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Birth name:

Ryan Morgan


c. 2525
Westchester, Madrigal


196 cm (6’5”)


105 kg (231 lb)

Armored height:

206 cm (6'9")[note 1]

Hair color:


Eye color:


Military career


Halo Waypoint - UEG Unified Earth Government


UNSC-Navy-logo1 UNSC Navy

Years of service:

2531 – present


UNSC O-3 Lieutenant

Service number:



SpartanStar SPARTAN-III Program

  • Falcon Team (2536 - 2552)
  • Platinum Team (2552 - 2558)
  • Specialty:

  • Sniper
  • Fireteam leader
  • Battles/wars:

    Human-Covenant War

  • Operation: BLUE WOLF
  • Battle of Flora
  • Operation: SQUALL
  • Operation: FINAL SOLUTION
  • Battle of Brasil

    Cquote1 Don't get up. Cquote2

    Lieutenant Ryan-A022 (born Ryan Morgan) is a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. Due to the promise he showed, Ryan was one of several Spartans pulled from Alpha Company's main group before its deployment. He fought on Falcon Team, using the call sign Falcon Three, during the majority of the Human-Covenant War. He briefly joined the SPARTAN-II Platinum Team in the Battle of Flora and Operation: SQUALL to obtain a Forerunner artifact called the Contumacy. Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, he rejoined Platinum Team, taking the call sign Platinum Actual. However, by 2558, Ryan's highly critical view of ONI caused him to leave the UNSC and be branded as a traitor.


    Childhood and early career

    Ryan Morgan was born on Madrigal. When the Covenant attacked his homeworld in 2528, his parents were killed, but he was rescued by UNSC forces. From there, he was taken to Onyx to train to become a Spartan. On their first night on the planet, Ryan and the rest of the children were forced to paradrop to the ground below. When Ryan reached the ground, he became violently sick from the jump. Thereafter, he always disliked doing such jumps, and he even tried to avoid things like orbital insertions when he could.

    Ryan was conscripted into the SPARTAN-III program's Alpha Company in 2531. In training, Ryan's combat skills far surpassed those of many of his peers, and his sniping abilities in particular reminded Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose of Linda-058. Ryan particularly distinguished himself to Kurt during the Battle of New Constantinople, where he acted as one of the Spartan field commanders. Ryan's ability to formulate and articulate infantry strategies while also holding off lines of Covenant with nothing but his sniper rifle impressed Kurt. Seeing that such skills could not to be wasted on suicide missions, the SPARTAN-II pulled Ryan out of the Alpha Company, along with a few equally exceptional SPARTAN-IIIs. He was immediately placed in Falcon Team, a four-Spartan team made up of fellow Alpha Company members. Falcon Team often split up into two-man groups. In such cases, Ryan was paired with Tristan-A137 more than any other member, due to their synergy in combat.

    Falcon Team eliminated multiple rebel organizations, much like SPARTAN-B312 would do years later. Unlike the younger Spartan, Ryan also fought in several engagements against the Covenant before the Fall of Reach.

    Human-Covenant War

    Battle of Flora

    Main article: Battle of Flora
    Ryan-A022 on Gliese 581 g
    Ryan-A022 saves Annie-003 from a stalking Stealth Sangehili.
    Ryan-A022 was called to the colony of Flora it from the Covenant. Ryan-A022 was placed on an orbital defense platform to help Annie-003 fight off boarding Covenant infantry. Ryan-A022 and Annie-003 then left the station, piloting a GA-TL1 Longsword. After battling through many Covenant interceptors, the two SPARTANs were ordered to land on Flora to defend it on the ground.

    During the battle, ONI had intercepted a Covenant transmission regarding an artifact called the Contumacy. The Covenant themselves knew little of the relic's functions, but it required three key pieces to unlock. A map on the locations of all three pieces along with the artifact itself were within an underground Forerunner structure on Flora. Rick-077, Dom-094, and Sam-015, who were also on Flora but closer to the structure, were sent to retrieve the map, but could not reach the artifact before the Covenant forces did. ONI, however, managed to track the map to the Covenant battlecruiser Unwavering Conviction, which by chance, was hovering a few hundred meters over Covenant-occupied land of Flora to refit. Rick-077, Dom-094, and Sam-015 boarded the battlecruiser using its gravity lift.

    Annie-003 and Ryan-A022 on Unwavering Conviction
    Ryan, taking out two grunts with a single sniper round
    As ONI continued to track the Unwavering Conviction. Admiral Gerald de Gaulle of the UNSC Alexandra picked up Ryan and Annie from Faunus, and gathered a few other cruisers to prepare to surround the Unwavering Conviction. Once the Covenant battlecruiser completed its refit and left the atmosphere, the Alexandra fired one of its MACs at the vessel, depleting its shields. Multiple Longswords closed in on the Unwavering Conviction, battling her fighter complement. Ryan-A022 and Annie-003 once again piloted a Longsword of their own, this time having a squad of ODSTs in the fighter, and boarded the weakened battlecruiser by flying into its hangar bay. The SPARTANs of both sides were able to join forces aboard the ship, and then kill the shipmaster and take the map. On their way off the Unwavering Conviction, however, the SPARTANs discovered that their Longsword was destroyed by Covenant. Fortunately, a Pelican was able to pick up the SPARTANs at the nearest hangar bay, allowing them to make their escape.

    Operation: SQUALL

    Main article: Operation: SQUALL
    Platinum Team 2551
    Platinum Team, on Ogygia
    The Contumacy was hidden within a complex cavern on Ogygia. The Covenant ground forces were led personally by Fleet Master Dar 'Akamee. The Fleet Master and his team of zealots got to the artifact first, but the Platinum Team immediately caught up right after. At the end of a brief struggle, all of the zealots lay dead, thanks to the SPARTANs' better teamwork. Dom-094 carried the forerunner device as the SPARTANs were pursued by more covenant forces. In the middle of the chaos, Dom-094 was separated from the team by a plasma grenade explosion. Due to the overwhelming number of Covenant forces in orbit, the rest of the Platinum Team was forced to leave Dom-094 behind.

    Operation: FINAL SOLUTION

    Falcon Team, breaching a door during Operation: FINAL SOLUTION

    Ryan-A022 was on-planet during the Battle of Earth, and during the ground invasion, participated in various battles. Most notably, after Truth arrived with significant reinforcements on November 17th, Ryan was tasked to defend the ONI Materials Group base in Wellington. Despite his support, Covenant eventually overwhelmed the facility, and emergency measures were enacted. As the site was the first where MJOLNIR GEN2 armor was being made in prototype, much of the technology was either evacuated or destroyed, and the facility was primed to self-destruct. It was during the evacuation that Ryan and Dae-B170 were acquainted with two other SPARTANs, Kai-G037, and Lukas-G124; before everyone vacated the facility, the four were able to pick through which armor they wanted, and upgrade from their previous Mark V armor systems.

    With the the war going poorly in space, and over much of the rest of the planet, the surviving ONI command issued a bleak mission to their surviving soldiers and ships, which was dubbed "Operation: FINAL SOLUTION". The ultimate goal was to send stealth corvettes (of which the base had several) to detonate NOVA bombs on each of the Covenant homeworlds, in an effort to get back at the Covenant, in the face of Humanity's perceived defeat.

    Under Kai's command, Ryan was reassigned to the UNSC Tipping Point with the other SPARTANs, and immediately left for Chi Ceti IV. Recently declassified, Chi Ceti IV's moon was the hidden site used to manufacture and store the NOVA bombs, despite already being conquered by the Covenant, and being behind enemy lines. Regardless, the Tipping Point was the first ship to arrive in system (due to leaving Earth before the others) on December 18, 2552, and it detected a small Covenant garrison on both the moon and the planet. However, no Covenant ships were detected. Ryan was assigned with the others to clear the moon discreetly, and identify any remaining NOVA bombs, while the small group of marines and ODSTs onboard were sent to the planet to prevent any Covenant from notifying their leadership that UNSC forces were in the area.

    Later, after all military forces had been deployed, the remaining prowlers assigned to the desperation operation, UNSC In The Deep, UNSC Cold Opening, and UNSC Sevastopol arrived in system. They offered additional support for the planet-side team, lending what few soldiers and equipment they had.

    The team found out quickly enough that the Covenant forces on the planet were simply science lances, and were barely armed. This lent to a quick and bloody slaughter, promptly eliminating all alien life. After Kai identified five NOVA bombs on the ONI moon base, Ryan signaled the prowlers to move in to pick them up.

    However, at this time, a single Covenant destroyer entered the system.

    Reclamation Conflict

    Battle of Brasil




    "You can be my wingman any time."
    ―One of Ryan-A022's rare compliments

    M6D muzzle brake
    The M6D/SOCOM, Ryan-A022's preferred sidearm

    Ryan is a quiet, determined individual. Although not as physically strong and fast as the SPARTAN-IIs, Ryan is notorious for possessing combat skills that rival those of even the best of them. Ryan excels at sniping, and he distinguished himself as one of the best in all of Alpha Company. Because of his inclination towards sniping, he mostly keeps to himself and does not socialize with others very much. Despite this, he is also a proficient leader, and he has acted as one on numerous occasions. He will not step up and take command unless no one else is willing to do so. While he is articulate with giving commands to others, he has extremely high expectations. When those under him do not perform to the best of their abilities, Ryan has a tendency to become frustrated, which may cause his own performance to suffer. Only a few have been able to successfully work with Ryan consistently. The most notable individual is Rick-077, who Ryan claims to be strangely "in sync" with during combat. His ability to work with Rick is one of the main reasons he aided Platinum Team so often. His own combat abilities also tend to suffer when he tries to multitask commanding and sniping at the same time.

    Ryan has suffered from motion sickness since he was a child. While the effects are no longer so pronounced, Ryan still dislikes traveling through the air or space. He also dislikes orbital insertion devices, though the vast majority of his missions require him to use them. This means that immediately after performing an insertion or orbital drop, Ryan needs to rest for a few moments before beginning his mission. This makes him vulnerable at the immediate start of an operation.

    In his downtime, Ryan spends much of his time going over missions he has already completed, meticulously breaking down what went right and what went wrong. He also likes to research and study the strategies employed by military commanders in battles that have already happened. This may include recent battles as well as those going back hundreds and thousands of years. He tries to utilize strategies similar to those he has studied in the field of battle, however they do not always work. Ryan is not the most intelligent individual, so it may take him some time to refine his tactics. Notably, while acting alone, he prefers to use stealth techniques. When he is part of a group, Ryan will try to use every person he has in aggressive offensive measures.

    Ryan's personal proficiency has allowed him to act as a solo operative for most of his military career. While this has made him somewhat antisocial, it has also allowed him to enjoy a certain amount of freedom in completing his tasks as he wishes. As such, he has been reprimanded on more than one occasion for taking too much liberty with the ways he completes his goals. Several examples include him going out of his way to save a population of Insurrectionists from Covenant forces (though he did not know they were Insurrectionists at the time) and wasting a significant amount of expensive ammo killing forces that he could have eliminated with simply calling in aerial bombardment.

    In a way, he has become detached from reality due to his constant killing of Covenant and Insurrectionist humans alike. He dislikes leaving any enemies alive on any operation he is a part of; this obsession with killing all enemies has put him at unnecessary risk on more than one occasion.

    Ryan has an intense dislike of ONI. He considers them to be nothing more than elitists who use him as a pawn to ensure their own safety. Throughout his career, he has witnessed several events that have made him question ONI's role in the UNSC. For one, though he participated in Operation: FINAL SOLUTION, he was unwilling to comply the ONI directive ordering him to detonate a NOVA bomb over Earth should the Covenant take the planet completely. Additionally, his curious personality eventually led him to hack into an ONI facility in order to find out why ONI representatives had met with some Sangheili nationalists. While he found out that ONI was propagating the Sangheili civil war and planning on eradicating the species entirely, this information cost Ryan the other members of his team and caused him to be branded as a traitor; and that forced him to flee the UNSC. Ever since then, Ryan has been quite depressed and angry at ONI in particular.



    Ryan in SPI Mark I armor

    Ryan originally wore SPI Mark I armor while he was a member of Alpha Company. After he was removed from Alpha Company by Kurt, he continued to use this armor set for several years, while facing off against Insurrectionists as well as Covenant. As this armor did not possess energy shields, Ryan often damaged the set he was wearing. Because of this, he went through over half a dozen SPI suits throughout his life.


    Ryan in his Mark IV armor, assassinating an Elite

    Ryan was given Mark IV in 2541, after he had proven himself a capable soldier in numerous operations for Falcon Team. He was allowed to pick the majority of his armor components, though the UGPS device on his wrist was mandated by his commanders. Ryan used this armor set from 2541 to 2551. His armor was as follows:

    • Helmet: Commando/UA/FC-1[2]
    • Left Shoulder: ODST
    • Right Shoulder: ODST
    • Chest: HP/Parafoil
    • Wrist: TACTICAL/UGPS
    • Utility: Default
    • Visor: Blue
    • Knee Guards: FJ/PARA
    • Colors: Sage and White


    Ryan-A022 Mark V
    Ryan sniping in his Mark V armor

    Ryan was re-fitted with Mark V armor in 2551, prior to the Contumacy Campaign. He was once again able to pick the components of his armor, though he kept several pieces from his Mark IV set. Overall, he used this armor for the least amount of time out of all of his armor sets. Ryan traded in this armor for newer, prototype GEN 2 armor during the Battle of Earth in 2552. His armor was as follows:

    • Helmet: MJOLNIR MK. V [B]/UA/HUL
    • Left Shoulder: MJOLNIR MK. V
    • Right Shoulder: MJOLNIR MK. V
    • Chest: Default
    • Wrist: TACTICAL/UGPS
    • Utility: UA/CHOBHAM
    • Visor: Blue
    • Knee Guards: FJ/PARA
    • Colors: White and Steel


    Ryan in his first GEN2 armor set

    Ryan was one of the first Spartans to be fitted with MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. He received a prototype suit during the Battle of Earth, as he defended a Materials Group testing facility. Because the facility was being overrun with Covenant, much of the MJOLNIR technology was destroyed. However, Ryan, along with the other members of Falcon Team, was able to pick out whichever armor he wanted before the Covenant breached the defenses. His armor was as follows:

    • Helmet: Mark VI
    • Torso: Stalker
    • Left Shoulder: Engineer
    • Right Shoulder: Engineer
    • Forearms: Mark VI
    • Legs: Outer-plated
    • Visor: Cyan
    • Colors: White and Steel
    • Emblem: Stealth
    • Emblem Background: Horizontal Gradient
    • Emblem Colors: Steel, Maroon, and Cyan

    MJOLNIR GEN2 (model II)

    Ryan in his GEN2 armor

    After the Requiem campaign, Ryan was refitted with a newer armor set. This was the first time he was able to choose from the full assortment of armor available. However, several of the armor pieces he chose for this set are the same as those he wore on his previous GEN2 suit:

    • Helmet: FOTUS Synchronize
    • Body: Scout Observer
    • Visor: Cyan
    • Colors: Salt and pepper
    • Emblem: Arbiter
    • Emblem colors: Celeste, pepper, celeste

    Performance Report

    Ryan A022 emblem



    SERVICE #: S-022

    NEC: 1130

    BIRTH DATE: XX/XX/2525


      Never speaks unless speaking is required, or when he complains about allies' incompetence or the inconsistency of Covenant forces. His skills are unmatched by any SPARTAN in the Alpha Company.


      Despite having top proficiency in virtually every field of combat, S-022 prefers to keep his distance away from his opponents.


      Perhaps only S-058 surpasses him in marksmanship.


    • Ryan-A022 was originally created by Hyper Zergling to be based off KidVegeta.
    • Ryan's home planet and birth city are both a reference to Marty O'Donnell.


    Radiohead - You And Who's Army?

    Ghost Horses


    1. The height of 206 cm his approximately how tall Ryan-A022 stands in all of his MJOLNIR suits. This, however, does not include the "horn" of the FOTUS helmet that he currently wears.
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