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Samuel-B256 2559.png
Biographical Information
Full Name
  • Samuel Jurek Gwozdz (Birth)
  • Samuel Eryk Modzelewski (Assumed)
Spartan Tag



New Harmony


May 17 2532 (UNSC Military Calendar)

Physical Description

Human (Augmented)




6 ft. 8 in./203.20 cm. (Unarmored)


255 lbs./115.66 kg. (Unarmored)


SPARTAN Neural Interface

Political and Military Information

UEGSeal.png Unified Earth Government


UNSC Navy Logo White.png UNSC Navy

  • Beta Company.png Team Tango
  • ONI Seal 1.png Team Specter
  • UNSC Navy Logo White.png Red Team
  • ONI Seal 1.png Team Osage

UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer.png Chief Petty Officer (E-7)


Human-Covenant War

  • Operation: SILENT SERVANT
  • Operation: RIGHTFUL DAWN
  • Operation: URGENT TEMPEST
  • Battle of Meridian
  • Battle of Ballast
  • Battle of Fumirole
  • Battle of Reach
  • Earth Sustained Defense Campaign

Post-Covenant War conflicts

  • Operation: HYBRID VANGUARD
  • Operation: HOPE OUTREACH
  • UEG Diplomatic Mission - Andesia
  • Installation 04 Exclusion Zone
  • Objective Juniper Orbit
  • Mission to Erebus VII
  • Requiem Campaign
  • Created Crisis
    • Investigation of Oban
    • Battle for Site D
    • Objective White Genesis
    • Task Force 2-08 Rescue Mission
    • Battle of Site A

Post-Created Crisis conflicts


Listed as Missing In Action; ACTIVE

"An intelligence specialist who spent time with the Headhunters, non-company teams, and Singleton missions. Now a Team Leader who takes on some of the most dangerous missions ONI has to offer."
―Vilda Stenbeck on Samuel-B256.

Chief Petty Officer Samuel-B256 is a SPARTAN-III who works for the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence. Conscripted into Beta Company, Samuel became a Headhunter that launched operations for the Beta-5 Division against Insurrectionists and Covenant targets throughout the Human-Covenant War.

Leading Team Specter throughout the Human-Covenant War, Samuel and Mathilda-B080 conducted operations till 2549. Following the death of Samuel's Headhunter partner, he reassigned to a non-company team named Red Team under the command of Oriana-A058 till the end of the Human-Covenant War.

Reassigned within ONI during the Post-Covenant War conflicts, Samuel rejoined the Headhunters as a LONEWOLF specialist. He conducted operations and missions for the Beta-5 Division on Covenant remnants as well as other tasks. In 2557, Samuel was asked by Oriana to join a team she was creating named Team Osage to conduct missions for ONI Section Three.

He served as the enlisted intel and ops specialist throughout the Created Crisis. Samuel participated in numerous battles till the end and moved up to become the Team Leader. In the Post-Created Crisis conflicts, Samuel continues to deploy for the Office of Naval Intelligence with Team Osage against Covenant and Created remnants.


Early Life

New Harmony

Erdianus II TPF.png
New Harmony in 2532.

Born Samuel Jurek Gwozdz on May 17th, 2532, Juri and Odeta Gwozdz welcomed their son into their lives. Raised in the city of Nowy Korfantów, Samuel grew up in a wealthy agricultural community which was pioneered by the Government of Poland back on Earth. Juri Gwozdz was a Vintner who was able to sell wine across the galaxy to clients. At the same time, Odeta spent her time as a Sommelier for the business her husband ran. Being extremely affluent and having a lavish lifestyle, he grew up in a much different environment compared to the majority of colonists. Nowy Korfantów was secluded from the majority of the colony and was perceived to be one of the richest towns in the colony. Regardless, he often asked about New Harmony and how it came to be a colony for humanity to reside on. Despite Samuel's ambitions to look outward and learn, his parents were preparing him to take over the family winery business once he came of age.

Early on in Samuel's life, he remained shy of others and found comfort in his mother due to her being around more. Taught to be compassionate and caring, Samuel worked on developing his skills with the house staff who lived on the estate's grounds. The endless fountain of love from his parents regularly gave became one of the many reasons he felt safe with them. When Odeta took her son out to the market or stores, she found him being extremely timid of other children. By the time Samuel was four years of age, he had begun his education. Being picked up by his father, Juri noticed Samuel was more quiet than usual and got a call from the school's administration about Samuel was being picked on. He was embarrassed to talk to his parents due to the bullying he was experiencing. Once hearing what their son had endured, both parents planned to move to another school until one girl from his class showed up.

"I remember Kalina well. She was my first friend, the one who always had an open hand and not a closed fist. She was the sister I did not have, the friend I needed the most."
―Samuel remembering his first friend, Kalina.

Kalina, a resident from one of the estates, arrived and went to talk with Samuel. At first, he was hostile towards Kalina and stated he was not going to trust her since she did not stick up for him. She took his words and acted upon them the next day when she attacked the massive bully of the class with swift kicks to the shin. Samuel found Kalina was someone he was willing to trust and began to develop a form of friendship with her after the attack. As the years progressed, the two became nearly inseparable. Often, they were found at one another house's, always trying to find a way to talk with one another during class. He felt extremely safe and secure with Kalina, often sharing his thoughts and ideas, many he held close to his heart. Respecting the law of reciprocity, Kalina shared ideas and beliefs she held tight to herself and he paid extra attention to during their discussions.

"I cherished the days when I woke up to the sound of my mother's singing voice and the laughter of my father filling the room. Kalina is the one person I fully trusted and cared for, protected her from the other boys who would come to pick on her. But then they came and everything changed."
―Samuel reflecting on his life before everything changed.

An Outer Colony conflict known as the Human-Covenant War was slowly making its way towards the Inner Colonies. By 2537, the New Harmony Defense Force grew in strength, and the fear of an attack by the enemy was not on the minds of many who lived in Nowy Korfantów. On a warm day, the Covenant attacked the colony, and the Battle of New Harmony was underway. Samuel's hometown was ground zero for the Covenant Empire, and the enemies made their way onto the plantations which belonged to the wealthy citizens. Samuel was pulled away by a servant who was ordered by Odeta to take her son to a shelter and wait for them. Crying for his parents to come with him, Samuel tried to pry himself away from the grasp of the servant and get back to his mother. When a Covenant drop pod slammed into the ground, a Sangheili emerged and killed the servant. The nightmare the creature was, Samuel screamed in fear till he heard a shotgun blast from behind and turned to see his father. Keeping his focus on father, he remained frozen as he watched his mother run towards him then get shot. Juri fell quickly after, and Samuel huddled up into a small spot crying.

Not long after, Samuel heard another drop pod slam into the ground, a UNSC Single Occupant Exoatmpshere Insertion Vehicle (SOEIV) with an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) emerging. The ODST quickly killed the Sangheili warrior and brought Samuel to safety before going out into battle. Being sat down, Samuel watched as an ODST removed his helmet, and he noticed the man was not a creature who killed his parents. Only able to speak Polish, Samuel asked about if his family and friend were alive, he received no response. Picked up by a transport shuttle, Samuel was taken away from the battlefield and taken to a new location where he was hopefully going to find where his friend was. Arriving at an orphanage, Samuel lost his parents and the one friend he always kept close to his heart.


One of the many rooms at an orphanage where Samuel slept.
"New Harmony turned into a never-ending nightmare for me. After the attack, supplies ran out, and people fled the colony in the hope of finding refuge. We no longer had sunny days, the smoke from the fires blotted out the sun, and our ecosystem was dying by the second. I was put on Beyond the Boundary, a light freighter and sent to somewhere else."
―Samuel on the state of New Harmony in 2537.

Admitted to an orphanage in Tyumen, New Harmony, Samuel became one of the million orphans who were brought in after the Battle of New Harmony then relocated to New Alexandria, Reach, in the Epsilon Eridani system. Admitted into the New Alexandria Federal Conservatory, Samuel resided in the Fifth Ward Dormitory alongside other orphans from the Human-Covenant War. The NAFC was no different than where he lived on New Harmony temporarily; the conditions in the dormitory turned spartan quickly. He found himself in a world of sickness and strange children, which led him to be even more afraid of the situation. He often cried for his parents, hoping their death was fake. Those who resided in the dormitory the longest took him under their wings and showed Samuel the ways to recover from the experiences he witnessed.

While at the NAFC, Samuel enrolled in an English Language course while also attending New Alexandria Primary Education Facility Number 528. He continued his education and quickly met Mathilda Dufort, another orphan who fled New Constantinople following a Covenant attack in 2537. He quickly became friends with her, and the two spent time studying together while walking around New Alexandria. Samuel felt as if he finally found someone to fill the hole that Kalina left and made sure not to let the same thing happen to Mathilda. While Samuel struggled with saying her name in English, they worked together by improving their oral and written skills through the desire of wanting to know each other more. He didn't spend time connecting with the other orphans due to his instinctual need to help his closest friend at any moment. Samuel slowly became the protective friend Mathilda sought for while out and about.

New Alexandria TPF.png
New Alexandria in 2538.
"New Harmony's location was compromised after the battle. I left my homeworld in 2537 and made it to Reach in 2538, starting a new chapter in my life within the NAFC. I wanted to fight; I wanted to do something about those to who everything from me."
―Samuel on his move to Reach and desire to fight the Covenant after being an orphan for nearly two years.

In later months of 2538 on Reach, Samuel rejected being recruited to join a gang and make a better life for himself. He rejected the offer and was attacked by fellow dormmates, yet he stood firm in his decision to not do something wrong. One member captured Mathilda when she was sleeping and tried to traffick her out of Ward Five, he learned of her disappearance and went to the nearby police station for help. Samuel was shooed away by the officers and made his own attempt to rescue her with a pipe he stole from a convenience store. His frustration continued to mount as authority figures such as the dorm manager and police officers refused to help him due to other important tasks. Meeting with Cillian, Samuel located Mathilda and attacked the kidnapper for hurting his friend. He raced over to the Fourth Ward, where he found Mathilda being taken by an older woman and freed her from the stranger. The two escaped back to the Fifth Ward with no other injuries.

Two Office of Naval Intelligence recruiters posed as a couple looking to adopt spotted Samuel by his last name and the work his father did as a successful vintner. Deciding to take a chance to learn more about the child of Juri Gwozdz, the couple learned about Samuel being a good kid who didn't socialize with the other orphans. An offer was put down for him to join an exclusive group of children who were going to get revenge on the Covenant. Samuel accepted the offer to join, only if Mathilda was as well. He felt she was as qualified as him, and the recruiters reaffirmed she was coming. Once the meeting concluded, he met with Mathilda in a secluded room to share his excitement of getting revenge against the Covenant. Days later, the couple adopted Samuel and then erased every single record of him alongside Mathilda. Samuel Jurek Gwozdz no longer existed, he disappeared from every database and transported to a new location where he began training.

SPARTAN-III Program Training

Conscription and Training

Samuel Onyx Training 01.png
Samuel waking up on Onyx.

Upon Samuel's arrival to Onyx in 2539, he was quickly stripped of his name and given the phonetic identification as well as SPARTAN tag, Sierra-B256. Samuel decided to accept the name change and SPARTAN tag he received. On the first night for Beta Company training at Camp Currahee, Samuel was forced to conduct a static airborne parachute jump which became his first test if he was SPARTAN material. Scared at first, Samuel quickly changed his mind and jumped hoping he was going to get back down to the ground and go to sleep. Passing the first of many tests, Samuel later met the drill instructors and the famous leader known as Franklin Mendez. The SPARTAN Indoctrination kicked off, and Samuel was thrown hard into the brutal training he underwent. Falling back into his old habits since he wasn't around Mathilda, Samuel stuck to himself and did everything he needed to make it to the next day then the next. Candidates dropped out, gave up, or quit throughout the early year of training, but Samuel hung in and kept fighting with a desire never to quit. Passing SPARTAN Indoctrination, Samuel pushed onto the next phase where he began his education as a SPARTAN.

Enrolled in numerous classes such as Mathematics, Science, History, and English, he struggled with his ability to comprehend what the right answers were. Working with Mathilda-B080, the friendship evolved towards the two creating codes to cheat on exams. Along with physical and mental training, they pushed each other to not quit and drop out. Throughout 2539 to 2541, they improved their ability to cheat on tests together using a code no other candidate decrypted. It showcased his desire always to find a way to win, no matter the circumstances he was placed under at any time. Unfortunately, Deep Winter, the smart artificial intelligence, was able to log the attempts. Reprimanded for their behavior, it did not stop him from creating new ways and ideas on how to get past the AI who continued to detect them. Eventually, they graduated from their required academic classes and began to progress forward in their training.

Deep Winter: "I've detected Sierra-B256 and Sierra-B080 cheating on the SPARTAN Mathematics exam using a sound method this past week. This marks the fifth time they've cheated and gotten away with it."
ONI Officer: "Forward me the video of the classroom they were in, I want to see how they did it."
―Deep Winter informing an ONI officer of Samuel cheating on an exam.

2540 rolled around, and Samuel began his combat training. After spending a little downtime, Samuel and Mathilda were assigned to Team Tango where the two met Roland-B210 and Jonah-B283. At first, the four were at each other's necks about failed tasks executed during their Team Building Classes (TBC). The blame shifted around from the two groups within Team Tango, which led to a fight between Mathilda and Jonah at one point. He was able to pull her off of Jonah but heard him snap a rude comment at her which resulted in the two getting in a fight with Roland and Jonah. Later, Roland was named the Leader of Team Tango in 2540, which led to protests from Samuel and Mathilda. The duo began to use teamwork, communication, and trust as a means to push through the brutal training together. During Team Tango's first assigned training mission, all members of the team were able to pass with exceptional numbers successfully. Many were impressed since nearly all other teams had failed their attempts to win. Enrolled in another, all members of Team Tango passed again and did it not as a cooperating fireteam. The Office of Naval Intelligence then took an active interest in Team Tango and the members.

Samuel outside of Zone 67, taking a break from Headhunter Assessment and Selection.

In 2543, Samuel was selected to undergo a two-week assessment and selection course to determine where he was going to serve as a SPARTAN. The evaluation included physical workouts, an academic course, an oral board, and a comprehensive exercise to judge his critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and the ability to not crack under pressure. Pushing through each course, he struggled through academics but excelled through the physical workouts and oral board. Luckily, he was able to do the entire course with Mathilda, where they motivated each other. Finding where each other had their expertise, the two began to excel through the assessment and selection. Formerly known as a timid and scared child, Samuel had transformed into a sturdy and well-rounded candidate who did not back down from adversity. After the two-week course, he was selected for a secretive group along with Mathilda under ONI's command. Unsure of what was going to happen next, Samuel was determined to go through whatever was in front of him alongside Mathilda. Pulled aside from team training on an early morning, the two loaded onto an unmarked Pelican and were relocated to a different location to begin their training as Headhunters.

Headhunter Training

Arriving for Headhunter Training, Samuel and Mathilda underwent the matchmaking course to ensure if they were a good pair. Scoring 96.92% in the matchmaking, the two were cleared to train together. Being close with someone he knew and trust excelled his ability to perform as a Headhunter Candidate. Enrolled in the Headhunter Operator Training Course, Samuel transformed from a SPARTAN and into a Headhunter who was going to carry out the most dangerous missions. He continued training with Mathilda with a focus on unit cohesion as well as their ability to win against a strong opponent. The two learned more about how they worked with one another till their death.

Undergoing the Headhunter Operator Training Course, Samuel was trained to become a Team Leader while Mathilda worked on becoming a marksman. Throughout the training, he learned how to infiltrate, assault, gather intelligence, breach, sabotage, conduct psychological warfare, and be a spotter for Mathilda. The Operator Training Course revolved around the team's ability to work together in extremely stressful situations. Taught the Delphi method, both Samuel and Mathilda were able to accomplish the tasks set before them. He found his calling to carbines and designated marksman rifles, which made him a well-rounded Headhunter who was able to accomplish any mission. Mathilda found herself teaching Samuel sniper tactics while he taught her demolition techniques. Both wanted to become experts in their fields to ensure there was not a flaw in the team's ability to execute a mission.

"ONI was cataloging a number of Covenant and Insurrection High-Value Targets, but lacked the personnel to consistently go after them. That's where Headhunters came in, expendable forces to take down high-value targets behind enemy lines."
―A ONI Section Three officer on the Headhunter program.

Field Exercises included a variety of mission types to determine what type of missions Samuel and Mathilda were going to be conducting shortly. Targeted killings, sabotage, interdiction, demolition, and counter-terrorism became the top missions the two were able to execute. Team chemistry flourished as Samuel and Mathilda continued to work together throughout their field exercises. Coming towards the end of their field exercises, Samuel noticed a change in the intensity of other candidates as well as the higher stakes. Not folding to the pressure poured on, Samuel was able to showcase being a leader who was able to adapt and win even when facing extreme adversities. By 2544, the two had passed their supervised field exercises and moved onto the final leg of their training for the Headhunter program.

Real-world wartime insertions were the final tests for Samuel to complete alongside Mathilda to ensure they were ready to be a Headhunters for ONI. Over six months, the two underwent three missions to earn their spot within ONI. Demolition, Interdiction, and Targeted Killing were the three they were tested over in the six-month time period. Passing all three insertions, Samuel and Mathilda were activated as a Headhunter Team for ONI. Ready to deploy against the Covenant Empire, Samuel and Mathilda spent their time going over the various armor colors and configurations of high ranking Covenant officials they needed to hone. Upon graduating from Headhunter Training, Samuel received the designation Cat-3 based on the SPARTAN-III Qualification Achievement Tiers. By February 1st, 2545, Samuel and Mathilda were ready to deploy.


Sam and math 2.png
The UNSC Hopeful, where Project CHRYSANTHEMUM was carried out.

Project CHRYSANTHEMUM was the augmentation project where Samuel received his strength and abilities to become a SPARTAN. It was known to be an altered version of Project ASTER, the augmentation procedure performed on a previous SPARTAN program. Seeing his chance to live longer and kill more Covenant soldiers, he accepted the augmentation without a second thought and begged for it to work. Beta Company had a perfect rate of augmenting all of their SPARTAN-III soldiers which left little worry for the procedure to fail on Samuel. Leaving on a cloudy day, Samuel prepared for the next step in his career. Arriving on UNSC Hopeful, Samuel was instructed into a room, and the procedure began.

The project included the following drugs:

  • 8942-LQ99 - "carbide ceramic ossification catalyst" drug.
  • 88005-MX77 - "fibroid muscular protein complex" drug.
  • 88947-OP24 - "retina-inversion stabilizer" drug.
  • 87556-UD61 - "improved colloidal neural disunification solution" drug.

With the rest of his augmentations, Samuel was given a standard neural interface. He accepted the interface as another tool he was able to use against the enemy. In 2553, his standard neural interface upgraded to the SPARTAN neural interface before going onto other missions across the Orion Arm.

Team Assignment

Formerly known as Team Tango II, Team Specter became the Headhunter Team name for Petty Officer Third Class Samuel-B256 and Mathilda-B080. Officially called Headhunters, the two became one of the four Headhunter teams among Beta Company. With high desires to go after high-value Covenant targets, there were other plans for Team Specter. Team Specter was a team able to do anything to accomplish the mission; nothing seemed out of reach, and, it proved throughout their training. Aboard the UNSC Agincourt, Samuel met his mission handler Lieutenant Stephan Ferguson to be handed a mission and who he was reporting to throughout the Human-Covenant War. Looking down, Samuel was frustrated, along with Mathilda upon seeing who they were going after.

Mathilda: "I say Specter."
Samuel: "I say, Surgeon, how about we settle this in a game?"
―Samuel and Mathilda picking the team name.

Team Tango-II got a chance to change their name to something different than what it currently was. Samuel settled on the name Team Surgeon while Mathilda rested with Team Specter, the two ultimately decided to wage a chess battle to see who was going to name the team. Mathilda won, and the team name changed to Team Specter, Samuel became Specter 0-1 while Mathilda attained Specter 0-2. Later, the two learned specter meant ghost, which ironically made for one of the better names they were able to pick from when deciding.

Human-Covenant War


Mamore was a hotbed for Insurrectionists activity in 2545, multiple factions continued to amass power even after Alpha Company put them down in 2537. The head party, known as the Freedom and Liberation Party (FaLP), was making moves to secure UNSC military hardware in the southern hemisphere. ONI confirmed the actions via signals intelligence and needed to deal with the issue at hand before it grew bigger. Samuel and Mathilda arrived over Mamore in 2545 with intentions of smoking out the Insurrection's plan to gather more UNSC technology and launching an attack against an already struggling UNSC Armed Forces. Deployed onto Mamore, the two began with conducting sabotage and targeted killing operations to ensure the fallout of the FaLP's ability to mount an attack.

"An FaLP terrorist cell was planning to raid an ONI Black Site prison. Sounds bad when we discovered it and looked worse on paper if they went through."
―Samuel thinking about the reality of the situation he was in during Operation: SILENT SERVANT

Tracking down a FaLP courier, Samuel built up a target profile with codename: Hades as their first target to engage. A former UNSC Navy Intelligence Officer who went rogue and joined the FaLP was in charge of a high operation ONI knew little about. Once finding Hades, Mathilda recommended they assassinate the target then and let the UNSC deal with the rest, but met with protests. Agreeing to stay on the target for a longer duration, they were able to learn the true nature of what the FaLP planned to do. An ONI Black Site prison was found by the terrorists, which was housing valuable prisoners being moved to be transported off the planet. Samuel was ordered to conduct a targeted killing against Hades, and he planned to execute him.

Tracking Hades across the terrain, Samuel was able to gather information about a training camp, factories forging UNSC uniforms and, another training pilots how to handle a Pelican. Gathering intelligence on the area, Samuel was able to pick two critical spots for terrain denial which were going to deny the FaLP's chance to launch an attack. Mathilda continued to build a target profile on what Hades did and when was the right time to engage the high-value target. Along with figuring out Hades, Mathilda needed to ensure the plan did not spread across other leaders in case one were to go down. Samuel infiltrated the office of Hades to gather any information and learned about when the attack was planned to take place. Mathilda learned the Insurrectionists were training in UNSC Armed Forces uniforms, which meant the enemy was planning to infiltrate the area. Samuel concluded he needed to take out the terrorist cell before the attack happened.

Samuel-B256-Silent Servant.png
Samuel preparing for his ambush against the terrorist cell in 2546.

In the early months of 2546, Samuel infiltrated the training camp where he placed C-12 shaped charges to ensure a successful detonation of buildings around the area. Mathilda provided close-target support while watching Samuel and guided him to an office where he was able to engage a leader who handled the logistics of the terrorist cell. Preparing the ambush, Samuel remained close by while Mathilda worked on taking out Hades. With the Pelican arriving at dawn, Samuel detonated the charges as soon as the transport shuttle shut off its engines. Mathilda watched as Hades fled amid the chaos and engaged him while Samuel used the smoke as a means to cover his tracks as he engaged the terrorist cell. Hades was confirmed killed by Mathilda while Samuel cleaned up the stragglers who were disoriented by the explosion.

Picked up by a Prowler, the two were able to execute a textbook demolition and targeted killing against Insurrectionists. As a result of Operation: SILENT SERVANT, the Black Site prison was shut down and transported all of the prisoners off-world. Once boarding the UNSC Paris, Samuel gave a full report on what had happened to his handler. Undergoing a psychological evaluation, he showcased he was excited after completing his first mission, even if it was an Insurrectionsts target. Called upon for another mission, Samuel deployed in a Long Range Stealth Orbital Insertion Pod (LRSOIP). Along the way, Samuel was able to read more on what his next operation and mission were bound to be.


An ONI survey team was able to learn more about Cassidy III after stumbling upon in the early 26th century. Ever since the breakout of the Human-Covenant War, ONI had hidden numerous assets across the planet to keep the Insurrectionists in check, along with the system being a back-up plan. By late 2456, an Insurrectionists group was known as the United Rebel Front (URF) began to slowly grow in size. Team Specter's handler took the initiative to hand the mission off to the two Headhunters under his command to ensure the back-up plan was viable in the future. Samuel was ordered to support Operation: RIGHTFUL DAWN, which focused on special reconnaissance and interdiction to ensure the Insurrectionists did not spoil more of ONI's plans.

Setting down on Cassidy III in 2546, Samuel began gathering as much information about the Hole in the Wall along with the significant players who ran the settlement. The URF were the ones who ran almost every major group within the walls, making it easy for him to generalize who to go after. Setting up a reconnaissance nest, the two built up a network of people who worked for the URF and how important they posed for the success of the group. Infiltration and human intelligence gathering became another way Samuel added more information to the file he was composing for the UNSC. With the top leader identified, they prepared for another targeted killing despite being told to follow their original mission directive.

Samuel: "Don't shoot."
Mathilda: "Are you fucking serious? It's now or never."
Samuel: "Something doesn't sit right."
— Samuel telling Mathilda not to shoot the target.

The leader of the URF for Hole in the Wall was meeting his family as Samuel and Mathilda prepared to engage him. ONI did not fully disclose Samuel why his mission directive entailed no direct action missions, but it had to be a reason. The two cataloged what the leader did then moved to conduct interdiction once the area became vacant. Moving back to main roads, Samuel laid out Antilon anti-personnel mines and Type 14 Magnetic/Anti-Tank Mines to prevent the enemies from getting too close to what ONI had hidden on the planet. Samuel also placed down new sensors closer to the settlement to ensure ONI was able to gather more data. By 2547, Samuel and Mathilda were able to keep the URF at bay as well as prevent other groups from stumbling upon technology they were not supposed to see.

Samuel-B256-Rightful Dawn.png
Samuel moving in a forest with Mathilda to conduct special reconnaissance.

Identifying a communications center that sent and received interstellar messages, Samuel identified the center as a critical asset the URF had. Moving towards the communication center, Mathilda engaged guard towers using thunder as the cover for her shots as Samuel took down patrols. Once inside, Samuel gathered information off the center and allowed ONI within the system to gather the information they needed. Pushing out of the area, Mathilda saw a URF guard spotted a dead body, and the area went on alert. Using C-7 foaming explosives, Samuel improvised a diversion by blowing up a fuel tanker and escaped while the URF sought out an investigation on what happened to the fuel tanker. One day later, Samuel and Mathilda informed their handler they had completed their mission and soon extracted from Cassidy-III.

"It was a simple interdiction and special recce op! Not a damn torch and blow op!"
―Lieutenant Ferguson voicing his frustration after Operation: RIGHTFUL DAWN.

Aboard the UNSC Iwo Jima, Lieutenant Ferguson was not pleased to hear they nearly conducted a targeted killing against the URF along with blowing up a fuel tanker. Samuel dismissed the criticism from his handler since Ferguson was not on the ground alongside him, but he took what he was able to and left the rest. With another textbook operation mixed with some improvised planning completed, they were ready for their next mission following a psychological evaluation. With two successful missions and little problems, Samuel prepared for something more of a challenging rather than more Insurrection targets the UNSC needed to keep at bay.


Ealen IV was one of the many recently discovered planets ONI found thanks to the Prowler Corps. Its location was entirely due to its proximity to the Outer Colonies and the ability for the Covenant Empire to produce plasma. Two days after the success of Operation: RIGHTFUL DAWN, Samuel, and Mathilda deployed via an LRSOIP onto the surface of the Covenant occupied planet to perform targeted killings, sabotage, and demolition missions. They were not expected to come back from the mission and told to complete their tasks at all costs.

Mathilda: "Lieutenant sounded final in his talk to us."
Samuel: "He's not expecting us to come back."
―Mathilda and Samuel discussing how Stephan talked to them before the start of Operation: URGENT TEMPEST.
Escalation - Ealen and Corvette.png
Ealen IV, the planet where the Covenant produce plasma and have proximity to the Outer Colonies

The arrival to Ealen IV was anything but smooth for Team Specter due to where they landed. Two Mgalekgolo were training when their LRSOIP landed nearly 200 meters away from the Covenant soldiers. Taking out the two enemies and keeping their cover, they offloaded their supplies and began moving towards their first objective. Both were excited to finally be battling the Covenant. Samuel led Mathilda around scout patrols and other detection equipment, helping them keep their cover from the enemies being alerted of there position.

Mathilda: "Merde."
Samuel: "What?"
Mathilda: "I shot the wrong one."
— Mathilda realizing she shot the wrong target.

The two were able to find their way towards a Plasma Refinery and set C-7 foaming explosives. Moving back, Samuel watched as a Covenant patrol moved into the blast zone then detonated the explosives to ensure more enemies were taken down. With an explosion on Ealen IV, the Covenant Empire concluded the UNSC was involved and deployed a Silent Shadow group to track the enemies. Samuel stuck around with Mathilda and spotted for her as she took a shot at the First Blade Officer. She missed and killed the second-in-command, which caused a fury of more Covenant teams deployed into the area. Samuel and Mathilda retreated into the forest, ready to battle it out with the Covenant.

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.45.05 PM.png
Samuel preparing for a demolition op.

Covenant forces began to push into the forest, but Samuel had another idea in mind and vacated the land. Following the failure of the wrong hit, they moved to another staging area in 2548 to destroy more plasma refineries. Sneaking his way through another patrol, Samuel decided to sabotage the refinery instead of destroying. The Sangheili Ultra in charge of the plasma refinery began to investigate, and Mathilda was able to hit her shot. Confirming the death of the Ultra, they watched as the area exploded into chaos after the leader fell. The Silent Shadow was called upon again, Samuel told Mathilda she was going to redeem herself on their next mission. The two vacated the area and pushed forward to another target they planned to hit. By late 2548, Samuel and Mathilda were able to come upon the Silent Shadow undetected.

Moving on to the compound, he was prepared to engage the enemies he had been hunted by for some time. Close to the Compound, Samuel promised Mathilda she was going to get the revenge she needed on the target she missed. Using the darkness and his active camouflage, Samuel was able to get up close and personnel with the enemy before killing them. However, the Silent Shadow had set a trap they walked into without knowing. Samuel engaged a lance of Sangheili and retreated from his position. Mathilda provided precise sniper fire but was unaware of a Sangheili sneaking up from behind her. As Samuel evaded into the forest, he heard Mathilda call for assistance shortly before the First Blade Officer killed her. Unable to reach her in time, Samuel retreated further into the woods and planned for revenge.

"That's not her. Mathilda is dead. She's not alive; it is only a trap. I will kill them all for her."
―Samuel telling himself upon seeing the body.

The Silent Blade lance placed Mathilda's body in a position to try and lure out Samuel. Samuel saw his Headhunter partner and wanted to help, but forced himself to scan for enemies. Still numb from the fact she was dead, Samuel was unable to comprehend SPARTANs died after all he learned in training. He struggled to detach from Mathilda as he continued to see her body time after time. He moved to retrieve the body but placed explosives under her armor to prevent anyone from celebrating her death. As a Sangheili approached, Samuel blew up the body and left Ealen IV. He failed and lost his closest friend. As he left Ealen IV, Samuel hated the silence of his ship and filled the void with a quiet sob.

Being picked up by the UNSC Lark and transported to the UNSC Gettysburg, ONI inquired what happened during Operation: URGENT TEMPEST. Samuel provided evidence he failed to recognize a fake site as well as the death of his partner. Samuel pleaded ONI to send him back out on another mission to avenge his partner but swiftly denied. After passing a psychological exam, Stephan Ferguson assured him he was going to let Samuel get another shot at the First Blade Officer in the future. Samuel turned from a confident and dry-wit SPARTAN into a morose SPARTAN, worrying Stephan and others within the Beta-5 Division. Operation: URGENT TEMPEST was a failure, and Samuel learned the reality SPARTANs were not invincible.


Oriana-A058, Troop Commander of Red Team.

Samuel transferred from an elite offensive role into serving for a non-company team for the UNSC Armed Forces. Assigned to Red Team, Samuel met the Troop Commander Oriana-A058. Samuel was the butt end of jokes for wearing SPI armor as the others wore MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (PAA) Suits. Samuel became known as a Cat-3 and Cat-2 operator according to the SPARTAN-III Qualification Achievement Tiers, making him one of the rare SPARTAN-IIIs with both designations. Red Team had recently returned from Paris IV, which fell to the Covenant and met Samuel not long after on the UNSC Swiftsure.

Following the death of Reagan-B142 and Carson-B260, Samuel came in as a replacement alongside Riley-B192, who had previously served with Echo Team. He had an unusual skill set as a former Headhunter, which made him a valuable asset to the team. Samuel worked for Red Team as an Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) SPARTAN to provide accurate field intelligence. Samuel was also considered to be an expert within close-quarters combat, sabotage, and demolition, which made him one of the most versatile SPARTANs for the team.

Red Team did not provide the resolution he desired. Samuel felt betrayed by Stephan Ferguson for not letting him go after the Sangheili officer. The reassignment felt like a setback and a waste of time. he struggled to see himself make connections with others within the team after losing Mathilda. However, Samuel did connect with Isaac, being the only Beta of the team to not pick on him when he arrived.

Battle of Meridian

Meridian 2551 TPF 01.png
Meridian in 2551.

Meridian had been known as an Outer Colony that provided essential resources to the UNSC in their fight against the Covenant. Originally attacked in 2548, the UNSC Armed Forces held the Covenant back for quite some time till 2551. The Covenant had arrived over Meridian with a new group of fighters and carriers to assist with finishing off the colony. Red Team deployed to Meridian, where Samuel received the reality of the war on the defensive front. Once on Meridian, Samuel learned of a situation where B-65 Shortsword pilots trapped behind enemy lines after being shot down. Samuel elected to conduct Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) missions to bring the pilots home. Lynn-A392 joined Samuel on the mission while a Special Tactics Team from the Air Force elected to assist.

"We were going behind enemy lines to try and find people who been missing for a time. I didn't know if they were going to be alive, but it seemed to be something Mathilda wanted me to do with my assignment."
―Samuel on conducting CSAR operations.

Infiltrating behind enemy lines with EV-44 Nightingales, Samuel and Lynn pushed into the Nieuwzen State, where many pilots were presumed to been shot down. He agreed with her to conduct forward reconnaissance to ensure the pilots were alive and able to be reached. Conducting their first mission, Samuel saw one pilot severely injured and held back Lynn when she attempted to rescue the pilot. He saw the Covenant troops lying in wait for an ambush and attacked them to secure the area. Approaching the pilot, Samuel realized he was booby-trapped and attempted to disarm the bomb below the pilot. Samuel was unable to disarm the trap and killed the pilot with no other option.

Samuel continued to conduct missions to find Air Force pilots and came upon a pilot who was hiding out in a nearby village. Offering assistance, a Pararescue airman began to administer medical care while a Combat Controller coordinated a Nightingale to bring the pilot back to safety. One of the pilots talked of an issue about Type-38 Tyrant Anti-Aircraft Cannons (AAC) nearby where the rescue team set up. Samuel and Lynn elected to engage the AACs to prevent the Covenant from stunting their rescue. Launching a demolition mission, Samuel infiltrated into the area and destroyed the cannon with a demolition charge. The Nightingale flew in to pull out the rescue team along with Samuel and Lynn. For the first time since Mathilda's death, Samuel felt glad about the job completed on his behalf.

"Nice work on the rescue mission, other rescue teams will take care of the work now. I need you to assist our assault team in Berethadház. Covenant is banging on a door there, and we need to get some VIPs out."
―Oriana handing Samuel his next mission.

Berethadház held a UNSC Armed Forces Command Compound where the Marine Corps was unable to evacuate in time, which had come under siege. Red Team was elected to assist with breaking the Covenant lines to assist with the personal security detail (PSD) in charge of the commanding generals. Samuel elected to be the spotter for Emilia-A049, while the remaining six SPARTANs planned to be the main assault force. Digging into a sniper's nest, Samuel began to mark leaders of the ground force for Emilia to engage. Oriana and Red Team stormed the compound to free the Marines as well as the commanders. He continued to provide overwatch security and assisted with calling in airstrikes. The UNSC personnel escaped out the back while Samuel and Emilia moved to a pickup location. Once back at Newly Base, a UNSC Air Force Base, the UNSC declared Meridian lost and ordered the evacuation of the entire colony.

Samuel: "We die, Oriana, we're not invincible as they said in training. I know you've swallowed the pill more than once. But it doesn't make you a bad leader, only a more experienced one."
Oriana: "I wish I shared your thinking. Nice job down on Meridian, you did well."
―Samuel and Oriana sharing words following the end of the Battle of Meridian.
2551 Meridian TPF 03.png
Meridian after being glassed by the Covenant.

The Covenant Navy began to glass Meridian in 2551 as Samuel learned about the loss of Tucker-B069 during the compound assault. Samuel noticed Oriana dismissed those around her until he sat next to her. Both shared their feelings about what they needed to do to ensure the survival of the team. Samuel watched his first glassing, an image burned into his mind. Samuel proved himself in Red Team to no longer be picked on and respected by the rest. He struggled to get sleep after seeing the planet get glassed, wondering if the same ever happened to his world. Nightmares of Mathilda's death continued to linger along with the depressed image of Oriana about the UNSC ship.

Since Samuel hated the defensive war, he inquired with his command about rejoining the Headhunters. He was shot down since the unit needed him more on the frontlines and blocked attempts for him to submit a request. His frustration mounted towards the command until receiving a notice from Stephan to stay with Red Team while he worked on getting him back onto the Headhunter roster. His decision to go back to the Headhunters was going to take time and it gave him a chance to improve himself for when he went back.

Battle of Ballast

Samuel had little time to rest following the Battle of Meridian. Ballast declared WINTER CONTINGENCY and was invaded by the Covenant in late 2551. Red Team deployed to assist UNSC Armed Forces who were already conducting operations to contain and eliminate the Covenant threat. A small metropolitan named Dovanočej had become an Area of Interest for the Covenant, hoping to find a Forerunner artifact. Oriana informed Samuel to take Riley-B192 to deny the Covenant the chance to retrieve the Forerunner artifact. UNSC ground forces and Ballast's militia were putting up a good fight in Dovanočej; while the two SPARTANs moved in on the Covenant element.

Riley: "What are you doing back here?"
Samuel: "I'm taking you with me."
―Samuel moving back to tend to Riley's wounds before moving out.
Ballast Bodied TPF 03.png
Zealots spotted inside of the Tamsten Cavern.

Samuel and Riley pushed down into a cavern named Tamsten with intentions to root out the Covenant troops. Once Samuel recognized a Zealot team was in the cavern, he relayed information to Oriana about the Zealots and a plan to engage them. Oriana gave Samuel the green light to hunt the Zealots with Riley; the two wiped out the security element first, which forced the Zealots to work faster. Samuel threw a flashbang grenade to disorient the Zealots then engage, the enemies fell with relative ease, and Samuel pushed further down. Once Samuel noticed an energy sword slash injured Riley, he posted her for security and moved alone. Leaving Riley back as his support, Samuel grew worried she was going to meet the same fate as Mathilda. Returning to Riley, Samuel patched her up, and the two pushed further down into the cave.

"Forerunner artifact is secure, time to get back to the surface."
―Riley informing Samuel she secured the artifact.

Finding an opening in the cave, Samuel and Riley tracked the Zealots to the Forerunner artifact. Samuel prepared another ambush against the enemies but found himself trapped in one set by the Covenant. The Zealots decided to hold a duel against the SPARTAN for the artifact since they had the numbers advantage. He knew it was not going to be a fair fight and used his gun to attack the enemies. After taking down the Zealots and their security, Riley secured the artifact, and the two made their way back up to the surface. Samuel and Riley were swarmed by Yanme'e infantry and ran out to meet an Army team to prepared to collapse the cave. Once out, the Army troopers blew the cave and crushed the remaining Yanme'e inside. Riley handed the Forerunner artifact to a waiting Beta-3 Division officer and then reported to Red Team with Samuel.

Ballast Bodied TPF 02.png
The outskirts of Dovanočej in 2552.

Reconnecting with Red Team, Samuel and Riley learned the assaulters from Red Team contained the threat around Dovanočej and Henihovka with no losses of the team. The Covenant was unable to sustain a foothold around the colony and pulled out only weeks after invading. The Battle of Ballast was a successful defense for the UNSC Armed Forces, a rare sight for many within Red Team. Samuel and Red Team loaded back onto a ship and headed to Reach, where he spent time to talk with Riley.

"You know, you're not so bad. Sure you're quiet, but you know a thing or two."
―Lynn commenting on Samuel.

Riley thanked Samuel for not leaving her behind as he pushed forward, something Samuel learned from his previous mistake. Samuel found himself talking with Lynn, who was one of his SPARTAN Instructors in Beta Company. Once back on Reach, Samuel worked on his close-quarters combat skills to improve his combative skills while also practicing marksmanship. Emilia worked with Samuel on sniping but found he wanted to be alone to remember what Mathilda taught him during Headhunter training. Samuel continued to see Emilia trying to warm up to him, and agreed to work with her after losing a bet.

Battle of Fumirole

Fumirole became another battleground in 2552, Samuel and Red Team responded to alongside the UNSC Army. Samuel received orders to conduct an Advance Force Operation (AFO) with Isaac-B302 and Omar-A442. The objective was to locate and assist a UNSC task force on taking down a Legion that became a threat to the UNSC Armed Force's ability to evacuate civilians in a nearby city. F-99 Wombats gave the AFO cell a general idea of where the Covenant had set up their legion. Still, the UNSC needed eyes-on to confirm the legion's position before launching an assault. Samuel took point as the reconnaissance specialist to find a ridge to set up and assist with the assault. An Army Ranger Team was nearby to be a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) in case Samuel and the AFO cell got into an intense firefight.

"Omar, you're leading the AFO cell. Sam and Isaac, you're going to work with Omar to find this legion. Once you find it, call it in, and we'll hit it."
―Oriana laying out the plan for the AFO cell.
Fumirole TPF 02.jpg
The Trimark Forest in 2552.

Moving through the forest, Samuel noticed a variety of traps and false paths to divert scout teams from finding the legion. He displayed a rare trait for being an excellent tracker, which led the AFO cell to the location of the legion quickly. After completing reconnaissance and gathering information about good insertions, Samuel identified key leaders who were commanding the legion and the importance of engaging them during the assault. Isaac relayed the information back to Oriana, and the assault was planned to launch after the clearing of potential minefields.

The assault force launched against the Legion and Samuel watched as Oriana led from the front. Samuel and the others called in orbital bombardments on fleeing Covenant troops while Oriana's assault task force swarmed the camp. Covenant forces were prepared for the assault, pushing back flanks and denying routes for the UNSC to gain an advantage. The Covenant forces pushing into the forest were setting up a counterattack for both Samuel and the AFO cell needed to contain. Pushing with other scout teams, Samuel watched as the Rangers and ODSTs prepared for an assault.

"Sam, you're going for the General and destroying the comms tower. The rest of us are going to distract."
―Omar telling Samuel his mission.

Omar and the scouts launched their assault, giving Samuel the valuable moment to break through the enemy lines to engage the Sangheili General and destroy the communications tower. Samuel fought and killed the General then quickly planted the explosives to destroy their communication ability. Once the destruction of the Covenant counterattack succeeded, Oriana pushed on with her task force, and Samuel regrouped with Omar to learn Isaac died amid the firefights. Samuel told Omar to detonate his armor to deny the Covenant any chance of gathering valuable information. After, Omar and Samuel. Linking up with Oriana, Samuel informed her about the death of Isaac and also learned about the death of Riley.

"We lost two more for Red Team, morale was low, and we didn't know what was going to happen next. Fumirole is a ticking time bomb."
―Samuel on the state of Fumirole.
Fumirole TPF 01.jpg
Fumirole in the final weeks of battle before falling into the Covenant's hand.

The Battle of Fumirole began to spiral out of control as the UNSC Armed Forces began to lose their grasp on the planet. Samuel felt the burden of the defensive war weighing down on him as well as the others around. Dead SPARTANs hit some of the Rangers and ODSTs hard, bring morale low and taking the fight out of many soldiers. Samuel took the losses and pushed them into the back of his head to deal with later. Fumirole soon fell into the hands of the Covenant, and the UNSC began their mass evacuation of the planet. Aboard a Navy ship, Samuel watched as the Covenant glassed the colony.

Members within Red Team got into fights with each other over the deaths of Isaac and Riley. Samuel noted the team was no longer at full strength, and Oriana struggled to keep her SPARTANs in line. Sitting by himself, Samuel thought about the memories of his fallen comrades and what he needed to do to be a better SPARTAN. Draven-A284, Red Team's senior troop leader, told Samuel about the value of his efforts in the field. Samuel replied anyone in his position was going to do the same task and achieve the same result. Back at Reach, Samuel continued to train for his next deployment.

Battle of Reach

Reach had become known as a UNSC Military Fortress world that took center stage in the Human-Covenant War. Within the Highland Mountains, Samuel and Red Team prepared to deploy to Sigma Octanus IV to assist the UNSC Armed Forces in the second wave of troops to support the initial defense. However, Reach declared WINTER CONTINGENCY, and the UNSC began to prepare defenses to hold down the Covenant in the affected area. Samuel and Red Team shifted their focus from preparing for an assault to moving to major cities to assist with evacuations of UNSC staff and other UEG VIPs. Following Operation: UPPER CUT, Red Team deployed to the Jusweydan Territory to act as a force multiplier for the already existing units.

"We'll launch an offensive to try and spark some life into this fight. Won't be much but any flame spark is good enough."
―Samuel on the state of Reach during the battle.
Reach TPF 02.png
Vadul Canyon Offensive in August.

Covenant forces had amassed in the Vadul Canyon, making it another location for many Legions to set down and conduct ground operations in the Viery Territory. Called Objective Rampant Locker, Red Team deployed with a Unified Special Warfare Command Task Force to assist with taking down the objective. Samuel conducted a solo AFO mission to locate ways into the area along with ideas on how the Covenant planned to react. A daylight raid spelled disaster after what happened at Szurdok Ridge, and the nighttime was considered to be as dangerous as well. The task force elected to conduct the nighttime raid, and Samuel linked back up with Red Team to assist with the assault.

After a successful nighttime assault, Red Team moved back to the Viery Territory, where the Covenant had begun their invasion of significant cities. Samuel deployed to Quezon to assist with civilian evacuations before the Covenant glassed the metropolitan. Providing overwatch security, Samuel watched as some were able to escape to safety while others got shot down. After Samuel secured the airports and left it in the hands of the Army troopers, he joined Red Team in defense of the Highland Mountains against the Covenant. Lynn and Samuel prepared to conduct a special reconnaissance mission to inform Oriana of the forces coming and how to defend the area.

Oriana: "How many are there?"
Samuel: "Enough to wipe us out. We need to torch and burn."
―Samuel informing Oriana of the enemy force.
Reach TPF 01.png
The Covenant ground forces outside of the Highland Mountains.

Samuel and Lynn snuck through enemy patrols and stumbled across a strike force neither of them had seen. Reporting back to Oriana, Samuel expressed the importance of taking the fight against the Covenant in another location due to Highlands being a death trap. Oriana resorted to pride and orders, something that frustrated Samuel but complied to defend an Army Armory. Covenant forces used their massive numbers to swarm the defensive lines the UNSC set up, making them fall quicker than being held. Lynn and Omar were sent to reinforce a flank but never seen again. Oriana and the rest of Red Team fell back with the remaining forces to hold out and buy time, which let them get out of the Highlands Mountain and to a Navy ship.

"I understand you don't think that orders apply to you, but we are a team, and we function as a team. Do not doubt my orders ever again. Let's not forget your inability to lead, causing the death of your partner."
―Oriana scolding Samuel for questioning her orders to hold in the Highland Mountains.

Red Team suffered two more losses as they pulled off of Reach and watched the Covenant glass the planet. Samuel argued Oriana's choice of command, sparking a debate of being the better leader. After Oriana brought up Samuel's failure and death of Mathilda, he tackled her and was pulled off by Draven and Emilia. Hostilities cooled down after some time, Samuel still felt resentment towards Oriana in her decision to not stand up against the leaders who were ordering her around. Oriana broke bread with Samuel, and the two agreed to avenge those who had fallen on Reach and the other planets.

Earth Sustained Defense Campaign

Earth, known as the heart of the Unified Earth Government and the next target that the Covenant intended to decimate in the final months of the Human-Covenant War. Samuel prepared for a variety of theaters to participate in, Red Team received orders to deploy to Oceania to assist with defenses across the region as well as other major cities. Red Team settled outside of Melbourne, ready to assist with any threats of Covenant troops near the city or across the continent. By October, Covenant ships were inside of the Sol system and began their assault. The Home Fleet began their defense; then, the ground campaign began against the Covenant. Melbourne came under siege first, and Samuel responded alongside Red Team.

"We all wanted to fight and defend the capital world. It's the duty of every soldier, sailor, and airmen. Somehow, I feel this is going to be the worst fight for Red."
―Samuel thinking on the Battle for Earth before deploying.

The Siege of Melbourne became one of the many battles that the UNSC Armed Forces participated in to contain the Covenant troops. Samuel assisted with engaging troops behind enemy lines while also infiltrating teams into positions to ambush Covenant troops. Red Team continued to conduct a variety of unconventional warfare tactics to prevent the Covenant from establishing a foothold in Melbourne. Samuel worked with a variety of assets from Unified Special Warfare Command and successfully assisted in repelling the Covenant. Melbourne became secure, but Sydney quickly came under attack, and Red Team responded to the threat.

As the Battle of Sydney began to tone down, Red Team deployed to Northeast Asia to support a Unified Special Warfare Command Joint Task Force (USWC-JTF) in driving the Covenant out of the area for good. Assisting Rangers and ODST scouts, Samuel performed forward-reconnaissance missions as well as gather information on the Covenant troops movement. Moving into the Pacific Northwest, Samuel continued his jobs until reaching the southwest of the United Republic of North America (URNA). Samuel worked with the USCW-JTF in conducting missions behind enemy lines that forced the Covenant towards a location name free-fire area OZONE. During a direct action mission alongside Oriana, Samuel watched as Emilia died to a Mgalekgolo cannon that vaporized her entire body. Samuel murdered the enemy in retaliation for the death of his fellow SPARTAN.

"The URNA Southwest Campaign started well for some and terrible for others. Red had it the worst."
―Samuel reflecting on the state of mind within Red Team.

In the final weeks of the Human-Covenant War, Samuel continued to push back Covenant troops and ensure the UNSC bombed the targets. Red Team continued their constant direct action missions against the Covenant to ensure there was going to be no escape. During the final battle, Draven died to a Jiralhanae Chieftain that Oriana murdered following his death. Following the death of Draven, Samuel watched as Oriana broke down as he did after Operation: URGENT TEMPEST. Samuel got Oriana off of the frontlines and moved back to join the USCW-JTF. As Samuel continued his search, he felt guilty for criticizing Oriana's leadership before the battle. By the time Samuel went to check on Oriana, she was no longer where he had left her.

The Human-Covenant War came to a close, and Samuel learned that Oriana was no longer fit for command after an ONI psychological exam. Samuel met with Oriana one last time before she left the UNSC Army compound, remarking she did the unthinkable and survived the Human-Covenant War. As Oriana prepared to take a drastic step in a different direction, Samuel met with a Lieutenant Commander of the Beta-5 Division named Vilda Stenbeck. Samuel had no team and nobody to work alongside, he requested to rejoin the Headhunters as a LONEWOLF operative for ONI. Earth began to rebuild, Oriana left SPARTAN Active Duty and, Samuel started his training as a LONEWOLF Headhunter.

Post-Covenant War Conflicts


Carrow became an Area of Responsibility for the Beta-5 Division, Samuel recently graduated from Headhunter relook and joined the program as a LONEWOLF operative under the codename DOVES. Human terrorists had been planning an attack on a Sangheili neighborhood in protest of the UEG's decision to make allies with the Sangheili. Samuel prepared to hunt down the small cell of terrorists to prevent an attack in the Joint Occupation Zone then trace the supplies to ensure another attack was impossible.

"We dodged our extinction by building an alliance with the Sangheili. Some of us felt it was the wrong thing to do, while others felt it was necessary for our survival. We need to maintain that peace while we build back up."
―Samuel on the state of the UNSC in 2553.
Envoy - textless map.png
Suspected activity of terrorists on Carrow.

Samuel deployed to Carrow, where he began to narrow down the search of the terrorist compound. Vilda sent information from the Mission Support Activity to assist with cutting the valuable time down on Samuel having to spend on potential sites. Once Samuel located the compound, he launched a direct action raid to capture or kill the enemies inside. After killing all the enemies, Samuel searched through the intelligence, where he found a group of smugglers. Vilda sent Samuel after the smugglers to figure out where the supplies came from and investigate further. Samuel connected with a Prowler and began to track the smugglers to a planet called Aleria.

Arriving over Aleria, Samuel worked with the Prowler staff to narrow down the location of the potential enemies. Once locating an Area of Interest, Samuel deployed to investigate the area and report back to the Prowler. Due to a mirage on the surface of Aleria, Samuel found himself seeing Mathilda in the distance and moved to investigate the figure. The hallucination led Samuel into an ambush by pirates that he fended off with relative ease after getting his mind straight. Finding the compound of the smugglers, Samuel engaged the enemies and learned of their operations. No other threat was on Aleria, and Samuel knew that the operation was complete.

"I saw her. I swear I saw her. She was right there, looking back at me. She can't be alive, I blew her up on Ealen IV to be sure."
―Samuel on seeing Mathilda during a heavy mirage.
Aleria Mirage.jpg
A Heat Mirage on Aleria.

On the way back to the Prowler, Samuel saw the same image of Mathilda as he did before. Samuel sprinted after Mathilda, but she matched his speed running away. After hearing words she said bounce inside of his head, Samuel readied his rifle and shot at her. After the sound went away, he no longer saw her and felt an eerie sense of the planet. Samuel made up for the lost time and boarded the Prowler not long after to return to UNSC Controlled Space. The Prowler Commander asked Samuel about the unknown detours and the reason, only to get a reply of checking out one last threat.

Samuel returned to Earth and underwent a psychological exam that noted he was experiencing hallucinations. Undergoing a further review, Samuel informed the tester that it was nothing that seemed to be a significant issue. Vilda theorized the more extended mission on a planet like Aleria attributed to the problem and prepared to give Samuel a means to close the door on a promise he made to himself back during the Human-Covenant War. As Samuel got cleared for missions, Vilda met with Samuel's former handler to learn more about the failure during Operation: URGENT TEMPEST.


Syra 'Losumai made a name for himself as a First Blade Officer who executed a textbook SPARTAN trap in 2549. Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, Syra sided with the Servants of the Abiding Truth and popped up on the radar of ONI not too long after his movements from New Llanelli to Qikost. Stephan Ferguson met with Vilda about the history of Syra, stating he was the Sangheili who killed Mathilda during Operation: URGENT TEMPEST. Samuel continued to be affected by the death of Mathilda, even if he didn't admit at the time. Vilda began to track down a location of Syra and put together a targeting profile to get her Headhunter squared away. Samuel received the mission from Vilda with orders to assassinate the targets in the way he saw fit on Qikost.

Vilda: "I have been told to tell you this should be capture or kill mission. You do what you must for those you fought alongside."
Samuel: "Yes ma'am."
―Vilda implicitly implying the assassination of Syra 'Losumai.

Before departing to Qikost, Vilda gave Samuel a smart AI named Emerysen to assist with his locating of the target as well as navigations. Samuel launched and landed onto Qikost in late 2554 with a general idea of the enemy and how to approach the target. Emerysen gave Samuel need-to-know information about the politics on Quikost as well as groups like the Servants of Abiding Truth and the Swords of Sanghelios who were operating on the satellite. Samuel closed in on Syra's location, where a small base made up of warriors that had previously served with the Silent Shadow during the Human-Covenant War. Once locating the former First Blade Officer, Samuel prepared for his attack on the enemy.

Samuel tracked Syra outside of the base to a location where he went to study the planet. With little security, Samuel prepared to engage the enemy and suffice his revenge. However, Samuel's hate-fueled mind pushed him too much, and he attacked early. Syra deflected the attack of the SPARTAN and prepared for a duel after activating his energy sword. The demon slayer faced off against the SPARTAN, eager to add another to his list while Samuel made to eliminate the officer who killed his friend. Engaging in a destructive duel, Samuel was successful in using his tomahawk to block a swing from Syra and use his knife to jab into the opening of his combat harness.

Syra: "Demon. I see you have come to seal your fate as a great warrior."
Samuel: "Fuck you Hinge-Head."
―Samuel before attacking Syra.

Gaining the edge on Syra, Samuel disarmed Syra and prepared to kill him but let the Sangheili continue to try. Samuel evaded each attack by Syra and struck a devasting blow to him at every move. Samuel's rage continued to fuel the precise stabbing and slicing with his knife and tomahawk, weakening the Sangheili further. Once Syra found no more strength to battle, Samuel him down and cut his head off. Cutting off a mandible, Samuel secured it as evidence for the death of Syra and moved to the base to throw the head inside of the walls. Once the Sangheili saw the head of their dead leader, Samuel disappeared off of Quikost with a feeling of relief that he had finally avenged Mathilda.

Once back on Earth, Samuel informed Vilda about the death of Syra 'Losumai by showing her the mandible. Samuel expressed mixed feelings of emotions, citing he was glad that he killed Mathilda's killer, but the memories of Mathilda still lingered in his mind. After passing another psychological exam, Samuel felt he owed a debt to Vilda after she worked to give him the killer of Mathilda. As a result, Samuel rotated out of the Headhunters to become a personal asset for Vilda to use. With new orders to serve directly under Vilda, Samuel prepared for his next assignment based on whatever Vilda gave him to execute.

UEG Diplomatic Mission - Andesia

Andesia became a hotbed for the New Colonial Alliance in the Post-Covenant War Era; the UEG Diplomacy Department spent their time working with the government of the colony to stop the spread of Insurrectionists. An Ambassador by the name of Nikhil Sankaran arrived with a joint UEG/UNSC security detail to discuss new ideas to assist the planet's militia. Along with the UEG/UNSC security detail, Samuel arrived with Vilda as a singleton operator to assist as a force multiplier in case the detail became under attack. Ambassadors served as prime targets to be captured and held for ransom, Andesia had the same problem back in 2553. With the beefed-up security detail and other hidden assets to assist from the public eye, the UEG hoped their meeting went off without a hitch.

"Andesia needed our help, and the UEG decided the diplomatic route again. Everyone inside of the Command Control Element knew there was an attack coming; they needed to do everything to prevent the chance. Yet, we were still not prepared."
―Samuel on Andesia and the security detail.

Once inside of Noctus, Samuel watched as the convoy and air assets tightened their control over the situation. Nothing stopped the UEG/UNSC security detail till they reached the Council's Building. The convoy and air assets proved to be a decoy, and the Ambassador arrived by a Pelican on the top of the roof, a simple tactic that became too easy to predict. The meeting ended in good faith, and Ambassador Sankaran secured new operational authority for the UEG and UNSC. However, as his Pelican departed, an NCA agent exposed himself with an M19-B surface-to-air missile launcher. As Samuel watched the Pelican fall out of the sky, the security detail moved to locate any survivors and declared the Ambassador dead. Vilda ordered Samuel back to her, so he had a new set of orders. Once on the ground, he met with her and the leader of an Asymmetrical Action Group unit.

Vilda relayed to Samuel that he was to take the gloves off and get dirty with the Critical Action Team by Section Three's Section Chief. Working with an AAG Counter-Terrorism troop, he began to assist with close-in SIGINT operations to locate where the terrorists hid. ONI assisted him with deploying SIGINT teams to find the enemy before they made it off-world and disappeared. The first lead came to a supplies warehouse, and an AAG team launched a direct action raid later in the day to investigate and conduct sensitive site exploitation. Coming upon several other locations that looked suspectable, ONI deployed assets to investigate and determine the next target for the AAG. Vilda kept Samuel in the loop as he augmented himself to assist the AAG troop. Not long after the warehouse assault, he deployed to observe a town that was recently located by an F-99 Wombat that noted NCA activity.

Vilda: "The UEG wants the leader alive so they can put her on trial and all that beautiful sounding justice for the death of the Ambassador. But we need her alive for HUMINT, see it through she comes back alive."
Samuel: "Loud and clear ma'am. I'll make sure we get the right message to them."
―Vilda giving orders to assassinate the NCA Insurrectionist leader.

Conducting operational preparation for the town, Samuel located four High-Value targets for the AAG troop to capture. Once an AAG/ODST Task Unit arrived, he joined the assault to capture one leader. Bringing him back to a covert ONI Black Site Prison, interrogators went to work as agents shifted through the valuable intelligence. The gloves-off method gave him the chance to really operate without any restrictions, something that bogged him down due to arm-chairing officers. Breaking the prisoner, Vilda ordered Samuel to conduct a close in SIGINT mission with Signal Corps personnel to locate the safehouse. Another F-99 Wombat found the target area, and Vilda began planning an assault with the AAG leading the attack. Samuel arrived to confirm the target and conduct further surveillance to locate any valuable targets. He rejoined the AAG troop to assist with the raid on the safehouse, hoping to please Vilda in eliminating a threat to the UEG and UNSC.

With the AAG troop, Samuel assisted with the safe house raid. He battled in close quarters and led the initial push through the main house. Taking down the Insurrectionist leader, he confirmed the entire cell for the NCA no longer was a threat. An ONI team began gathering any intelligence to further their investigation, but Samuel concluded his hunt alongside the AAG unit while bringing the leader with him. Returning to Vilda's command element, he learned that the UNSC High Command and UEG were pleased with the capture of the Insurrectionist leader. It wasn't long till she was transferred to Midnight Facility and interrogated for further information on the NCA. The covert mission allowed her to view Samuel's capabilities to operate with other units to accomplish a task. Despite being a singleton operator, Samuel showcased a trait to work alongside other groups to achieve the same goal.

Installation 04 Exclusion Zone

Following the Treaty of 2552, the space around Installation 04 became an exclusion zone that both the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios recognized. Kig-Yar pirates began to raid and collect valuable Forerunner technology while the UNSC and SOS tried to work out a plan for both factions to deal with the pirates. ONI SIGINT specialists noted that the SOS began conducting their raids without the approval of the UNSC, along with collecting Forerunner technology. Section Three began to deploy assets and teams into the area to take down Kig-Yar pirates and collect Forerunner tech for further analysis. Samuel prepared to hunt the Kig-Yar pirates on a drifting fragment of Installation 04.

"Kig-Yar never played by the rules, and they continued to not. SOS was operating within the EZ while the UNSC tried to do it with cooperation. That failed, and the gloves came off. I received orders of handling some raiders on a fragment, without the SOS and UNSC consent."
―Samuel on his new mission in the Installation 04 Exclusion Zone.

Arriving in an LRSOIP, Samuel touched down and noted that no troops came to investigate the pod. He received information that Kig-Yar pirates were being hunted by an SOS Ranger Team not too far away from the touchdown. Samuel packed what was needed and headed towards the Kig-Yar ship to investigate the battle and who was involved. Arriving on-site, he took note of a Sangheili scout along with a Kig-Yar sniper battling one another. The pirate killed the Ranger and fled the scene, leaving Samuel to investigate with little problems. As he inspected the ship, it came clear that the SOS sabotaged and rendered the vehicle inoperable. Samuel took note of the Kig-Yar sniper's tracks and followed them to where it led.

Coming across a Sangheili camp, Samuel noted that the troops left in a hurry since they left valuable equipment behind. He arrived at a dying Sangheili, asking for help, but refused since it had the potential to blow UNSC interference in the Exclusion Zone. The Pirate group was unaware of Samuel's presence, giving him the upper hand with the element of surprise. The remaining Rangers were nearly wiped out in a final assault, Samuel watched as one ran towards him and hid nearby. Kig-Yar pirates approached the two, and Samuel opened up to take down the hunting party while revealing his position to the Sangheili. He inspected the armor to find the Ranger Commander had lost his troops and needed assistance. Samuel met Kiro 'Nahamee, and the two allied to hunt down the remaining Kig-Yar pirates.

Kiro: "Where is the rest of your team?"
Samuel: "Just me. Try a move on me and I'll drop you."
Kiro: "Your species always needs the upper hand against ours."
— Samuel and Kiro exchanging words.

Both Samuel and Kiro did not see the Anvil Initiative as a positive program for their species but were thankful that it brought information on how the different species used their tactics. While Samuel led recon missions and spotted, Kiro took care of the Kig-Yar pirates they approached. Both grew a certain amount of respect for each other while breaking the rules their governments had in place on hunting in the Exclusion Zone. Once Samuel learned that the Kig-Yar located a valuable Forerunner artifact, he informed Kiro, and the two moved out to secure it from the pirates. Samuel found the object and concealed the location from Kiro, planning to take it for ONI while Kiro prepared the same plan. Both had ideas of a way to kill each other but refused to act.

Samuel blew his way through the Kig-Yar pirates and reached the Forerunner artifact first; he turned to see Kiro point a Type-57 Carbine at him. He learned that Kiro wasn't going to let him walk away with the object and allow Humanity to grow stronger. Samuel engaged Kiro and killed him with a tomahawk strike to the neck. Instead of giving Kiro the quick death he requested, Samuel left him to die for the betrayal slowly. He made it to a Black-Cat Subprowler not long after and left the ring fragment where Kiro drowned in his blood. On the ride back to UNSC controlled space, Samuel grew frustrated by letting his guard down with the Sangheili and not killing him sooner. His frustration with the Sangheili species grew, struggling to see the difference between the SOS and the ones he fought during the Human-Covenant War.

"Never trust anyone outside of Vilda. She is the only person to take orders and advice from, no one else. When power is at stake, everyone is the enemy and be ready to stab those closest to you with no feelings."
―Samuel on the state of the galaxy.

Arriving back to Earth, Samuel handed the artifact to the Beta-3 Division while he debriefed Vilda on what had happened. He admitted to working with the SOS and using the enemy as a means to make his job easier, but Vilda emphasized that no leads came back to ONI and Humanity. His decision had the potential to create another war, and the UNSC was not even close to being ready, but Vilda saw that Samuel didn't let his guard down and always had a plan to assassinate. She covered up that he ever worked with an SOS agent and paid off an ONI Psychologist to not mention the questioning in his mental evaluation. Vilda stuck her neck out Samuel, and he repaid with his loyalty to conduct any missions for her.

Objective Juniper Orbit

Gilgamesh became a lawless colony that held a Forerunner ruin that the UNSC wished to study further. The Beta-3 and 5 Division put together a Task Force that had a Special Purpose Marine Task Force - Crisis Response III, an ONI Security Detachment, and a Xeno-Material Exploitation Group Company to assist with providing security and excavate. The Beta-3 Division Science Team became tasked with handling the sensitive Forerunner technology, and Samuel became their security escort. Following the New Phoenix Incident and the arrival of Promethean constructs and Covenant remnant scouts on the planet, Samuel planned to protect the science team over the artifacts. Deployed to Gilgamesh, he met Dr. Graciela Ratcherford, the team leader of the Beta-3 group.

Graciela: "It's nice of ONI to give me someone like you. You stick out like a sore thumb in that armor."
Samuel: "It does its job, ma'am."
―Samuel exchanging words with Dr. Ratcherford.

The UNSC Task Force created the perimeter then allowed the X-MEG company to excavate certain Forerunner artifacts. While the Task Force did their job, Samuel moved with Graciela and her team towards a location that held an object that held another Librarian personality imprint. As Graciela and her team worked to extract the Librarian, Samuel took note of the enemies closing in on their position. A lance of Stealth Sangheili who resided with Jul 'Mdama faced off against him while she tried to extract the artifact. The UNSC Task Force came under attack and responded with effective firepower while Samuel continued to keep the enemy lance at bay. An ONI Security platoon came to assist him and took down the remaining, then stayed with Samuel to ensure he never got caught off guard.

While the Beta-3 science team worked, Samuel noticed that something was off and called for the retreat of the science team. He watched the scientists disappear first then vanished into an alternative reality that the Librarian brought him to with the scientists. After the Librarian explained where she had placed the team, Samuel learned about the Mantle of Responsibility and the Forerunner's past. Graciela saw him become extremely tense and wary of the situation as the Librarian continued to speak. Seeing a Forerunner fleet, the armies, and civilians being wiped out by the Halo Arrays, he took the message as an incoming threat to Humanity.

Samuel: "Where am I?"
The Librarian: "The Domain. It's a memory of mine inside of your mind."
―Samuel learning of being within the Librarian's memory implant.

While the scientists asked their questions about the Mantle and the means to gain full access, Samuel continued to work on a way of escaping. Both Graciela and Samuel were suffering from visual hallucinations and wanted to get out before it became too late. The two went further inside of the Librarian's memory to learn about many artifacts that remained scattered across the Orion Arm. Once they gathered what was needed, they returned to the Forerunner ruin where Stealth Sangheili continued to battle with the ONI Security Platoon. He responded with taking down one before Promethean Knights came to assist. Both Samuel and ONI Security were hesitant with the friendly Prometheans but continued on as Graciela successfully extracted the Librarian personality imprint.

With the ruin destroyed and the Task Force out, Samuel returned to Earth with Graciela where they addressed the Section Three Chief of their findings. Once Samuel met with Vilda, he explained the visual hallucinations of the Forerunner losing to the Flood and how Humanity was to become the Mantle. She complimented Samuel on his desire to keep fighting in an unknown situation and gather a mountain of information for Humanity. He went to talk with Graciela about their experience, citing he saw her memories while she saw his. Samuel found a friend outside of the Beta-5 Division and continued to speak with her about the Forerunner discoveries in-between their missions.

Mission to Erebus VII

Oriana-A058 returned to active duty with a fresh mindset for the Office of Naval Intelligence in September of 2557. She quickly built up a team under the name of Osage to conduct operations for the UNSC. Samuel joined last after receiving orders from Vilda to become Oriana's second-in-command, alongside Isidora-G159, Darrick-G274, and Leviticus-G030. The Beta-5 Division and Section One were working together to figure out what had happened on Erebus VII, science teams had gone dark and Remote Contact Teams (RCT) reported back empty labs. Due to dangerous conditions of Erebus VII, Samuel and Team Osage had been sent to investigate further alongside the RCTs in the Area of Operations. Samuel launched with Oriana on the UNSC Into Darkness, a Winter-class Prowler that the Watershed Division had built.

Samuel in 2557, enlisted leader of Team Osage.
Oriana: "How has ONI treated you since I been gone?"
Samuel: "Better than I expected."
―Oriana and Samuel talking before deploying.

Arriving on Erebus VII, Samuel and Osage obtained intelligence about Banished activity on the planet. Samuel conducted a solo mission to gather a general idea of the Banished troops along with the size of their group, he reported to Oriana with a report. Oriana took the information and prepared a direct action raid against the party. Samuel worked with Darrick as his eyes when conducting close sniper support. The wildlife proved to be a threat to Team Osage, an element they were unprepared for due to the lack of intelligence. Oriana and Samuel noted the current situations and proceeded with the raid.

As Samuel moved into position, the Banished defended an attacked by the wildlife. Osage launched a counter-attack and defeated a pack before another ran. Samuel led the hunt against the fleeing pack with a desire to hunt them down. Moving around the terrain, Samuel utilized Emerysen as a means to give him an edge on the enemy. Oriana ordered Samuel to slow down and wait for the team, something he found himself struggling with due to four years of solo missions. Once coming upon a vacant cave, Samuel and Osage pushed into the area to root out the Banished troops that fled. Once inside of the cave, Samuel felt something had gone wrong, and Osage was in danger.

"There's a saying that you sometimes walk into a hornet's nest. We walked into a Sharquoi's hive."
―Samuel on the Sharquoi.
The landscape of Erebus VII.

Team Osage stumbled into a Sharquoi Hive, and Samuel watched as the Jiralhanae pack was ripped to shreds by one of the Sharquoi. Oriana ordered the immediate retreat of the team, and Samuel closed in behind quickly. Samuel came in close contact with one, dodging a swipe and continuing to flee. Grabbing C-7 foaming explosives from Isidora, Samuel was able to kill a Sharquoi and collapse the cave to prevent others from escaping. Oriana gathered a sample of the species and prepared an ONI Science Team to analyze the sample. As a result of Team Osage's mission, Erebus VII prepared to lift off the final science teams as Samuel provided security for the shuttles. Once onboard, ONI declared Erebus VII vacant for the time being with intentions to return in the future.

Arriving at HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, Oriana reported to Vilda as Samuel filed an after-action report. Vilda found Samuel not long after the debrief and cited him for a job well done on Erebus VII. Along with a compliment, Vilda informed Samuel about an upcoming mission to Requiem and the importance of specific tasks that needed completion. Along with the message, Samuel handed over Emerysen following the early warning signs of rampancy. Vilda understood the relationship that Samuel built with the AI and worked on a replacement. Connecting with Team Osage during downtime, Samuel slowly worked on building relationships within the group alongside Oriana.

Requiem Campaign

The Requiem Campaign began as the UNSC Infinity returned to Requiem less than a year after making the first contact in 2557. ONI gathered intelligence on a group called the Silent Blade, since the discovery of the shield world. Team Osage became a spearhead group for hunting down the elite Special Operations unit under Jul 'Mdama's Covenant remnant. Samuel had been itching for trigger time against the Silent Blade after a briefing, comparing them to the Silent Shadow. It had also been some time since Samuel had hunted an elite unit that was on par or superior to a SPARTAN skillset. As Into Darkness arrived over Requiem, Samuel and Team Osage prepared to hunt down the assassins and break up the group. On the ground, Samuel took the lead in tracking down Silent Blade assassins operating across the shield world.

"The idea of going after a group like the Silent Blade piqued my interest. Ever since URGENT TEMPEST, I haven't had the chance to redeem myself as one of the elite SPARTANs who are capable of hunting high-value targets."
―Samuel on his desire to hunt the Silent Blade.
Requiem Jungle.jpg
One of the many locations Samuel tracked the Silent Blade.

Arriving over Target Area Sioux, Samuel began with a reconnaissance mission to track down a Silent Blade base. Once coming to one, Team Osage joined Samuel and began to prepare an assault. Before conducting the mission, Samuel got closer and noticed that the base was not a true Silent Blade compound and pulled back from the trap. Samuel tracked down another trail and conducted the same test and concluded that the base was real. Team Osage launched their attack against the Silent Blade; Samuel used the moment to showcase his maturity since URGENT TEMPEST. Once the real base fell, Oriana coordinated an airstrike on the fake base shortly after. Following the first successful hit, Samuel got the adrenaline of being a SPARTAN warrior that Chief Mendez imprinted in his mind years ago.

Reqieum Samuel 02.png
Samuel operating in Target Area Ghoshute.

Silent Blade bases came under siege by Team Osage, with Samuel being the one who found the real threats. Once the enemy learned of being hunted by SPARTANs, new tactics were employed to stop the enemies. Samuel detected the tactics, and more Silent Blade assassins fell at the hands of Team Osage. The enemy deemed the area lost, and Samuel noticed that the Silent Blade targets dried up not long after. Promethean targets became more frequent, and Samuel adapted to hunting the sentinel species that had aligned with Jul 'Mdama. Team Osage relocated to Target Area Ghoshute, where they began tracking a Sangheili Ranger Commander who had been disrupting UNSC aerial operations. However, the early destruction brought an immediate evacuation of all UNSC Armed Forces from the shield world.

Vilda: "You didn't have to prove yourself to us that you can hunt the Silent Blade."
Samuel: "No, I didn't. But I needed to do it for the sake of myself."
―Samuel on his ruthless hunt against the Silent Blade.

Requiem became a failure to the UNSC; they were unable to discover more about the origins of such a shield world. Samuel found the Requiem Campaign to be a much-needed boost to his self-confidence and ability to reflect on the success of the mission. URGENT TEMPEST had become the black stain he been trying to repair, and the Requiem Campaign helped Samuel build a new foundation of success. Team Osage received recognition for their missions of hunting the Silent Blade, which relied on Samuel's ability to spot SPARTAN traps.

Created Crisis

Investigation of Oban

An odd seismic reading came from Oban, along with the unexplained disappearance of a UNSC Marine Corps platoon. Team Osage and an Air Force Special Tactics Team deployed to Oban on a CSAR mission. Samuel acted as a liaison officer from the Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group (X-MEG) to investigate any traces of Forerunner technology that correlated with the disappearance of the platoon. On the colony, Samuel and a Combat Controller moved out to conduct reconnaissance of a landing zone and any potential threats to the area. Once settled into an overwatch position, Samuel called in the task force with an all-clear to land. Samuel linked up with Oriana, and the two began to investigate the land that had caved in due to an unknown object.

Oriana: "What is it?"
Samuel: "Forerunner for sure, I don't know the exacts. Maybe a Beta-3 science team will know more."
―Oriana and Samuel discussing the origins of the attack.

Samuel identified the attack came with a Forerunner origin with a standard test and requested the assistance of a Beta-3 Division and X-MEG team. Armiger threats lingered on the planet and were quickly put down by Team Osage, which reinforced the idea of tighter security. With the request for an ONI Security Team denied, and Samuel and began to work on securing the site for the incoming teams to conduct their missions. Once on the ground a day later, Samuel informed the two of the situation. After a Guardian attack over Meridian and Sanghelios, the science team began to inference a Forerunner Guardian had deployed from the crust of Oban.

Search efforts for the task force halted as UNSC Inner Colonies were under siege of a new enemy called the Created. UNSC forces declared Omega Three across all Inner Colonies and ordered the retreat to Outer Colonies, Samuel escorted the Beta-3 Division Team to Into Darkness along with the rest of the task force. Noticing the lead scientist was missing, Samuel went back out onto Oban with covering fire by Osage to rescue the lost scientist. Once locating her, he brought her back to the Prowler, and the ship left Oban with certainty that the Marine platoon had gone Missing In Action after the Guardian attack on Oban.

"Inner Colonies are under attack by the Created, all of our Fleets and Battle Groups scattered across the Outer Colonies. UNSC Infinity is silent on communications along with the rest of the ships. AIs are offline till we can ensure they're safe again."
―Vilda on the situation.

Arriving on the UNSC Twelfth Man after conducting evade and escape maneuvers with Into Darkness, Samuel met with Vilda a week following the Subjugation of Earth. Oriana met with her long-lost biological sister while Samuel gathered a sense of the problems the UNSC was facing. Samuel was glad to see Vilda following the blackout on communications, the two spent time catching up before the debriefing. AIs turned on their creators, and the UNSC was scattered across the Orion Arm to combat the enemies. Vilda became the interim Director of the Asymmetrical Action Group and placed Team Osage as the tip of the spear to combat the Created for ONI in the given sector. Prior to the next mission, Samuel commented on Vilda's promotion and congratulated her for the position.


The Zeta Hydronis Secundus system became the fallback position for Samuel and what remained of some UNSC Armed Forces in December of 2558. Designating itself as Battle Group Tango, Team Osage and a handful of RCTs began conducting reconnaissance missions to investigate the potential threat of Created constructs in the system. Forerunner signatures were present in the system, which brought the Beta-3 Division science team along to vacant sites. The Created continued to lock down Inner Colonies and crush rebellions across the worlds while factions of the UNSC worked to find a solution to the problem at hand. As the Beta-3 Division science team conducted their excavation missions to uncover Forerunner technology, Samuel and Team Osage located a threat much larger than the Created.

Dr. Ratcherford: "I need you and your team to spin up for Site E, we need to figure out that signature."
Samuel: "No. If we do go down, none of us are coming back."
―Samuel about the threat on Site E.
The Zeta Hydronis Secundus system.

The Flood had made a name for themselves in the final months of the Human-Covenant War, to find them in the Zeta Hydronis Secundus system only meant bad news at the start of 2559. The planet known to host the Flood threat became designated as Site E and strictly off-limits to all personnel, including SPARTANs. Tango's senior command attempted to come up with ways to eliminate the dangerous threat while Samuel discovered a Forerunner ruin that had a sentinel warrior factory line. Instead of destroying the enemies, Team Osage attempted to communicate with the sentinel species. Contact failed after Samuel killed the Promethean Knight Commander, then requested an AI to try and communicate with the next sentinel awoken. Samuel and Team Osage returned to the UNSC Land in the Sun to debrief Vilda on their attempts.

During a briefing, Samuel learned of a Covenant remnant known as the Silent Witnesses. The leader of the cult was known to be a former Ascetic Commander who defected to the Created known as Kyzo 'Sakamee. Samuel and RCTs began to conduct reconnaissance on the enemy that had arrived in the Zeta system. With nearly 23 ships total, the UNSC group only had 20, and Samuel knew that tactics needed to be on point to take down the Silent Witnesses. Covenant forces settled on Site F, a barren wasteland that previous recon teams found no value in during an initial sweep. Samuel and Team Osage went planetside to investigate the strength of the enemy and what resources they had available. Samuel noted that the UNSC Battle Group had roughly the same forces; a conventional battle was possible with the assistance of unconventional tactics.

"Just so you are clear, you take orders from me and me alone. I will not allow this academy wearing ring Admiral, joystick you around. We are the only ones here, and I fully expect us to make it back home, no matter the cost."
―Vilda reaffirming her position as the team handler of Team Osage.
Samuel conducting recon on Site F.

Samuel and Team Osage set down on Site F, where they began a special reconnaissance mission to gather actionable intelligence. Leading Osage, Samuel worked with the two elements to scout out a supply base and outposts. He worked closely with Darrick to engage targets that interfered with Oriana's plans of infiltrating the supplies base. Samuel assisted Oriana and her element as they navigated the area to reach sufficient places to plant explosives. With the bombs planted, Samuel relayed the information back to Vilda and informed him of pulling back. However, Oriana and her element were spotted by the Silent Witnesses. The detonation of the supplies base was a success, and Samuel provided support for Team Osage as they retreated from the enemy forces.

Aboard the UNSC Land in the Sun, Samuel was met with frustration from Vilda about the decision to blow up the supplies base and reveal the UNSC in the system. Outgunned and outmanned, Samuel and Osage knew they needed to be smarter with their decisions in the current situation. RCTs reported back that the Silent Witnesses were moving towards Site D, a location where UNSC forces had set up a FOB along with a Headquarters element. Samuel prepared for his deployment to Site D as a means to redeem himself in front of Vilda. Samuel and Team Osage joined Task Force Genesis as another ground SOF element to assist with taking down the enemies at the start of 2560.

Battle for Site D

Samuel and Team Osage linked up with the 4th Marine Regiment of the 3rd Marine Division along with Delta Company from the ODSTs to prepare for the first defense of the area. Wombats assisted with gathering a general idea of where the enemies were moving from, Samuel led a recon team with Darrick and an ODST team to find weaknesses in the advance. Once Samuel settled into his recon post, he relayed information to Oriana about the enemy's advance and multiple ways to counter the push. Due to the limited out of SPARTANs and Oriana's desire to protect the marines, Samuel sent Darrick back to the FOB while he coordinated with two ODST platoons to assist his attack. Once Samuel logged the two platoons in support, he planned out the ambush and what the units needed to accomplish.

"Oriana reinforced the 4th Regiment with stronger defensive positions, and Samuel prepared his ambush against the Silent Witnesses around a canyon they were going to pass. 3rd Marine Regiment was the QRF."
―Vilda studying the battle plan and the setup of UNSC forces.
A location on Site D where Samuel and his task force engaged the Silent Witnesses.

Once Oriana was engaged by the enemy, Samuel launched his attack and cut the enemy forces in half with quick strikes. Air support was not able to help the enemy, and the UNSC had the upper hand in the battle. Samuel worked with RCTs to locate other enemy targets and engage them to get pressure off of Oriana. Maneuvering across the land, Samuel led a group of 100 people and handled missions from recon to direct action. The Silent Witnesses retreated and left behind forces that were quickly cleaned up by Oriana and her assets. Samuel launched an AFO task force that began to track the enemy back to a Staging Area; he relayed the information to Vilda and Oriana along with ideas on how to engage the force. Oriana moved troops into position for an offensive push as Samuel continued to monitor the activity of the staging area. The arrival of reinforcement for the Silent Witnesses made Samuel relay the information back, and Oriana wanted to hold for another defense.

Enemy forces moved out towards Oriana's position, and Samuel launched a series of direct action missions against weak structure points. As Samuel's Task Force crippled valuable resupply bases and communication sectors, he split the enemy's forces and allowed Oriana to have an easier battle with the forthcoming combatants. Samuel's leadership in the field proved to be useful as he continued to coordinate and assist several missions that were deep behind enemy lines. His efforts to keep all of his troops alive fell short when an ODST team was ambushed and nearly wiped out, which brought much more reinforcement and the destruction of the base. Oriana decimated the remaining enemies and pushed forward to link up with Samuel. Once linking up, Samuel prepared to move out with an element of the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion to locate further hide sites before Oriana advanced.

Oriana: "Are things going well for you?"
Samuel: "Better than before."
―Oriana and Samuel before the final assault on Site D.
One of the Silent Witness ships temporary glassing to cover their troop's retreat.

Samuel supported a push deeper into a forest on Site D, where he worked with ONI elements to support the Marine forces. Oriana remained close behind as a QRF to ensure Samuel was not going to get overrun by the Silent Witnesses. The Battle Group informed Team Osage of the Silent Witnesses pulling back to move to another location, Samuel took note and continued to hunt. Coming upon a final staging area, Samuel and Oriana staged an assault to wipe out the enemy that continued to evacuate. Samuel launched the attack from the north as Oriana came from the east, and the two forces destroyed what remained of the Silent Witnesses. A Silent Witness cruiser above began to bombard the position to catch the ground forces off guard, forcing a quick retreat from the Marines and ONI personnel. The orbital bombardment covered the Silent Witness retreat, Team Osage returned to the UNSC Land in the Sun while the Marines conducted patrols.

Once aboard the cruiser, Samuel was noted for his ability to lead and conduct numerous missions behind enemy lines with a large number of troops. The Silent Witnesses had retreated to Site E, and the UNSC assumed they were unaware of the Flood threat. Vilda assigned Team Osage to conduct a quick strike mission against the enemy and locating a way to destroy the Flood. Due to the dangers of the Flood and strict protocol, no ground support was offered, but orbital remained an option. Before embarking on his mission down, Samuel received a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon from Vilda as a means to secure the death of whoever deserved the bomb.

Objective White Genesis

Team Osage found themselves landing not too far away from a Forerunner site where the Silent Witnesses were inside. Samuel noted that Flood activity had registered in the area and requested for an HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis as extra firepower. With only one, the team elected Oriana to command it and balance firepower against the Silent Witnesses and the Flood. Samuel felt uneasy given the limited firepower, and the dangers of a potential three-way conflict as Isidora blew the door open with a charge for Osage to push into the location.

Samuel: "We're going to have a good one."
Oriana: "Haven't said that since Reach. I feel the same way."
―Samuel expressing his concern on the approach to White Genesis.

Samuel continued to remain on high alert as the noises of the Silent Witnesses, and Flood grew louder. Encountering little resistance made Samuel worry that the Flood had already dealt with them, and there were far more than any intelligence report had ever indicated. Once crossing a hard light bridge, Sangheili combat forms along with Pure Flood forms began to ambush the team. Oriana laid down covering fire while Samuel and Isidora pushed towards a central location of the base to destroy a Key Mind. The intensity of Flood forces continued to mount till the Silent Witnesses brought reinforcements to assist Team Osage in their fight. The unlikely alliance brought Samuel the chance he needed to push deeper into the base.

With a lance attached to Samuel and Isidora, he led the team closer to the Key Mind that continued to divert forces away from Oriana and her team. Samuel learned that the Flood had infected Levi, he started attacking Oriana and Darrick but died when Darrick shot him in the head with a sniper rifle. Already losing one SPARTAN, Samuel pushed forward quickly to ensure he had a team to return to after Isidora placed the nuclear warhead. Once Samuel reached the Key Mind's room, he noticed that Isidora sustained critical wounds from a Sangheili combat form. Shooting a Pod Infector and handing her his M6H2 gunfighter sidearm, Isidora watched as Samuel retreated from the location. Only left with a Hunter, the two fought their way to Oriana, whose position been overrun.

Isidora: "Well, time to blow these cabrones to hell."
Samuel: "Been an honor kid."
Isidora: "Have a good one."
— Samuel and Isidora exchanging words before her sacrifice.

A Flood Tank Form attacked the Mantis and knocked Oriana out of her mech, the Tank then crushed her hip and forced Darrick to engage the Tank while leaving him vulnerable to a Pod Infector. Samuel shot the Pod Infector off Darrick and dragged Oriana to the door while the Hunter provided cover for the retreating SPARTANS. During the retreat, Samuel noticed Levi's body and how dismembered it had appeared. Darrick questioned Samuel about Isidora and was quickly met with the harsh reality that she was going to kill herself for the rest of Osage to survive. Once Samuel saw Isidora's lifeline go flat, the HAVOK nuclear warhead went off, and Osage were thrown across the room as a shockwave shook the entire facility.

Samuel came to his senses first as Oriana groaned in pain, and Darrick moved to them. Their original entrance being blocked and no exit seemed possible, but many of the Flood forms had died from the nuking. Samuel noted the Mantis weaponry and moved to blow their hole out of the structure. With no luck, Samuel saw Flood forms moving towards him and prepared to defend the location to his death. Oriana coordinated with the UNSC Twelfth Man to bomb the entrance of the complex while Samuel and Darrick defended their position. Archer Missiles punched a hole into the complex and gave Osage their chance to evacuate from the area. A Pelican came down to extract what remained of Osage and began a long decontamination process.

Vilda: "I sent five SPARTANs down. Two are dead, and one is wounded."
Samuel: "They're Missing in Action ma'am. Not dead."
―Vilda and Samuel exchanging words after Objective White Genesis.

Aboard the UNSC Land in the Sun, Samuel informed the leadership of the Battle Group about what had happened. Oriana was unable to participate in future combat missions due to her broken hip and made Samuel the leader of Team Osage. Silent Witnesses were in the process of planning an offensive once locating the Battle Group, and the UNSC were planning their counter-attack. Once leaving the briefing, Samuel went to see Dr. Graciela Ratcherford, a close friend and spent the night in her room as an attempt to forget about the mission.

Task Force 2-08 Rescue Mission

The disappearance of an RCT around Site C brought the attention of both Vilda. Contact was lost with the EVA team when they investigated a nearby asteroid Site C. Vilda created a rescue Task Force under her command that utilized ONI and Marine Corps personnel to assist with locating and retrieving the MIA team. Samuel and Darrick augmented themselves as a force multiplier while Oriana became Vilda's operations officer. An Air Force Combat Rescue and Special Tactics Team from the 321st Special Tactics Squadron also augmented themselves into the Task Force as a means to serve as combat enablers. Silent Witness scouts were spotted around Site C, making Samuel worry about Rangers and other units lurking around the site. Team Osage deployed with several ONI RCTs and Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance units to narrow down the search field.

"Six ONI field agents disappeared in this asteroid field. We have a general idea of where they're located, but it's still a dangerous mission. What happened on Oban will not happen again."
―Samuel on the situation surrounding the ONI MIA team.
One of the many views Samuel experienced around Site C.

Site C proved to be the most treacherous area to operate around due to the asteroids, zero gravity, and the hairline margin of error. Despite Samuel's ability to achieve success in any theater, zero gravity and space was his weakest point. RCT EVA agents led the way in their mission as he fell in close behind. The location of Site C was easy to spot due to the Forerunner architecture, but getting to the site proved to be one of the more dangerous missions. Silent Witness Ranger units were spotted creating minefields, which brought a halt to the UNSC's ability to reach the MIA unit quickly. Oriana offered an idea of sneaking a small unit in to infiltrate the minefield then creating a hole to allow the Task Force through. Samuel and Darrick elected themselves for the mission with a limited amount of air and time. Marine units placed themselves in strategic locations to act as a QRF in case things went south for Osage in the event of an unexpected battle.

After being dropped off, Samuel led the way towards a location where he began to locate mines. Utilizing an EMP charge, he disabled the mines and continued to create a hole large enough for Pelicans. Ranger units responded to the disappearance of ordnance and searched for the two SPARTANs, but were wiped out by an effective ambush. Time turned against Darrick once he noticed his oxygen levels plummeting. Samuel pushed him back to safety, get picked up. More Ranger units were inbound to Samuel's location, and he hadn't made a dent in the minefield. Studying how the Phantom moved through the field, he gave a rough estimate and relayed it back to Oriana before being ambushed by the Rangers. Unable to escape and pinned down, he primed a thermite grenade and threw it at a nearby mine to set off a chain reaction explosion.

Darrick: "Samuel, are you there?"
Samuel: "Worry about me later. We got a job to do."
―Samuel on his status.
A Task Force 2-08 inbound to Site C.

Effectively destroying the entire minefield, Samuel blew himself into space and was trapped in a spin. A Pelican raced after him as he began to lose consciousness and emergency oxygen, Darrick launched himself into space to slow him down and bring him into the Pelican. Coming back to his senses, Samuel got his oxygen supply checked and deployed with Darrick towards Site C with the Task Force to locate the missing team. ONI agents came into contact with the enemy and requested backup, which arrived when Samuel led a flank to take out the ambushing force. Force Recon platoons began to work with the ONI agents as Samuel began his search for the Ranger Commander he spotted deploying from a Phantom. Darrick fell in behind as the two closed in on the MIA team's location, the team was found, and Osage began to set up a defensive perimeter.

Silent Witness lances converged on Osage's position, trying to capture and kill the UNSC personnel. The RCT members located a valuable Forerunner key that would help with the UNSC controlling the Line Installation on Site K. Calling in all support; the UNSC Task Force battled their way towards Samuel's position as he continued to keep the enemy at bay. Two ODST platoons broke through with the Air Force Combat Rescue Team to stabilize any injured; the rest continued to hunker down as Silent Witness reinforcements failed to punch through. CAS arrived and handled by the Air Force Special Tactics Team, who dropped bombs on reinforced positions. Samuel saw an opening and moved the RCT to a rallying point.

Samuel: "Make sure they get on then come back. We're making sure everyone gets off this rock."
Darrick: "Take your time and leave some for me."
―Samuel and Darrick exchanging words before parting ways.

As Darrick provided overwatch for the units getting off of Site C, Samuel moved to deny the Silent Witness any intelligence from the area. Using Satchel Charges, he planted them in vital infrastructure locations to ensure the collapse of the area. Coming face to face with the Ranger Commander, Samuel drew his sidearm, but Darrick took out the target before anything else happened. The two finished planting charges and escorted the final units off of Site C, where they successfully detonated and destroyed the primary sector of the Site. Silent Witness forces withdrew from the area, and the UNSC considered the mission to be successful, but at a cost. Force Recon, ODST, and RCT numbers were running scarce, SPARTANs only had two, and Samuel knew they weren't going to last another ground battle. With access to the Line Installation, it gave the UNSC another fighting chance against the Silent Witness while remaining out of contact.

Briefing senior leadership on the RCT's discovery, Vilda began to work with Oriana on orchestrating a mission for the Beta-3 Division to control the Line Installation. Meanwhile, Samuel and Darrick informed the Battle Group commanders about the situation on the ground. With dwindling numbers and having to share rounds, the Battle Group must send out their signal for help. He even elected taking ONI Into Darkness back to UEG Controlled Space but denied due to the limited knowledge about the Created. Vilda objected to the decision of not contacting and sent a select group of people to return and inform High Command of their location. Both Samuel and Vilda knew if they were wrong, the Created and their forces were heading right towards an exhausted UNSC Battle Group.

Battle of Site A

Site A became a planet that the UNSC used to station their troops and supplies that were not needed on the ships. Once the Silent Witnesses located the planet and the UNSC presence, the Fleet moved to engage and wipe out the UNSC presence. Silent Witness Occupational Forces were seen on the ground, but limited intelligence only gave the UNSC a glimpse of what was truly coming. Oriana worked up a plan to insert Team Osage with Airfoil Carapaces to conceal the SPARTAN's insertion behind enemy lines and within their space. Marine Corps forces deployed to the planet in preparation for the battle while Samuel and Darrick conducted a Space Jump during the nighttime as a means to insert and gather information on the enemy. Deploying his foil and crashing onto a cliff, Samuel linked up with Darrick and moved out to conduct their mission.

"Intel told us they thought there was an Occupational Force. They weren't wrong, but we were going to be fighting a space and ground battle. It was going to be a bloody battle, and Osage needed to thin out some numbers."
―Samuel on the ground of Site A.

Samuel and Darrick managed to set up a mission support site (MSS) by a crossroad and called in an ODST Shock Troops company to handle operations behind enemy lines. Enemy forces continued their advance while Osage and other recon teams assisted Marine Regiments in preparing proper defenses. As the Silent Witnesses grew closer to the UNSC fronts, Samuel unleashed a series of strikes against the enemy. He took out numerous supply lines and communication hubs that fractured the Silent Witness's ability to call for immediate help. Marine Regiments punched their way through the weakened lines and collapsed on the remaining front before turning to push further. Samuel assisted with the offensive push by clearing the ways while Darrick provided overwatch.

The space battle turned into favor for the Silent Witnesses, Samuel worked on the ground to force more attention away from the already weak UNSC Battle Group. Samuel led Team Osage and assisted an ODST Company in a battle against a communications tower to force more Naval assets to focus on him. Losing more than half the ODSTs in the assault, Samuel accomplished the task but knew that the losses and wounded were going against him. His relentless nature alongside non-augmented units had resulted in more deaths and injuries he had anticipated. Once locating the Silent Witness Headquarters, Samuel and Darrick worked with Vilda to organize their assault to prevent the losses of more Marines. The two prepared their Headhunter-like mission and moved out with no support.

"We're running on borrowed time, only so many bodies are capable of fighting. We may have the ideas, but we don't have the strength. Darrick and I, we'll find a way to get us home. No matter the cost."
―Samuel during the Battle of Site A.

Samuel infiltrated into the Headquarters and moved around by placing explosives in weak structure points. Once he planted a HAVOK nuclear warhead, Samuel moved out and detonated the various explosives to throw the enemy into chaos. The two commandeered AV-49 Wasps as a mean to clear up stragglers that continued to flee, Samuel engaged the Sangheili General and his party to ensure the Silent Witnesses no longer had a ground leader. Returning to the MSS, Samuel noted that many of the Marine officers were relieved their soldiers did not fight in the Headquarters battle. Time to relax remained short as the Silent Witnesses attempted to glass UNSC positions, the UNSC Land in the Sun destroyed the CPV-Class Heavy Destroyer, and Samuel prepared to enter the space battle. However, more Silent Witness reinforcements were spotted on the ground, and Samuel made his next move.

Enemy forces knew exactly where the UNSC had moved to set up and started precise bombings to weaken the fortifications. UNSC forces retreated as Samuel and Darrick pushed forward to gauge an idea of the Silent Witness numbers. Samuel took note that the enemy forces were well within multiple Legions; the UNSC forces weren't capable of taking on another battle. Oriana updated Samuel that the space battle was not going in favor of the UNSC, he relayed the same information back to her. Darrick prepared to place HAVOK nuclear warheads to stall the enemy's force and buy more time while Samuel looked for a means to end the Silent Witness. Once seeing a group of AV-30 Kestrels, Samuel hatched a plan to cut through the lines and gut the leadership.

Samuel: "You'll provide overwatch, I'm going to take an ODST team on the run and see how things fare."
Darrick: "See you in a few."
―Samuel and Darrick before departing ways.

Before his departure, UNSC reinforcements arrived with the 7th Infantry Division of the UNSC Army along with a Ranger Regiment. Samuel wasted little time as the forces understand the situation and prepared to assist the already depleted forces. HAVOK nuclear warheads detonated, and the UNSC began to fortify their positions as the tide of the battle switched. A Spartan Operations detachment arrived, and Oriana took control of them while Samuel and Darrick pushed forward to figure out where the enemy was moving. Ranger, ODST, and RCTs deployed with assistance and helped locate the remaining forces. An all-out assault launched and decimated the remaining ground forces. Samuel hunted down, fleeing enemies with Kestrel patrols, and ensured none of them were going home. Samuel returned to the UNSC Land in the Sun with Darrick and prepared to head back to Earth.

Vilda noted that Samuel became a great leader in the wake of a fierce battle, he continued to take the initiative despite the depleting numbers and understood a complicated situation. Since Oriana decided to retire, Samuel and Vilda wasted little time to get a team together. Along the way back to Earth, Samuel took two recommendations from Vilda on personnel, a SPARTAN-IV who had been a former Ranger Sniper and a Gamma who spent time in the Headhunters. He became the team leader of Osage and carried out missions directly under her in the following years after the Created Crisis.

Post-Created Crisis Conflicts


"It's not a reality unless it's shared."
―Samuel's personal motto.

Shaped by years of war, Samuel is known for being a sturdy and sound SPARTAN that knows what the right and wrong are. Throughout his life, Samuel has made decisions where people lost their lives while he saved others. With no in-between, Samuel has found a way to stay mentally healthy when everything is against him. Even with the number of people he knew that have died, Samuel continues to hold as the weight that keeps his peers on the same ground as him. As a former Headhunter, Samuel is conditioned to become a SPARTAN that will never fail under pressure.

An emphasis on communication, he is known for speaking his mind on a variety of subject matters. From debating an AI to fellow SPARTANs, Samuel wants to make sure that his peers understand what they are getting into before it ever happens. Sharing knowledge and information with Oriana and others has allowed him to show a reality that very few others can paint. Allowing those people to see that reality, Samuel can get better ideas of what needs to be done to secure a successful mission. Basing his motto off communication, Samuel knows he would not be alive if it weren't for his methods of communicating with others.

Samuel is trained to be an independent thinker that does not rely on the decisions of others to guide his fate in the field of battle. Due to his training, Samuel becomes a burden for other officers who try to control his decisions and actions. Samuel has built up a history of resisting against direct orders and requests simply because of the officer's desire to send him into battle. Even with Samuel's attempts to push back against leaders, his ability to lead in the field is unparallel to others who attempted the same tactics.

Becoming a SPARTAN, Samuel developed a motivational drive that outmatched many of his peers. As Samuel learned in training, there is nothing that he cannot do. His refusal to never stop and fail has prevailed him to survive a variety of missions that were to kill him. The words can't, quit, and refuse, do not apply to Samuel when it comes to being in the field. He will never accept the fact that someone can fail a task they have been told to become masters of in their life.

The deep ties to trust and respect can make Samuel extraordinarily loyal and dedicated SPARTAN to someone he fully trusts. Vilda Stenbeck, Samuel's mission handler, has become one of the select few that can have the full trust of Samuel. While he remains an independent thinker, Samuel follows the orders given to him and completes them to the satisfaction of Vilda. The professional relationship had developed Samuel into an extremely lethal weapon for the Office of Naval Intelligence, something that very few ONI officers have with the SPARTANs they handle.

Skills and Abilities

"Dangerous, that's the one word to describe Samuel. He's extremely teachable, which allows for anything to be taught to him. Give Samuel enough time, and he will become an expert at anything set in front of him."
―A file excerpt on Samuel.
Beta Company's Headhunter prospects spotted before doing their final real-world wartime insertion.

Becoming a Category-3 candidate within Beta Company of the SPARTAN-III program, Samuel, trained in conducting demolition, sabotage, and assassination missions behind enemy lines with no support or backup. He became an expert in asymmetrical and unconventional warfare, giving him a leg up against opponents during a confrontation. Along with his primary specialties, Samuel became an expert in combative and Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions.

Samuel went through Headhunter relook after the Human-Covenant War that trained him to operate as a LONEWOLF or singleton operator. While he did have a Smart AI to accompany him on missions, he learned about working a variety of tasks such as hacking, infiltration, advanced reconnaissance techniques, and low-intensity tracking. Samuel developed as a SPARTAN who knew how to hunt, as well as have the means to escape. His skill set has allowed him to become an extremely reliable Headhunter to accomplish any mission that the Beta-5 Division requests.

SPARTANs were known to deploy to a variety of planets, which led Samuel to learn about a variety of theaters, insertions and, extraction. He learned about urban, rural, jungle, desert, aquatic, and space tactics to have a general knowledge of what to do in each situation. Samuel qualified as a divemaster, airborne jumpmaster, and lead climber; he felt it necessary to lead insertions into unknown and hostile areas. Extraction included special patrol insertion/extraction, surface-to-air recovery systems, and aquatic evasion techniques.

As a result of extensive training, Samuel speaks Polish, French, English, Spanish, Russian, and German as a means to decipher intelligence written or spoken. Samuel has received high military marks in the five languages, making him a poly-lingual. Making him one of the few SPARTANs who took many language classes, Samuel can handle linguistic tasks to ensure the success of a mission. The skillset lacks when engaging Covenant troops but shines when investigating illegal human activities.



Image Name Description
Sam SPI Operator.png Semi-Powered Infiltration armor Given the SPI armor for his operations as a Headhunter in 2545, Samuel was allowed to have a selection of variants to choose from. Picking the Operator variant, he had access to motion tracking, energy shielding, VISR technology and prototype active camouflage. Picking the colors brown with green accents allowed Samuel to blend into any situation he's placed into by ONI. Often allowing Mathilda to operate and make his armor better, Samuel had been able to upgrade his active camouflage and shield over time.
SamMarkV.png MJOLNIR Mark V Powered Assault Armor GEN1 In 2551, Samuel obtained his first set of MJOLNIR armor. Samuel picked the EVA helmet in honor for Mathilda following her death. Operator shoulders guards gave Samuel protection without sacrificing movement. Samuel attached a Tactical/Long Range Patrol and PARAFOIL chest, then added a style of ghillie to cover blend into areas. On his left thigh, Samuel elected to carry a trauma kit in case a fellow SPARTAN or soldier needed medical attention. Learning from the mistakes he had made during Operation: URGENT TEMPEST, Samuel learned the importance of ammunition, navigation, and medical to survive out in the field. Working with the Beta-5 Division, Samuel received a special Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance software that gave him crucial information.
IMG-011-TPF.png MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor In 2553, Samuel ordered his second MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor after spending two years wearing Mark V-B. He selected the TRACKER-class variant, created by Acheron Trauma Sims. The armor allows Samuel to track enemies better and gain much more information about the target in his area. With upgraded energy shielding, Samuel utilizes an active camouflage plug-in to give him an advantage when stalking the enemy. TRACKER-Class made a name for itself when Samuel used the armor for hunting down a rogue SPARTAN. As a solo operative, Samuel found great usage of the armor for gathering intelligence along with analyzing targets and threats. As Samuel becomes a crucial member of Team Osage, his armor allows for the team to have a step on the enemy. Samuel continues to use the armor as a means to gain an advantage against enemies who do not expect to find him lurking in the distance. By 2558, Samuel upgraded his armor to include the Artemis Tracking System, an update from his previous Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance software.


Image Name Description
MA2B Assault Rifle TPF.png MA2B Assault Rifle The MA2B Individual Combat Weapon System is another rifle that Samuel trained with as a Headhunter. Firing a M94 9.9x46mm full-metal jacket round, he is able to engage a variety of targets while staying extremely quiet. The attachments included a recon sight, silencer, flashlight, laser sight, and a standard grip. In 2549, he stopped using the rifle as his primary and switched to a more weapon system.
DT MA5K by Tillice.png MA5K Carbine The standard carbine that the SPARTAN-IIIs were handed for operational use, Samuel quickly became an expert of the gun. Firing 7.62x51mm FMJ-AP, he is capable of taking down a large variety of targets. As of 2559, he continues the use the MA5K Carbine as a backup to his new primary.
BR85 H5G Render.png BR85 Service Rifle Samuel began using a BR Standard Barrel Service Rifle. Firing 9.5x40mm M634 X-HP-SAP, he's capable of engaging targets from a much further distance and dealing lethal blows. Samuel requested a Watershed Division Weapons Kit which included a Sentinel Scope, Laser Targeter, Silencer, Threat Marker, and grip to handle targets at a further range. He modified the rifle to fire single shot and burst, making it bridge the gap between a Designated Marksman Rifle and a Battle Rifle. Samuel continues to use the rifle as his primary.
H2A Render M6C.png M6C handgun The M6C Personal Defense Weapon System became the first sidearm Samuel used as a SPARTAN-III. Throughout his time in the Human-Covenant War, he showcased an extreme precision with handling a sidearm. Taking apart the gun in his spare time, he was able to learn more about firearms due to self teaching. By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Samuel found the sidearm to become one of his oldest guns due to having it since he graduated from SPARTAN-III training.
1526px-H4-M6HMagnumPistol.png M6H magnum Upgrading to the M6H Personal Defense Weapon System in 2553, Samuel retired his M6C sidearm for the newly created M6H. Removing the smart-link scope, he preferred the standard sight for lesser weight on the gun. He'll often attaches a suppressor to ensure his position stays unknown as he engages enemies. Throughout the short usage, Samuel has found himself an expert of the sidearm as he did with the M6C.
Gunfigher Magnum.png M6H2 Gunfighter sidearm The M6H2 Gunfighter Personal Defense Weapon System has become the one handgun that Samuel feels is perfect for him. A lightweight and extremely lethal sidearm, the Gunfighter sidearm allows him to have something that is quick to shoot and disclose. Also attaching a suppressor, he keeps a handful of attachments for the variety of missions he is bound to go on. After months of using the sidearm, he already knows that it is his favorite despite the history he shared with his M6C.

Career and Service Information

Career Service Vitae


Chief Petty Officer

FULL NAME: Modzelewski, Samuel Eryk

    UNIT: Team Osage
    ENLISTMENT DATE: 21/03/2539
    GARRISON: ONI Into Darkness
    STATUS: Listed MIA; Active

    GENDER: Male
    BIRTHPLACE: New Harmony
    BIRTH DATE: 17/05/2532
    HEIGHT: 203.20 cm
    WEIGHT: 115.66 kg

General Notes

A former Category-3 and 2 SPARTAN III, Samuel served with the Headhunters and a non-company team following his graduation from Beta Company. Samuel has been involved with numerous conflicts against the Covenant and distinguished himself as an excellent field intelligence SPARTAN. Throughout the Post-Covenant War conflicts, Samuel served as a LONEWOLF Headhunter who completed numerous covert and clandestine missions for the Beta-5 Division. Reassigned to Team Osage after four years as a Headhunter, Samuel serves at the Team Leader of a SPARTAN RECCE Team.

Service History
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post-Covenant War conflicts
    • Created Crisis
  • Post-Created Crisis conflicts

"Educated, fast, and surprisingly calm for the life he lives. Any environment is possible; there is no theater that Samuel cannot accomplish a mission within."

Vilda commenting on Samuel's abilities as a SPARTAN.


Tends to suffer from visual hallucinations on scorching planet surfaces. Recommend deployments to specific worlds to be short and quick to prevent visual hallucinations from slowing down SPARTAN-B256.

Ranks and Promotions

 Rank   Date of Promotion 
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer.png
Chief Petty Officer January 19, 2564
Petty Officer First Class February 6, 2558
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class.png
Petty Officer Second Class November 29, 2551
UNSC-N Petty Officer Third Class.png
Petty Officer Third Class July 1, 2545



Samuel's former close friend and partner, Mathilda-B080.
"SPARTANs never die."
―Mathilda to Samuel in 2549.

Throughout his life, Samuel knew a lot of SPARTANs. He was closest to his former Headhunter partner, Mathilda-B080. The two spent an endless amount of time training together for missions, and she ultimately became the first person he fell in love with. Following her death in 2549, Samuel changed drastically and became depressed since he never got the revenge of his partner. Despite her death, he kept memories of her by scratching her tag into his armor and constantly naming target sites after her name. By 2554, he was able to assassinate the officer who killed her and found closure by killing the one enemy who broke his heart.

Roland-B210 and Jonah-B283 played a significant role in helping Samuel build his skillsets. The two SPARTANs from his training team were always looking for an edge on him, teaching Samuel to be prepared for a threat at any time. Along with Roland and Jonah being threats, Lynn-A392 often watched Team Tango and their fights. She watched as Samuel grew as a SPARTAN and offered her advice, Lynn became the reason that he pursued intelligence focused training while apart of Beta Company. Seeing Lynn's death while with Red Team, Samuel remembered the valuable lessons she taught him as he transformed from a boy into a SPARTAN.

Samuel's field commanding officer, Oriana-A058.
"Every commander needs a no-nonsense intelligence lead petty officer."
―Oriana on Samuel in 2558.

Oriana-A058 became one of Samuel's closet friends after joining Red Team and later Team Osage. The two were accepting of each other, given their history in the field. Samuel argued with her about decisions in the field due to the situation at hand. After she mentally broke in the field during the end of the Human-Covenant War, he went out of his way to make sure she was safe. Samuel learned that she left active duty and left him, which resulted in him silently resenting her for leaving him alone. When she put together Team Osage, he found it fair to serve with her again. Samuel became her team's NCO and often worked as the team leader given the specialties of the mission.

As the Team Leader of Team Osage, Samuel spends his time working with a SPARTAN-IV named Eldwin Lahtinen and two Gamma Company SPARTAN-IIIs named Darrick-G274 and Kei-G019. The reformed Team Osage is the first group of SPARTANs that Samuel has been placed in command of since his Headhunter days. Taking the lessons he learned from Oriana and other SPARTANs, he leads with a purpose to get all of his members home while completing the objective to the best of their ability. The tough love that Samuel shares with his peers comes from the experience he built from decades of missions.

Office of Naval Intelligence

Samuel's mission handler, Vilda Stenbeck.
"He's a trained tracker and hunter that'll go after anyone I need him to. I'm glad to call him a friend and an asset; we need more Samuel's in our line of work."
―Vilda on Samuel's capabilities.

Vilda Stenbeck served as Samuel's mission handler while he was a Beta-5 Division LONEWOLF Headhunter, along with being apart of Team Osage. Vilda became the one non-augmented officer who gave Samuel exactly what he wanted. From the First Blade Officer, who killed Mathilda to the death of powerful Sangheili leaders, Samuel became extremely loyal to Vilda. While not on missions, Vilda traveled with Samuel as her security detail. The relationship between the two grew on the fact she unleashed him upon the enemies he longed to go after.

Samuel valued Vilda as a friend and a respectable officer, something Vilda desired in her assets. Vilda understood the pain that Samuel suffered in his life and worked on getting him better by the usage of therapy and coping mechanisms. With Vilda's help, she gave Samuel a path to find his humanity along with a calling to pursue as a SPARTAN asset under her command. As Samuel continues to serve under Vilda's leadership, the two operate under an understanding that he will do anything she asks for in any situation. Samuel has proven himself loyal to Vilda and, she is willing to use that relationship to better the UNSC and UEG.

As Vilda created Osage, she ensured Samuel that he was not reassigned from her command. Samuel watched as Vilda rose up to be the interim-Director of the Asymmetrical Action Group. Throughout the Created Crisis, Samuel continues to serve under Vilda as a member of Osage.


"Being alone made me realize how important it is to have someone in my life. Finding that person is extremely hard and even tougher to maintain due to my line of work. I love what I do, but I also desire to be with someone; it's hard to balance the two when there is no time to slow down and stop."
―Samuel on his desire to have relationships and the hardships they bring.

Following the death of Mathilda in 2549, Samuel attempted to seek out another partner to fill the emotional support he received from her. Arriving at Red Team, Emilia-A049 made friends with him, and the two shared a connection based on their background in marksmanship. In the remaining three years they had together, Samuel struggled on having Emilia only as a friend and not someone he was able to open up to, emotionally. Hiding his feelings from her, he never got the chance to tell her what he felt since a Mgalekgolo vaporized her during the Earth Sustained Defense Campaign. His desire to be close with anyone else vanished and Samuel was no longer determined to invest his time in developing an intimate relationship.

Following the end of Objective Juniper Orbit in 2557, Graciela Ratcherford became a casual relationship between the two. Samuel was not seeking an intimate relationship, and that she was feeling the same way, both used each other to fulfill their needs but never went further. The two resided on the same ship during the Created Crisis, giving Samuel a chance to get away from the other military personnel and be with someone who wasn't interested in the operations ONI was conducting. The relationship never progressed further following the end of the Created Crisis and ended when she was killed.

Samuel met Aniela Kasowska with the help of Vilda, the new mission handler for Team Osage. The two connected based on her previous service in the UNSC Marine Corps and his experiences with the branch. Even though she was considered his superior and had a personal interest in each, they pursued a private and casual relationship. Despite the fun they had, he struggled connecting with her since he disliked opening up to others. With their relationship crossing into work, Samuel was forced to open up and disclose his feelings to someone for the first time in over a decade.

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