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Saul Kotor
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The beginning

Has Fleet Admiral of the UNSC Road Runner Saul Kotor as be in the UNSC as a pilot since the age of 17 and was a member of the second ship to came on harvest during is dertruction.He is the first pilot to to finnish is trainning as a rank of major.

States of service

During the battle of Harvest Kotor was seen in a longsword deployed 13 moray space mine destroying a Seraph squadron and a Covenant destroyer. For is bravery he receive the medal of Honor. During the war, as a leader of a squadron of longswords, he make several brillants move like

  • Deployed a Shiva nuclear warhead on a Covenant flagship
  • Destroye a seraph squadron in dog fighting run.
  • The second to execute a Keeyes lope
  • etc

A Fleet Admiral

1 week befor the siege of Paris IV he recieve the first assigment as a ship captain on the UNSC Black Bird. The frigate was unfortunatly destroye in the battle of reach were he was rescue in a escape pod by a Marathon cruiser flying Reach. During the first Battle of Earth he was not in commande but in the ODA Quebec platform a mac platform in geostationed orbit above Quebec city in the Canada. Right after the battle the fleet amiral Hood request him to be the Commander of the new Marathon Mk II The UNSC Road Runner also the flagship of the UNSC 14th Nomad Fleet. He immediately accept this offers. Thus in charge of the UNSC 14th Nomad Fleet he got the highter rank in the navy.

UNSC-Covenant war

During this bloody war, that take more than half of humanity, Kotor lost his family (all killed during the the ground bombardment of Eridanus). At this moment he know that is purpos was to kill most of the Covenant he can, he swear that on the tomb of his family. I the remainning years of the war he participate to numerous campaing specialy for the 1st Naval Armada.

after the war

After the war he participate to some campaign to retake colony from the covenant and for colonize other but in year 2564 he retired from the active service. He finaly died in 2591 in his house on earth knowing he did the right choice to have fought the covenant. Almost 5 year befor the first contact with the Necros and 25 years befor the Necros War.