only two pistols."
Simon-G294: "So did they."
— Simon-G294 discussing self-defense tactics with Cassandra-G006

Although derided for his low performance scores during training, Simon was a frighteningly lethal fighter in close quarters.

Simon’s deadliest skills lie within the brutal confines of hand to hand combat. He has always had a penchant for knives, a trait that was recognized and encouraged by Simon’s instructor Tom-B292 who trained him in a uniquely Spartan form of Sambo that was geared towards fighting larger, stronger opponents. Simon’s hand to hand training expanded after he defected to the Insurrection and under Redmond Venter he trained to use a machete alongside his more traditional firearms; even after abandoning the Insurrection Simon kept the machete Venter had given him and continued to use it in combat. During his time in exile with Cassandra-G006, his fellow Spartan helped improve his accuracy, particularly with M6 series sidearms. Simon often wields a pistol alongside a machete or combat knife, using his augmented speed and strength to move through battle and clsoe in on his targets. His time spent fighting alongside Sangheili such as Tuka ‘Refum has given him a working knowledge of most Covenant weapon systems, particularly the compact and deadly Sangheili energy sword. Upon realizing that MJOLNIR-equipped Spartans would always be hunting for him, Simon made sure to incorporate a plasma pistol into his fighting load.

Simon is also known for employing a wide range of grenades in combat. Alongside standard fragmentation ordnance, he also makes use of flashbang and EMP grenades to disorient enemies and level the playing field against better-equipped opponents. Simon carries an impressive array of both military grade and homemade explosive charges with him in his assault bag. As inventive and resourceful with explosives as he is with his other fighting methods, Simon has often used remote charges to devastating effect against enemy forces, hard points, and even the occasional warship.


Simon in his SPI armor.

A relic of the Human-Covenant War, Simon’s suit of Semi Powered Infiltration armor is as battered and scarred as its owner. The body armor was originally intended to provide its Spartan-III owner with light protection and stealth capabilities; while the reflective paneling that made the SPI’s camouflage system possible has long since worn out, Simon has kept his weathered combat armor functional while augmenting it with his own custom improvements. Though the SPI armor lacks the speed and strength-enhancing abilities of powered armor systems such as the PISCES and MJOLNIR its structure acts as a load-bearing aid similar to the frame on a ruck pack, enabling Simon to carry his extensive fighting load without losing mobility. With large portions of the armor irreparably damaged in combat, Simon has replaced chunks of the original SPI with components scavenged from UNSC trooper gear, ODST combat armor, and even Sangheili combat harnesses.

During times of respite, Simon has taken it upon himself to graft additional features into his armor’s frame. His gauntlets have been upgraded to feature Sangheili-style energy daggers as well as micro-magnets linked to his weapons for quick retrievals. In addition to practical upgrades to his helmet’s sensors and Heads Up Display, he has been known to stow a variety of poisonous spores in his armor, releasing them in the midst of combat to incapacitate or even kill his foes. His helmet has also been upgraded to feature a neural interface, permitting Diana (and later Juno) to access his neural implants when linked in with his armor.

"I can't believe you fell for my oldest trick, even Cassandra sees through those holograms by now! And if that one got you, I know you won't see this one coming..."

Among Simon’s most prized possessions are a set of Covenant holo-drones given to him by Tuka ‘Refum. Designed to misdirect the enemy in the heat of battle, the drones were heavily modified by Simon and Diana as a result of their exposure to Forerunner technology. Incorporating elements of Forerunner hard-light technology, the drones can mimic the heat signatures and density of an organic being in order to fool electronic sensors as well as the naked eye. The highly mobile drones have become one of Simon’s most frequently used deceptions, keeping his opponents off-balance in combat and even making people believe they are speaking with Simon himself when they are in fact conversing with nothing but light and sound.


"Spartans are all inhuman monsters, but at least the rest of those bastards have a purpose. Everything I've ever believed in has been ripped away, one right after the other. There's nothing left for me now, just survival. But nothing I do can ever change the fact that I'll never stop being a Spartan. So if I'm just a monster without a purpose, what does that make me? Some kind of dog? Or something even worse?"
"You dumb piece of shit. When it comes to living with disgrace I wrote the book. There's not a damn thing a loser like you could ever teach me. When you fight somebody, either you kill them or they kill you, there's no goddamn in between. Now I'm sick of all your pissing and moaning, so why don't you just shut the hell up and get over it!"
―Simon-G294 to Blake Mordaunt
"I hate my job."


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  • Simon was Actene's first character on Halo Fanon
  • The name "Simon" was taken from The Lord of the Flies which Actene was reading at the time of this article's creation. Simon-G294 bears no resemblance to the boy from the novel.

Development Notes

  1. Term used by Simon when referring to the Chancer; "base of operations" in this sense means "the place where I eat, sleep, and use to keep under ONI's radar, but don't you dare put me on Zoey's level, the jobs I do are way different... most of the time."
  2. Having found endless amusement in the Spartans' awkward interactions aboard the cramped shuttle, Diana continued to exploit her young charges by ensuring that they sheltered in a small, one room apartment.
  3. The armor took days to scrub down and even longer to lose the stench of freeze-dried beef.
  4. Most of his teammates in Jian shared a laid back nonchalance during their time on Onyx.
  5. Though he sometimes has a funny way of showing it.
  6. Despite his professed disdain for the Spartans, he has never even considered having it removed.
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