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Schönheit Rebellion


Human-Covenant War


April 8th-October 13th, 2504


Schönheit, Hurst System


Tactical Rebel Victory

  • Peace Treaty Declared
  • UNSC forces withdrawn from Schönheit
  • New trade deals struck with colonial government

UNSC Strategic Victory

  • Military infrastructure established on Schönheit
  • Gradual disarmament of Schönheit Colonial Guard in following years

United Nations Space Command / Schönheit Parliament

Free Schönheit Movement

  • General Hassan Darzi
  • Governor Irna Nowak
  • Lieutenant Colonel Otto Price
  • Sergeant Major John Ackton
  • Antonio Schmidt†
  • Colonel Oswald Schumer
  • Major Frank Schumer†
  • Major Hila Wagner†
  • 49th Marine Division
  • 118th Marine Division
  • Loyalist Schönheit Colonial Guard
  • ORION units
  • Rebel Schönheit Colonial Guard (437 fighters)
  • FSM Rebels (approx. 8-11,000 fighters)
  • United Rebel Front Militia (48 fighters)


  • 14,374 Marine Casualties
  • 184,048 Civilian Casualties


  • Rebel SCG all but annihilated
  • URF Militia wiped out
  • FSM forces scattered

The Schönheit Rebellion was a prolonged engagement between United Nations Space Command and Insurrectionist forces following a large-scale uprising on the Inner Colony world of Schönheit. Lasting six months after violence broke out due to mass food shortages to the planet in April of 2504, what ensued was one of the bloodiest battles of the entire Insurrection, which shocked many who believed rebellion to be an issue strictly relegated to the Outer Colonies. Due to bad publicity and an unwillingness to repeat tactics used during the disastrous Far Isle uprising years before, the UNSC amassed a sizeable invasion force to quash the rebellion as quickly as possible.

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