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HTC- Major

Norsak 'Zaremee, a dedicated Sangheili Titan.

Sangheili Titans were an elite tier of Sangheili war veterans, recognized for years outstanding service. The honor of becoming a Titan is traditionally and exclusively bestowed by retired Sangehili Councilors. In order to become a Titan, however, a candidate must be abnormally fit, tall, and strong, while also an exceptional and motivated fighter. This criteria is considered rare, therefore, a mere sixteen Titans have existed throughout Sangheili history. It is known that this rank pre-dates all known Covenant history, and has become deeply rooted into Sangheili tradition.

Sangheili Titans are each bestowed a "Sangheili Titan Powered Combat Harness", an advanced, expensive powered exoskeleton, designed to contour to the figure and combat style of it's assigned user. They are custom built, and traditionally feature a single color favored by its Titan.