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Second Human Civil War
Part of Colonial era
Date November 9th, 2583—August 21st, 2588
Location Human sphere, Milky Way galaxy
Result UNSC victory
  • UND/CSC stripped of most powers by UNSC until 2591
  • 75 percent of rebel groups disarmed and dismantled

UNSCflag.png UNSC Defense Force
CSCflag.png UN Colonial Security
Shozin.png Korzai Guild


Rebelflag.gif Colonial Reform Syndicate
OMCflag.png Offworld Mining Coalition
ALFcrest.png Artemis Liberation Front

Commanders and leaders
UNSC High Command

UNSC Joint Chiefs of Staff
Director Baron Silva

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"I don't care about your your god-damned greenhorn instinct, Farley! Hold this damned line!"
―Anonymous Marine Corps officer

The Second Human Civil War (known also as the Great Separatist Movement or the Colonial Rebellion) was an official umbrella term used to refer to a number of simultaneous civil conflicts involving the United Nations.

The Second Human Civil War was estimated to have taken the lives of nearly five million individuals; while grossly "outperformed" in this category as when compared to losses seen in the First Human Civil War or Human-Covenant War (which had respectively amassed death tolls of 23,000,000 and 80,000,000,000+), it was nonetheless an extremely horrific war. Some analysts even credit the United Nations conglomerated force with this lowered number with the advent of more advanced techniques that minimize fatalities among both civilians and its personal assets.

Behind the Scenes

  • Before the Second Human Civil War was conceptualized, a number of lesser revolts were planned to simultaneously take place.

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