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The Sigmaverse is an Expanded Universe project created by Brodie-001.

Covering a number of plots over many decades, the Sigmaverse takes place over the course of three eras, focusing not only on its namesake, the SPARTAN-II's of Project SIGMA, but on a number of other characters who made an impact in the universe. This would also include the SPARTAN-I's of the ORION Project, Insurrectionist rebels, a number of mercenaries and criminals operating outside the law and the heroic SPARTAN-IV's, each with their own storylines within the universe.

While the Sigmaverse is currently closed to new applicants, crossovers with other universes are welcome. Please leave a message on Brodie-001's talk page if you are interested.


Simpler times.

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Human-Covenant War

Fighting for survival.

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This is the way the world ends...

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The ORION Era (2490-2517) covers the end of the 25th Century and the start of the 26th. It is a time of great change for mankind as the threat of rebellion looms overhead, and largely covers the exploits of the men and women of the ORION Project from their first successful operations to the tragedies and failures that ended it, eventually leading up to the inception of the SPARTAN-II Program and the offshoot that gave this universe its name.


A major part of the Sigmaverse, the Covenant Era (2517-2553) covers nearly forty years, largely focusing on the devastating Human-Covenant War and the battles that occurred during this period. As most of Halo canon takes place here, Sigmaverse characters will take part in a number of well-known events, from the Harvest Campaign to the Battle of Earth. This era also has the biggest focus on the original Sigma Team, a group of nine SPARTAN-II's who fought to defend humanity during this conflict.


The Rebellion Era (2553 onwards) is the latest period of history in the Sigmaverse and covers the numerous conflicts following the Human-Covenant War. While the immediate threat of the Covenant has passed, this era sees the emergence of several new factions as the galaxy becomes a much more dangerous place, leading up to mankind's battle against the Created and subsequent war against the Banished.

Other Features


Tales from across the galaxy.

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Special Warfare Group SIGMA

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The best, bar none.

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A list of characters in the Sigmaverse currently possessing articles or places on the minor characters page.

United Nations Space Command

Cquote1.png Like it or not, we're humanity's best chance for survival. Cquote2.png



Alpha Company

Beta Company

Gamma Company


Orbital Drop Shock Troopers



Marine Corps

Air Force

Artificial Intelligences

Colonial Militia

Office of Naval Intelligence

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Field Agents

The Covenant

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Covenant Military

Swords of Sangheilios

True Vanguard

Imperium of Clarity

Sellswords and Rogues







The Insurrection

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United Rebel Front

Dynasty Crew


New Colonial Alliance


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25th Century

  • 2482
    • Anton LaMarche joins the UNSC Marine Corps.
  • 2483
  • 2484
    • After an uneventful tour, Anton LaMarche leaves the Marines and joins the NYPD's SWAT Team on Earth.
  • 2485
  • 2486
  • 2487
    • Yama 'Ranakee becomes the Kaidon of Ranak.
  • 2488
    • Richard Mack's adoptive father is murdered by a local gang. Mack attempts to hunt down the killers, and is rescued by Anton LaMarche's SWAT Team.
  • 2489
    • Richard Mack joins the UNSC Marine Corps.
  • 2490
  • 2491
    • The ORION Project is launched.
    • Richard Mack, Tobias Crowley and Anton LaMarche are among the first 65 subjects recruited for ORION.
    • Leonard is created to assist in military training.
  • 2495
    • Richard Mack meets Frederick King and Daniel Black in Mars OCS.
    • Yama 'Ranakee becomes Kaidon of Clan Ranak.
    • Viktor Perrin joins the UNSC Marine Corps and is later transferred into the ORION Project
  • 2496
  • 2497
  • 2498
    • February 6th-8th: Operation: SWEEPER is a success due to ORION intervention.
    • March 28th: A cult detonates an explosive device on Eridanus II. The ORION Javelin Team are caught in the blast, losing one member while the rest are hospitalised.
    • April 1st: Viktor Perrin is discharged from ORION after severe side effects from his augmentation lead to a psychotic break while recovering from a combat injury.
    • April 4th: Trident Team sucessfully eliminated an Insurrectionist group on Phoros IV
    • Calvin Roe is recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence.
    • November 17th: Operation: HEART OF DARKNESS. Insurrectionists destroy an Insurrectionist arms factory.
  • 2499
    • Operation: SPARTACUS. Criminal groups on Troy massacred, ORION brutality questioned.
    • Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad and the other children from Troy are placed into rehabilitation.
    • Heimdall Incident. Oleg Lombardi's rebels are defeated and the facility is secured.

26th Century

  • 2500
    • Richard Mack receives the Colonial Cross and is heralded as a hero in the media.
    • Odin is created by the Office of Naval Intelligence.
  • 2501
    • Viktor Perrin establishes Colonial Security Services, a PMC dedicated to the training of Colonial Militias throughout the Outer Colonies. Among the group's founders are a number of ORION washouts and former UNSC personnel.
  • 2502
  • 2503
  • 2504
    • The Schönheit Rebellion takes place. A bloody campaign lasting six months occurs until the Unified Earth Government brokers an official ceasefire. While seen as a show of weakness against the Insurrection, it ends the bloodshed immediately.
  • 2505
  • 2506
  • 2507
    • Henry McNair joins the UNSC Marine Corps.
  • 2508
  • 2509
  • 2510
    • A large Insurrectionist force is destroyed on Biko.
  • 2511
    • Most of the SPARTAN-II candidates are born.
    • Lieutenant Samantha Jones kills a group of terrorists trying to seize the UNSC Good Intent, and is promoted for her efforts.
    • Colonial Security Services are widely praised in the media for wiping out a crime syndicate on Bhuj.
  • 2512
  • 2513
    • Henry McNair joins the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and is trained by Richard Mack Senior.
    • Following the execution of two assassins, a number of Sangheili clans attack Ranak Keep. Felo, Sur and Rol Ranak escape.
    • Felo 'Ranak and his brothers journey through the mountains to a nearby city.
    • Felo 'Ranak returns at the head of an army and crushes the attackers.
    • Yama 'Ranakee dies in a duel with Felo, and Ordam 'Ranakee takes up his position as Kaidon.
    • ONI initiates Operation: MASQUERADE to halt the spread of 'Rocket' through the colonies.
  • 2514
    • The Lion's Claw PMC is contracted by the CMA to assist with security in establishing new colony worlds.
  • 2515
    • Led by Major Mehaffey, Henry McNair's ODST platoon prevents a terrorist attack on Reach.
    • Felo 'Ranak, now Felo 'Ranakee, joins the Covenant military.
  • 2516
  • 2517
  • 2518
  • 2519
  • 2520
    • A leaderboard is implemented for the Project SIGMA trainees.
    • Battle of Asphodel. The Insurrection is dealt a heavy blow, though the heavy involvement of Private Military Companies in the conflict is criticised.
  • 2521
    • The Project SIGMA trainees participate in a month-long survival and evasion test in the jungles of Arcadia.
  • 2522
  • 2523
    • The mercenary group Lion's Claw destroys a rebel outpost on Reach.
  • 2524
    • Simon Petrovich is contracted by ONI to assist with work on the MJOLNIR project.
  • 2525
    • The Ninth Age of Reclamation begins.
    • First Battle of Harvest.
    • Reach trained SPARTAN-II's undergo augmentations, many washing out or dying.
    • SIGMA SPARTAN-II's undergo augmentations. Due to major medical advances in the last two months, the casualty rate dropped significantly. All trainees survive.
    • Derek-142 is wiped from Project SIGMA's records.
    • Jack-085 and Ahmad-126 escape the SIGMA facility. Ahmad is later found dead and Jack disappears.
    • Robert Watts is captured by the UNSC. Adam Makosky rallies his troops and flees to Victoria.
    • The UNSC is put on full alert for the Covenant.
    • Jack arrives on Roost, and contacts the United Rebel Front.
  • 2526:
  • 2527
  • 2528
    • Richard Mack Senior takes command of a Marine Company on Harvest and leads them to several victories.
  • 2529
    • Tobias Crowley is assassinated by BRUTUS agents on Reach shortly after his release from prison.
  • 2530
  • 2531
    • Richard Mack Junior meets John Ackton and undergoes ODST training.
    • Carlos Driscol, Mira Reyes, Gregor Papadakis and Steven Embry join the ODST's alongside several others in what would become the famous 'class' of 2531.
    • Harvest is retaken by the UNSC.
    • Jack and Howard Graves create a plan to capture a SPARTAN-II Team. Due to the recent addition of a fifth member, it fails and Graves is killed.
    • The SPARTAN-III Program is initiated. Frederick King and the BRUTUS unit are used to help recruit orphaned children across multiple colony worlds.
  • 2532
    • Whiskey-04 is formed.
    • Operation: STARFALL.
    • After the suicide of his friend Graham Alban, Simon Petrovich leaves ONI after he begins to regret his assistance in the MJOLNIR and SPARTAN-II Projects.
    • Lead by Jack, the remnants of Graves' URF force join up with Adam Makosky in the Outer Colonies.
  • 2533
    • Petrovich encounters an Insurrectionist group on Roost, and pledges his services to the URF.
  • 2534
    • The United Rebel Front forms the 'Omega Group', a think tank of its best scientists.
    • Battle of Sethlans. Sigma Team and Whiskey-04 destroy a Covenant scouting group and save the burgeoning colony world.
  • 2535
  • 2536
  • 2537
    • March: The Mamore Campaign ends with a UNSC victory. Richard Mack Senior is publicly credited and promoted to Colonel.
    • July 27th: Operation: PROMETHEUS is a success, though Alpha Company is all but destroyed.
    • Admiral Margaret Parangosky covers up the survival of twelve Spartans from Kurt Ambrose, and forms Upsilon and Tau teams.
    • Battle of Prospect. ODST's save thousands of civilian lives in a mass evacuation.
    • Beta Taurius II Campaign begins.
  • 2538
    • Beta Taurius II falls to the Covenant.
    • Alexander Redford survives a Covenant raid on the UNSC Apples and Pears.
  • 2539
  • 2540
  • 2541
    • With assistance from the Omega Group, Colonel Jack begins to make plans for the Hephaestus Array.
  • 2542
    • Emerald Cove is abandoned and many colonists are forcibly evacuated.
    • The United Rebel Front establish a base on the now-abandoned Emerald Cove to be used as a supply station.
  • 2543
  • 2544
    • Battle of Miridem.
    • Several badly-damaged UNSC vessels are stolen following the battle by a group of rebel salvage ships. Local forces do not pursue.
    • December 1st: Raid on the Umbra Tempestus. Sigma Team escape a Covenant ambush, though several of the Spartans are wounded.
  • 2545
  • 2546
    • March 2nd: Battle of Gress. Covenant denied access to a Forerunner crystal due to Marco-035's efforts.
    • Layla-B101 is captured by the Covenant and taken to Sanghelios. She is presumed dead by the UNSC.
    • Operation: RISING DRAGON. Frederick King is put on trial, but is exonerated for his actions.
    • Tantalus Massacre. Gregor Papadakis is killed by rebels and Carlos Driscol becomes disillusioned with the UNSC.
    • Battle of New Llanelli. John Ackton is killed. Richard Mack Junior receives the Silver Star for his efforts there.
  • 2547
    • Battle of Skopje. Carlos Driscol abandons his unit and defects to the URF.
    • Siege of Fargad. Covenant advance into the Inner Colonies stalled. Richard Mack Senior receives the Colonial Cross a second time for his actions there.
    • After his return to Sanghelios, Felo 'Ranakee meets his wife, Tari.
    • Toru 'Makhanee executes his mentor, Ker 'Montunee, for treason. He is promoted to the rank of Fleet Master, but is then immediately exiled to patrol the Covenant's fringe worlds by the Prophet of Truth.
  • 2548
  • 2549
  • 2550
    • Markus Jensun is assassinated by BRUTUS operatives.
    • URF soldiers hijack an ONI ship containing a prototype MJOLNIR suit. A battlegroup is assembled immediately to reclaim it., alongside several members of Sigma Team.
    • Battle for the Hephaestus Array. Jacob-076 and Amy-133 are declared MIA.
    • Jack-085 is rebuilt by Simon Petrovich and the Omega Group.
  • 2551
    • Cronus IV is attacked. Marco-035 and Resk-063 defend the colonists using prototype versions of the shielded MJOLNIR Mark V armour.
    • Layla-B101 escapes from Sanghelios on a Covenant cruiser after butchering dozens in Marak Keep.
    • Rora 'Marak is blamed for the death of much of his family and also flees Sanghelios in a stolen shuttle.
    • Battle of Yusaris II. Gunnery Sergeant Ash Mitchell rescues Layla, who is then taken by ONI agents. The battle ends in a UNSC victory.
    • Layla begins rehabilitation on Reach.
    • Hyperion Industries commissions a new line of armoured Freighters on Mamore to help revitalise the planet's industry.
    • Carlos Driscol's forces battle Lion's Claw mercenaries under the command of Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad.
    • After initial therapy, Layla is transferred to Camp Häyhä, where she retrains with her partner, Grantley-B130.
  • 2552
    • Battle of Ariel.
    • Driscol leads a large Insurrectionist force to Mamore.
    • Battle of Harpa. Richard Mack Senior, Fenn-145 and Nef-015 are killed.
    • Battle of Fumirole.
    • May 10th: Layla-B101 takes part in the first combat run of the YSS-1000 Sabre, working alongside SPARTAN-B312 and SPARTAN-B031.
    • Driscol's army is decimated and scattered on Mamore by SPARTAN-B312.
    • Led by Remi Marshall, the Insurrectionist remnants on Mamore steal the newly-constructed Dynasty from a shipyard and escape the system.
    • July 19th: Rora 'Marak faces down a large group of Sangheili bounty hunters on Karava, but is presumed dead. He steals the armour of a fallen enemy and takes on a new name: The Outrider.
    • July 20th: Battle of Dorvyesk III. Resk-063 is killed.
    • July 24th: The Fall of Reach begins.
      • August 9th: Spartan teams Sigma, Upsilon and Tau are deployed to Reach after WINTER CONTINGENCY is declared.
      • August 12th-13th: Battle at Szurdok Ridge.
      • August 14th: Operation: UPPER CUT is a success, though one Spartan is lost.
      • August 15th: Operation: DROPKICK. Two SPARTAN-III's KIA, though several Covenant ships are destroyed.
      • August 18th-23rd: Siege of New Alexandria.
        • Four Spartans are believed to have been killed by Calvin Roe after the premature detonation of explosives across the Materials Group building. Presumed dead, they are covertly rescued and extracted from reach by Red Cell.
      • August 22nd: Battle of Outpost Foxtrot-Whiskey. Two SPARTAN-III's are killed, as is Doctor Calvin Roe. The Spartans delete all evidence of what occurred at the base from their helmet recorders.
      • August 29th-30th: Battle of Aszod. A few surviving Spartans escape with Whiskey-04 aboard the UNSC Bright New Day.
    • August-November: Battle of Tribute. Layla-B101 is deployed for the first time since her return to the UNSC. Deyad 'Marakee is killed.
    • September 2nd-18th: Loss of Hope. The reformed Sigma Team scavenge a new FTL drive for their Frigate and escape before the planet's destruction.
    • September 18th-28th: Battle of the Zenith Complex
      • Elena-071 meets with Sigma Team for the first time in nearly thirty years, and initiates Operation: ASPHALT.
      • Sigma Team and Elena encounter Forerunner ruins on the planet, and manage to extract a great deal of data while fending off Covenant forces.
      • Elena leaves the others and escapes in the UNSC Heavens Asunder while they return to the Bright New Day.
    • October 14th-15th: Battle of Second Sanctum
      • Sigma Team encounters Battle Group Cossack and are recruited for a dangerous mission to assault a key Covenant outpost.
      • A lengthy battle is fought over Second Sanctum, culminating in the rescue of Human POW's and the destruction of the Covenant fortress via nuclear weapons. However, only a small fraction of UNSC forces escape the battle.
    • October 21st: Gamma Company is deployed to Terceira and crushes a rebel uprising there.
    • Battle of Earth.
    • Battle of Installation 00. The Covenant are defeated.
    • December 4th: Toru 'Makhan establishes the Imperium of Clarity
  • 2553
    • March 3rd: The Human-Covenant War ends.
    • March 11th:Alexander Redford meets Remi Marshall and Faisal Khan while undercover on Venezia.
    • July 2nd-6th: Gao Conflict.
    • July 25th: Jack-085, now known as Magnus, is first sighted raiding an Outer Colony supply depot.
    • August 1st: The first wave of Human recolonisation begins as ships move to re-settle Circumstance, which was the least-damaged former colony in the Epsilon Eridani system.
    • August 19th: Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad retires, disbanding Lion's Claw with him.
    • September 20th: George McClusky joins up with a rebel group with his girlfriend.
    • December 28th: Team Wakizashi is all but wiped out by Rora 'Marak's mercenaries during a botched mission.
  • 2554
    • Draco III Rebellion.
    • Battle of Draetheus V.
    • January 1st: Project SIGMA is officially shut down.
    • January 8th: Siege of Yawada. Richard Mack Junior distinguishes himself as a hero after bringing down Uron 'Nar Ontomee's Covenant faction after a bloody battle. Frederick King's ship, the UNSC Nightingale, participates and saves Mack's men, including a wounded Ash Mitchell.
    • February 18th: Toru 'Makhan promotes himself to the rank of Imperial Admiral after purging the dissidents from his ranks, forming the Imperium of Clarity.
    • March 9th: After a violent outburst, Layla-B101 is imprisoned in the Midnight Facility.
    • April 2nd: A UNSC spy probe picks up a message warning people to stay away from Schönheit.
    • April 4th: Operation: ASHES. Pierre-126 is eliminated.
    • April 10th: Hank-136 is recovered from a Slipspace field pod and eventually resuscitated.
    • April 11th: Mal Roberts defects to the Insurrection and heads to Venezia.
    • April 21st: Jonathan Ulan escapes to Venezia while facing court martial and ends up meeting Mal Roberts.
    • June 6th: John Verensky is recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence.
    • June 11th: Hired by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction, Rora 'Marak's mercenary group participates in a failed attack on a battlecruiser controlled by the Swords of Sanghelios. Marak is spared by Felo 'Ranak, who gives him new purpose as leader of the newly-formed Shadows of Retribution.
    • June 18th: The remnants of Marak's forces are united under Dorenn Tenon, forming the True Vanguard as a militant Sangheili organisation.
    • July 1st: Fireteam Thor is formed, comprising of Layla-B101, Hank-136 and Mordecai-G138.
    • July 17th-28th: Operation: GOLDSTOM: Fireteam Thor wipes out a large Kig-Yar pirate group in the Outer Colonies.
    • August 22nd: Armand is created from the cloned brain of Alexander Redford.
    • August 25th: Operation: CATFISH. Kane-098, Jax-007 and Marco-035 assassinate the Jiralhanae Chieftain, Meridus.
    • August 29th: An investigation of Asteroid WT-95 leaves Agent Peter Yang and several ODST's dead. John Verensky is the only survivor.
    • September 1st: Shrike Team is formed.
    • September 2nd: Amanda Wade joins Remi Marshall's Insurrectionist group on Circumstance after being discharged from the military. That day, Shrike Team captures Johan Hennerman and Rizhan Kama, and survives an attack by a group of unknown mercenaries.
    • September 5th: Mike Goldberg is crippled by Leandra-B031 as their Insurrectionist cell escapes Circumstance.
    • September 18th: Winston Zhou leads his own unit into battle for the first time.
    • October 9th: Project HAYABUSA is restarted by Doctor Malcolm Bright.
    • October 14th: Armand attempts to access highly-restricted files and is fragmented by Odin.
    • December 2nd: A number of Insurrectionists meet up on the Caucasus Station, where they are recruited by Magnus and John Verensky.
    • December 9th: Armand is rebuilt after his fragmentation. Shrike Team eliminates a Jiralhanae terrorist group on a moon once controlled by the Covenant. Though successful in their mission, Cesare-G188 is killed.
  • 2555
    • January 12th-February 24th: Operation: GOLGOTHA. Marco-035 goes undercover.
    • February 15th: Ash Mitchell leaves the UNSC.
    • March: Operation: FAR STORM.
    • March: Invasion of Earth.
    • March 1st: Mass breakout from Fenwell Prison. Carlos Driscol and Isebelle Marshall are rescued by the Dynasty.
    • March 4th: Mike Goldberg and Isabelle Marshall are sent to a base on Emerald Cove, which had been abandoned long ago by the UNSC.
    • March 9th: Magnus' forces arrive at Sargasso's north pole, making use of an abandoned weather station to construct a permanent base there.
    • March 17th: The Shadows of Retribution and Rora 'Marak encounter a Sangheili pirate faction with an outlaw masquerading as the Outrider at its head, and begin hunting them down.
    • April 3rd: A remote contact team led by Alex-A121 finds and destroys a Flood containment facility on a former Forerunner world.
    • April 10th: With advice from Alex, a Spartan unit known as the Blackwatch is set up in case of future Flood outbreaks.
    • April 14th: Malcolm Bright is killed in a lab accident.
    • April 17th: General Cole Warrick takes control of Project HAYABUSA.
    • April 7th: Carlos Driscol rescues Winston Zhou from Talitsa, but loses his leg in the process.
    • April 21st: Driscol leaves Zhou with Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad for training.
    • August: Operation: COALPEPPER.
    • August 11th: Cole Warrick dies in a car crash on Earth, later found to have been a setup by Magnus.
    • August 20th: HAYABUSA loses nearly half of its soldiers in a botched operation.
    • September 14th: John Verensky launches a large-scale attack on Earth.
      • The remaining HAYABUSA soldiers defect and attempt to kill the UEG leadership, but are stopped when Alexander Redford blows his cover and saves several high-ranking individuals.
      • Sur and Rol Ranak fail to assassinate Thel 'Vadam and their brother, Felo.
      • After a lengthy chase, Jonathan Ulan is killed by Martin-A136.
      • Led by Amanda Wade and Remi Marshall, a group of rebels manage to steal a NOVA bomb from PILLAR Base.
      • The Dynasty manages to escape the Sol System and the Home Fleet by threatening to detonate the NOVA bomb.
    • September 19th: John Verensky grows extremely paranoid, and moves the NOVA bomb to New Albion for safekeeping.
    • November 8th: Rebel forces under orders from Verensky detonate a chemical weapon in Kuiper. 300,000 die and Amos-G028 commits suicide.
    • November 31st: Adam Makosky and his crew emerge from cryogenic suspension aboard the URF Revolutionary Fervor after being discovered by Miriam Bakos' forces.
    • December 9th: Operation: CAUTERIZE begins.
      • The Caucasus Station is attacked by a UNSC Fleet. Its defences are destroyed within a few hours. Rol 'Ranak is killed along with Alric-G040 in his attempt to detonate an antimatter bomb.
      • Magnus murders Mal Roberts, Remi Marshall, and most of the surviving rebel leaders.
      • December 10th: Battle of New Albion. John Verensky and Sur 'Ranak are killed, and the NOVA bomb is secured. Several SPARTAN-III's die fighting Magnus, who manages to escape.
      • Alexander Redford cuts off his own hand to survive the attack.
      • December 11th: Amanda Wade assumes command of the Dynasty.
      • December 12th: Shrike Team is disbanded.
      • December 15th: Rioting breaks out in Kuiper in response to the poorly-handled crisis.
    • December 27th: Ash Mitchell joins up with Magnus and his group of mercenaries.
    • December 31st: Winston Zhou finishes his training under Asad and begins operating as a hitman in the Inner Colonies.
  • 2556
    • Mission to Cleyell
    • January 18th: Magnus and Mitchell rob a freighter en-route to Circumstance, but are stopped from killing numerous hostages by Bill Cross and Devin Harland.
    • February 7th: Sedra Terrorist attack and Mission to Alpha Shard.
    • February 8th: Amanda Wade founds Avalon, the first Human settlement on Emerald Cove since its abandonment during the Human-Covenant War.
    • February 11th: Alexander Redford wipes out an Insurrectionist group on Mars.
    • February 16th: Ash Mitchell is framed by Magnus during a bank robbery and nearly killed in a mass bombing. Made out as the main perpetrator of the attacks, he is labelled the 'Butcher of Kuiper' by the media. A massive manhunt begins.
    • March 1st: After a failed assassination attempt on Toby Maxwell, Winston Zhou loses an eye and is nearly killed by Gordon Mills. He is taken in by Amanda Wade of the Dynasty and healed up.
    • March 10th: Toby Maxwell is hunted down and murdered by a vengeful Zhou.
    • March 19th: Noctus Incident
      • The Minutemen destroy a number of ONI safehouses in Noctus.
      • Ash Mitchell is employed by Redmond Venter and attacks a number of police stations. He is then attacked by an Insurrectionist assassin in the street, but manages to kill his attacker.
      • George McClusky is captured, tortured and killed by the Minutemen.
      • Adam Makosky is assassinated.
      • March 20th: Numerous criminal gangs launch attacks in Noctus, disrupting a UEG summit there.
      • Mitchell is taken to meet with the Minutemen to arrange his transport offworld. A standoff ensues when he meets Driscol for the first time in years. The UNSC launch a massive attack on the Minutemen, allowing them to both escape in the confusion.
      • The Minutemen are killed or captured by the UNSC. Driscol flees Andesia aboard his personal Yacht.
    • March 22nd: After escaping the planet, Ash Mitchell moves to Gilgamesh with his new identity as 'Henry Roberts'.
    • April 4th: Winston Zhou rejects an offer to join Project BRUTUS, though he accepts independent paying contracts from ONI after surviving an assassination attempt shortly after.
    • April 30th: Driscol's mercenary unit are captured by Winston Zhou and taken to a base run by the New Colonial Alliance, where they are recruited by General Robert Amenwae and used to wipe out a UNSC encampment. He is then given an official position within the NCA.
    • July 18th: Ash Mitchell reveals his true identity when he dons his old armour to defend Gilgamesh from a large group of Kig-Yar pirates. While he is hailed as a hero by some, this attracts ONI agents who attempt to hunt him down.
    • July 21st: Mitchell is able to avoid BRUTUS operatives and escapes to Mamore, where he is immediately captured. One of his eyes is cut out after a failed escape attempt.
    • September 3rd: Raid on Mamore
      • Marco-035 is deployed to Mamore to wipe out a rebel enclave there and assassinate Roger Maxon, an important NCA figurehead.
      • Ash Mitchell is rescued from Mamore by the Dynasty, and Amanda Wade, with Marco's assistance.
      • Maxon escapes Marco on Mamore, though his force there is wiped out.
    • September 4th: The Dynasty arrives back in Avalon.
    • September 6th: Alexander Redford and Layla-B101 destroy Camp Watts on Talitsa, before the former is contacted by Frederick King for a special mission.
    • September 9th: After capturing and interrogating Hadvir Erikkson, Amanda Wade and Ash Mitchell go after Anatoly Kustentov, trying to find Magnus' location.
    • September 13th: Kustentov is captured by BRUTUS agents.
    • September 14th: The UNSC Demeter arrives at Emerald Cove, and briefly contacts the settlement of Avalon.
    • Avalon vows to remain independent from the UEG, causing a heated debate on colonial self-rule.
    • September 16th: ONI covertly deploys Layla-B101 to Emerald Cove under civilian guise to destabilise the independent colony while an invasion force is prepared.
    • September 18th: Iris Touré is murdered by BRUTUS before she can deliver a speech to the UEG regarding Avalon and peaceful colonial self-rule.
    • September 20th: Raid on Sargasso
      • Led by the Dynasty, a small fleet of vessels from Avalon travel to Sargasso in search of Magnus.
      • Magnus is tracked down and almost killed. He escapes at the cost of his current base.
      • The Omega Group passes information regarding the creation of combat-enhancing drugs to The New Colonial Alliance through Magnus. Though illegal, they are designed to give the NCA's soldiers a much-needed advantage.
      • Frederick King and the BRUTUS contingent initiate Operation: GLASS HOUSE on Emerald Cove.
    • Fall of Avalon.
    • September 21st: Visiting a temporary prison camp in the ruins of Avalon, Frederick King forcibly recruits Saernus as an ONI spy, kills Mike Goldberg and reunites with Marion Hollister after nearly forty years. Hollister is able to sabotage King's shuttle as it leaves the planet, crashing it into Emerald Cove's oceans.
    • September 22nd: With King alive but in a coma after the shuttle crash, Admiral Serin Osman personally promotes Alexander Redford and makes him head of the BRUTUS division.
    • September 23rd: The UNSC faces widespread criticism following Avalon's fall, forcing several high-ranking resignations among the United Earth Government. Insurrectionist propaganda begins to seep into the Inner Colonies as colonial discontent spreads.
    • September 28th: Hadvir Erikkson is murdered by BRUTUS.
  • 2557
    • February 27th: Martin-A136, Alex-A121 and Louie-A199 stop a bomb threat during the UNSC Infinity's commissioning ceremony.
    • March 1st: An independent ship, the Starsailor, is raided by the Dynasty's crew, who leave only a single survivor.
    • March 3rd: Bess Rivers meets with Alexander Redford on Earth, who recruits Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad as her partner/bodyguard. Asad is given orders to recover a stash of nuclear weapons from the planet.
    • March 4th:
      • The Ciudad de Huesos Incident begins.
      • The UNSC Agrippa is destroyed over Madrigal via internal sabotage by Winston Zhou.
      • The Dynasty arrives at the Ciudad de Huesos. Its crew are immediately detained.
      • Asad and Rivers land on Madrigal and discover the old Colonial Security Services bunker, though they are greeted by Carlos Driscol and taken back to Ciudad de Huesos.
      • The Agrippa's survivors are decimated by Carlos Driscol's forces, leaving only four ODST survivors.
    • March 5th:
      • The troopers manage to infiltrate the city and destroy its protective Spires, accidentally inciting a rebellion amongst the populace.
      • The crew of the Dynasty' escapes captivity thanks to Winston Zhou and meet with the ODST's before fleeing aboard their ship.
      • A lengthy battle ensues around the CSS Bunker between Carlos Driscol's forces and the combined UNSC/Avalon crew as they seek to uncover the nuclear weapons. A large portion of the combatants are killed before the UNSC's Sixth Fleet enters the 23 Librae System. The Dynasty is struck by an Archer missile and crashes.
      • Fireteam Thor is dispatched to the planet's surface and decimates the rebel forces there. Carlos Driscol is shot dead. Amanda Wade and Ash Mitchell escape the planet with a single HAVOK tac-nuke, though the former is badly wounded by Layla-B101.
      • Alexander Redford recruits both Bess Rivers and the ODST Bill Cross for Project SAFEGUARD, while Fireteam Thor discovers that one of the nuclear weapons is missing.
      • The UNSC moves troops into Ciudad de Huesos, formally ending its rebel occupation and paving the way for potential recolonisation of Madrigal.
    • March 29th: On the colony world of Losing Hand, Mitchell and Wade plan to resume their pursuit of Magnus, using their HAVOK nuke as a trump card against him.
    • May 8th: Sigma Team investigates a heavily-guarded Forerunner facility on XF-109.
    • April 17th: The Imperium of Clarity begins its campaign of rapid expansion, encroaching on the territory of other Sangheili factions as several star systems are invaded simultaneously.
    • July 21-23: Battle of Requiem.
    • July 24th: Raid on Ivanoff Station.
    • July 25th: New Phoenix Incident.
    • July: Battle of Installation 03.
    • July: Battle of New Phoenix.
    • August 17th: Southerness Incident: Covenant raiders and Promethean constructs attack a small Human colony and abduct its inhabitants despite Sigma Team's interference.
    • August 26th: Operation: RAILROAD: Sigma Team break up a large-scale slavery operation and discover that one of the captives was a former ONI agent who had been missing for well over a decade.
    • September 1st: Winston Zhou tracks down and kills Gordon Mills, then takes his place within the BRUTUS division.
    • December 9th: Violet-B039 rescues BRUTUS agent Jill Urbach from captivity on Foresti. The two are then made partners.
  • 2558
    • February 7th-March 2nd: Requiem Campaign.
    • March 3rd: Fireteam Scythe are deployed to Eirene to eliminate a Sangheili pirate group.
    • March 5th: Battle of Ealen IV.
    • March 11th: Ambush at Oth Lodon.
    • May 9th-10th: Mission to Ven III.
    • May 19th: Jill Urbach and Violet-B039 eliminate a cell of the Colonial People's Independence Movement on Erdenet.
    • May 20th:
      • Red Cell wipe out a UNSC Marine Corps outpost on Erdenet, stealing a high-value package in the process.
      • Sigma Team investigate an abandoned ONI bunker on Sansar, and barely escape with some data after an unknown opponent triggers its self-destruct mechanism.
    • May 21st: Urbach and Violet are attacked in Bulgan by operatives from two different ONI divisions, but are rescued by Red Cell's Spartan operatives and transported off-world on a cargo ship bound for Biko.
    • May 22nd: A meeting is held on Luna between Admiral Serin Osman and several ONI officers to discuss the Erdenet Massacre and their two missing agents, who are blamed for it.
    • May 23rd: After briefly going undercover on Sundown, Sigma Team uncover more information on Red Cell, but are attacked by several enemy Spartans. After driving their foes away they are able to obtain a ledger listing a number of sites used by the organisation to transport goods and materials.
    • May 24th:
      • Urbach and Violet arrive on Biko, where they meet Gustav Klein. He delivers them to an Insurrectionist safehouse appropriated by Red Cell.
      • Saernus, while undercover as a mercenary named Gorumus at the safehouse, recognises Urbach and secretly contacts BRUTUS.
      • Visiting the Grey Archive on Luna, Sigma Team and Elena-071 learn of Red Cell's operational history and discover that any files pertaining to the group have been tampered with before leaving for Biko.
    • May 25th:
      • The safehouse on Biko comes under attack by Red Cell's assault platoon. Their assault is foiled by Sigma Team's sudden arrival as the Spartans swiftly wipe them out and capture their leader, who is revealed to be the supposedly long-dead Wulf-041.
      • After surrendering to his former team, Wulf reveals that Red Cell is commanded by another missing SIGMA Spartan, Derek-142, who intends to use a program known as OVERSIGHT to forcibly change the Office of Naval Intelligence from within.
    • June 8th: The United Rebel Front intervenes in a battle between rebel factions on Aleria and begins to provide the locals with vital supplies, gaining a lot of support from insurgent groups there.
    • July 16th: Battle of Oban.
    • July 19th-20th: Battle of Aktis IV.
    • August 9th: Fireteam Scythe hunts down a group of Banished after a civilian ship is hijacked.
    • August 14th: A merchant from the independent Guild of Free Traders, Isaac Kenner, gains an audience with Toru 'Makhan and convinces the rapidly-expanding Imperium of Clarity to a trade deal that involved the invasion of the Outer Colony mining world of Montak in exchange for control of its resources.
    • August 21st: Imperial forces easily capture Montak, allowing the Guild to take control of mining operations there.
    • August 24th: A joint UNSC-Sangheili force is attacked and destroyed by the Imperium after investigating Montak.
    • August 26th: A meeting is held on Earth regarding the Imperium, lead by Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood. Admiral Lin Zhi is chosen to lead an expeditionary fleet to wage war against the Imperium of Clarity.
    • August 27th: Both the Imperium and the UNSC-Swords of Sanghelios task force muster their forces over Frendhal and New Syracuse respectively, gathering both military and mercenary troops in preparation for the invasion.
    • August 29th
      • The Imperium of Clarity conquers New Syracuse with little resistance. Commander Andrei Fosse is captured, tortured, and convinced to change sides before being sent on a mission to kill the Sixth Fleet's leaders.
      • Toru 'Makhan discovers the existence of a Forerunner Shield World not far from the Imperium's territory.
      • Battle of Montak:
        • The UNSC-Swords of Sanghelios task force launches a full invasion of Montak, engaging the Imperium's fleets in orbit while dispatching thousands of troops to reclaim the mining colony on the surface.
        • Commander Nilen 'Feru is captured by the Swords of Sanghelios.
        • Rora 'Marak's Shadows of Retribution attempt to assassinate Fleet Master Kan 'Larom, only to be stopped by members of the Kru'desh Legion.
        • Using their translocation technology, the Imperium slips the Blissful Solitude through enemy lines to do battle with the Swords' flagship, Questioner, at close range. Though their boarding parties are repelled, Felo 'Ranak is grievously injured in a duel with Field Marshal Orro 'Hendai.
        • With their forces in danger of being overrun, the Imperium withdraw from Montak and leave the system.
        • Andrei Fosse's shuttle arrives in-system. The double agent warns the Sixth Fleet of the Imperium's conquest of New Syracuse.
    • August 30th: The fleets of the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios pursue two of the Imperium's fleets through slipspace, heading for the Bineb and Yain systems respectively.
    • August 31st
      • Andrei Fosse badly wounds Admiral Lin Zhi in an assassination attempt, and is killed by Vice Admiral Ryan Samson as he attempts to escape. Samson assumes temporary command of the Sixth Fleet.
      • Battle of Bineb:
        • Battlegroup Maya, led by Rear Admiral John Hawkins, emerges in the Bineb system and is immediately attacked by a flotilla under Hedan Koti's command, fending off several boarding parties.
        • Kan 'Larom and Hedan Koti concentrate their forces over the Fortress of Watchful Peace on Bineb II's moon, Irn, and engage the UNSC fleet.
        • Rear Admiral Hawkins dispatches Team Boson to the surface of Bineb II to destroy a large Unggoy settlement with a HAVOK tactical nuke. The mission is successful, wiping the city off the map and killing tens of thousands.
        • Unggoy leader Hedan Koti orders his forces to withdraw from the system when faced with the threat of more nuclear strikes on the planet's surface. A brief civil war erupts within the Fortress of Watchful Peace, which is left mostly undefended after the Unggoy abandon their positions. Hedan Koti is killed before he can leave the system.
        • The UNSC launches a full assault on Irn, landing troops on the fortress before the Imperium's depleted forces can properly man its defences. Kan 'Larom is forced to abandon his flagship as his fleet is defeated in orbit, and takes momentary command of the base. Before the UNSC's troops can reach the command room, 'Larom and his bodyguards are extracted from the fortress by a commando team led by Shinsu 'Refum and escape the system.
        • Commander Mono Puru Kadun is killed by the Spartans of Fireteam Stallion, effectively ending the Imperium's resistance within the Fortress of Watchful Peace. UNSC troops begin to withdraw.
      • Battle of Frendhal:
        • The joint UNSC-SoS fleet emerges from slipspace and engages the Imperium's gathered fleets over Frendhal. The battle in orbit remains a stalemate for several hours.
        • Lead by Captain Erika Ruskin, a number of Broadsword fighter squadrons are able to penetrate the Imperium's defences and destroy several ships, breaking through their battle line and giving the UNSC fleet an opportunity to advance.
        • Imperial Admiral Toru 'Makhan joins the battle with his CSO-class supercarrier, Watchful Custodian, turning the tide of battle in orbit through sheer firepower. Ths Sixth Fleet is forced to retreat while the Swords of Sanghelios commit all their forces to a planetary invasion.
        • Aided by their prisoner, Nilen 'Feru, the Swords are able to board one of the Imperium's orbital defence stations. Led by Rora 'Marak, the Shadows of Retribution capture one station and use it to destroy several others before translocating to Frendhal's surface, creating a sizeable gap in the Imperium's orbital defences.
        • The Shadows encounter troops led by Grono 'Yendam, who fights Rora 'Marak to a standstill. Nilen 'Feru escapes in the confusion, giving Rora's troops enough time to retreat.
        • The Swords of Sanghelios besiege Frendhal's capital city, Dival. Field Marshal Orro 'Hendai leads a successful defence for several hours, and kills General Fol 'Taram in a duel before his own death as the Swords bombard most of the city with plasma fire.
        • Having received the location of the Imperium's homeworld, the remaining UNSC forces flee the system. Two of the Imperium's fleets pursue them.
        • The Watchful Custodian begins to decimate the Swords' fleet, eventually cornering a badly damaged Questioner over Frendhal. Felo 'Ranak and many of his subordinates are able to relocate to another ship before reuniting their own fleet and leaving the planet. The Questioner is then destroyed.
        • Toru 'Makhan's surviving forces chase the Swords into Slipspace, ending the Battle of Frendhal.
    • September 1st, 2558
      • The fleets of the UNSC, Swords of Sanghelios and Imperium of Clarity arrive in the Voden system over the course of several hours, beginning a protracted battle for the Imperium's homeworld of Iradu.
    • September 17th-18th: Operation: ATHENA.
    • September 29th: Fireteam Horus is sent on a mission to Quincy in the Outer Colonies to investigate reports of Covenant forces trying to unearth a Forerunner artifact.
    • September: Raid on Biko Peace Talks.
    • October 4th: Battle of Kamchatka.
    • October: Raid on UNSC Argent Moon.
    • October 27th: Battle of Sunaion.
    • October 28th: The Created Conflict begins.
      • Elena-071 and Alexander Redford escape from the besieged Aldrin Base on Luna aboard the Heavens Asunder
      • Kane-098 rescues Frederick King from Created forces on a hospital on Asphodel, later meeting up with Redford and Elena.
      • The UNSC Peacemaker flees the Sol System, taking Marco-035 and Wulf-041 with it.
      • Jax-007 and the SIGMA SPARTAN-III's are stranded on Europa after the Created destroy Denegroth Station, killing most of the Spartans there. They link up with Ianto-G200 and
      • Amanda Wade and Ash Mitchell launch an attack on Magnus on Gilgamesh as the Created begin their invasion. Their assassination attempt is unsuccessful, and they and Magnus are captured by Violet-B039 and Jill Urbach's ONI team.