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The SUBTERFUGE Mine Dispenser system is a air and space craft defensive system designed for defence of aircraft in combat.

The SUBTERFUGE Mine Dispenser works by deploying five rocket propelled mines upon command from a crewmember. In space, the deployed mines work by first scanning a enemy for a IFF and upon a negative contact, immediately deploy limited rocket assisted motion. Upon coming into range, usually within a few moments of ejection, they arm and explode, sending out a hail storm of pyrophoric staballoy flechettes that usually tear aircraft apart, even the most heavily armoured ones. These fragments destroy delicate onboard computers, the engine, other machinery, weapon systems and the pilot, decompressing the pilot cabin or, more likely, simply shredding them.

In atmospheric conditions, the Mines gain optical locks and IFF pings before launch. After firing, it homes directly on their target at hypervelocity speeds, making them almost unavoidable.

The system is usually deployed against aircraft during dogfights, especially aircraft chasing the user, allowing the threatened craft to destroy the pursuer or force them to break off.

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