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Biographical information
Spartan Tag



New Carthage

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SPARTAN neural interface

Affiliation and military information
  • Assassination
  • Black Ops
  • Sabotage
  • Special Reconnaissance

Codename: SPRINTER: "She's not a person. She's a sentient weapon. Point and click."
Ajax-013: "And what's to stop me pointing her at you?"

Created as part of an attempt to recreate the success of the Spartan-II program through genetic engineering, SPARTAN-000, affectionately known as Zero, is a deadly Spartan. Devised as a test bed for genetic engineering, and raised as a weapon in a sterile environment, Zero is less a person, and more a weapon. Lacking normal social cues and mechanics, she can interact with the world around her as if it was a military affair, and is gradually learning what it is to be human. A pinnacle of human bio-engineering, she possesses combat skills beyond most, and has expertise in infiltration, assassination, and as a saboteur, moving silently through enemy defences to reach, and kill her target, and anyone else in the way.


Early Life

"Sierra Zero Zero Zero continues to amaze. Her dexterity, endurance, strength, and problem solving are far beyond projected targets."
―Doctor Stieg Mannerheim




Covenant War

battle 1

test strike against innies

battle 2

run against covenant - near failure

battle 3

kills sector commander

battle 4

sabotage - damages covenant ground positions

battle 5

comes across UNSC detachment protecting civvies, but abandons them to complete her mission

battle 6

is sent to collect item from planet mid glassing, ordered to kill UNSC soldiers in her way

battle 7

innie operation

battle 8

sabotage - is badly wounded and rescued by sympathetic civilians. returns to find ONI troops destroying village with cryo weapons

battle 9

used to kill ONI rivals, brings her to attention of 013

battle 10

assigned to remove covenant targets

battle 11

trapped on tribute and ordered to withdraw

battle 12

boards, sabotages CAS, and kills commander

battle 13

abandoned on Mars at the height of the battle, she goes somewhat feral.

Post War

battle 1

assigned to kill remnant warlords

battle 2

ordered take out innie commander, then ordered to wipe out settlers. refuses, and area is firebombed/cryo with her still there

battle 3

head to head fight with Ajax

Slipping the Leash

Ajax gathers necessary evidence and support to remove her handler. zero is placed in Ajax's command

Physical Appearance

"You could be fooled, looking at her, that she's some lost waif. Then she stands up, and you see the musculature, and she towers over you. You then realise this lil' lady could rip you in two with her bare hands."
―CODENAME: Cardinal


"You're probably going to embark on the hardest journey a Spartan will ever take. You're going to rediscover that you're a human, not a weapon, and all those feelings you thought you excised will come rushing back. Buckle up, it ain't gonna be easy."


"Ghost is an understatement. There's no reported sightings, no witnesses. If an sentry says he spotted her, he's lying, or he's telling all his friends about it in alien Hell."
―Codename: SPRINTER


"No rejection, no complications, no adjustments post-enhancement. She was genetically tailored to accept these augmentations without a single concern."
―Vice Admiral Makhmud Azat


During the Covenant War

"Requestion order; knife, combat, phosphate coating. M6C SOCOM, suppressed, 6 magazines of armour piercing rounds. Two Demo Packs, C-14 payload. Two chocolate bars, crunchy."
―Zero requisitions at the armoury

Post War

"The knife? Combat requisition from Commander 013. He said it was... mine. No need for it to return to the armoury."
―Zero elaborates on her gift.



"This isn't your normal kind of operation Zero, you on your own, a single voice in your head. You place your trust in the Spartans next to you. In the end, your brothers and sister Spartans are your only family out there."


"Good.... p-puppy...."
―Zero nervously reaches to pet Garm


"I'm just 1s and 0s made in the facsimile of a dead person, but you're more mechanical than I could ever hope to be."
―Anastasia sums up Zero


"She never had anybody to talk to, anybody to sit with. She only took orders, and nothing else. She doesn't need a handler. She needs a sister."


"You're our eyes and ears out there. Let us know when we're in trouble, okay?"


Project DIRAE

ZX-1 Alecto: "You? You're just a prototype! We're the perfected product!"
Zero: "Not perfected... just... more broken."

Codename: SPRINTER

"Target eliminated, sir."


"Retribution? You understand the concept? No? Then let me give it to you as a military phrase. Retaliatory strike. The Covenant hurt us at home, so we're going to do exactly the same thing."


Codename: NERO



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