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"Kurayami wa subete ga shouhi saremasu. (Japanese: The darkness shall consume everything)"
―message left by Shion Ryuguu at one of her killings
Biographical information

Unknown Necros-controlled planet

Date of birth


Date of death

April 22, 26xx

Physical description
  • Necros Synthetic

female appearance

  • pulse machine pistol (in arm)
  • chain wrist blade (in arm)
  • M57 Pistol (stolen off police officer)
  • various melee weapons
  • various improvised explosive devices
Hair color


Eye color


  • mechanical titanium skeleton
  • artificial humanoid skin and tissue
  • Necros neural interface
Chronological and political information

Necros War

Notable Facts
  • Necros Synthetic used as a terror weapon to engage in murders and bombings.



Shion Ryuguu, CODENAME: TOXIN, is a Necros Synthetic. Her appearance is that of a girl between the ages of roughly sixteen to nineteen.



Shion Ryuguu looks over the aftermath of a vehicle bombing.

Ryuguu was one of many Necros Synthetics deployed behind UNSC lines to cause general chaos, demoralize, and spread fear amongst the population through random murders and bombings. Ryuguu was deployed to the area of Tokyo, Japan. Ryuguu was responsible at least 75 murders in the area, as well as a dozen bombings, killing at least 100 civilians, a dozen police officers and three UNSC military personnel before she was killed by Kouta Hirano and Saeko Ryougi.



Shion Ryuguu shortly before her final fight with Kouta Hirano and Saeko Ryougi.

On the night of April 22, 26xx, Shion Ryuguu committed her last set of murders, killing a group of people who ventured along a deserted, poorly lit path in Shinjuku Gyoen Park in the Shinjuku neighborhood of central Tokyo. Shortly afterwards, Kouta Hirano and Saeko Ryougi encountered Ryuguu while walking home late that night. They entered to a scene of horror, Ryuguu standing over a pile of bodies, her clothes stained with blood, holding a bloody knife. Ryuguu ran at Saeko Ryougi and attempted stab her, however, Kouta Hirano managed to knock her over with a kick to the stomach and a kicked the knife out of her hand. Shion Ryuguu attempted to fire her pulse machine pistol at Hirano and Ryougi, but Saeko grabbed Shion's knife and stabbed Ryuguu repeatedly, killing the synth. When police arrived on the scene Ryuguu's body was immediately identified as a Necros Synthetic.

Favored Weapons and Methods

The darkness

A Message left by Shion Ryuguu at the site of one of her killings. The text reads "Kurayami wa subete ga shouhi saremasu", or "The darkness shall consume everything" in Japanese.

Ryuguu for the most part preferred to use melee weapons, both her chain wrist blade as well as countless other melee weapons including several different knives, a machete, a steel pipe, a crowbar, a baseball bat, a katana, and a chainsaw. Ryuguu typically commits her murders in an exceeding brutal manner, sometimes decapitating, eviscerating, or butchering her victims. Shion Ryuguu often left cryptic and violent messages written in her victim's blood at the scene of her murders and in some cases, carved the Necros insignia into her victim's chest. Ryuguu tended only to use firearms if she was attacked by someone who had a gun. Thus Ryuguu used only two different firearms in her killing spree, either her wrist mounted pulse machine pistol or an M57 she scavenged off a police officer. Ryuguu also was involved in 12 bombings, including an attack on a bar near Yokota Air Force Base that claimed the lives of three UNSC soldiers and a several civilians. Her bombs were crude improvised devices using any type of explosive available, typically black powder.


  • Her name is a composite of two characters in the extremely violent anime Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Shion Sonozaki and Rena Ryuguu, though she looks like neither of them.
  • Shion Ryuguu was inspired by the "violent anime girl" stock character.

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