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Seung-ah-G218 player model full

Birth name:

Yoon Seung-ah




28 August 2537
Saeloun Seoul, Reynif


193 cm (6'4")


88 kg (194 lb.)

Armored height:

203 cm (6'8")

Hair color:


Eye color:


Military career


Halo Waypoint - UEG Unified Earth Government


UNSC Navy Logo White UNSC Navy
Spartan branch Spartan

Years of service:

2546 –


Spartan branch Spartan

Service number:



Spartan branch SPARTAN-III Program

  • Gamma Company
  • Specialty:

  • Medic
  • Explosive ordnance disposal
  • Battles/wars:

    Human-Covenant War

  • Battle of Earth
  • Battle of Paradiso

    Battle of Beimeni

    Requiem Campaign

    Battle of Kamchatka

    Subjugation of Earth


    Silver Stars
    Purple Heart

    Cquote1 Be confident in everything. Cquote2

    Seung-ah-G218 (born Yoon Seung-ah; Korean: 윤승아; August 28, 2537) is a SPARTAN-III supersoldier of the Gamma Company.


    Early Childhood

    A picture of Seung-ah at the age of 5 that her father still holds on to
    Yoon Seung-ah was born in Saeloun Seoul, Reynif on August 28, 2537. When she was at the age of five, her father, a marine by the name of Yoon Hyeon-ki, left the planet to fight the Covenant, leaving Seung-ah to live only with her mother until the year 2545. While Seung-ah and her mother were enjoying family time in their home city's park, the Covenant invaded Reynif. Seung-ah's mother was killed by Covenant infantry, but not before she ordered her daughter to hide in the park's pavilion building.

    Several hours later, Seung-ah was found by Petty Officer Dom-094, Sergeant Thomas Prado, and Lance Corporal Kylie Summers, who were also stranded in Saeloun Seoul. The SPARTAN called for evac, but a Phantom arrived at the park before any UNSC transport could, and deployed a team of six zealots. Dom-094 told Summers to take Seung-ah deeper into the building, while he and Prado would fight the elites. The SPARTAN was able to kill all six zealots, but suffered burns from a few plasma bolts. Prado, unfortunately, did not survive the attack. A D77-TC Pelican arrived soon after to pick up Reynif's last known survivors. Reynif was ultimately overrun, and subsequently glassed.

    Seung-ah was conscripted as part of the SPARTAN-III Gamma Company. She was trained by Lieutenant Commander Ambrose, Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez, and Petty Officers Second Class Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292 on Onyx. During the training, she was assigned to Team Dao, along with Henry-G066, Jim-G067, Jack-G068, and April-G182. Seung-ah was clumsier than the other trainees, and her combat performance relative to her peers never got much better. However, she caught the attention of Petty Officer Third Class Aspen-B145, due to her ability to inspire strength in even the most pessimistic of allies. The older SPARTAN offered to train her to become a medic, which was something she willingly accepted. Both her natural empathy and her skills learned from Aspen would prove to be valuable assets to any ally she is around.[note 1] Following the SPARTAN-III's augmentation procedures, Seung-ah was told that April suffered complications from the enhancements and could therefore no longer join them as fellow Spartans.

    Battle of Earth

    Team Dao Kano Station
    Team Dao, aboard Kano Station (From left to right: Seung-ah-G218, Jim-G067, Henry-G066, Jack-G068)
    Team Dao was aboard Kano Station during the Battle of Earth. The Spartans defended the station from boarding Covenant infantry. While treating a wounded marine, Seung-ah was shot thrice in the right side of her back by a Covenant carbine. Although she did not flinch from her wounds due to the effects of the 009762-OO drug, Henry ordered Jim to escort her to the ship's cryo facilities, knowing that she had little time. When Kano Station took extensive damage, her cryo chamber was ejected along with others and landed on Voi.

    During the same time as the Raid on Kilimanjaro, her cryo chamber was recovered by UNSC forces. Her right lung was replaced with a newly flash-cloned one. Because of her condition, Seung-ah could not participate in the Battle of Installation 00. She was brought to tears when she was told that the rest of Team Dao went missing in action on Kano Station. Soon, however, Henry-G066, Jim-G067, and Jack-G068 were recovered from Africa, having escaped Kano Station in an escape pod moments before the station's destruction.

    Battle of Paradiso

    Main article: Battle of Paradiso
    "I never thought you'd be so handsome."
    ―Seung-ah-G218, teasing Dom-094, upon seeing him without armor for the first time

    The Human-Covenant War left many civilians homeless. Paradiso was one of the newly-discovered habitable planets suitable for refugees. In the year 2556, Seung-ah-G218, along with Henry-G066 and Jim-G067, was sent to the planet with a set of refugees to ensure their safety from potential insurrectionist or Covenant attacks. They arrived on November 20, where they met up with Dom-094, who was already on Paradiso to watch over the first set of refugees.

    SPARTAN-IIIs Paradiso defense
    Jim-G067, Seung-ah-G218, and Henry-G066 fight off Covenant forces
    Just three days after the SPARTAN-IIIs' arrival, a small fleet of Covenant Loyalists led by brutes attacked the colony. The combination of the SPARTANs and a greater number of UNSC Army and Marine ground forces annihilated the Covenant ground forces. However, the brutes were able to successfully raid a camp that was not well-guarded, kidnapping none other than Seung-ah's very own father – Gunnery Sergeant Yoon, his surviving men, and the civilians at the camp. The battle in space was also in the UNSC's favor, thanks to the UNSC's greater number of vessels compared to that of the Covenant, forcing the latter's remaining ship, a single battlecruiser, to retreat.
    Dom-094 meets S-IIIs
    Seung-ah-G218 greets Dom-094, when he meets up with the SPARTAN-IIIs after battle.

    The crew aboard the UNSC Frigg was able to track down the Covenant ship and its destination – a world controlled by a relatively small number of Covenant loyalist remnants. Vice Admiral Alexey Surkov ordered the Frigg and the majority of the Paradiso fleet to pursue in order to finish off the loyalist remnants and rescue the missing humans.

    Battle of Beimeni

    Main article: Battle of Beimeni
    "He's dead, Jim."
    ―Seung-ah-G218 to Jim-G067, as the latter continues to mutilate a brute's corpse
    SPARTANs on Beimeni
    The SPARTANs arrive on the surface of Beimeni. From left to right: Jim-G067, Henry-G066, Dom-094, Seung-ah-G218
    Upon arriving at the planet the Covenant escaped to, Surkov's fleet faced another battlecruiser, with the escaping battlecruiser nowhere to be found. Shortly after the UNSC's arrival, the missing battlecruiser emerged from the planet's atmosphere, indicating that it had likely deployed its prisoners at the planet's surface. Surkov ordered the SPARTANs and a division of infantry to search for and rescue the captured humans.
    Seung-ah-G218 regeneration field
    Seung-ah-G218 activates her regeneration field.

    The Frigg's AI, Nótt, located the IFF transponders of the captured Marines, and the UNSC ground forces subsequently rushed to the location, which was a Forerunner tower. With the Spartans, led by Dom-094, spearheading the operation, the UNSC forces made their way to the prisoners, killing any enemy that stood in their way. Just before the SPARTANs could reach the prisoners, they arrived at the tower's control room, where Tisamenus, the chieftain leading the Covenant forces, waited for them. The chieftain mocked the Spartans by telling them he had already killed one of their kind, even pointing to her armor he had on display in the room. Dom-094, immediately recognizing the armor belonging to Annie-003, nonchalantly ordered Henry-G066 and Jim-G067 to unload their weapons on Tisamenus. Dom-094 and the two other male SPARTANs, equipped with heavy support weapons, obliterated the chieftain long before he could reach them with his hammer. Among the chieftain's charred remains, Jim-G067 recovered his weapon, a Tartarus' Gavel. With their biggest threat eliminated, the Spartans proceeded to free the prisoners. Just before leaving the control room, Dom-094 activated the fail-safe detonation system of Annie-003's armor, demolishing pursuing Covenant forces and honoring his deceased former leader.

    The UNSC forces escorted the civilians to the nearest extraction with Jim-G067 in front, plowing through brutes and jackals with his new weapon. Once all UNSC forces evacuated the planet, Surkov ordered the orbital bombardment of the Covenant bases on the surface.

    UNSC Infinity

    Seung-ah-G218 Infinity
    Seung-ah-G218 defending the UNSC Infinity from boarding Covenant forces
    Prior to the Requiem Campaign, Seung-ah-G218 was stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity as a part of its Spartan contingent. During the Requiem Campaign, Seung-ah participated in fighting against boarding Covenant and Promethean forces. As of October 2558, Seung-ah continues to work closely with the Hospital Corpsmen of the Infinity.

    Personality and traits

    Seung-ah-G218 is best known for her very friendly and sociable personality which often boosts the morale of her allies. Due to her relative lack of combat ability among the Gamma Company SPARTANs, Seung-ah initially had difficulty finding her place among her peers. Her communication skills, however, caught the attention of Aspen-B145, who took it upon himself to train her as a medic. The older SPARTAN's decision proved to have paid off; Seung-ah had since gained a reputation of keeping almost all wounded allies alive long enough to receive proper medical attention, regardless of how terrible the injuries are. Those who have been treated by her describe her as "an angelic, reassuring presence" or "giving off a soothing aura." Although Seung-ah is inferior in combat when compared to her fellow Spartans, she herself is still a Spartan and is therefore a skilled soldier in her own right, outperforming most of the other soldiers of the UNSC Armed Forces on the battlefield.

    Because of Seung-ah-G218’s outgoing and friendly character, she inevitably got along with almost every other SPARTAN-III of the Gamma Company. Inevitably, with her time spent with Team Dao, she became very close friends with all of her teammates. Seung-ah considered April-G182 to be her best girl friend and was saddened when the latter was withdrawn from the team, knowing that she will likely never see her again. Seung-ah also looks up to Dom-094 and often tries to engage in conversations with him in order to learn more about the Spartan who saved her from the Covenant.


    Seung-ah-G218 Air Assault
    Seung-ah-G218's first suit of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor
    In the Human-Covenant War, Seung-ah-G218 wore SPI Mk II armor. After the war, she was given access to MJOLNIR GEN2 armor, choosing to wear an Air Assault helmet, EVA body armor, Mk V pauldrons, Mk VI forearm armor, and Recruit leg armor. At the start of the year 2558, however, Seung-ah began wearing an upgraded set of armor, instead consisting of a Security GEN1 helmet and Indomitable armor with Erőd patterning.

    Not specializing in any particular field of combat, Seung-ah-G218 often uses an assault rifle (MA5C during the Human-Covenant War, MA5D after) or personal defense weapon (M7 during the Human-Covenant War, M20 after) as her individual weapon, although she has also used an M319 grenade launcher on many occasions. Seung-ah-G218 is also notable for often carrying stun grenades in addition to M9 fragmentation grenades. As a battlefield medic, Seung-ah-G218 always carries a health pack when deployed in an engagement, using its contents to temporarily treat wounded allies. In light of the recent conflicts, Seung-ah-G218 also began equipping her armor with an M2705 regeneration field plug-in in order to allow her to regenerate the shields of fellow SPARTANs and/or elites of the Swords of Sanghelios that are under enemy fire.


    • Seung-ah-G218's physical appearance is modeled after that of the singer and actress Yoona.
    • Seung-ah coincidentally shares her name with the actress Yoon Seung-ah, as Hyper Zergling had no knowledge of the actress upon the creation of this character.


    1. Many elements of Aspen-B145's biography are not consistent with, and he therefore cannot exist in, the Platinum Annals Universe. While it is Aspen who trains Seung-ah in The Onyx Chronicles, Seung-ah, instead, receives her additional medical training through unknown means in the Platinum Annals Universe.
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