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Second Great War
Second Great War
Beginning:May 15th, 2586
End:December 5th, 2617
Place:Milky Way Galaxy
Outcome:Coalition victory
  • Treaty of Taradia incident occurs
  • UNSC emerges as greatest known superpower
  • Empire of Balaho rises to considerable standing
  • New Covenant repelled and restrained but not crippled

ODI1 United Coalition of Systems
AlbionFlag Royal Confederacy of Albion

NewSeal Royal Empire
KigFlag1 Mhok Dominion

OldSeal Sacred Regime
Forerunner1 Sentinels


AlbionFlag Chancellor Hadrian Dowry
TuqoiFlag Thel Tuqoi

"The Sangheili have turned against us for they have allied with the Humans! This is truly the greatest herecy, and we shall burn their planets, destroy their fleets, and open the path to the Great Journey."
―Demathus, self-proclaimed leader of the New Covenant

The Second Great War (GWII), known alternatively as the Interstellar Conquest or to ex-Covenant races as the War of Valiant Deceit, was a major conflict spanning more than a quarter century. The three major combatants were the United Coalition of Systems (known originally as the Orion Defense Initiative), the Royal Empire, and the Sacred Regime. It would result in no major victory for any side, though from the ashes, the United Nations Space Command would rise as the most powerful entity within the Orion Spur.

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