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Biographical information
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Physical description

Male Programming


A Thirteenth Generation "Smart" AI, modeled himself of the Japanese warlord Shigen Takeda

Political information and functions

Necros War



Primary Function

Battlefield support

Notable Battles

"Be as Swift as the Wind, Silent as a Forest, Fierce as Fire and Immovable as a Mountain."

"Did you just say we should set fire to trees on a mountain?"

"You. Latrine duty. NOW!"

Shingen, serial number , was a Thirteenth Generation "Smart" AI, and assitant to Colonel Leonard Teufal.



Shigen was a smart Thirteenth gen AI, created for military support at high levels, acting as aid to high level military officers, both on and off the battlefield. After 3 years of loitering he was handed over to Colone Leonard Teufal, who had been enlisted for the SPARTAN-IV chief commander. Shingen remained as a powerful accomplace to Teufal, assisting him in the training and organization of the SPARTANS. He eventually went to war with Teufal during OPERATION:DEVIANT, organizing some of the more hectic fighting on Asteroid J-V4, where three companies fought across the sprawling complex. By taking charge of the AIs of those companies and combining their efforts and information sharing, it allowed them to take the facility at a much quicker rate. He was next in service during WARDOG where he remained with Teufal on a oribiting Prowler, directed groundside teams. He directed fire support for First Company fighting in urban areas as well.


Shigen's personality can be best described as playful to comrades, but deadly serious against his foes. He never underestimates his enemy and always expects the best of the SPARTANS, which he usually gets.


Shigen appears very much a image of the warlord, being a large man in Samurai armour wearing a animilaistic tiger mask, furs and carrying his war fan with him at all times. He often also sits down on a portable stool (that he usually has produced by a holographic Samurai upon his request).

Relationship to other AIs

Shingen largely avoids talking to the other AIs, prefering to keep to himself and Teufal. Despite this, he has a liking for Fu, the AI in charge of Camp Sparta and Thermopylae Server security.

Relationship to Humans

He seems to regard Teufal as his historical opponent, Usegi Kenshin. He constantly tries to out wit and out maneouvre him. He also enjoys the company of the SPARTAN-IIs, who he also sees as great opponents and enjoys talking to them about their interpretations of Sun-Tzu's Art of war.

Past Times

He enjoys playing wargames against his opponents, wether being chess, board games, computer games or AI created simulations. He also teaches the IVs about the Art of War and also respect for their enemies.

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