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Samantha Simmons
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Dated and cheated on Aaron Madison Davis


United Nation Space Command


Ensign Samantha Simmons was a junior officer in the UNSC Navy and an Intelligence Officer in Section One of the Office of Naval Intelligence.


At a point in her, Samantha Simmons enlisted in the UNSC Navy, eventually attaining the rank of ensign and became an officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence.

She met and at some point dated Aaron Davis, she eventually cheated on him with an Army trooper named Jason Phillips and the relationship did not end on good terms. On July 9th 2552, she reunited with Davis as a welcoming committee for ONI and escorted him to an elevator that would take him to Doctor Elizabeth Halsey. Later that night while attending a friend's bachelorette party at Club Errera she witnessed a fight between Bryant and Phillips after the latter grope Davis' young sister, and attempted to break it up but was struck by Phillips, enraged Davis broke his arm and nose. Phillips and Davis were arrested and Simmons apologized to the latter for everything she had done to him. The two shared a hug and parted ways.

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