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Lieutenant Commander Michael Pomare, Office of Naval Intelligence, UNSCDF Navy
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Sanctimony-Class Assault Carrier
Production information

Thrakakrathak Orbital Shipyards


Covenant Assault Carrier

Technical specifications
Slipspace velocity

38 lightyears per hour

  • 7 x plasma torpedo launchers
  • 14 x Pulse Laser Turrets
  • 2 x Energy Projectors
  • 96 x Seraph Space Superiority Fighters
  • 50 x Phantom Dropships




Year introduced

2554 (Battle of Unmoving Virtue)

  • Fleet Command and Control
  • Orbital Fire Support
  • Anti-Ship Weapons Platform
  • Troop Transport

Designed in the late 2540's, the Sanctimony-Class Carrier was intended to be a replacement from its older counterpart. Though the Prophets were normally reluctant to "tamper" with the technology used in ship construction, a number of design modifications were made, making the Sanctimony-class unique among the Covenant fleet. After the Schism, most of them fell into the hands of Jiralhanae Covenant Remnant, though the Sangheili continued to operate their own, retrofitting them with superior technology/


A UNSC Cavalier-Class Destroyer broadsides a Covenant Sanctimony-Class Assault Carrier.


A taskforce of three Sanctimony-Class Carriers during the Covenant reprisal strike on Ketesh


  • "They look like a giant ring. So we just have to throw it into a volcano, right?"
  • "The central "eye" at the bow houses the Energy Projector. Around the hull's circumference is various plasma turrets and lasers. In the centre, its store of plasma is held in suspension for later use."
  • "Did the designers of this thing even know anything about space combat? The shape is horrible, and its weapons all point laterally - the top and bottom are both terribly vulnerable. I'm not complaining - it makes it easier for our ships to bring them down."
  • "I always preferred the older class. The Sanctimony-class is an example of what happens when the San'Shyuum meddled - it may pioneer some interesting concepts, but that's all. Its a terrible combat warship."
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