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Class overview
General characteristics

Battleship, Executioner

Engine unit(s)

Virosa-pattern heavy repulsor engines

Slipspace Drive

Kedani-pattern slipspace borer


12-41 metres of Nanolaminate hull plating

Sensor systems

Titex-pattern hyperscanner arrays

Additional information
  • Ship-to-ship combat
  • Line Breaker
    1. Break Through Vessel
"The Darwin, Dili, and Merauke all concentrated fire on this thing, and it wasn't slowing. It cut the Mammoth in two, and disabled the Habakkuk and obliterated three Frigates. It's not even slowing at this point, so we have to rearrange a further two defence platforms to stop it dead. No care for their own lives, their own ship, just suicidal."
―Captain Genndy Asimov

The SCT-class Battleship is a high-tonnage Covenant warship that can trace its origins to the War of Beginnings, and served in the Covenant Navy for centuries until its unceremonious relegation to Executioner removed it from honourable front line service. The once mighty vessel can still be seen on occasion, crewed by the desperate, and sent on forlorn missions against impossible odds.

These fearsome vessels are extremely potent warships, teaming heavy ordnance, heavier armour, and powerful engines, allowing it to quickly get into engagements, and punch clean through enemy lines. In the days of Sangheili control over their military affairs, this would be a key part of line breaking tactics, allowing lighter warships to exploit the gaps they created in fleet formations. Now though, these vessels serve as suicidal diversions, or as last ditch means of penetrating the heaviest defences humanity can offer.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
    1. Human-Covenant War
  2. Role
  3. Layout
  4. Specifications
    1. Weapon Systems
    2. Defensive Systems
    3. Armour and Hull
    4. Sensors
    5. Powerplant
    6. Esoterica
    7. Crew and Complement

  1. Variants
  2. Ships of the Line
  3. Gallery
  4. Notes

Operational History

Human-Covenant War


Ships of the Line

Name Pattern Commissioned Destroyed Notes



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