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Sebastian Hale
Biographical Information

Taradia (Indus Corus System, First Rim)


January 25th, 2550 (St. Dominique, Greene Valley)


August 8th, 2623 (Elyria, Tripoli)

Physical Description





6 feet 2 inches


241 lbs (pro football career)

Chronological and Political Information

UNSC Defense Forces
RKS Services

"Damn, look at that. An entire world, destroyed in an instant."
―Hale, immediately following the 2588 Carasi incident

Sebastian "C-Bass" Hale (January 25th, 2550—August 8th, 2643) was a professional gridiron footballer, a non-commissioned officer with the UNSC Defense Forces, and later a private military operator with RKS Services. Following retirement, he became a public speaker, often advocating anti-prejudice campaigns.

During his high school and collegiate years, Sebastian was a particularly exceptional gridiron football player. As a strong safety, Sebastian competed at the intercollegiate level for the Ohio State University Buckeyes, one of the Human sphere's most prestigious and largest universities. Hale was subsequently drafted into the Solar Gridiron Football Association, a professional athletics organization that caters to Earth and Mars. He played with the Shanghai Meteors for five years before retiring and opting to enlist with the UNSC Marine Corps.

During his four year service to the Marine Corps, Hale earned the rank of Sergeant and served three tours of duty: one with the UNSC Sol Fleet and two on the colony world Palvir, which was then the location of a small, tedious civil conflict. After completing his final assignment, Hale was offered employment with a private security group known as RKS Services; following his discharge, the ex-Sergeant joined RKS' ranks, a decision which instantly doubled his annual salary.

Behind the Scenes

  • Hale will play a major role in an upcoming story based in the Infinityverse.