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Satomi Sasaki
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Earth (Japan)

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December 1, 2512

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"If the public learn of what was done here, the ramifications, the uprisings... the Insurrection will look like child's play. They told us it'd help us win the war, but what happens when there's nobody left to fight?"
―Satomi to Noah Sówka.

Satomi Sasaki (Kanji: 佐々木 聡美, Sasaki Satomi) is a gifted university student at the University of Toruń on Mazovia. She formerly studied at the University of New Alexandria on Reach in the field of anthropology. During her studies, she became fascinated with the limited knowledge of Covenant culture, and wished to one day study them firsthand in the future. Using the ChatterNet and other private networks, Satomi acquired as much data as she could on the Covenant. Her interest and personal studies in xenoanthropology piqued the interest of the Office of Naval Intelligence who contacted her and requested her knowledge and services. To her surprise, she quickly learned that what ONI was researching wasn't Covenant in origin at all, but something else entirely.

While Satomi worked on her bachelor's and master's degree, she would continue to aid the Office of Naval Intelligence's efforts in researching the various artifacts spread throughout Reach. Satomi, and many other researchers would make valuable progress in their work. As time went on, Satomi became increasingly more obsessed with studying Forerunner and Covenant culture. A year and a half into her doctorate studies in 2537, Satomi was contacted by ONI and described a major discovery on an Outer Colony world Mazovia. ONI requested her services but also gave her the choice to decline, seeing as how the Covenant destroyed any Outer Colony they found, and the colony was dangerously positioned near the front lines. Noting the potential breakthroughs this discovery could unleash; what it could mean for the war effort, as well as her captivation with alien cultures, Satomi enthusiastically accepted their offer. Under the guise of finishing her doctorate degree by transferring to the Uniwersytet Torunia, Satomi would secretly work with other anthropologists and archaeologists brought to the colony by ONI at the Kampus Scientifica.


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