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Class overview

Cheraika-pattern heavy corvette


Secondary Assembly Forges


Covenant symbol 2007-present Covenant Empire
Swords of Sanghelios symbol white Swords of Sanghelios
Covenant Remnant Covenant remnants


1920 - 2552

General characteristics

Corvette, Sentinel


956 metres (3,140 ft)


399 metres (1,310 ft)


175 metres (570 ft)


7.98 million metric tons

Engine unit(s)

Callipoas-pattern repulsor engines (4)

Slipspace Drive

Tyros-pattern borer

Power plant

Iadun-pattern pinch fusion reactor


Morelia-pattern dispersal field generators


40 centimetres of nanolaminate hull plating

Sensor systems

Jol Nu-pattern combat hyperscanner


Proselytisation network relay


Ushab-pattern stealth generator

Additional information
  • Reconnaissance
  • Planetside assault
  • Force deployment
  • Escort
"By the time a heavy corvette is discovered, it is usually far too late to begin evacuation."
―Specialist Eric Waller

The Cheraika-pattern heavy corvette, classified as the SDV-class heavy corvette by the United Nations Space Command, is a large patrol ship that was utilised by the now-defunct Covenant Empire. A common sight in both Covenant territory and uncharted space, the Cheraika-pattern is typically deployed as a generalised support ship that can conduct a very large number of roles.

Crewed by newly-inducted warriors and inexperienced officers, the Cheraika-pattern is a highly-adaptable starship, and can be easily modified to emphasise a number of aspects of its design. This is mainly thanks to the structurally-strong selvage ring that runs around its perimeter, which are littered with hardpoints that can accept specialised modules. In its unmodified state, heavy corvettes are particularly adept at transportation, exploration, and planetary assault. Swift and capable of operating alone for months or years at a time, they are difficult to detect thanks to a basic set of stealth field generators. This ensures they can covertly map large regions of space or bypass orbital defences in order to set up a forward base for invasion forces. This can also mask any external cargo that may be carried in its gravity field between the lower rim. However, they make for poor warships, as their shields are light for their size and most of their weapons are chosen for their effectiveness against ground targets and small attack ships. As a result, an SDV-class must avoid confrontations unless they are being backed up by larger warships better-suited to ship-to-ship combat.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
    1. Human-Covenant War
  2. Role
    1. Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics
  3. Layout
  4. Specifications
  5. Variants
    1. Templar-pattern heavy corvette
  6. Ships of the Line
  7. Gallery

Operational History

Human-Covenant War


Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics




Templar-pattern heavy corvette

The Templar-pattern heavy corvette is one of the newest models of SDV-class heavy corvette, manufactured exclusively for the Swords of Sanghelios. A slight modification of existing patterns, the few changes the Templar has introduced has improved the ship in many areas. While it sacrifices some of the modularity the class is famous for, it has removed most of the structural weaknesses present in Covenant-built starships, allowing it to last longer in battle. Also of note is that it now boasts permanent communal quarters for some of its crew, which they can use for rest during long expeditions.

Ships of the Line

Name Pattern Commissioned Destroyed Notes
Ardent Prayer Cheraika 2068 August 14, 2552 Captained by Ardo 'Moretumee, assigned to the Fleet of Valiant Prudence. Highjacked and destroyed by the UNSC during Operation: UPPER CUT.
Elegy's Lament Cheraika Unknown N/A Captured by the Banished after the Human-Covenant War. Later the site of an attempted assassination of Atriox.
Martyr's Reward Cheraika 2071 2531 Captained by Hela 'Zufamee, assigned to the Flotilla of Lawful Fortitude. Destroyed during the Siege of Drawn.
Mayham Cheraika Unknown N/A Formerly christened the Quester of Glory, later captured by the Swords of Sanghelios where it was commanded by N'tho Sroam. Participated in Operation: FAR STORM.
Supplication of Purity Cheraika Unknown 2552 Crashed into the surface of Tribute. Later salvaged by ONI.


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