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Battle of Hollow Point


Battle of Gaia

Siege of Chi Rho
Covenant Destroyers Glass Harvest


Human-Covenant War


May 28th, 2535 - N/A


Chi Rho, Ectanus 45 system


Pyrrhic Covenant Victory



Covenant Empire



  • Ectanus 45 Defense Fleet
  • 114th Rapid Strike Group


  • Valkyrie Team

UNSC Marine Corps

  • 363rd Armored Division


  • White Team



The Siege of Chi Rho, also known as the Chi Rho Campaign, was a major series of battles that took place on the fortress-world of Chi Rho during the Great War. The largest battle ever fought by the UNSC at that point, Chi Rho was the brainchild of Vice Admiral Jean Mawikizi's strategy to turn the mid-rim colonies into formidable obstacles that would put an end to the Covenant advance through human-space.

The Siege would officially begin when a task force from the Fleet of Righteous Purpose followed the UNSC's forces from Hollow Point. Being confronted by the unusually-powerful defenses, the task force would engage in what was the first example of guerrilla tactics from a Covenant commander.


"The CMA may have offered humanity a chance to push back - their squandering of funding on what was their capital offers such excellent defensive lines that it would be wrong to let it all go to waste."
―Vice Admiral Jean Mawikizi, appealing to the UNSC High Command to reinforce Chi Rho.

Chi Rho was always seen as an stronghold for the UNSC ever since it was colonised in 2390. As the planet resided in a key position between the Inner and the then-developing Outer Colonies, the Colonial Military Administration saw it's potential as a place to project power and lobby against the encroaching UNSC. Making it their unofficial capital-world, Chi Rho would become a hub of military training and production, with vast fortifications built into it's hard crust being continuously expanded throughout their history. A portion of the CMA's budget always went into upgrading the colony's facilities, ensuring it's defences were more modern than even most Inner Colonies it bordered with. Thanks to the planet's lack of tectonic activity, these fortifications lasted well into the Human-Covenant War.

Vice Admiral Jean Mawikizi, a famous war hero who was forced back into service to lead the Ninth Fleet, would famously use the planet as his headquarters. Unfortunately, Mawikizi's campaigns against the Covenant would end in failure, losing three important battles including the disastrous Battle of Hollow Point. With his fleet numbering less than forty and Chi Rho's discovery now imminent, he made the decision to augment the colony's defences and make his final stand there.

The Vice Admiral had already recognized that the planet's well-developed military assets and it's proximity to the front lines made it a ideal strongpoint long ago. In 2531 he had sent a request to the UNSC High Command to be allowed to set up a series of fortress worlds around it. However, the Admiralty would deny his request, citing that the sheer cost and effort to create the specifications he presented as being unnecessary. They eventually changed their tune as the Covenant kept pushing through the Outer Colonies and they would eventually reconsider their decision and grant Mawikizi full control over the development of it's fortifications in 2532 and sent reinforcements.

The Vice Admiral scuttled most of the more damaged ships of his fleet, moving their MACs and missiles onto makeshift defence platforms, planning to use their empty hulls as sacrificial shields, and cannibalizing them for raw materials for the construction of more planetside installations. This included the existing elaborate series of underground tunnels that were further reinforced by the Vice Admiral to be proof against plasma bombardment, complete with Durasteel reinforcements, Titanium-A doors and a large stockpile of rations to allow the defenders to wait out the siege. Preparations were immediately made to evacuate the colony, and Chi Rho's defenders were mobilised to be ready for the coming storm.

The Battle

Orbital Defense

Battle of Plasma Mountain

Battle of Thunder Canyon





Space assets




Space assets

Fleet of Rampant Zeal


  • Seeker of the Blessed Path, Varric-pattern ORS-class heavy cruiser
  • Wisdom's Proclamation, Elefen-pattern CCS-class battlecruiser
  • Audacity's End, Elefen-pattern CCS-class battlecruiser
  • Judgement's Favour, Elefen-pattern CCS-class battlecruiser
  • Elegance and Persistence, Elefen-pattern CCS-class battlecruiser
  • Truth and Reconciliation, Ket-pattern CCS-class battlecruiser
  • Ascendant Retribution, Elefen-pattern CCS-class battlecruiser
  • Sacred Esteem, Elefen-pattern CCS-class battlecruiser


  • Fortune's Revenant, Veranax-pattern RPV-class light destroyer
  • Triumph's Inquisitor, Veranax-pattern RPV-class light destroyer
  • Tenacious Thunder, Veranax-pattern RPV-class light destroyer
  • Reaper of Penance, Veranax-pattern RPV-class light destroyer
  • Surveyor of Transgression, Veranax-pattern RPV-class light destroyer
  • Valorous Spirit, Veranax-pattern RPV-class light destroyer
Fleet of Righteous Purpose




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